Showcase National Underclass Dec 28-30
Dec 28 - 30, 2005 Terry Park - Fort Myers, FL  

Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks

- Terry Park  
  3421 Palm Beach Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

- 5-Plex - Player Development Complex  
  4301 Edison Ave Fort Myers, FL 33916 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
9-Purple2Brian Ackerman Premium Content
16-White44Barry Agnew Premium Content
7-Maroon8Kevin Alas Premium Content
7-Maroon4Raiko Alfonso Premium Content
33-Dark Green64Kevin Alonso Premium Content
33-Dark Green63Kyle Alonso Premium Content
1-White14Michael Alonso Premium Content
3-Dark Green13Robert Amaro Premium Content
28-Navy47Ricky Anaya Premium Content
5-Steel7Mark Anderson Premium Content
23-Orange37Raymond Anderson Premium Content
12-Teal6Robert Anderson Premium Content
3-Dark Green3Ryan Anderson Premium Content
22-Black38Colby Arceneaux Premium Content
9-Purple6Stephen Arcure Premium Content
9-Purple11Logan Arena Premium Content
34-Crimson62Bobby Armstrong Premium Content
20-Steel34Ryan Arsenault Premium Content
29-Crimson35Brian Asencio Premium Content
19-Red48Adrian Aurrecoechea Premium Content
23-Orange31Joseph (Jay) Austin Premium Content
23-Orange34Xavier Avery Premium Content
28-Navy44Santos Avila Premium Content
7-Maroon15George Bahadue Premium Content
14-Crimson2Bryan Baker Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue15Matt Baran Premium Content
8-Orange13William Barber, Jr Premium Content
24-Purple52Yoandy Barroso Premium Content
25-Kelly Green42Thomas Bartelman Premium Content
7-Maroon10Joey Belviso Premium Content
15-Royal8Dominic Benavides Premium Content
21-Maroon42Jordan Bergado Premium Content
24-Purple48Pablo Bermudez Premium Content
31-Red61Adonis Billy Premium Content
15-Royal16Brad Bira Premium Content
19-Red33Tim Black Premium Content
14-Crimson7Carlos Blanco Premium Content
22-Black42Jeffrey Bland Premium Content
4-Red9Sean Bouthilette Premium Content
5-Steel17David Bowen Premium Content
24-Purple50Anthony Boza Premium Content
10-Kelly Green8Blake Bradbury Premium Content
6-Black15Spencer Brandes Premium Content
1-White15Scott Breault Premium Content
34-Crimson77Zachary Briggs Premium Content
22-Black33Jason Brooke Premium Content
1-White6Steven Brooks Premium Content
9-Purple8John Hunter Brown Premium Content
25-Kelly Green44Nick Brown Premium Content
19-Red46Jamie Bruno Premium Content
14-Crimson8Sean Bukovich Premium Content
6-Black6Zachary Bunting Premium Content
10-Kelly Green5Kevin Burke Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue4Tommy Butler Premium Content
22-Black44Garrett Butt Premium Content
3-Dark Green16Elliott Byers Premium Content
30-Royal44Carlos Calderon Premium Content
15-Royal13CJ Campanelli Premium Content
16-White43Colton Campbell Premium Content
17-Gold33Jordon Carey Premium Content
18-Dark Green31Russ Carone Premium Content
17-Gold35Matthew Carr Premium Content
29-Crimson44Joel Carranza Premium Content
27-Teal35Michael Carter Premium Content
20-Steel43Nick Cassidy Premium Content
34-Crimson72Hunter Cervenka Premium Content
9-Purple12Jordan Chanying Premium Content
20-Steel30Thomas Chase Premium Content
28-Navy33Nathan Chavez Premium Content
13-Navy9David Cheatham Premium Content
28-Navy34Michael Chidboy Premium Content
4-Red4Michael Chovanec Premium Content
31-Red62Edward Ciafardini Premium Content
32-Gold61Malcolm Clapsaddle Premium Content
24-Purple53Wills Clemente Premium Content
32-Gold73Andrew Cobb Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue36Cullen Cone Premium Content
