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Apr 23, 18  Kevin Gausman
(8 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 7 K)
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Your Rating. Your Rise. Your Reward.
The PG Series Classic is not just a baseball World Series. It is truly a unique sports festival where players and families from around the world will come together to experience baseball like never before. On the grounds of our Major and Minor League Baseball Complexes that play home to The Classic, a number of the top sports and entertainment brands will serve as vendors while also supplying the spectators with interactive exhibits.

Perfect Game’s mission and goals have always been to help improve the game of baseball at all levels. Baseball is a game that takes physical and mental skill. Both skills are tested in every pitch thrown, every ball hit, every play in a game.

The PG Series was established to give athletes of all ages, in every sport, three different aspects of their respective sport:

1. Set out to Improve - Your Rating (PG Challenge)

2. Compete for Selection - Your Rise (PG Trials)

3. Play on a High Level for Keeps - Your Reward (PG Classic)

Every motivated athlete continually strives for improvement and is never satisfied with their current skill level. There are over 45 million athletes playing youth sports and the majority of players and their parents want to know how their skills compare to their peers.

The PG Series will set out to test players in all ages with its ultimate goal of improving every athlete at every skill level.

Improvement can be reached in all skills with the following:

1. Testing those skills

2. Understanding strengths and weaknesses

3. Setting goals

4. Training and hard work

Improving is not just about gaining a mph on a throw, or a tenth of a second in a 40 yard dash, but making gains in all athletic skills that comprise PGAME, the Perfect Game Athlete Metric Evaluation. PGAME is our proprietary scoring metric used in determining overall and sport specific athletic ability.

The PG Series Classic - Your Reward

This event is your World Series, your ultimate championship - The PG Series Classic. You have created your own luck, defied the odds and worked hard enough to earn a spot. The best players from around the world will play in The Classic and the entire family will rave about the experience. It's not just about the baseball but a celebration of your hard work, your ability and the sacrifice you've made to get here.

The PG Series Classic is your reward!

Teams of 15-17 elite players in each age group from each territory will compete over 6-7 days in Ft. Myers, Florida in a true baseball festival atmosphere. All teams – US and International – will compete until a champion is crowned at each age level.

