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2007 Top Prospects

Jake Thompson  RHP - 2007 - Cerritos, CA   Long Beach State

Didn’t pitch HS in 2007 because of transfer eligibility snafu, has the talent to be a top 2 round pick and maybe better.

2008 Top Prospects

Eric Hosmer  1B - 2008 - Cooper City, FL   Arizona State

Can do it all with the bat, power to all fields, pro level approach. Underrated athlete with soft hands, 90+ arm strength.

Tim Melville  RHP - 2008 - Wentzville, MO   North Carolina

Excellent athlete who would be a top 5 round 3B prospect; pitched between 92-95 mph with a fluid arm, resembles Mark Prior in many ways athletically and as a pitcher.

Ethan Martin  3B - 2008 - Toccoa, GA   Clemson

Combines some of the best power in the 2008 class with the strongest throwing arm across the infield, plus he’s lean and athletically projectable.

Michael Palazzone  RHP - 2008 - Marietta, GA   Georgia

Threw 92-94 mph airing it out for an inning; his 12/6 curveball is the best in the 2008 class, no question.

Gerrit Cole  RHP - 2008 - Santa Ana, CA   UCLA

Has the best pure stuff in a showcase environment in the 2008 class, 94-96 mph with excellent life and two quality off speed pitches from a low effort delivery.

Harold Martinez  SS - 2008 - Miami, FL   Miami

Fun to watch play defense, he has big league actions and tools at all three infield positions; the bat is coming quickly and he’s showing his bat speed and power.

Aaron Hicks  OF - 2008 - Long Beach, CA   Southern California

Great 2-way prospect, threw 95 off the mound, ran 6.4 and switch-hits; may have been hindered by a stiff shoulder.

Kyle Long  1B - 2008 - Ivy, VA   Florida State

Unique athlete and larger than life personality at 6-7, 280 lbs; throws up to 96 mph from the left side and hits bombs with the bat.

Tim Beckham  SS - 2008 - Griffin, GA   Southern California

Middle of the field athletic ability combined with 6.3 speed; the special part of Beckham’s package could be his hands, he is lightning quick to the ball and has underrated power.

BJ Hermsen  RHP - 2008 - Masonville, IA   Oregon State

The velocity is starting to come, up to 93 mph in Cincinnati with the same plus command and curveball potential.

Scott Silverstein  LHP - 2008 - Brookeville, MD   Virginia

Big surprise from the left side, up to 93 mph with plus command and life and a nice breaking ball.

Kyle Skipworth  C - 2008 - Riverside, CA   Arizona State

Firmly established himself as the top 2008 high school catcher; will get plenty of Joe Mauer comparisons for his 6-3, 190 lb frame, left handed bat.

Xavier Avery  OF - 2008 - Decatur, GA   Georgia

Not just a speed player despite a 6.18 60 time, he has juice in his bat with more to come. Also a star football prospect, like his comp Carl Crawford was at the same point.

Alex Meyer  RHP - 2008 - Greensburg, IN   Kentucky

6-7, 200 lbs and loose and easy with a fastball up to 95 mph and an low 80’s curveball. Could end up right at the top of the prospect list.

Brett DeVall  LHP - 2008 - Niceville, FL   Georgia

Polished southpaw with a very advanced feel for location and ball movement; can pitch in the low 90’s but rarely needs or wants to.

Robbie Grossman  OF - 2008 - Cypress, TX   Texas

Switch-hitter and the ball explodes off his bat from both sides, strong/fast athlete from the Jay Bruce mold as a Houston area player.

Sonny Gray  RHP - 2008 - Smyrna, TN   Vanderbilt

Despite an athletic 6-0 frame had some of the most consistent mid-90’s velocity at the event along with a nasty mid-80’s slider.

Destin Hood  SS - 2008 - Eight Mile (Mobile), AL   Alabama

Raw skills due to a football background, but took the best BP of the showcase and could have a special bat with more repetitions.