13-Navy13Anthony Constantatos Premium Content
24-Purple44Gregory Conver Premium Content
6-Black17Gerard Conzentino Premium Content
5-Steel9Matthew Cornwell Premium Content
30-Royal31Eric Cos Premium Content
21-Maroon31Zachary Cote Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue30Jonathan Cox Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue32Nick Cozzi Premium Content
13-Navy16Shane Crain Premium Content
2-Gold4Jonathan Craycraft Premium Content
29-Crimson32Thomas Crews Premium Content
4-Red15Dalton Cross Premium Content
6-Black4Caleb Crowe Premium Content
2-Gold6Carl Cullers Premium Content
7-Maroon16Eric Curtis Premium Content
20-Steel42Gerard D'Angelo Premium Content
5-Steel5Adam Daugherty Premium Content
25-Kelly Green47Jason David Premium Content
23-Orange46Chase Davidson Premium Content
31-Red75Mark De Angelis Premium Content
12-Teal13Nick De La Torre Premium Content
24-Purple30Eryk Dees Premium Content
28-Navy30Danny DeFelice Premium Content
3-Dark Green5Paul DelGiacco Premium Content
33-Dark Green70Nick DelGuidice Premium Content
21-Maroon33Rudy Dell Premium Content
14-Crimson16Brett DeVall Premium Content
1-White18Joseph Devine Premium Content
19-Red32Carmine DeVito Premium Content
16-White36Chase DiChiara Premium Content
5-Steel1Spencer Dickinson Premium Content
1-White8Bo Dillon Premium Content
24-Purple33Patrick Donahue Premium Content
5-Steel4Bryan Dorsey Premium Content
28-Navy46DJ Downs Premium Content
9-Purple3Dennis Duffy Premium Content
27-Teal42Greg Dupell Premium Content
31-Red79Dakota Dvorak Premium Content
19-Red43Kacy Dwornik Premium Content
9-Purple1Nikko Echevarria Premium Content
6-Black14Gage Ecklund Premium Content
31-Red76Brian Ellington Premium Content
25-Kelly Green36Rob Elliott Premium Content
6-Black13Cory Ellis Premium Content
12-Teal16Daniel Elorriaga-Matra Premium Content
23-Orange35Christopher Epps Premium Content
33-Dark Green68Christian Estevez Premium Content
29-Crimson42Corey Estrada Premium Content
13-Navy4Ethan Faria Premium Content
34-Crimson78Timothy Ferguson Premium Content
30-Royal43Manny Fernandez Premium Content
17-Gold31Vinny Ferraro Premium Content
3-Dark Green14Charles Fine Premium Content
3-Dark Green4Quinn Finnegan Premium Content
5-Steel6Frank Florio Premium Content
3-Dark Green10Daniel Foltz Premium Content
24-Purple46Roman Fondon Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue40Robert Fondren Premium Content
21-Maroon46Robert Fondu Premium Content
17-Gold36Greg Fontenot Premium Content
27-Teal40Sam Formanek Premium Content
16-White41Kyle Foti Premium Content
4-Red7William Fraser Premium Content
8-Orange18Jake Frazier Premium Content
21-Maroon34Eric Fredette Premium Content
14-Crimson18Wesley Freeman Premium Content
32-Gold62Isaih Froneburger Premium Content
29-Crimson46Christopher Fuchs Premium Content
18-Dark Green32Roberto Fuentes Premium Content
4-Red6Cain Fuller Premium Content
18-Dark Green45Kelly Funk Premium Content
34-Crimson83Trevor Funk Premium Content
5-Steel8Ryan Gallardo Premium Content
25-Kelly Green35Elliot Ganet Premium Content
25-Kelly Green34Simon Ganet Premium Content
34-Crimson74Andrew Garcia Premium Content
3-Dark Green6Daniel Garcia Premium Content
28-Navy43Drew Geissinger Premium Content
3-Dark Green1Anthony Gibellina Premium Content
3-Dark Green2Michael Gibellina Premium Content
32-Gold79Weston Gilmer Premium Content
29-Crimson43Michael Gipson Premium Content
12-Teal17David Giuliani Premium Content
7-Maroon1Cole Gobbell Premium Content
33-Dark Green65Chris Gomez Premium Content
