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NCSA Team Edition

We've partnered with NCSA College Recruiting (NCSA) to give you access to the free easy-to-use platform to help get your athletes recruited and give you and your families all the recruiting education resources you need.

Team Edition was designed with every coach and every sport in mind. When it comes to getting your athletes recruited, Team Edition’s free tools and resources, that are a part of the largest and most successful recruiting network in the world, are a game changer.

How Does Team Edition Work?
  • Team Edition Dashboard: Go to your Dashboard to track your athletes’ activity in real time, see which colleges are actively recruiting in your sport and stay up-to-date on important recruiting checkpoints.
  • Search Colleges: Team Edition offers a comprehensive college coach database that gives you the power to find colleges that fit your athletes’ needs and a directory to every college coaching staff in the country.
  • Athlete Activity: Want to know how active your athletes’ are being with their own process – track the last time they logged into their profile, updated a video and sent an email. While you’re supporting their journey, they need to stay engaged too!
  • College Coach Activity: With Team Edition, it’s simple to track the last time a college coach viewed an athlete’s profile, followed them, emailed them or opened emails from your athlete.
  • Fundraising: It won’t take long for you to set up your campaign and utilize the easy-to-use platform to start your fundraising efforts.
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Recruiting Education

If your athletes are having trouble with the college recruiting process, NCSA and Team Edition offers plenty of recruiting education resources to make things easier:

How To Talk To College Coaches

NCSA has a few tips on how your athletes can build a rapport with college coaches:

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Finding Your School

Finding the right fit at the next level is as important as any other part of the recruiting process:

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Set Up Your College Visit

It’s time for your athletes to set up their campus visits. How do they do that?

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Following Up After A Visit

Your athlete had a great college visit. What’s next?

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Free Online Recruiting Classes

NCSA has expanded its online recruiting classes for free! The NCSA team is making it easier as to keep your athletes’ recruiting journey on track.

Encourage your athletes to register for one of NCSA’s upcoming online recruiting classes to set up an effective recruiting game plan, learn how to get on a coach’s radar and effectively communicate with college programs to succeed in college recruiting.

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Recruiting Resources
  • NCAA Recruiting Calendar: It’s important for your athletes to start their recruiting process as early as possible. Help keep track of the important dates your athletes need to be aware of with the NCAA Recruiting Calendar.
  • NCAA Evaluation Period: The Evaluation Period is when college coaches are allowed to watch your athletes compete and visit your school. College coaches can also speak with you during the Evaluation Period, so it’s important for you to know when that very specific period is for your sport.
  • Contact Period: This one is just what it sounds like: all contact between college coaches and your athletes is fair game based on their age and grad year. Know when that period is for your sport and prepare your athletes accordingly.
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The Team Edition team would love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to reach out!

We’ve partnered with NCSA because it’s never too early to start thinking about college recruiting. Take advantage of Team Edition to get more recruiting exposure for your student-athletes!

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