Chris Amezquita  SS - 2008 - La Mirada, CA   UCLA

Only lacks plus running speed to be a 5-tool player and his offensive ability if he can stay in the middle infield could make him an impact type player; comps will be made to 2007 first rounder Matt Dominguez.

Wesley Freeman  OF - 2008 - Lakeland, FL   UCF

The 6.37 speed on a cut 6-4, 210 lb athlete gets immediate attention, as did his long game home run off a 91 mph fastball.

Walker Kelly  LHP - 2008 - Fort Worth, TX   TCU

High energy delivery makes his low 92-93 mph fastball and nasty curveball even harder to hit; one of the most aggressive pitchers out there, too.

Andy Burns  SS - 2008 - Ft. Collins, CO   Kentucky

Pleasant surprise as this Colorado athlete stood out in all areas and gained Aflac All American status; can really hit and has upper level shortstop tools.

Trey Haley  RHP - 2008 - San Augustine, TX   Rice

Electric arm strength up to 95 mph and flashed a plus curveball at times as well; not as well known as some other Texas pitchers but may be better than all of them.

Ricky Oropesa  3B - 2008 - Rancho Cucamonga, CA   Southern California

Extra strong with power tools, hits the ball as hard as anyone in the country, could end up at either 3B or 1B depending on how his mobility develops; also 90-94 mph off the hill.

Austin Wright  LHP - 2008 - Schaumburg, IL   Arkansas

Power body at 6-3, 210 lbs and a power arm in the low 90’s to go with it; think Randy Myers when he’s fully mature.

Nick Maronde  LHP - 2008 - Lexington, KY   Florida

Polished southpaw, can carve up hitters with command and his FB/SL/Chg, fastball velo was up to 92 mph.

Jordan Swagerty  C - 2008 - Sachse, TX   Arizona State

Lots of debate about his best position, he dominates on the mound with quality present stuff and is a switch-hitting catcher with bat speed.

Garrison Lassiter  SS - 2008 - High Point, NC   North Carolina

Has magical hands to hit with, can really whip the wood and drive the ball, smooth defensive actions but arm strength just playable for now.

Robbie Ross  LHP - 2008 - Nicholasville, KY   Kentucky

Smaller left hander but excellent athlete, pitches at 90-92 mph, change up is an excellent pitch and slider is pretty good, too.

Brad Dydalewicz  LHP - 2008 - Spicewood, TX   Arizona

Nasty present stuff from a funky, deceptive delivery; fastball was 90-93 mph with lots of life and curveball broke big.

Rolando Gomez  MIF - 2008 - Pembroke Pines, FL   Miami

Not a physical player but just performs, surprising power in his bat and hits everything hard; some project to 2B in the future but keeps getting better defensively.

Gregory Conver  RHP - 2008 - Margate, FL   South Florida

Long and tall with an intimidating low ¾’s release point; low 90’s with more to come and watch out when he learns how to throw a slider.

Brent Warren  OF - 2008 - Robins, IA   Oregon State

Took the next step in his miraculous recovery from heart surgery; showed big power at the plate and ran 6.4. Just a great story with more to come!

J P Ramirez  OF - 2008 - New Braunfels, TX   Tulane

One of the top hitters in the 2008 class despite his 5-10 frame, can just rake, hit a long home run in game action and will hit many more in the future.

Steven Upchurch  RHP - 2008 - Mobile, AL   Auburn

Excellent downhill angle on a 90-92 fastball and a sharp curveball to go with it; pitches with a purpose and doesn’t appear to like hitters very much.

Tyler Chatwood  SS - 2008 - Yucaipa, CA   UCLA

Has one of the top run/throw combinations in the country, is looking to settle on a position as he plays everywhere, including throwing 94 off the mound and wait for the bat to mature.

Jarred Cosart  OF - 2008 - League City, TX   Missouri

Pitching ability will start coming together when he’s not a fly around the field playing shortstop; great athlete with a 93 mph arm.

