Showcase National Underclass Showcase-Main Event
Dec 28 - 30, 2016 JetBlue Player Development Complex - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

Rosters and Schedule

The 2nd chance 60 will be ran from 10AM-12PM on Friday, December 30th at the same location as Wednesday.

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
13-White1Branden Abreu Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue43Eric Adler Premium Content
4-Gold1Alexander Aguila Premium Content
8-Orange1Sergio Alfaro Premium Content
12-Steel1Tim Alfonso Premium Content
13-White2John Almenares Premium Content
1-Black2Omar Almodovar Premium Content
19-Steel43Zachary Alston Premium Content
8-Orange2Brandon Andal Premium Content
13-White3Alexander Andalia Premium Content
19-Steel63Kian Andersen Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue58Payton Anderson Premium Content
19-Steel44Lucas Andrews-Conte Premium Content
20-Navy22Ty Angevine Premium Content
18-Green22Andrew Armstrong Premium Content
21-Orange22Colby Arthur Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue22Calabria Atkins Premium Content
1-Black14Myles Austin Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue44Kyle Ayers Premium Content
25-Steel37Michael Bacica Premium Content
1-Black4Alec-Michael Baez Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue1Patrick Baggett Premium Content
19-Steel56Noah Bahary Premium Content
7-Navy1Dylan Bailey Premium Content
23-Red22Elijah Baker Premium Content
4-Gold2Matt Baker Premium Content
23-Red24Matty Bapst Premium Content
21-Orange37Hunter Barco Premium Content
23-Red25Ian Barjam Premium Content
9-Purple1Brant Barlow Premium Content
18-Green23Mason Barnett Premium Content
12-Steel2Roberto Barranca Premium Content
22-Purple23Elliott Barton Premium Content
8-Orange3Seth Bauerschlag Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue59Tony Becker Premium Content
9-Purple2Kenny Bell Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue23Cameron Belter Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue45Adam Benefield Premium Content
4-Gold16Jake Benio Premium Content
7-Navy2Jacob Berger Premium Content
1-Black3Jonathon Berko Premium Content
22-Purple24Julien Berrios Premium Content
26-White37Hunter Bertrand Premium Content
9-Purple3Jay Beshears Premium Content
8-Orange16Colin Blanco Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue4Nate Bonner Premium Content
26-White22Brett Borcherding Premium Content
12-Steel3Andres Bordone Premium Content
9-Purple19Aaron Borno Premium Content
18-Green24Isaac Bouton Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue46William Bowdoin Premium Content
27-Orange43Taj Bradley Premium Content
2-Cardinal16Joel Brewer Premium Content
25-Steel22Chase Bruno Premium Content
11-Royal1Brooks Bryan Premium Content
14-Black22Bo Bueschen Premium Content
7-Navy3Michael Buice Premium Content
18-Green25David Burke Premium Content
4-Gold3Xavier Bussey Premium Content
21-Orange31Silas Butler Premium Content
22-Purple25Carlos Cabrera Premium Content
12-Steel4Victor Cabrera Premium Content
7-Navy4Grayson Caldwell Premium Content
8-Orange4Collin Camarigg Premium Content
8-Orange5Saborn Campbell Premium Content
8-Orange11Jon Campbell Jr Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue37Alfredo Caraballo Premium Content
18-Green37Will Carlone Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue24Cristhian Caro Premium Content
20-Navy23Will Carpenter Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue5Mason Carrier Premium Content
22-Purple37Ryan Cassidy Premium Content
26-White23Christopher Cesiro Premium Content
4-Gold5Vladimir Ceverino Premium Content
24-Royal22Gehrig Chambless Premium Content
18-Green26Jayden Chance Premium Content
