National Showcase
Jun 15 - 17, 2007 St. Xavier HS - Cincinnati, OH  

- St. Xavier HS  
  600 West North Bend Road Cincinnati, OH 45224 Map   

- University of Cincinnati Baseball Stadium  
  2600 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45221 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
White7Brian Alben Premium Content
Red7Raiko Alfonso Premium Content
Royal10Chris Amezquita Premium Content
Green3Raymond Anderson Premium Content
Black18Jack Armstrong Premium Content
Maroon8Austin Atwell Premium Content
Columbia Blue12Joseph (Jay) Austin Premium Content
Green8Xavier Avery Premium Content
Orange24Tanner Bailey Premium Content
Royal2Isaac Ballou Premium Content
Gold25Tim Beckham Premium Content
Maroon9Joey Belviso Premium Content
Black9Pablo Bermudez Premium Content
Steel8Kyle Beverley Premium Content
Maroon34Gary Bishop Premium Content
Columbia Blue18Alex Blodgett Premium Content
Steel25Royce Bolinger Premium Content
White23Drew Bowen Premium Content
Columbia Blue15Tyler Bremer Premium Content
Steel34Billy (Trey) Brown Premium Content
White13Nick Brown Premium Content
Black22Jamie Bruno Premium Content
Gold16Kyle Buchanan Premium Content
Royal18Bobby Bundy Premium Content
Columbia Blue14Taylor Buran Premium Content
Black7Andy Burns Premium Content
Navy13Brian Busick Premium Content
Gold19Elliott Byers Premium Content
Steel11Andrew Carpenter Premium Content
Royal20Nicholas Carrillo Premium Content
White14Hunter Cervenka Premium Content
Columbia Blue6Tyler Chatwood Premium Content
Red8Joe Church Premium Content
Steel26Will Clinard Premium Content
Steel15Gerrit Cole Premium Content
Black21Gregory Conver Premium Content
Red17Bryan Conway Premium Content
White22Garrett Cooper Premium Content
Gold27Jordan Cooper Premium Content
Navy12Jarred Cosart Premium Content
Gold11Zack Cox Premium Content
Green6Jordan Craft Premium Content
White15Bobby Crocker Premium Content
Steel17Hunter Cross Premium Content
Gold1Earl Daniels Premium Content
Green19Chase Davidson Premium Content
Green20Jake Davies Premium Content
Red10Daurys De La Cruz Premium Content
Royal3Dimitri De La Fuente Premium Content
Maroon16Joey DeBernardis Premium Content
Gold10Anthony DeSclafani Premium Content
Maroon25Brett DeVall Premium Content
Orange9Spencer Dickinson Premium Content
Gold6Beau Didier Premium Content
Columbia Blue7Eric Dorton Premium Content
Red5Kelvin Duran Premium Content
Columbia Blue23Myles DuVall Premium Content
Steel12Brad Dydalewicz Premium Content
Steel10Casey Dykes Premium Content
White2Cutter Dykstra Premium Content
Orange19Grant Edwards Premium Content
Columbia Blue5Kevin Eichhorn Premium Content
White20Brian Ellington Premium Content
Orange3Chris Ellison Premium Content
Maroon19Luke Erickson Premium Content
Black23Jason Esposito Premium Content
Columbia Blue11Colton Farrar Premium Content
Orange11Gabriel Feldman Premium Content
Green31Miguel Ferrer Premium Content
Green4Sean Flanagan Premium Content
Black13Roman Fondon Premium Content
Columbia Blue10Chris Forsten Premium Content
Orange16Wesley Freeman Premium Content
Royal7Aaron Fujiki Premium Content
Red26Connor Gandossy Premium Content
Green18Grayson Garvin Premium Content
White4Aaron Gates Premium Content
White3Derrik Gibson Premium Content
Navy10Mark Ginther Premium Content
Black20Christian Glisson Premium Content
Green15Brad Goldberg Premium Content
Black1Rolando Gomez Premium Content
Gold8Ryan Gorton Premium Content
Royal6Anthony Gose Premium Content
Royal9Johnathan (J R) Graham Premium Content
Black8Sonny Gray Premium Content
Maroon22Ben Grisz Premium Content
Steel19Robbie Grossman Premium Content
Royal21Steven Gruver Premium Content
Columbia Blue13Bryan Haar Premium Content
Navy5Joey Hainsfurther Premium Content
Steel21Trey Haley Premium Content
Royal14Brad Hand Premium Content
Steel9Tyler Hanover Premium Content
Orange12Jason Hanson Premium Content
Steel23Ray Hanson Premium Content
Columbia Blue3Matthew Harrison Premium Content
White5Lucas Herbst Premium Content
Maroon23BJ Hermsen Premium Content
Navy7Jake Hermsen Premium Content
Royal4Aaron Hicks Premium Content
Royal1Kyle Higashioka Premium Content
Green33Taylor Hightower Premium Content
Green14Ryan Hines Premium Content
Royal5LJ Hoes Premium Content
Orange26Destin Hood Premium Content
Navy15Brad Hook Premium Content
White21Eric Hosmer Premium Content
White19Brett Huber Premium Content
Columbia Blue4Michael Hungaski Premium Content
Orange7Hunter Jennings Premium Content
Steel36Erik Johnson Premium Content
Gold22Derek Jones Premium Content
Navy26Ryan Kapp Premium Content
White8Walker Kelly Premium Content
Gold26Doug Kincaid Premium Content
