Showcase National Showcase
Jun 13 - 15, 2003 University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE  

Top Prospects

Wady Rufino  - OF - - Santo Domingo, DOM - DOM
Super mid to better 90s arm from the outfield and big time power potential. As good a arm as we’ve seen in 9 years on a high school age player.

Vladimir Frias  - SS - - Los Alcarrizos, DOM - DOM

Esmil Rogers  - SS - - San Pedro, DOM - DOM

2004 Top Prospects

Erik Davis  - RHP - 2004 - Mountain View, CA - USA
Three quality pitches in his 90-92 FB, biting curve and deceptive change and outstanding command of each of them. The physical and mechanical similarities to Mark Prior don't hurt his evaluation. He could easily develop into the top high school pitcher in the 04 class.

Tate Casey  - RHP - 2004 - Longview, TX - USA
A extra big pitcher with a simple delivery and a loose, quick arm. Casey threw lots of 91's and complimented those with a quality change up. If there is a candidate to throw 95 mph consistently from this event, it's Casey. The word is that football may get him first as a quarterback.

Andrew Gale  - RHP - 2004 - Durham, NH - USA
Gale, the son of former ML pitcher Rich Gale, showed quality pitches in a 88-90 mph fastball, 80 mph slider and 78 mph change and he used them with purpose and maturity.

Will Jostock  - RHP - 2004 - Lapeer, MI - USA
At 6-6, 200 lbs, Jostock is still growing and will be a horse someday. He has some mechanical issues but threw 88-91 (we've seen him at 93-94 before) on a great downward plane.

Chris Davis  - 1B - 2004 - Longview, TX - USA
It would surprise no one if Davis topped many prospect lists before the 2004 draft, especially with some mechanical adjustments at the plate. He hit balls completely out of the stadium in BP and touched 90 off the mound.

Javier Guerra  - RHP - 2004 - Denton, TX - USA
Guerra's unique delivery can best be described as controversial, but there was no questioning he had the quickest and loosest arm in Lincoln. He Topped out at 91-92 but we've seen him at 96 mph.

Jacob McGee  - LHP - 2004 - Sparks, NV - USA
McGee combines excellent pitchability with a deceivingly quick 87-89 mph fastball and plenty of projectablity. Give him a hard breaking ball and the ski's the limit.

Chris Jones  - OF - 2004 - Dove Canyon, CA - USA
Power both off the mound (90-92 with excellent command and life) and at the plate, where he hit several long BP home runs.

Blake Johnson  - RHP - 2004 - Baton Rouge, LA - USA
We've seen Johnson much better than the 86-90 mph he threw in Lincoln. He's a big, strong multi-talented athlete with a high ceiling.

Eamon Portice  - RHP - 2004 - Oakland Park, FL - USA
Unquestionably one of the loosest, quickest arms in Lincoln. Portice's deliberate Hideo Nomo delivery adds deception to his 89-91 mph fastball.

David Kopp  - RHP - 2004 - Coral Springs, FL - USA
By mixing arm angles and four effective pitches including a 89 mph fastball, curve, slider and very deception change up, Kopp presents a wide and very difficult to hit arsenal for hitters. Projects in a big way.

Erik Cordier  - RHP - 2004 - Sturgeon Bay, WI - USA
We've seen Cordier better many times, but he still threw 88-91 and flashed an effective slider.

Cale Iorg  - SS - 2004 - Knoxville, TN - USA
The son of former Major Leaguer Garth Iorg, Cale showed above average speed (6.68) and solid tools in the field and at the plate. A little more strength could make him a top round pick.

Seth Garrison  - SS - 2004 - Coppell, TX - USA
Garrison's plus arm and smooth actions at shortstop are even more impressive considering his 6-4 frame. He'll need to show more with the bat, though, and could evolve into a top pitching prospect. He threw 90 in Lincoln.

Preston Clark  - C - 2004 - Rockwall, TX - USA
Next to “05” Judtin Upton, maybe the top position player at the event, Clark also heads a group of solid '04 high school catchers. Along with an intense, leadership oriented makeup, Clark had good defensive tools and a quick, powerful bat.

Tyler Beranek  - 1B - 2004 - Waukesha, WI - USA
2004 is a top year for Wisconsin baseball. At 6-5, 225, Beranek looks and moves like a NFL tight end and has enormous power potential down the road.

Jared Kubin  - OF - 2004 - Oakton, VA - USA
Kubin has as much raw power as any player in the country. We'll see him plenty later in the summer when he's adjusted to wood bats.