26-White38Christopher Chase Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue25Jordan Chen Premium Content
10-Red1Patrick Chen See Premium Content
1-Black5Marc Church Premium Content
10-Red2Logan Clark Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue47Nathan Cmeyla Premium Content
8-Orange6Tremayne Cobb Jr Premium Content
26-White25Kurt Cohen Premium Content
1-Black6Chandler Coleman Premium Content
11-Royal2Russell Coleman Premium Content
15-Cardinal22Zachary Colon Premium Content
10-Red3Morgan Colopy Premium Content
17-Gold22Billy Compton Premium Content
25-Steel23Johnny Cook Premium Content
23-Red26Chace Cooper Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue27Hunter Corbett Premium Content
5-Green1Matthew Corlew Premium Content
28-White43Ethan Cornelius Premium Content
4-Gold15Matthew Corpas Premium Content
12-Steel5Julio Cortez Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue48Ryan Coscarella Premium Content
26-White36Derek Coverstone Premium Content
20-Navy39Hayden Cross Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue49Daniel Cruz Premium Content
15-Cardinal23Kyle Dalzell Premium Content
7-Navy5Austin Daman Premium Content
13-White17Nolan Daniel Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue28Nicholas Daniels Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue29Kyle Davenport Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue26Jordin D'Aversa Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue17Hunter Davis Premium Content
18-Green27Noah Dawkins Premium Content
23-Red27Ryan De Leon Premium Content
22-Purple26Gabriel "Lucky" De Zendegui Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue38Jared Defaria Premium Content
12-Steel6Lency Delgado Premium Content
22-Purple27Bobby DeMeo Premium Content
10-Red4Jackson Dempsey Premium Content
22-Purple28Jeffrey Diamond Premium Content
26-White27Zeke Diamond Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue50George Andrew Diaz Premium Content
10-Red5Branden Dito Premium Content
8-Orange7Drake Dobyanski Premium Content
17-Gold35Jared Dole Premium Content
11-Royal3Matthew Dooley Premium Content
13-White19E.J. Doskow Premium Content
13-White4Zach Doss Premium Content
14-Black23Sawyer Duarte Premium Content
23-Red36Khalil Dunn Premium Content
14-Black24Wynston Dyer Premium Content
15-Cardinal24Ryan Dzialo Premium Content
23-Red28Jarret Eaton Premium Content
9-Purple14Weston Eberly Premium Content
5-Green2Xavier Edwards Premium Content
9-Purple4Teddy Egan Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue6Ethan Eggert Premium Content
11-Royal16William English Premium Content
12-Steel16Rafael Escandar Premium Content
10-Red16Beaux Escobar Premium Content
18-Green28Alex Espinel Premium Content
2-Cardinal3Albert Espinosa Premium Content
14-Black25Matthew Fabian Premium Content
26-White28Nick Fajardo Premium Content
23-Red29Will Farrar Premium Content
11-Royal4Andrew Fenning Premium Content
12-Steel7Fernando Fernandez Premium Content
28-White45Emilio Ferrer Premium Content
13-White5Dawson Fietsam Premium Content
12-Steel8Adrian Figueroa Premium Content
24-Royal23Jorge Figueroa Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue30Jack Fitzgerald Premium Content
23-Red31Daniel Flacco Premium Content
23-Red30Dominic Flacco Premium Content
7-Navy18Jackson Fleming Premium Content
19-Steel45Justin Fox Premium Content
18-Green29Jonathan French Premium Content
26-White29Connor Frost Premium Content
14-Black26Nicolas Fuentes Premium Content
17-Gold38Nicholas Gaitan Premium Content
4-Gold18Idair Garcia Premium Content
15-Cardinal25Zachary Garcia Premium Content
8-Orange10Camron Gardner Premium Content
25-Steel24Eniance Garrick Premium Content
28-White46Nick Gavilla Premium Content
8-Orange9Michael Gerwitz Premium Content