Brad Hand  LHP - 2008 - Chaska, MN   Arizona State

Northwoods hockey star was a big surprise, throwing up to 93 after being 86-88 in the spring; also a potential draft talent as a power hitting first baseman.

Tyler Pastornicky  MIF - 2008 - Bradenton, FL   Florida State

Outstanding instincts and approach to the game, undervalued raw tools as he runs 6.6, throws 90 and hits the ball all over the field. A Ball Player.

Cutter Dykstra  SS - 2008 - Thousand Oaks, CA   UCLA

Lenny Dykstra’s son has some of the same athletic ability/tools; very quick bat with gap power and he can fly, likely an offensive second baseman at the upper levels.

Jake Odorizzi  RHP - 2008 - Highland, IL   Louisville

Young body with very loose and easy actions, threw in the low 90’s with a sharp breaking ball but some may like him better as a middle infield prospect.

Adrian Nieto  C - 2008 - Hialeah, FL   South Florida

Arm problems kept the Aflac All-American from catching but he showed his switch-hitting power and baseball savvy on offense.

Ezekiel Spruill  RHP - 2008 - Marietta, GA   Georgia

Extremely projectable at 6-5, 190 and loose, strength is throwing strikes with his 90 mph fastball and big/sharp slider, touched 93 mph to show what’s there in the future.

Matt Marquis  OF - 2008 - Annandale, NJ   Vanderbilt

Classic RF tools, shows big time right handed power at the plate and always performs at a high level.

Michael Tonkin  RHP - 2008 - Palmdale, CA   Southern California

6-6 and all arms and legs coming to the plate; very uncomfortable for hitters to face with a 93 mph fastball and sharp breaking ball and all the deception.

Bobby Bundy  RHP - 2008 - Sperry, OK   Arkansas

Mature power pitcher’s build hides above average athletic ability and a loose arm; very heavy low 90’s fastball could still add velocity.

Taylor Hightower  C - 2008 - Cartersville, GA   Mississippi

Stands out defensively with his combo of arm strength and athletic ability, has caught many of the top HS pitchers in the past; bat is a work in progress but improving.

Jason Esposito  3B - 2008 - Bethany, CT   Vanderbilt

Looks like a future 3B but keeps playing like a shortstop, has more athleticism than given credit for and he can really hit the ball.

Ryan Weber  RHP - 2008 - St. Petersburg, FL   Florida

High performance game pitcher not in his element at a showcase, but flashed 91 mph with his usual life and sharp slider; can cut up a line up quickly when in rhythm.

Zack Cox  RHP - 2008 - Louisville, KY   Arkansas

Many may have Cox in about the same slot on the pitcher’s top prospect list, he hits and throws at the same level at this point.

David Olson  RHP - 2008 - Auburn, WA   Washington State

Will be on some scout’s lists as a power hitting first baseman but throws 89-91 off the mound with more there; could emerge next spring in either role or in college as both.

Brian Litwin  OF - 2008 - Hickory, NC   Duke

Like many above him can run and throw at the highest levels; he has the bat speed to hit at that level as well as his game approach matures.

Quinton Miller  RHP - 2008 - Medford, NJ   North Carolina

Sidelined with a shoulder impingement prior to the showcase, threw a bullpen and was loose and easy at 90-92; would rank much higher if fully healthy and able to show his abilities.

Mac Williamson  RHP - 2008 - Wake Forest, NC   Wake Forest

Converted catcher doesn’t look like a catcher, 6-4 and long and loose; showed signs in Cincy that he could move up the prospect charts very quickly.

Anthony Gose  OF - 2008 - Bellflower, CA   Arizona

Yet another top run (6.5) and throw (95 OF/92 mound) athlete whose bat needs to come, there are tons in this class. Gose has the advantage of being left handed.

Greg Larson  RHP - 2008 - Longwood, FL   Florida

6-8, 200 lbs and everything works smoothly, keeps gain velocity and now is up to 93 mph; curveball and deception will need fine tuning at the next level.