Anthony Encinas  - RHP - 2004 - Norwalk, CA - USA
Featured a 91 mph fastball and sharp 76 mph curveball, but his two biggest pluses were his deceptive delivery and his above average athleticism.

Christopher Kirkland  - C - 2004 - Knoxville, TN - USA
Kirkland showed a above average arm and consistent release times in the 1.80 range. At 6-3, 190 and lanky, he's very projectable.

Brad Bergesen  - RHP - 2004 - Pleasanton, CA - USA
Outstanding arm, threw low 90s and can pitch. Athletic kid who loves to play. Hits and plays the outfield very well.!

Alex Garabedian  - C - 2004 - Miami, FL - USA
Garabedian had to leave the showcase early due to an injury, but showed us plenty of his above average bat speed and power. He'll need to work constantly on keeping his body loose.

Randy Molina  - SS - 2004 - South Gate, CA - USA
Big time potential with the bat. Excellent straight away power with wood. Arm plays, needs to run a bit better.

Andy Lentz  - 2B - 2004 - Woodinville, WA - USA
The latest in the Lentz family legacy, Ryan swings a potent bat from the left side. His agility and solid average arm give him the ability to play a wide variety of positions.

Christian Garcia  - RHP - 2004 - Miami, FL - USA
We finally got see defensive wizard Garcia and his plus arm on the mound and were impressed: 88-90 with some sharpness to his curveball.

Greg Burns  - OF - 2004 - West Covina, CA - USA
Burns easily posted the fastest 60 time in Lincoln at 6.44 and showed just enough with the bat to give us hope that he'll improve with added strength.

Jonathan Arencibia  - C - 2004 - Miami, FL - USA
We've seen Arencibia better before and will see him better in the future. He's got solid defensive tools and an advanced hitting approach for a young catcher.

Joseph Dunigan  - OF - 2004 - Chicago, IL - USA
Physically Dunigan looks like something the Chicago Bears served up. He has enormous strength and average speed and arm strength. If his skills catch up to his body, watch out!

John Poterson  - OF - 2004 - Chandler, AZ - USA
Poterson has a strong, athletic body and some serious power from the left side of the plate. He also plays the game with an infectious emotion that we really liked.

Luke French  - LHP - 2004 - Littleton, CO - USA
After he threw 87 mph across the infield, everyone was looking forward to seeing French on the mound. He showed very good pitchability but was only 85-86 mph. We bet we'll see more next time.

John Lalor  - RHP - 2004 - Germantown, TN - USA
Scouts play "When will it happen?" with the 6-6, 190 lb. Lalor. His size and loose arm mean that his current 84-86 will jump up into the 90's at some point. We'll wait patiently.

Michael Fisher  - SS - 2004 - Nashville, TN - USA
No single tool stands out, but Fisher is solid across the board both offensively and defensively in a draft year that features few middle infield prospects.

Brian Juhl  - C - 2004 - Katy, TX - USA
Juhl impressed us with his extremely professional and polished approach to the game. He receives the ball well, plays hard and throws just as quickly and accurately in games as in drills. Being a switch hitting catcher is a plus.

Jordan Pacheco  - 2B - 2004 - Albuquerque, NM - USA
Pacheco came off a solid performance at second base to show the best curveball at the event the last day, a 77-79 mph hammer that was a present plus big league pitch. He pitched at 86-88 with his fastball.

Bobby Bell  - RHP - 2004 - Aledo, TX - USA
Good athlete with a great body. Throws 90 ftrom the hill.

Dontavious McDowell  - OF - 2004 - Atlanta, GA - USA
For pure athletic ability, no one touches McDowell, a nationally recruited football quarterback. He hasn't had nearly as many baseball repetitions as someone like Carl Crawford did at the same age, though.

Mark McGonigle  - OF - 2004 - Houston, TX - USA
The switch-hitting McGonigle stung the ball from both sides of the plate virtually every at bat for three days. His other tools are playable but it will be his bat that carries him.

Ryan Pond  - 3B - 2004 - Chesapeake, VA - USA
Pond is a college coaches' dream, a power hitting third baseman who can come in and throw 90+ off the mound

Ryan Webb  - RHP - 2004 - Palm Harbor, FL - USA
A prototypical projectable 6-6 pitcher, Webb has taken huge steps forward in the last six months and showed an 88-90 mph fastball and a sharp hi-70's slurve.