34-Crimson75Gregory Gomez Premium Content
24-Purple32Rolando Gomez Premium Content
25-Kelly Green43Victor Gomez Premium Content
30-Royal33Josh Gonzaga Premium Content
30-Royal50Adrian Gonzalez Premium Content
29-Crimson38Joey Gonzalez Premium Content
19-Red47Carl Gorman Premium Content
8-Orange17James Goulet Premium Content
14-Crimson6Eric Grabe Premium Content
1-White2Justin Grandmaison Premium Content
22-Black37Chase Greene Premium Content
3-Dark Green17Leland Greenley Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue41Brandon Grenier Premium Content
33-Dark Green66Michael Groeneveld Premium Content
25-Kelly Green31Jake Guengerich Premium Content
22-Black31Ryan Hacker Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue34Joshua Hackworth Premium Content
24-Purple34Joseph Hage Premium Content
21-Maroon35Christopher Haggard Premium Content
1-White13Matthew Hancock Premium Content
18-Dark Green42David Harber Premium Content
12-Teal1Nicholas Hardy Premium Content
4-Red8Spencer Harrell Premium Content
15-Royal1Matthew Harrison Premium Content
14-Crimson19Mike Hartley Premium Content
31-Red74K. Ryan Harvey Premium Content
9-Purple24Jeffrey Hawkins Premium Content
28-Navy48Justin Hedges Premium Content
29-Crimson47Chris Hernandez Premium Content
5-Steel15Omar Hernandez Premium Content
27-Teal32Justin Hess Premium Content
23-Orange44Jason Heyward Premium Content
8-Orange15Isaac Hicks Premium Content
20-Steel37Jason Higdon Premium Content
23-Orange49Taylor Hightower Premium Content
10-Kelly Green9Kerry Hillis Premium Content
10-Kelly Green14Joshua Hinkle Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue35Michael Hodges Premium Content
1-White4Ryan Holland Premium Content
19-Red42Jeff Holm Premium Content
18-Dark Green44RK Holsey Premium Content
4-Red24Andrew Hopple Premium Content
24-Purple43Sean Hotusing Premium Content
22-Black36Anthony Howard Premium Content
20-Steel45Sean Howard Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue7Jimmy Howick Premium Content
25-Kelly Green33Bryce Hrovat Premium Content
20-Steel33Blake Hudson Premium Content
15-Royal2Michael Huempfner Premium Content
10-Kelly Green3Kai Huff Premium Content
20-Steel25Shane Hughes Premium Content
20-Steel35Jonathan Humphrey Premium Content
6-Black3Jake Huxtable Premium Content
32-Gold63Daniel Jackson Premium Content
9-Purple9Jeff Jackson Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue46Justin Jackson Premium Content
21-Maroon30Spencer Jackson Premium Content
13-Navy10Jon Luke Jacobs Premium Content
16-White46Joey Jamison Premium Content
30-Royal48Jordan Jankowski Premium Content
29-Crimson30Dustin Javins Premium Content
20-Steel46Ryan Jennings Premium Content
10-Kelly Green7Nicholas Jensen Premium Content
4-Red1Taylor Jockers Premium Content
2-Gold1Glen Johnson Premium Content
32-Gold66Patrick Johnson Premium Content
18-Dark Green36AJ Jones Premium Content
23-Orange41Andrew Jones Premium Content
14-Crimson17Bobby Jones Premium Content
16-White45D.J. Jones Premium Content
34-Crimson66Sam Jones Premium Content
8-Orange5Zach Jones Premium Content
30-Royal45Ryan Kahn Premium Content
20-Steel32Daniel Kaiser Premium Content
13-Navy6Brenden Kalfus Premium Content
12-Teal14Rick Kalgstein Premium Content
27-Teal43Taylor Kaprive Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue13Chris Kay Premium Content
17-Gold38Martin Kenealy Premium Content
32-Gold75J. W. Kilpatrick Premium Content
21-Maroon43Zachary Kles Premium Content
7-Maroon3Brian Knapp Premium Content
15-Royal7Quint Koplitz Premium Content