Jack Armstrong  RHP - 2008 - Jupiter, FL   Vanderbilt

Ultra athletic 6-6 right hander and son of the ex-big leaguer Jack Armstrong throws with little effort; fastball still in the upper 80’s but has a high ceiling.

Ryan O'Sullivan  RHP - 2008 - El Cajon, CA   San Diego State

Quality two-way prospect who some may like better more in the infield, velocity and pitching feel could surge ahead if he’s just on the mound, though.

Niko Vasquez  SS - 2008 - Las Vegas, NV   Oregon State

Polished defender with exceptional arm strength, line drive hitter with gap power and very quick hands, knows how to play.

Kevin Eichhorn  RHP - 2008 - Aptos, CA   Santa Clara

Doesn’t throw at all like his father, former ML submariner Mark, has true arm strength from up top, advanced pitchability and a nasty curveball.

Jason Hanson  IF - 2008 - Tucson, AZ   Oklahoma State

Excellent hitter for a middle infielder, drives the ball hard to the gaps, 6.64 runner, has plenty of arm strength and good infield actions.

Jarrod McKinney  OF - 2008 - Hughes Springs, TX   Arkansas

Skills are a bit raw but tools are huge, very strong but can run (6.57) and throw with the best; could be a big surprise if the bat comes, plays very hard and plays to win.

Tyler Sample  RHP - 2008 - Elizabeth, CO   Arkansas

6-7 with a high downhill release point, the ball comes out of his hand easy at 90-92; TJ surgery as a sophomore so he’s still making up for lost time and doing it quickly.

Danny Oh  OF - 2008 - Everett, WA   California

A pure hitter with surprising pop for a slender 5-11, 175 left handed hitter; scouts will have decide whether to invest now or wait until he gets stronger at college and is a potential top round pick.

Austin Wood  RHP - 2008 - Niceville, FL   Florida State

Dominated on the mound with 6 K’s in 2 innings, low 90’s fastball and sharp slider looked to be helped by a deceptive delivery.

Will Clinard  RHP - 2008 - Cross Plains, TN   Vanderbilt

Big and athletic at 6-4, 215 lbs with a power arm, throws up to 92 mph and has deception and an idea with his pitches.

Chase Davidson  1B - 2008 - Alpharetta, GA   Georgia

Hit the longest home run of batting practice, no small feat in this group, and also showed huge power to the opposite field. When his approach becomes consistent, watch out!

Dimitri De La Fuente  SS - 2008 - West Covina, CA   Pepperdine

Tons of tools, could be a offensive force if he can stay at shortstop, more likely 3B and very good at that in the future.

Jimmy Messer  RHP - 2008 - Hudson, NC   North Carolina

Aggressive, high energy delivery raises questions but stuff is top drawer, fastball was frequently 92-93 and his curveball has hard and unhittable at times.

Mark Ginther  SS - 2008 - Tulsa, OK   Oklahoma State

Star QB and stud athlete looked great in batting practice but game at bats keep him from being ranked higher; Oklahoma native could move up like Peter Kozma (2007) by next spring.

Vance Woodruff  RHP - 2008 - Forney, TX   Grayson County College

Transplant from Southern California to Texas , high energy windmill delivery can’t be fun to hit against, especially with a 90-93 mph fastball coming from it.

Brian Busick  RHP - 2008 - Poway, CA   Stanford

Ranks among the most polished pitchers in the 2008 class, probably best to see him in game action where he can show all his pitches and pin point command.

Joseph Loftus  3B - 2008 - Savage, MN   Vanderbilt

Once scouts get a feel for his bat he could move way up the draft lists like a Kevin Ahrens from 2007, excellent young hitter with a pro profile build.

Hunter Cervenka  LHP - 2008 - Baytown, TX   Texas

Still teasing on the mound, always 90-92 mph but still looking to refine his command/approach; also an underrated outfield prospect who can run, hit with power.