PG Series Schedule Leaderboard
In the bottom of the email, there should be an “Official Invitation Link” that you can click on. That link will bring you directly to the registration page. If you are a new customer and have not created a Perfect Game account, you will need to do so before registering.
In the top left corner of Perfect Game’s homepage, you will see a Login / Create Account button. When you click create account, fill out the necessary information. You will receive a confirmation email. Next, click the Login button and enter your username and password. Once you are logged in, click on the “Official Invitation Link” in the email and it will bring you to the registration page.
If you have been pre-approved, that means you have been identified as a top player in your area and are already in the Perfect Game system with a Perfect Game profile. To register, click the "Register Now" button next to the event for which you would like to register in the "Approved Events" section of your "My Account" page. If you have any questions about the pre-approval process, please contact benford@perfectgame.org.
Once you have submitted the registration to play in the PG Series Classic your information will be reviewed by Perfect Game Staff. The approval process usually takes between 24–48 hours. Once approved, you will receive an email with the payment information. You will be able to pay in full or make a deposit using a credit card. All payments are non-refundable. A transferable credit will be granted until 3 weeks prior to the start of the PG Series Classic, in the event you are unable to attend. If you would like to attend and need to make other payment arrangements, please contact benford@perfectgame.org.
For all Perfect Game events in Fort Myers, players and their families are required to book their housing through leecountysportshousing.org. There is also a link on the event page. Lee County Sports Housing has many options available for you. They will be able to provide many types of hotels and locations. If you are looking to rent a house or a condo for the week, they will be able to help you as well. Please contact them if you have any questions. Perfect Game will also provide options (not required) for rental car companies with discount codes available.
You have been identified as one of the top players in your area. We have been in contact with travel ball coaches, high school coaches, scouts, and Perfect Game Staff from all across the country that have recommended top players to this event.
Once you receive your invitation, there will be a deadline for registration. The deadline will be listed in your invitation. This is an individual invitation only event and rosters fill up quickly. If you would like to attend but need to extend the deadline, please contact benford@perfectgame.org
For the 11u/12u age groups, rosters will consist of 12 positional players, with the possibility of having pitcher only positions available. For the 13u – Sophomore age groups, rosters will consist of 12 positional players and three pitcher only positions. There may be more pitcher only positions available depending on the situation.
For players that register for the pitcher only position, they will be able to participate in all parts of opening ceremonies, skill testing and practice. They will be able to hit during batting practice. During game play, they will be playing the pitcher position only. They will have 2-3 appearances throughout pool play depending on the situation and Pitch Smart guidelines.
Perfect Game staff will be filling the rosters by territory and by positions. Our goal is to create teams by where the players live first; however they may be put on a different team if adjustments need to be made for positional purposes.
On the event page for the PG Series Classic, there will be a tab that says "Profiles". There you will be able to see all of the players attending and who is on your team. The rosters for each team will be added as they are completed. All teams will be available two weeks prior to the event.
The coaches will consist of college and high school coaches and college baseball players. A coach will be assigned to your team for the whole week. There will be a team practice on the second day where coaches will be able to meet and greet all of the players and discuss the week. Coaches will be helping out on the first day for skill testing and Opening Ceremonies.
Coaches will be strictly game/practice managers for the week. Trained by Perfect Game staff, coaches will understand expectations, ultimately giving the player the greatest experience possible for the PG Series Classic. Coaches are to encourage a positive playing environment, guide players throughout the week, and most of all have fun! Please do not expect coaches to give instruction on a fundamental level or throw batting practice before the games.
On the event page for the PG Series Classic, there will be a tentative weekly overview of the schedule. Once the event nears, this schedule will be updated with team arrivals for check-in, skill testing schedule, teams practice times, clinics and seminars. All locations and directions will be listed for each facility. We advise that you arrive the day before player check-in and depart the day after the Championship games. Every team will be playing a double header the last day of the event.
Teams will have various check-in times that will be listed on the schedule. Players can expect to be greeted by PG Staff and receive the PG Series Classic program. From there, players will get sized for batting gloves and a hat. They will then proceed to acquire their player bags that will consist of the jerseys, pants, workout shirts, shorts, socks, and belts. All of the sizes are from the registrations. If you need to resize, we will specify a time for exchanges or have a designated area to do so. Players are to change into the shorts and the camo jerseys supplied in their gear packages.
Opening ceremonies will be held at Jet Blue Stadium, Home of the Red Sox spring training facilities. The schedule on the website will have the start time listed. Players will need to arrive in the solid color jerseys and their white game pants. We will begin with player introductions and team photos. We will then complete our fastest man challenge and get into the home run derby finals. Once that is complete, we will have a dinner available for all players and family members in the concourse behind home plate.
Once player check in is complete, teams will start skill testing. The skill testing schedule on the website will have teams listed for certain times and stations. For example, one team may be taking batting practice on the fields, while another team is testing the 30yd dash, 5-10-5 agility, and reactions tests. Please follow the skill-testing schedule provided for you. Once players have finished all of the testing, they will be able to leave. Opening ceremonies will be held later on that night at Jet Blue Stadium.
We have added a team practice to the event this year. This will be for players to familiarize themselves with their teammates and coaches. The practice will consist of infield/outfield, batting practice, and recording player throwing velocities by position. Coaches will be going over the weekly game schedule, rules, and player expectations for the week. All practice day schedules will be listed on the website.
We ask that all players arrive an hour before games. Coaches will be writing the lineups and have all of the roster information for players and what positions they play. Coaches will be rotating players between their primary positions and their secondary positions throughout pool play games to ensure the fairest playing time possible. During pool play games, all positional players will be hitting in the lineup. The rules have been adjusted for this event; please see the rule tab for further information. There will be an 8 Game Guarantee for the week (weather permitting).
On the schedule page there will be a list of teams you will be playing. The team that is listed on the left side will be the visiting team or if viewing on your phone, the team on the top will be the visiting team. Please see the following for home and away uniforms: Home Team- White pants with solid color jerseys / Away Team- Graphite pants with camo jerseys. We recommend that players bring both sets of jerseys and pants to each game.
Weather updates will be sent out using rainedout.com text message alert system. We have a text alert set up for each event. Please see the following:
11u – Text Series11 to 84483,
12u – Text Series12 to 84483,
13u - Text Series13 to 84483,
14u - Text Series14 to 84483,
Freshmen – Text Series20 to 84483,
Sophomores – Text Series19 to 84483.