16-White40Michael Kutch Premium Content
15-Royal10Robert LaColla Premium Content
16-White37Andrew Lacovara Premium Content
7-Maroon14John Lamb Premium Content
33-Dark Green77David Langley Premium Content
27-Teal39McKinnon Langston Premium Content
28-Navy32Ryan Lashley Premium Content
8-Orange7Robert Layne Premium Content
29-Crimson31Michael Lazo Premium Content
5-Steel2Gardner Leaver Premium Content
2-Gold7Cory Lee Premium Content
32-Gold65Mitchell Lee Premium Content
27-Teal33Matt Leeds Premium Content
2-Gold3Mitchell Lehman Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue11Justin Leith Premium Content
3-Dark Green15Marlon Leyva Premium Content
10-Kelly Green2Mike Liddell Premium Content
9-Purple5Andrew Lieber Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue6Jamie Liebowitz Premium Content
18-Dark Green43James Linville Premium Content
15-Royal6Ryan Logsdon Premium Content
2-Gold8Drew Longley Premium Content
22-Black45Mario Lopez Premium Content
1-White16Jordan Loudenback Premium Content
3-Dark Green7Joseph Lovecchio Premium Content
6-Black18T.J. Lovisa Premium Content
27-Teal36Jacob Lowe Premium Content
6-Black1Phillip Lowe Premium Content
8-Orange3Alex Lucas Premium Content
32-Gold77Jordan Lucas Premium Content
8-Orange2Zach Lucas Premium Content
12-Teal4Tim Lynn Premium Content
30-Royal42Kyle Madden Premium Content
33-Dark Green67Zach Maggard Premium Content
23-Orange48Brian Mailhot Premium Content
32-Gold72Michael Main Premium Content
32-Gold60Nick Main Premium Content
29-Crimson45Ryan Mainhart Premium Content
9-Purple7Jason Malefakis Premium Content
33-Dark Green61Nolan Malone Premium Content
10-Kelly Green18Mark Marchese Premium Content
21-Maroon32Zach Margules Premium Content
7-Maroon13Matt Marquis Premium Content
30-Royal35Deven Marrero Premium Content
28-Navy42Jon Martin Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue42Jonathan Martin Premium Content
31-Red60Trenten Martinez Premium Content
8-Orange1Neil Martino Premium Content
21-Maroon44Alex Maruri Premium Content
25-Kelly Green46Gavin Mason Premium Content
14-Crimson13Shane Masters Premium Content
2-Gold13Jeramy Matos Premium Content
27-Teal30Tim Maxwell Premium Content
10-Kelly Green13Grant McCoury Premium Content
14-Crimson14Josh McDorman Premium Content
14-Crimson5Shawn McDorman Premium Content
13-Navy11Mike McGee Premium Content
19-Red50Ryan McGrath Premium Content
33-Dark Green75Austin McGuire Premium Content
16-White35Nayquan McKenzie Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue38Darren McKnight Premium Content
31-Red66Michael Mercurio Premium Content
10-Kelly Green15Relly Mercurio Premium Content
15-Royal15Brad Merritt Premium Content
25-Kelly Green53Austin Metcalf Premium Content
18-Dark Green33Quinton Miller Premium Content
3-Dark Green9Jonathan Mitchell Premium Content
5-Steel16Tom Mitzner Premium Content
4-Red14Joe Modugno Premium Content
10-Kelly Green16Andrew Moore Premium Content
17-Gold46Ricky Morales Premium Content
28-Navy35Kyle Morejon Premium Content
20-Steel47Bob Morey Premium Content
23-Orange33Adam Morgan Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue43Zach Morris Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue33Jesse Morrison Premium Content
27-Teal37Cooper Moseley Premium Content
17-Gold34Karl Mundt Premium Content
34-Crimson73David Murphy Premium Content
8-Orange4Garrett Nash Premium Content
31-Red81Zach Nash Premium Content
13-Navy2Mike Nast Premium Content
20-Steel31Nicholas Natale Premium Content
12-Teal3Tucker Nathans Premium Content
21-Maroon47Patrick Nathanson Premium Content
