Iowa Spring Wood Bat Scout League
Mar 12 - May 7, 2017 Various Ballparks- Iowa - -, IA  

- Various Ballparks- Iowa  
  - -, IA 00000 Map   

- Independence HS  
  700 20th Ave SW Independence, IA 50644 Map   

- Southeast Polk HS  
  7945 N E University Ave Altoona, IA 50327 Map   

- Nash Park  
  5909 56th St. Kenosha, WI 53140 Map   

- Perfect Game Headquarters  
  850 Twixt Town Road NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 Map   

- Upper Iowa University  
  west 7th street and mechanic st Fayette, IA 52142 Map   

- Brookside Park  
  1325 6th St Ames, IA 50010 Map   

- Cedar Falls HS  
  3626 West Twelfth Street Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Map   

- Waterloo West HS  
  425 East Ridgeway Avenue Waterloo, IA 50702 Map   

- Riverfront Stadium  
  850 Park Road Waterloo, IA 50703 Map   

- Solon HS  
  600 West Fifth Street Solon, IA 52333 Map   

- Norway  
  634 Evergreen St. Norway, IA 52318 Map   

- Jefferson HS  
  1301 15 Street SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Map   

- Washington HS  
  2205 Forest Dr SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 Map   

- Kirkwood CC  
  6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Map   

- U of Iowa (Duane Banks Field)  
  900-999 Stadium Dr. Iowa City, IA 52242 Map   

- Perfect Game Field at Veterans Memorial Stadium  
  950 Rockford Rd SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 Map   