18-Green30Ryan Getz Premium Content
12-Steel13Tai Gilbert Premium Content
4-Gold7Luke Gilliam Premium Content
24-Royal25Benjamin Ginter Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue15Josh Gipson Premium Content
2-Cardinal17Danny Glenos Premium Content
13-White6Matt Gluck Premium Content
9-Purple5Khemraj Goberdan Premium Content
9-Purple6J'Ryan Gonzalez Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue39Saul Gonzalez Premium Content
18-Green31Jake Gooch Premium Content
28-White63Evan Good Premium Content
5-Green3Jaydon Graves Premium Content
21-Orange38Hunter Gray Premium Content
2-Cardinal4Jordan Gray Premium Content
24-Royal26Zac Gray Premium Content
10-Red6Devin Greaff Premium Content
1-Black7Sean Greaney Premium Content
13-White7Glenn Green Premium Content
9-Purple7Cameron Greene Premium Content
27-Orange58Brad Grenkoski Premium Content
24-Royal37Tyler Griggs Premium Content
18-Green32Carter Guarino Premium Content
9-Purple8Garrison Gunby Premium Content
2-Cardinal5Anthony Gutierrez Premium Content
22-Purple29Brock Hall Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue7Braden Halladay Premium Content
27-Orange59Terry (Trey) Ham Premium Content
28-White48Steven Reid Hanson Premium Content
17-Gold23Kyle Harbison Premium Content
7-Navy6William Hass Premium Content
27-Orange44Bryce Hawkins Premium Content
15-Cardinal26Michael Haydak Premium Content
13-White8Sean Heery Premium Content
10-Red7Kevin Heinrich Premium Content
9-Purple10Kevin Henry Premium Content
22-Purple30Benny Hernandez Premium Content
21-Orange23Nathan Hickey Premium Content
23-Red32Elijah Hilton Premium Content
20-Navy24Matyk Hilton Premium Content
10-Red8Jacob Hinderleider Premium Content
4-Gold8McGwire Holbrook Premium Content
14-Black37Trevor Hollis Premium Content
1-Black8Myles Holloway Premium Content
7-Navy7Josh Holt Premium Content
10-Red9Trey Holt Premium Content
7-Navy8Michael Hostetler Premium Content
17-Gold25Will Hubbell Premium Content
14-Black27Adam Huekels Premium Content
24-Royal38Tyler Huston Premium Content
11-Royal5Timothy Irons Premium Content
17-Gold26Luke Irwin Premium Content
20-Navy38Julian Jackson Premium Content
17-Gold27Trace Jeffers Premium Content
25-Steel26Drew Jennings Premium Content
1-Black9Tervell Johnson Premium Content
14-Black28Tyler Johnson Premium Content
28-White56Colin Jones Premium Content
17-Gold28Jalen Jones Premium Content
13-White18Connor Justin Premium Content
21-Orange24Spencer Keefe Premium Content
9-Purple17Brennan Keil Premium Content
7-Navy9Jackson Kelley Premium Content
17-Gold39William Oliver Kelley Premium Content
17-Gold29Kevin Kilpatrick Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue8Story Kimura Premium Content
18-Green38Ben King Premium Content
20-Navy26Corey King Premium Content
28-White49Justin Kirby Premium Content
13-White9Antonio Knowles Premium Content
19-Steel46Paul Komistek Premium Content
5-Green17Jacob Krueger Premium Content
12-Steel9Miguel Lavin Premium Content
27-Orange45Gavin Lee Premium Content
24-Royal27Noah Lee Premium Content
15-Cardinal42Roberto Leiva Premium Content
10-Red11Zack Lembach Premium Content
23-Red33Camilo Lilleslatten Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue51Luke Lindamood Premium Content
1-Black10Richard Liu Premium Content
28-White50Christian Lopez Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue31Roberto Lopez Premium Content
15-Cardinal27Michael Machin Premium Content
12-Steel10Michael Marin Premium Content
4-Gold17Martin Marintchev Premium Content
19-Steel47John Martin Premium Content
21-Orange25Jonathan "JP" Martin Premium Content
5-Green4Mateo Martinez Premium Content
19-Steel48Pedro Martinez Premium Content
28-White57Pedro Pablo Martínez Premium Content