24-Purple47Nicholas Navarro Premium Content
23-Orange30Blake Newalu Premium Content
6-Black19Daniel Nichols Premium Content
25-Kelly Green32Derek Niesman Premium Content
10-Kelly Green6Brandon Nieves Premium Content
25-Kelly Green45Mike Nodzenski Premium Content
12-Teal2Austin Nola Premium Content
32-Gold64Tyler Norton Premium Content
21-Maroon45Joseph O'Hagan Premium Content
28-Navy31Chase Okey Premium Content
3-Dark Green8Alex Oliver Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue39Andre Oliver Premium Content
27-Teal44Jared Owen Premium Content
24-Purple49Joey Ozarowski Premium Content
33-Dark Green76Nicholas Papaianni Premium Content
34-Crimson60Tyler Pastornicky Premium Content
20-Steel50Max Pavy Premium Content
7-Maroon17Louis Pazo Premium Content
4-Red16Kyle Pearson Premium Content
22-Black32Joseph Pedevillano Premium Content
30-Royal32Brett Peeples Premium Content
7-Maroon5Ricardo Perez Premium Content
16-White38Ryan Perez Premium Content
12-Teal5Jason Perkins Premium Content
2-Gold18Nick Perry Premium Content
22-Black34Carlo Petrillo Premium Content
7-Maroon7Daniel Petrovich Premium Content
30-Royal49Ryan Phillips Premium Content
16-White32Steven Phillips Premium Content
5-Steel13Zach Pietrzyk Premium Content
19-Red34Blake Pindyck Premium Content
17-Gold44Kyle Piotrowski Premium Content
1-White1Matthew Pitzulo Premium Content
4-Red2David Port Premium Content
34-Crimson64Jason Postill Premium Content
17-Gold30Deonte Price Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue37Karl Pringle Premium Content
31-Red77Luke Pritchett Premium Content
22-Black35Sean Quigley Premium Content
31-Red63Raymond Quinones Premium Content
12-Teal8J P Ramirez Premium Content
33-Dark Green74Vickash Ramjit Premium Content
27-Teal34Graham Ramos Premium Content
29-Crimson34Siffredi Ramos Premium Content
7-Maroon2Frankie Ratcliff Premium Content
15-Royal4Drew Reeves Premium Content
22-Black46Jonathan Regalado Premium Content
22-Black43Patrick Regalado Premium Content
29-Crimson37AJ Regoli Premium Content
13-Navy1Lee Reumann Premium Content
17-Gold40Mark Rhine Premium Content
18-Dark Green50Jay Rich Premium Content
13-Navy7Grant Richards Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue3Nick Rickles Premium Content
32-Gold78Jeremy Riehn Premium Content
6-Black8Tim Rines Premium Content
7-Maroon6Andrew Rivera Premium Content
24-Purple45Anthony Rizzo Premium Content
17-Gold37Matthew Roberts Premium Content
14-Crimson4Kurtis Robinson Premium Content
19-Red35Micah Robinson Premium Content
8-Orange19Tanner Robles Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue5Alexander Rodriguez Premium Content
34-Crimson76Peter A Rodriguez Premium Content
25-Kelly Green30Geoffrey Rowan Premium Content
31-Red73Geno Rubeis Premium Content
29-Crimson33Andrew Ruiz Premium Content
31-Red68Carlos Russell Premium Content
30-Royal30Jorge Saez Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue9Nick Sallings Premium Content
19-Red49Hector Sanchez Premium Content
29-Crimson36Miguel Sanchez Premium Content
2-Gold2CJ Sandmann Premium Content
28-Navy36Oscar Santalo Premium Content
12-Teal7Brett Scarberry Premium Content
16-White39Sam Schissel Premium Content
12-Teal18Jay Sears Premium Content
26-Columbia Blue44Stephen Seger Premium Content
2-Gold19Matthew Sergey Premium Content
34-Crimson61Mark Serna Premium Content
19-Red44Kevin Shackelford Premium Content
17-Gold43Stephen Shackleford Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue8David Sharpe Premium Content
30-Royal47Austin Sheffield Premium Content