Willie Bowman  - 3B - 2004 - Carson City, NV - USA
Bowman was one of the best defensive players in Lincoln at each of the three infield positions we tried him at. He'll play as high as his bat takes him.

Austin Lee  - RHP - 2004 - Fairhope, AL - USA
Excellent RHP with MLB average heater and much more.

Dale Longfellow  - RHP - 2004 - St. Louis, MO - USA
Longfellow showed a hard sinking 87-90 mph fastball and a 74-76 curveball that had good action when it was down.

Parker Hanks  - C - 2004 - Danville, CA - USA
Hanks was one of the strongest players at the event and it showed in his quick, powerful bat. We'd like to see more of his defense but he's athletic enough to play other positions as well.

Joseph Spiers  - MIF - 2004 - San Bernardino, CA - USA
What Spiers lacks in height he makes up for in tools and skills. He has above average speed and some pop in his bat. Second base is probably is future position.

Tanner Hiles  - RHP - 2004 - Knoxville, TN - USA
Hiles came into the showcase with very limited mound experience, but showed a 88-92 mph fastball with excellent boring and sinking life. He'll be fun to watch develop.

Will Romanowicz  - RHP - 2004 - West Chester, PA - USA
Romanowicz's tight 76 mph curve and diving 80 mph change up were two outstanding off speed pitches and complimented his 87-90 mph fastball well.

Michael Harrington  - OF - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
Although Harrington will have to work hard on finding his best position, he already has one of the better pure left handed bats in the country. He hits all types of pitches hard to all fields.

Steve Salas  - RHP - 2004 - Whittier, CA - USA
If he was 6-4 instead of 6-0, Salas would be way up the list. He had a quick arm, a 87-89 mph fastball that jumped on hitters and a nasty big breaking 72 mph curveball that they had no chance on.

Michael Hollander  - MIF - 2004 - Mandeville, LA - USA
Hollander has two present average tools in his running speed and arm strength, but was most impressive were his short quick actions both in the field and at bat. Surprising power!

Tim Radmacher  - RHP - 2004 - Rosemount, MN - USA
Excellent athletic RHP who can throw in the 90s.

Clay Whittemore  - OF - 2004 - Cullman, AL - USA
Very good all-round playe with MLB tools and projection.

Joel Collins  - C - 2004 - Richmond Hill, ON - CAN
Very good catcher with strong arm and line drive bat.

J.J Sferra  - OF - 2004 - Phoenix, AZ - USA
As he gets stronger he’ll become one of the best in the country.

Ricky Hargrove  - RHP - 2004 - Katy, TX - USA
Good RHP and athlete who flirts with 90 mph once in awhile.

K.C. Herren  - OF - 2004 - Auburn, WA - USA
Big strong athlete who can really swing the bat and much more.

Daniel Bales  - LHP - 2004 - Cedar Rapids, IA - USA
One of the hardest to hit lefties in high school baseball. Plus curveball!

Drew Bowman  - LHP - 2004 - Morrison, CO - USA
A loose, lanky 6-4 southpaw with long arms and loose wrists, Bowman threw 87 mph with a solid curveball. He's a very good athlete and has tons of room for improvement.

Alex Hale  - C - 2004 - Omaha, NE - USA
Many catchers made the top 65 list, a promisingly high number given recent trends at that position. Ruiz and Hale are very similar players; both have excellent catcher's bodies and advanced defensive skills. Where they end up will be determined by the adjustments they make with their bats.

Jett Ruiz  - C - 2004 - Lakeside, CA - USA
Many catchers made the top 65 list, a promisingly high number given recent trends at that position. Ruiz and Hale are very similar players; both have excellent catcher's bodies and advanced defensive skills. Where they end up will be determined by the adjustments they make with their bats.

D'Korian Williams  - OF - 2004 - Sugar Land, TX - USA
A star three-sport athlete, Williams was the best defensive outfielder in Lincoln and showed a tick above average speed.

Thad McBurrows  - OF - 2004 - Lake Wales, FL - USA
Lefty with 90+ heater and very athletic.

Adam Krieger  - RHP - 2004 - Clearwater, FL - USA
Hard telling how good he might end up being. Already near 90 mph.

Bobby Molinaro  - SS - 2004 - Delray Beach, FL - USA
Outstanding all-round baseball player. Big time DI college star.

James Parr  - RHP - 2004 - Alburquerque, NM - USA
He threw real well, but he can really play the game too.