11-Royal6Cal McCallum Premium Content
14-Black29Benjamin McCardle Premium Content
27-Orange60Mason McCormack Premium Content
2-Cardinal6Cade McDermott Premium Content
22-Purple31Casey McGinness Premium Content
17-Gold30Noah McKinney Premium Content
2-Cardinal7Jonathan McMath Premium Content
25-Steel27Jack (John) McRae Premium Content
14-Black38Mike McVey Premium Content
10-Red13John Meany Premium Content
27-Orange46Alex Mendoza Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue52Lewis Menendez Premium Content
26-White39Walker Merritt Premium Content
2-Cardinal8Peter Messervy Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue53Joseph Messina Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue32Diego Millan Premium Content
21-Orange39Josiah Miller Premium Content
28-White58Thomas Miller Premium Content
25-Steel28Reagan Mills Premium Content
21-Orange26Brennan Milone Premium Content
24-Royal28Andrew Mitchell Premium Content
20-Navy27Bryce Mitchell Premium Content
25-Steel29Tucker Mitchell Premium Content
12-Steel11Hunter Monday Premium Content
11-Royal7Brian Montanez Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue9Carson Montgomery Premium Content
12-Steel17Austin Moody Premium Content
27-Orange48Alejandro Morales Premium Content
25-Steel30Marcos Morales Premium Content
25-Steel38Daniel Morris Premium Content
22-Purple32Josh Morse Premium Content
26-White31Roberto Moya Premium Content
5-Green6Christian Mracna Premium Content
26-White32Christian Muniz Premium Content
25-Steel36Gabriel Munoz Premium Content
28-White51Caleb Munton Premium Content
27-Orange51Ryan Murphy Premium Content
8-Orange15Bertram "BJ" Murray Premium Content
21-Orange27Zachary Murray Premium Content
11-Royal8Derrick Newman Jr Premium Content
  Tyler Newton Premium Content
1-Black11Trey Nordmann Premium Content
17-Gold31Tyler Odak Premium Content
5-Green7Darian Oliva Premium Content
10-Red12Marcus O'Malley Premium Content
19-Steel49Erick Orbeta Premium Content
10-Red17Nicholas Pagano Premium Content
4-Gold10Kas Palzkill Premium Content
9-Purple11Jordan Parker Premium Content
12-Steel18Nate Payne Premium Content
8-Orange12Logan Peebles Premium Content
5-Green15Roberto Pena Premium Content
19-Steel50Jorge Perez Premium Content
28-White52Royce Peterson Premium Content
23-Red34Peter Petracco Premium Content
4-Gold11Kyle Petri Premium Content
8-Orange17Brandon Pettinati Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue10José Daniel Pichardo Premium Content
5-Green8Deylan Pigford Premium Content
18-Green33Michael Pisacreta Premium Content
24-Royal29Harrison Poeszat Premium Content
11-Royal9Henry Politz Premium Content
7-Navy12Brian Port Premium Content
15-Cardinal28Billy Pospisil Premium Content
15-Cardinal35Christian Poullard Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue54Radomir Premovic Premium Content
20-Navy28Bradley Prince Jr Premium Content
10-Red18Krishna Raj Premium Content
2-Cardinal14Aaron Ramirez Premium Content
2-Cardinal19Isaiah Ramirez Premium Content
2-Cardinal9Jesus Ramirez Premium Content
15-Cardinal29Aric Ramos Premium Content
10-Red14Bryce Reagan Premium Content
20-Navy25Dexter Redding Premium Content
27-Orange49Caleb Reis Premium Content
25-Steel31Fletcher Reynolds Premium Content
19-Steel60Bryant Rhooms Premium Content
7-Navy13Savon Richardson Premium Content
14-Black31El Rico Riley Premium Content
5-Green9Geo Rivera Premium Content
28-White53Justin Rivero Premium Content
17-Gold32Brett Roberts Premium Content
19-Steel51Jason Roberts Premium Content
11-Royal10Sammie Roberts Premium Content
20-Navy36Blayne Robinson Premium Content
13-White11David Robinson Premium Content
1-Black12Keino Robinson Premium Content
10-Red15Dayron Rodriguez Premium Content
