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2011 WWBA 2011 Grads or 18u National Championship
  • Only coolers allowed are for the players in the dugouts.
  • Tournament Gate Prices: Full week pass ($50), Daily Ticket ($10), Program ($5)
  • CASS HS - The physical address is 1000 Colonel Way White, GA 30184. The school is too new for most GPS systems. Colonel Way is the entry road to both White Elementary School and the NEW Cass HS off Cass-White Road.
Schedule/Scores Event Info   Pool Standings 25 Event Articles
FB Velocities
FTB Louisville Slugger Lance McCullers R96
Team Gwinnett Lucas Sims R96
San Diego Show Kyle Hayes R95
Round Trip Baseball Byron Buxton R94
Team Alabama Kevin Davis R94
Upstate Mavericks Black Daniel Gossett R94
East Cobb Yankees Josh Heddinger R94
Texas Sun Devils Ty Hensley R94
Texas Sun Devils Cody Kukuk L94
East Cobb Astros 16u Duane Underwood R94
Ohio Warhawks Aaron Blair R93
Oklahoma Drillers Mason Hope R93
East Cobb Astros 17u Sean McLaughlin R93
East Cobb Yankees Daniel Norris L93
Marucci Elite Austin Robichaux R93
Team Elite 17U White Clate Schmidt R93
Prospects Stars 17U Red Mitchell Aker R92
Columbus Explorers Yency Almonte R92
Best 9 Baseball Joseph Boatright R92
Florida Bombers Sam Bragg R92
Dulin Dodgers Brady Bramlett R92
6-4-3 DP Cougars 18U Luke Crumley R92
Team Gwinnett David Gonzalez R92
East Cobb Orioles 18U Nick Jones R92
Marucci Florida Mustangs 17u William "Bucky" Locke R92
Syracuse Sports Zone Chiefs Kevin McAvoy R92
San Diego Show Jake Reed R92
New York Gothams Willis Robbins R92
Next Level Baseball Carlos Rodon L92
Blue Chip Bulls Wales Toney R92
Columbus Explorers Mike Vinson R92
Bucky Dent Bandits Seminoles Matthew Vogel R92
Chain Black JB Wendelken R92
Tampa Panthers Tanner Anderson R91
Southeastern Athletics Tyler Bashlor R91
East Cobb Yankees Jacob Burnette R91
Bullets Baseball Marcus Crescentini R91
East Cobb Braves 17u Matthew Crownover L91
Miami Tigers Jordan Cruz R91
Dulin Dodgers Caleb Delee R91
IBAHS Knights Malcom Diaz R91
Ohio Warhawks Stephen Gant R91
Excel Blue Wave Trent Higginbotham R91
Chain Black '12 Jordan Howard R91
Texas Sun Devils Dustin Kellogg R91
South East Reds Cody Kremer R91
Texas Sun Devils Alex Massey R91
Round Trip Baseball Pete Nagel R91
Citius Bandits James Norwood R91
Bucky Dent Bandits Seminoles Chris Oakley R91
Diamond Devils 18U Black Tanner Petrey R91
Middle GA Titans Cole Pitts R91
Louisiana Knights 18's Tanner Rainey R91
Dawg Pound Javier Reynoso L91
Marucci Elite Rock Rucker L91
Dulin Dodgers John Marc Shelly R91
Texas Sun Devils Samuel Smith R91
Homeplate Chilidogs Jerry Stuckey R91
Florida Bombers Michael Suchy R91
Team Elite 17U White Austin Wallace R91
CenTex Prospects Andrew Boes R90
Team Elite 17U White Ray Castillo R90
Team Elite 17U White Sam Clay L90
Team Citius Jesus Colon R90
NBS 18's Colton Coss R90
Upstate Mavericks Black Alex Cunningham R90
Upstate Mavericks Black Chase Davis R90
Diamond Devils 18U Black CJ Edwards R90
NBS 18's Caden Ferguson L90
Team Elite 18U Nathan Harsh R90
Citius Bandits Shane Henderson R90
East Cobb Braves 18u Sasha Kuebel L90
Gatorball Baseball Academy Ryan Labrador R90
Excel Blue Wave Alex Luna R90
Chain Black '12 Cole McArthur R90
Ohio Warhawks Casey Meisner R90
East Cobb Braves 17u Casey Moody R90
Round Trip Baseball Michael Peel R90
Oklahoma Drillers Nick Pettus R90
East Cobb Cubs 18s Daniel Schneider R90
Chain Black Blake Shouse R90
Team Alabama Jackson Stephens R90
Round Trip Baseball John Taylor R90
NBS 18's