17-Gold45Tant Shepherd Premium Content
5-Steel3Kevin Sias Premium Content
1-White9Thomas Sicking Premium Content
15-Royal9Andrew Smietana Premium Content
6-Black16Scott Smith Premium Content
23-Orange43Will Smith Premium Content
15-Royal17Justin Snider Premium Content
34-Crimson65Kenny Socorro Premium Content
12-Teal20Matt Soderlund Premium Content
20-Steel44Zach Sparks Premium Content
31-Red65Bradley Sprague Premium Content
23-Orange32Ezekiel Spruill Premium Content
18-Dark Green46Kenneth Stalls Premium Content
8-Orange6Michael Stancik Premium Content
13-Navy5Darren Starks Premium Content
1-White17Benjamin Stechschulte Premium Content
13-Navy15Evan Stermer Premium Content
14-Crimson15Evan Stobbs-Bultema Premium Content
10-Kelly Green4Colton Stock Premium Content
10-Kelly Green1Kenny Stoneback Premium Content
12-Teal19Michael Stravino Premium Content
16-White30Nathan Striz Premium Content
21-Maroon53George Suarez Premium Content
9-Purple4Brett Suchy Premium Content
30-Royal46Javier Sujo Premium Content
19-Red30Norberto Susini Premium Content
23-Orange45Parker Sutton Premium Content
20-Steel38D.J. Swatscheno Premium Content
6-Black5David Synnott Premium Content
25-Kelly Green48Jordan Tassio Premium Content
23-Orange36Jonathon Taylor Premium Content
18-Dark Green35Zac Taylor Premium Content
6-Black7Spencer Theisen Premium Content
17-Gold39Joey Thibodeaux Premium Content
31-Red64Jardian Thomas Premium Content
18-Dark Green34Nate Thomas Premium Content
2-Gold9Jim Thompson Premium Content
1-White5Tyler Thornburg Premium Content
21-Maroon36Brett Tiagwad Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue12Timothy Tierney Premium Content
23-Orange42John Tolisano Premium Content
10-Kelly Green20Matthew Tomshaw Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue1David Towler Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue10Carl Travers Premium Content
16-White33Kenneth Treverton Premium Content
33-Dark Green60Michael Trombino Premium Content
13-Navy14Ryan Tubbs Premium Content
15-Royal3Thomas Valenza Premium Content
31-Red78William Van Winkle Premium Content
18-Dark Green47Ryan Vander May Premium Content
7-Maroon12Craig Veech Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue14Anthony Vlahovic Premium Content
19-Red45Jared Wagner Premium Content
9-Purple10Benjamin Walkley Premium Content
11-Columbia Blue2Seth Wasserman Premium Content
34-Crimson63Matt Watson Premium Content
27-Teal41Ryan Weber Premium Content
1-White7Andrew Webster Premium Content
3-Dark Green24Keith Weinkofsky Premium Content
8-Orange14Eric Weiss Premium Content
7-Maroon19Blayne Weller Premium Content
18-Dark Green49Bryan White Premium Content
7-Maroon9Graham White Premium Content
22-Black30Corey Williams Premium Content
20-Steel36John Williams Premium Content
2-Gold5Justin Williams Premium Content
4-Red13Logan Williams Premium Content
19-Red31Robert Willis Premium Content
8-Orange16Remington Wilson Premium Content
20-Steel48Tyler Wilson Premium Content
4-Red5Tommy Winegardner Premium Content
6-Black2Dane Wisneski Premium Content
6-Black9Ryan Wisneski Premium Content
5-Steel14Brennan Wojdyla Premium Content
33-Dark Green72Alex Wood Premium Content
2-Gold16David Wright Premium Content
14-Crimson3Nathan Wyss Premium Content
30-Royal34Austin Yager Premium Content
17-Gold42Tyler Yockey Premium Content
15-Royal18Grant Youngblood Premium Content
14-Crimson1Jordan Zech Premium Content
16-White31Andrew Zimmerman Premium Content
27-Teal31Brent Zimmerman Premium Content
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