Brian Ellington  RHP - 2008 - Gainesville , FL   Florida State

Very athletic with a young body and great projection, will need to tone down delivery but low 90’s fastball/CB/Chg are all quality pitches right now.

Ben Grisz  RHP - 2008 - Dallas, TX   Duke

Former top OF prospect looks like a primary pitcher now; power fastball, high effort delivery and extra aggressive approach paint him as a potential future closer.

Clark Murphy  1B - 2008 - Fallbrook, CA   UCLA

Much acclaimed power hitter, has made some ill advised swing changes but has consistently shown top level hitting tools in the past; no reason he can’t return to his previous level.

Elliott Byers  RHP - 2008 - Moscow, PA   Stanford

Big, strong pitcher who is finally seeing his velo spike, touched 93 mph with a sharp downer curveball.

Matt Richardson  SS - 2008 - Lake Mary, FL   UCF

Underrated shortstop prospect, can do about everything on the field and can really play defense; a pure shortstop with a cannon arm.

Grayson Garvin  LHP - 2008 - Suwanee, GA   Vanderbilt

Pro Profile build at 6-5, 215 lbs and loose and easy in his actions; excellent command of upper 80’s FB and change, more velo to come.

LJ Hoes  OF - 2008 - Mitchellville, MD   North Carolina

Excellent line drive swing, squares up to everything, 6.7 runner with howitzer (95 mph) arm strength in right field; could really move up when his power comes.

Joey Belviso  OF - 2008 - Pembroke Pines, FL   Jacksonville

Excellent defensive out fielder with speed (6.45), plus instincts and cannon arm strength; has the raw tools/bat speed to develop as a hitter.

Stosh Wawrzasek  RHP - 2008 - Langley, BC CAN   Florida International

Extra big body Canadian is much looser than he looks, his heavy fastball sat in the low 90’s with minimal effort and his curveball looks good, too.

Pablo Bermudez  OF - 2008 - Miami Shores, FL   Florida International

This year’s Denny Almonte (2nd round, 2007) from the Miami area; more speed than Almonte, not quite as physical but scouts will look at them similarly.

Corey Williams  LHP - 2008 - Huntsville, AL   Vanderbilt

Stuff has really improved in the last year, throwing mid 80’s before, now up to 91 mph with late life, slider is a swing/miss pitch at times, good mechanics/fundamentals.

Anthony DeSclafani  RHP - 2008 - Freehold, NJ   Florida

Slender and projectable at 6-3, 175 lbs, can make his fastball jump at 92 mph or sink hard at 87, breaking stuff still developing.

Taylor Wrenn  MIF - 2008 - Lakeland, FL   State College of Florida

Has taken his game to the next level since we saw him last, stronger and faster and it showed in his left handed bat speed and gap power.

Curtis Petersen  RHP - 2008 - Aubrey, TX   Nebraska

Pitches at 90 mph from a balanced delivery; throws both a CB and a SL and both are sharp and nasty at times.

Peter Verdin  OF - 2008 - Alexandria, VA   Georgia

Speed player, can fly, contact approach at the plate and wreaks havoc on the bases, one of the top OF arms in the class as well in CF.

Joseph (Jay) Austin  OF - 2008 - Atlanta, GA   Southern California

6.2 speed and a 90 mph fastball from the left side really stand out athletically; would be ranked much higher except his bat, which has looked good in the past, didn’t measure up against elite level stuff.

Spencer Dickinson  SS - 2008 - Tequesta, FL   Florida State

Lacks size at 5-9 but not tools, swings the bat hard and can really run and throw; would look more interesting at second base if he could play it.

Ray Hanson  RHP - 2008 - Long Beach, CA   Arizona State

Throws 89-91 and will be the third hardest thrower at LB Wilson HS next spring (Aaron Hicks/Jack Thompson; at 6-8, 195 lbs will tease scouts with his projection and size.

Billy (Trey) Brown  RHP - 2008 - Lake Charles, LA   McNeese State

2008 version of the yearly top prospect from Barbe HS, Slider is a great equalizer and weapon and he pitched at 90-91 mph.