Also, please check the website for game updates and any schedule changes that may happen.
Every facility that is used in Lee County contains a lightning stroke detector. Lightning delays will happen when the stroke is detected within 10 miles of the surrounding facility. The horn will sound one time for 5 seconds to alert the delay. The Lee County lightning policy requires players and parents to exit the facility and seek shelter in their cars. Games will resume when there hasn’t been a stroke within 10 miles for 30 minutes. The horn will sound 3 times in a row to alert the all clear and play may resume.
Every year since the beginning of the PG Series Classic in 2014, we have made vast improvements to the overall event along with the competition. For the older age groups, college coaches have been contacted and are aware of the event. There is no definitive answer of who will be in attendance. Please note, this is not a showcase event. Perfect Game staff will be in attendance for event blogs along with write-ups for teams and selected players.
Most every game will be available in real time on DiamondKast. You can connect to any game by going to the selected event page, the schedule, and clicking the DiamondKast logo on game you are interested in watching. There will be live games that are displayed on the event page as well. All statistics will be recorded along with pitchers’ velocities for every game. All-Tournament teams and Daily Leaders will be available for viewing. All skill testing results will be updated to reflect the player’s Perfect Game Profile within a short time frame after the event is completed.
The PG Series Challenge is a one-day athletic testing event designed to measure, record, and track a baseball player's most important attributes. Using strictly objective testing, The Challenge will be a valuable tool in determining an athlete’s raw talent production and potential projection on the field. In today's age of advanced technology, MLB teams and college coaches are relying more and more on measurable data to breakdown a player - whether it's for recruiting a high school prospect, selecting a draft pick, or simply tracking a big leaguer's every day production. Perfect Game's mission with The Challenge is to be a frontrunner in the world of collecting useable baseball data that will ultimately help players understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to improve on the field. The Series Challenge event is NOT a showcase.
These events are open to players of all skill level and all ages. Since there are no actual games being played, players of different ages can attend all at the same time.
To sign up, visit the particular event page for “The Challenge” you wish to attend. If you are signed into your PG account and there is a green button on the event page that says “Sign Up,” you can complete registration there. Otherwise there will be a button on the event page that says “Request and Invite,” and a member of our staff will approve your request upon completion and send a follow up email for you to finish registration.
All Results are posted on the player’s PG Profile along with the PGAME Score and OPTOJUMP score.
PGAME is our proprietary scoring metric that takes into account all of the player’s results from The Challenge and displays their performance in a single score. The PGAME score can be compared to other players at the event and across the country, with the main goal being improvement on the PGAME score with proper training. PGAME scores reflect each player’s overall athletic ability.
  • 30 Yard Dash
  • 5-10-5 Pro Agility
  • Witty Reaction Test
  • Left Hand Grip Strength
  • Right Hand Grip Strength
  • Broad Jump
  • Throwing Velocity
  • Exit Velocity
  • Witty Laser System
    • 4 Corner Complex Reaction Drill
    • Side to Side Whole Body Reaction
  • OptoJump
    • PG 3 Jump test for Power
    • PG Single Leg Jumps for Power
    • PG Visual Reaction
    • PG Fast Feet test for Speed
This is in an effort to keep the tests completely objective. The data we want to obtain from the velocities is raw throwing velocity, not from any particular position. By throwing into a net from a crow-hop, all players throwing velocities will be measured using the same actions from the same “position”.
For Series Challenge events that have been combined with a tournament, the only tests that will not be offered are throwing velocities and exit velo’s. We understand that players from the tournament may be playing earlier in the day and do not want to interfere with gameplay.
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