Red16Jason Knapp Premium Content
Gold15Clay Kollenbaum Premium Content
Columbia Blue20Shane Kroker Premium Content
Red27Matt Lackie Premium Content
Red14John Lamb Premium Content
Gold13Greg Larson Premium Content
Steel7Garrison Lassiter Premium Content
Black2Nicholas Lettas Premium Content
Maroon12Brian Litwin Premium Content
Maroon13Joseph Loftus Premium Content
Red24Kyle Long Premium Content
Red1Brandon Loy Premium Content
Orange17Nick Maronde Premium Content
Navy4Matt Marquis Premium Content
Green16Ethan Martin Premium Content
Maroon15Harold Martinez Premium Content
Navy14Jeramy Matos Premium Content
Black24Christopher Matulis Premium Content
Green23Jeff May Premium Content
Red13Jarrod McKinney Premium Content
Gold5Ben McMahan Premium Content
Navy9Danny Meltzer Premium Content
Orange23Tim Melville Premium Content
Red6Carlos Mercedes Premium Content
Gold7Jimmy Messer Premium Content
Orange20Alex Meyer Premium Content
Orange14Brandon Miller Premium Content
Royal12Quinton Miller Premium Content
White11Sam Munson Premium Content
Gold20Clark Murphy Premium Content
Gold18Matthew Murray Premium Content
Gold23Mike Nastold Premium Content
Green1Blake Newalu Premium Content
Orange15Adrian Nieto Premium Content
Red2Ted Nowell Premium Content
Navy3Christopher O'Brien Premium Content
Red25Richard O'Donald Premium Content
Royal11Jake Odorizzi Premium Content
Columbia Blue2Tyler Ogle Premium Content
Gold9Danny Oh Premium Content
Maroon27David Olson Premium Content
Royal16Ricky Oropesa Premium Content
White6Ryan O'Sullivan Premium Content
Maroon6Jonathan Pace Premium Content
Green17Michael Palazzone Premium Content
Navy17Matt Parish Premium Content
Red11Tyler Pastornicky Premium Content
Columbia Blue16Curtis Petersen Premium Content
Steel16David Peterson Premium Content
Navy16William Piwnica-Worms Premium Content
Maroon17Philip Pohl Premium Content
Maroon33Mark Pope Premium Content
Gold4Jordan Pries Premium Content
Orange25David Putman Premium Content
Black11Mark Radmacher Premium Content
Maroon5J P Ramirez Premium Content
Royal17Nick Ramirez Premium Content
Red28Vickash Ramjit Premium Content
Orange5Matt Ramsey Premium Content
Green5Riley Reynolds Premium Content
Gold2Matt Richardson Premium Content
Maroon20Nick Rickles Premium Content
Navy19Lee Ridenhour Premium Content
Navy8Brance Rivera Premium Content
Columbia Blue1Alexander Robinson Premium Content
Navy6Alfred Rodriguez Premium Content
Red4Jean Carlos Rodriguez Premium Content
Royal8Jeremy Rodriguez Premium Content
Columbia Blue9David Rollins Premium Content
Green11Robbie Ross Premium Content
Maroon35Michael Roth Premium Content
White12John Ruettiger Premium Content
White17Abraham Ruiz Premium Content
Red15Edward Salcedo Premium Content
Gold17Tyler Sample Premium Content
Red9Phil Schreiber Premium Content
Steel24Jandy Sena Premium Content
Orange21Scott Silverstein Premium Content
Green21Zak Sinclair Premium Content
Steel18Matthew Sisto Premium Content
Steel6Jordan Sivertsen Premium Content
White16Matthew Skipper Premium Content
White18Kyle Skipworth Premium Content
Maroon26Ezekiel Spruill Premium Content
Orange18Austin Stadler Premium Content
Navy21Jacob Stallings Premium Content
Black16Landon Steinhagen Premium Content
Black27Kyle Stroup Premium Content
Navy11Jordan Swagerty Premium Content
White1Jacob Sylvester Premium Content
Green9Jonathon Taylor Premium Content
Navy23Thomas Taylor Premium Content
Black17Tom Tesauro Premium Content
Black12Jardian Thomas Premium Content
Royal15Jake Thompson Premium Content
Columbia Blue22Charley Thurber Premium Content
Columbia Blue17Michael Tonkin Premium Content
Columbia Blue8Jomel Torres Premium Content
Orange4Riccio Torrez Premium Content
Royal19Steven Upchurch Premium Content
Gold21Brandon Van Dam Premium Content
Orange10Clayton VanderLaan Premium Content
Black4Michael Vargas Premium Content
Orange6Niko Vasquez Premium Content
Red12Peter Verdin Premium Content
Steel35Bryan Vollmuth Premium Content
Maroon18Chris Wakefield Premium Content
Gold3Ryan Waltman Premium Content
Black10Brent Warren Premium Content
Navy22Stosh Wawrzasek Premium Content
Black6Ryan Weber Premium Content
Steel22Thomas White Premium Content
Green12Corey Williams Premium Content
Green22Michael Williams Premium Content
Navy25Mac Williamson Premium Content
Green13Gary Wilson Premium Content
White9Kolten Wong Premium Content
Steel14Austin Wood Premium Content
Red3Vance Woodruff Premium Content
Green7Tyson Workman Premium Content
Black3Taylor Wrenn Premium Content
Navy18Austin Wright Premium Content
Columbia Blue19David Wright Premium Content
Maroon11Tony Zych Premium Content
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