Matt Ramsey  C - 2008 - Knoxville, TN   Tennessee

His ability to throw 90-92 off the mound my overshadow his catching prospect status at times; moving to the top of the defensive list among 2008 catchers the more he plays in front of the scouts.

Abraham Ruiz  3B - 2008 - Pacific Grove, CA   Arizona State

Huge power bat at third base, he has an advanced ability to hit and to hit with power for his age; is improving his athletic ability/agility and looked good on defense.

Thomas Taylor  RHP - 2008 - Overland Park, KS   Kansas

Kansas scouts will be debating the merits of Taylor vs. Jordan Cooper (below); Taylor is polished/projectable and has a better curveball at present.

Alex Blodgett  RHP - 2008 - Lexington, KY   Louisville

Lots of very good Kentucky prospects in the 2008 class, Blodgett projects better than most at 6-4, 190 and loose, touched 92 mph and showed nice feel for his curveball.

Jordan Craft  OF - 2008 - Kennesaw, GA   Kennesaw State

Excellent athlete who is a two-way prospect and will flash 5 tools; power right field arm and 90 mph fastball, runs 6.7 and can hit with power.

Jordan Cooper  RHP - 2008 - Berryton, KS   Wichita State

See Thomas Taylor above; Cooper has a power arm and throws harder, up to 92-93 mph at times.

Christian Glisson  C - 2008 - Hahira, GA   Georgia

Left handed hitting catcher with strong, projectable build, shows power with the bat and good athletic mobility behind the plate.

Brad Hook  1B - 2008 - Franklin, IN   South Alabama

Could be among the top pure hitters in the draft class, strong left handed swing and hits every type of pitch hard to some part of the field.

David Rollins  LHP - 2008 - Carthage, TX   Missouri

Polished southpaw can carve up hitters quickly with his 90 mph and slider; good athlete who projects to get stronger.

Riccio Torrez  2B - 2008 - Phoenix, AZ   Arizona State

Strong, mature build but has the skills, quickness for upper level second base; bat is his primary tool, aggressive hitter with bat speed and power potential.

Chris Wakefield  RHP - 2008 - Canton, GA   Northern Illinois

Recently moved to Georgia from Wisconsin , one of the top 2-way talents anywhere and his stuff keeps getting better and better on the mound.

Kyle Beverley  3B - 2008 - Midvale, UT   Oregon State

Surprising power and wore out the gaps in Cincinnati , can really swing the bat against top pitching; plays all three infield positions well.

Luke Erickson  LHP - 2008 - Richmond, VA   Virginia Tech

Another transfer/family move, from Florida to Virginia during the last year. Projectable LH’d arm in the upper 80’s and he can really spin the breaking ball.

Erik Johnson  RHP - 2008 - Los Altos, CA   California

Power pitcher’s build and throws easy, fastball steady at 90-92 mph and his curveball could be a good one in the future.

Tony Zych  2B - 2008 - Monee, IL   Louisville

6.5 runner with very good arm strength and defensive skills; some might like more as a 90-92 mph reliever or college SS/Closer type.

Brandon Miller  C - 2008 - Tyrone, GA   Georgia Tech

Coming on quickly as a top catching prospect, very athletic for a catcher and has very projectable hitting tools as well. Could move way up the prospect lists by next June.

Grant Edwards  RHP - 2008 - Rogersville, AL   Uncommitted

Huge upside if he can tone down his delivery, very projectable and already pitches at 89-92 mph, curveball is sharp and big.

Jacob Stallings  C - 2008 - Brentwood, TN   North Carolina

Standout defensive ability and one of the top throwing arms of the 2008 class; his bat still has some catching up to do. Athletic background as the son of Vanderbilt hoops coach Kevin Stallings.

Brett Huber  RHP - 2008 - Belleville, IL   Mississippi

Solid three pitch combination with some projectability, curveball is nasty at times and can be a plus pitch, fastball touched 91 mph.

