FB Velocities
Tanner Vaughn R87
Zach Sharp R85
Mitchel Matson R83
Avery McGinnis L83
Asher DeLeo R82
Levi Nicodemus R82
Haiden Letzing R81
Nate Wenzel R81
Brady Burger R80
Grant Cunningham R80
Jaxon Henderson R80
Darren Melville R80
Jacob Ross R80
Chase Stewart R80
Tyler Alleman R79
John (Jack) Anderson R79
Cory Apker R79
Ryan Cooney R79
Aden Dance R79
Colby Small R79
John Taylor R79
Malcolm Williams R79
Kade Kuske L78
Lucas Wear R78
Jacob Polumbus R77
Shayn Tauer R77
Parker Norah R76
Brendan Doshi R75
Bjorn Johnson L75
Wade Mallory R75
Jacen Rademacher R75
Jonah Shull R75
Luke Sketchley L75
Cody Newhart R74
Nathan Davis R73
Jacob Dodge L73
Dylan Richardson R73
Cory Schilling R73
Ayumu Ando R72
Devin Bell R71
Cody Marx R71
Hunter Lutman R70
Kotaro Uchida R68
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