Showcase National Showcase
Jun 13 - 15, 2003 University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Royal9Jonathan Arencibia Premium Content
Green17Daniel Bales Premium Content
White3Garrett Banks Premium Content
Gold16Derek Barham Premium Content
Red16Bobby Bell Premium Content
Gold25Tyler Beranek Premium Content
Royal19Brad Bergesen Premium Content
White5Vinny Biancamano Premium Content
Green11Drew Bowman Premium Content
White20Willie Bowman Premium Content
Navy9Keith Bullock Premium Content
Royal27Greg Burns Premium Content
Navy21Dexter Butler Premium Content
Gold3Kyle Byler Premium Content
Gold15Blake Carlquist Premium Content
White27Tate Casey Premium Content
Red4Ronald Causey Premium Content
Green6William Cherry Premium Content
Navy6Preston Clark Premium Content
Red9Joel Collins Premium Content
Gold13David Conroy Premium Content
Green9Erik Cordier Premium Content
White19Jim Crew Premium Content
White22Chris Davis Premium Content
Royal25Erik Davis Premium Content
White6Greg Davis Premium Content
White18Michael DeVito Premium Content
Navy1Joseph Dunigan Premium Content
Navy10Anthony Encinas Premium Content
Navy12Eric English Premium Content
Gold8Eric Evans Premium Content
Dark Green24Dan Feldman Premium Content
Green18Michael Fisher Premium Content
Gold18Luke French Premium Content
Gold4Vladimir Frias Premium Content
White15Andrew Gale Premium Content
White16Alex Garabedian Premium Content
Green16Christian Garcia Premium Content
Red6Joey Garcia Premium Content
Navy13Seth Garrison Premium Content
White21Logan Gelbrich Premium Content
White24Connor Graham Premium Content
Navy16Lauren Green Premium Content
White14Javier Guerra Premium Content
Gold14Alex Hale Premium Content
Navy20Nick Hall Premium Content
Royal10Parker Hanks Premium Content
Red20Thomas Hanson Premium Content
Green8Ricky Hargrove Premium Content
Royal5Michael Harrington Premium Content
Royal17Casey Hefler Premium Content
Gold5Jeremy Hellickson Premium Content
Navy22K.C. Herren Premium Content
Red11Travis High Premium Content
Royal28Justin Hildreth Premium Content
Red15Tanner Hiles Premium Content
Red2Michael Hollander Premium Content
Red7Cale Iorg Premium Content
Red18Blake Johnson Premium Content
Royal20Chris Jones Premium Content
Navy19Daryl Jones Premium Content
Green20Will Jostock Premium Content
Green2Brian Juhl Premium Content
Red19Christopher Kirkland Premium Content
White13David Kopp Premium Content
Navy14Adam Krieger Premium Content
Royal15Jared Kubin Premium Content
Gold26John Lalor Premium Content
Royal18Austin Lee Premium Content
Navy4Andy Lentz Premium Content
Gold11Dale Longfellow Premium Content
White9Bryce Massanari Premium Content
Royal8Eric Massingham Premium Content
Gold12Thad McBurrows Premium Content
Red5Dontavious McDowell Premium Content
Green15Jacob McGee Premium Content
Green19Mark McGonigle Premium Content
Royal16Randy Molina Premium Content
Navy8Bobby Molinaro Premium Content
White23Cody Moore Premium Content
Navy17Keith Moreland Premium Content
White12Scott Mueller Premium Content
Royal11Chad Murray Premium Content
Gold2Efren Navarro Premium Content
Red1James O'Donnell Premium Content
Red21James Oliver Premium Content
Royal7Jordan Pacheco Premium Content
Gold6Chris Parker Premium Content
Royal13James Parr Premium Content
Gold9Gary Perinar Premium Content
Gold19Ryan Pond Premium Content
Navy5Eamon Portice Premium Content
Red13John Poterson Premium Content
Red3Michael Powers Premium Content
Navy15Zach Putnam Premium Content
Green3Tim Radmacher Premium Content
Green1Austin Reilly Premium Content
Gold1Esmil Rogers Premium Content
Green10Will Romanowicz Premium Content
Gold21Wady Rufino Premium Content
Navy18Jett Ruiz Premium Content
Navy11Steve Salas Premium Content
Royal12Tim Schlatter Premium Content
Gold7Will Schmidley Premium Content
Green13Ryan Schweikert Premium Content
White7J.J Sferra Premium Content
Red12Derek Shunk Premium Content
Gold17Arthur Snyder Premium Content
Royal1Joseph Spiers Premium Content
Red8Kale Staunch Premium Content
Red14David Steele Premium Content
Navy3Brendan Twomey Premium Content
Green4Justin Upton Premium Content
White8Philip Valle Premium Content
Green7Andrew Walker Premium Content
Red17Ryan Webb Premium Content
White1Clay Whittemore Premium Content
Green5D'Korian Williams Premium Content
Gold20David Wolfford Premium Content
Royal14Leonard Zalopany Premium Content
Green12Josh Zeid Premium Content
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