Andrew Walker  - C - 2004 - Houston, TX - USA
He showed bat speed and a solid right handed stroke at the plate. Strong arm and catching ability.

Daryl Jones  - 1B - 2004 - Los Angeles, CA - USA
Jones will play all summer at 16 years old and his skills show it against older competition. But at 6-4, 210 with enormous strength and bat speed, his potential is huge.

Leonard Zalopany  - 3B - 2004 - Koloa, HI - USA
Big strong athlete with serious hitting potential.

Will Schmidley  - OF - 2004 - Little Rock, AR - USA
One of the best power guys in Lincoln.

Joey Garcia  - SS - 2004 - Henderson, NV - USA
Excellent player who can really swing the lumber.

Ryan Schweikert  - 1B - 2004 - Brookfield, WI - USA
Very big and strong left handed bat. Big time power potential.

David Conroy  - RHP - 2004 - Mt. Vernon, IA - USA
Touches 90 now, but there’s much more in him.

Austin Reilly  - MIF - 2004 - Aledo, TX - USA
Excellent player with developing tools.

Keith Moreland  - RHP - 2004 - Silver Spring, MD - USA
Big athlete with a chance to throw real hard.

Jim Crew  - RHP - 2004 - Birmingham, AL - USA
High 80s should turn into 90s before long.

Bryce Massanari  - C - 2004 - Las Vegas, NV - USA
Strong catcher with powerful bat.

Kale Staunch  - 3B - 2004 - Alpharetta, GA - USA
The ball really jumps off his bat.

Derek Barham  - RHP - 2004 - Fresno, CA - USA

Vinny Biancamano  - SS - 2004 - Glendale, AZ - USA

Dexter Butler  - MIF - 2004 - Key West, FL - USA

Kyle Byler  - SS - 2004 - Chesapeake, VA - USA

Ronald Causey  - C - 2004 - Summerfield, NC - USA

Michael DeVito  - OF - 2004 - Glendale, AZ - USA

Eric Evans  - LHP - 2004 - Mobile, AL - USA

Logan Gelbrich  - C - 2004 - Los Angeles, CA - USA

Connor Graham  - RHP - 2004 - Bowling Green, OH - USA

Lauren Green  - RHP - 2004 - Inglewood, CA - USA

Nick Hall  - 1B - 2004 - Woodinville, WA - USA

Thomas Hanson  - RHP - 2004 - Redlands, CA - USA

Travis High  - RHP - 2004 - Kernersville, NC - USA

Justin Hildreth  - RHP - 2004 - Montezuma, GA - USA

Cody Moore  - 1B - 2004 - Comfort, TX - USA

Scott Mueller  - RHP - 2004 - Peoria, AZ - USA

Chad Murray  - 3B - 2004 - Littleton, CO - USA

Efren Navarro  - LHP - 2004 - Lynwood, CA - USA

James O'Donnell  - OF - 2004 - Millville, NJ - USA

James Oliver  - RHP - 2004 - Birmingham, AL - USA

Chris Parker  - OF - 2004 - Greenwood Village, CO - USA

Gary Perinar  - RHP - 2004 - Shorewood, IL - USA

Derek Shunk  - MIF - 2004 - Yardley, PA - USA

David Steele  - OF - 2004 - Mandeville, LA - USA

Brendan Twomey  - OF - 2004 - Boca Raton, FL - USA

Philip Valle  - MIF - 2004 - Bellevue, WA - USA

David Wolfford  - C - 2004 - Boston, VA - USA

2005 Top Prospects

Justin Upton  - SS - 2005 - Chesapeake, VA - USA
Top MLB prospect at the event. 5 plus tool type. Brother BJ was second pick in 2002. Justin is stronger and faster.

Jeremy Hellickson  - RHP - 2005 - Des Moines, IA - USA
Consistent 91-93 fastball reaches mid 90s and good high 70s breaking ball. Beautiful arm action!

Eric Massingham  - RHP - 2005 - Benicia, CA - USA
One of the top pitching prospects in his class. Super pitcher with MLB average fastball and plus life.

Zach Putnam  - RHP - 2005 - Ann Arbor, MI - USA
90+ fastball and more. The future looks bright for this big strong right-hander.

Josh Zeid  - RHP - 2005 - New Haven, CT - USA
Big hard throwing RHP to watch closely. Fastball is 87-90 already and good breaker.

William Cherry  - OF - 2005 - Lakeland, FL - USA
Can hit and play. Gets better each time we see him. Keep an eye on this kid.

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