15-Cardinal37Edgar Rodriguez Premium Content
28-White54Elliot Rodriguez Premium Content
19-Steel52Jaime Rodriguez Premium Content
24-Royal30John Rodriguez Premium Content
21-Orange28Dylan Rogers Premium Content
26-White33Giovanni Rojas Premium Content
6-Columbia Blue55Brendan Roney Premium Content
22-Purple33Harrison Rossi Premium Content
22-Purple34Matthew Roth Premium Content
5-Green10Carlos Salaverria Premium Content
24-Royal31Cade Sammons Premium Content
24-Royal32Stephen "Cole" Sammons Premium Content
18-Green34Rajan Sampat Premium Content
25-Steel32Marcus Sanchez Premium Content
15-Cardinal31Nicholas Saylor Premium Content
1-Black16Jack Scanlon Premium Content
4-Gold12Troy Schneider Premium Content
26-White35Kendrick Scott II Premium Content
13-White12Zachary Selinger Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue11Danny Serretti Premium Content
20-Navy29William Shea Premium Content
7-Navy14Nate Shear Premium Content
22-Purple35Aaron Shiflet Premium Content
5-Green11Jake Simon Premium Content
21-Orange29Brady Simpson Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue12Chandler Simpson Premium Content
15-Cardinal32Vince Smith Premium Content
7-Navy16Griffin Snyder Premium Content
14-Black39Kristopher Soto Premium Content
22-Purple36Cayden Sparks  Premium Content
25-Steel33Travis Stapleton Premium Content
15-Cardinal33Michael Steadman Premium Content
11-Royal12Tyler Steeland Premium Content
4-Gold13Peyton Stegeman Premium Content
13-White14Joshua Steidl Premium Content
19-Steel54Jordan Stevens Premium Content
5-Green12Drew Stoloff Premium Content
4-Gold14Jonathan Strauss Premium Content
17-Gold33Drew Sullins Premium Content
24-Royal39Michael Sutherland Premium Content
18-Green39Jack Sutton Premium Content
5-Green13Charles "Trey" Taliaferro III Premium Content
23-Red35Parker Taylor Premium Content
2-Cardinal10Seth Taylor Premium Content
1-Black17Jake Tennant Premium Content
11-Royal13Avery Thomas Premium Content
25-Steel34Jason Thomas Premium Content
18-Green40Bryce Thompson Premium Content
14-Black40Justice Thompson Premium Content
5-Green16Angel Tiburcio Premium Content
12-Steel19Brendan Tinsman Premium Content
9-Purple12Darryl Torres Premium Content
9-Purple13Matthew Treadway Premium Content
8-Orange13Brandon Tucker Premium Content
20-Navy31Ross Tucker Premium Content
21-Orange30Tyson Tucker Premium Content
14-Black32Adam Tulloch Premium Content
27-Orange50Destine Udombon Premium Content
20-Navy32Elias Urena Premium Content
17-Gold34Mykanthony Valdez Premium Content
8-Orange14Grant Van Winkle Premium Content
2-Cardinal18Matt Voda Premium Content
23-Red37Charlie Von Werne Premium Content
28-White55Jackson Walker Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue13Bailey Ward Premium Content
17-Gold40Jonathan Watkins Premium Content
24-Royal33Ethan Watrous Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue14Dylan Webb Premium Content
15-Cardinal34Robert Wegielnik Premium Content
2-Cardinal11Cooper Weiss Premium Content
3-Columbia Blue16Justin Wells Premium Content
25-Steel35Adam Wijaya Premium Content
20-Navy33Khalil Wilcox Premium Content
24-Royal34Drew Williamson Premium Content
11-Royal17Cody Willis Premium Content
19-Steel59Braden Winget Premium Content
19-Steel55Preston Winget Premium Content
20-Navy34Logan Wood Premium Content
1-Black13Ga'Von Wray Premium Content
18-Green35Terry Carter Wright Premium Content
11-Royal14Kyle Yeoward Premium Content
16-Columbia Blue33Max Yermus Premium Content
7-Navy15Gage Young Premium Content
7-Navy17Jonathan Young Premium Content
2-Cardinal12Malik Young Premium Content
2-Cardinal13Justin Zachery Premium Content
5-Green14Jose Zamora Premium Content
9-Purple21Louis Zayas Premium Content
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