Matthew Sisto  RHP - 2008 - Anaheim, CA   Hawaii

Hit the ball with more power and authority than previously seen, overshadowing his 90 mph fastball and polished command.

Derrik Gibson  SS - 2008 - Seaford, DE   North Carolina

One of the top defensive infielders during game action, had the chance to make plays at SS and 2B and made them with flair/ability. The rest of his tools play.

Mike Nastold  RHP - 2008 - Cincinnati, OH   Louisville

Big time power arm on a broad shouldered pro profile frame, fastball touches 93 mph and curve is sharp and hard; delivery issues holding back his command/consistency at this point.

Matthew Harrison  SS - 2008 - Henderson, NV   North Carolina

Excellent shortstop actions with plus arm strength, makes playing shortstop look easy, high energy player; key for his ceiling will be his bat, flashes top level talent now but inconsistent.

John Lamb  LHP - 2008 - Laguna Hills, CA   Uncommitted

Not a present hard thrower but very loose and projectable and really knows how to pitch, may take some time but will be a good one.

Brance Rivera  MIF - 2008 - Muscatine, IA   TCU

Lean and live bodied athlete, smooth shortstop actions, good runner at 6.69; the key is his bat is really coming quick and he’s driving the ball hard.

Raiko Alfonso  MIF - 2008 - Key West, FL   Florida International

Royce Bolinger  3B - 2008 - Scottsdale, AZ   Gonzaga

Jamie Bruno  1B - 2008 - Covington, LA   Tulane

Kyle Buchanan  C - 2008 - Auburn, WA   Washington State

Beau Didier  SS - 2008 - Federal Way, WA   Louisiana State

Casey Dykes  C - 2008 - Franklin, TN   Western Kentucky

Chris Ellison  OF - 2008 - Norman, OK   Oklahoma

Aaron Fujiki  C - 2008 - Honolulu, HI   San Diego State

Aaron Gates  LHP - 2008 - Villa Park, CA   Pepperdine

Johnathan (J R) Graham  SS - 2008 - Livermore, CA   Santa Clara

Steven Gruver  LHP - 2008 - Canfield, OH   Tennessee

Joey Hainsfurther  SS - 2008 - Dallas, TX   Baylor

Tyler Hanover  MIF - 2008 - Kernersville, NC   Louisiana State

Lucas Herbst  OF - 2008 - Monterey, CA   Santa Clara

Kyle Higashioka  C - 2008 - Huntington Beach, CA   California

Jason Knapp  RHP - 2008 - Annandale, NJ   North Carolina

Clay Kollenbaum  RHP - 2008 - Tarpon Springs, FL   Jacksonville

Shane Kroker  3B - 2008 - Westlake Village, CA   Wake Forest

Matthew Murray  RHP - 2008 - Spring City, PA   Georgia Southern

Blake Newalu  MIF - 2008 - McDonough, GA   San Diego

William Piwnica-Worms  OF - 2008 - St Louis, MO   Duke

Philip Pohl  C - 2008 - Cooperstown, NY   Clemson

Vickash Ramjit  3B - 2008 - Miami, FL   Miami

Alfred Rodriguez  MIF - 2008 - Oak Hill, VA   Maryland

John Ruettiger  OF - 2008 - Joliet, IL   Arizona State

Austin Stadler  1B - 2008 - Midlothian, VA   Wake Forest

Jonathon Taylor  OF - 2008 - Acworth, GA   Georgia

Jomel Torres  1B - 2008 - Chula Vista, CA   San Diego State

Gary Wilson  SS - 2008 - Marlton, NJ   Elon

David Wright  C - 2008 - Aledo, TX   TCU

2009 Top Prospects

Isaac Ballou  OF - 2009 - Smithfield, VA   Marshall

Only a 2009 but stood out with the older players, great hands at the plate create whippy bat speed, 6.62 runner, good defender and really projects.

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