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
Red Dragons1Luke Anderson Premium Content
Whitecaps1Luke Anhalt Premium Content
Golden Bears21Kamrin Arons Premium Content
Red Dragons23Gavyn Ashley Premium Content
Whitecaps2Keaton Baayen Premium Content
Whitecaps3Tanner Bainbridge Premium Content
Blue Crew16Cam Baumann Premium Content
Black Magic1Elijah (Eli) Bergeron Premium Content
Aquasox1Zachary Bierman Premium Content
Black Magic2Jarrett Blunt Premium Content
Black Magic3Jacob Bockenstedt Premium Content
Red Dragons2Dalton Boecker Premium Content
Navy Seals1Ryan Boyd Premium Content
Black Magic21Trever Brown Premium Content
Whitecaps4Conrad Burke Premium Content
Blue Crew1Trevor Burkhart Premium Content
Golden Bears1Cyrus Butters Premium Content
Grey Wolves1James Carsrud Premium Content
Aquasox2Steven Ciha Premium Content
Aquasox3Tyler Ciha Premium Content
Black Magic22Tony Comellas Premium Content
Blue Crew2Mac Conrad Premium Content
Navy Seals20Harrison Cook Premium Content
Grey Wolves2Ty Cowley Premium Content
Aquasox4Evan Crawford Premium Content
Grey Wolves3Levi Davidson Premium Content
Black Magic25Trent Davis Premium Content
Whitecaps5Kaden Dewey Premium Content
Navy Seals22Pat Diemer Premium Content
Aquasox5Graysen Drezek Premium Content
Navy Seals2Clay Emhoff Premium Content
Golden Bears2Kane Fairman Premium Content
Red Dragons3Matthew Fitzsimmons Premium Content
Aquasox6Nick Fleckenstein Premium Content
Golden Bears3Brayden Frazier Premium Content
Golden Bears4Drake Frazier Premium Content
Whitecaps20Matthew French Premium Content
Whitecaps6Conner Gerdes Premium Content
Golden Bears5Luke Golla Premium Content
Grey Wolves14Sam Goodman Premium Content
Black Magic4Braden Hageman Premium Content
Golden Bears16Nick Hagen Premium Content
Black Magic5Gregory Hall Premium Content
Navy Seals3Ryan Hart Premium Content
Golden Bears17Ethan Hayes Premium Content
Grey Wolves39Jake Helland Premium Content
Aquasox41Andrue Henry Premium Content
Red Dragons4Brady Herzic Premium Content
Grey Wolves4Drew Hillman Premium Content
Grey Wolves5Tyler Hillman Premium Content
Black Magic6Josh Hilsenbeck Premium Content
Red Dragons22Matyk Hilton Premium Content
Red Dragons5Ben Hogan Premium Content
Red Dragons6Jack Hogan Premium Content
Grey Wolves6Brayden Hoops Premium Content
Black Magic7Braden Houston Premium Content
Red Dragons7Tanner Huey Premium Content
Blue Crew3Alex Hunt Premium Content
Navy Seals4Sebastian Hutson Premium Content
Golden Bears6Justin Hutter Premium Content
Navy Seals5Graysen Jennings Premium Content
Whitecaps16Tate Johnson Premium Content
Grey Wolves7Matthew Kerian Premium Content
Red Dragons8Caden Kratz Premium Content
Black Magic23Austin Krob Premium Content
Golden Bears18TJ Kuennen Premium Content
Red Dragons9Clay Kuhlemeier Premium Content
Aquasox7Jose Lara Premium Content
Blue Crew4Curtis Lilienthal Premium Content
Blue Crew5Cade Lisk Premium Content
Grey Wolves41Luke Llewellyn Premium Content
Golden Bears19Luke Loecher Premium Content
Golden Bears7Gabe Lux Premium Content
Golden Bears8Austin Marchesani Premium Content
Whitecaps7Nash Martensen Premium Content
Navy Seals19Connor McCaffery Premium Content
Golden Bears9Nic McCay Premium Content
Blue Crew17Collin McCrabb Premium Content
Blue Crew6Noah McCreary Premium Content
Blue Crew7Ryan McKown Premium Content
Blue Crew8Quinn Miller Premium Content
Whitecaps8Wyatt Morgan Premium Content
Whitecaps17Ryan Morrissey Premium Content
Aquasox8Chase Moseley Premium Content
Whitecaps9Rimmy Nemickas Premium Content
Blue Crew19Clayton Nettleton Premium Content
Navy Seals6Alec Nigut Premium Content
Navy Seals7Will Nigut Premium Content
Black Magic8Billy Nix Premium Content
Blue Crew20Kyle Oberbroeckling Premium Content
Black Magic9Tyler Oberbroeckling Premium Content
Navy Seals40Izaya Ono-Fullard Premium Content
Black Magic24Zakary Packingham Premium Content
Blue Crew9Konstantinos Papazoglou Premium Content
Blue Crew11Brendan Paper Premium Content
Grey Wolves58Luke Patzner Premium Content
Red Dragons16Evan Paulus Premium Content
Aquasox14Ricardo Pena Premium Content
Red Dragons10Casey Perrenoud Premium Content
Red Dragons11Cole Perrenoud Premium Content
Red Dragons12Jacob Peterson Premium Content
Navy Seals8Drew Price Premium Content
Navy Seals9Ben Probst Premium Content
Navy Seals10Alex Rademacher Premium Content
Blue Crew12Evan Reifert Premium Content
Whitecaps13Lincoln Riley Premium Content
Grey Wolves61Jaden Rolffs Premium Content
Navy Seals11Kobey Saddoris Premium Content
Black Magic10Kyle Schrader Premium Content
Golden Bears20Connor Schultz Premium Content
Whitecaps19Dylan Schultz Premium Content
Navy Seals12Ben Schwartz Premium Content
Red Dragons13Rylan Seberg Premium Content
Navy Seals13Tynan Shahidi Premium Content
Aquasox10Max Slavens Premium Content
Golden Bears10Luke Soko Premium Content
Black Magic20Casey Sole Premium Content
Whitecaps14Draeden Spang Premium Content
Black Magic11Mason Stickney Premium Content
Grey Wolves8Stefan Stockwell Premium Content
Navy Seals14John Swanda Premium Content
Red Dragons14Lane Thole Premium Content
Navy Seals41Joel Thompson Premium Content
Whitecaps15Zachary Thompson Premium Content
Whitecaps34Elijah Townsend Premium Content
Blue Crew41Jared Townsend Premium Content
Golden Bears22Connor Van Scoyoc Premium Content
Grey Wolves62Landon Vander Leest Premium Content
Grey Wolves12Kade Vander Molen Premium Content
Navy Seals15Tyler Vandewater Premium Content
Red Dragons15Noah Walls Premium Content
Aquasox14Jared Wegner Premium Content
Golden Bears11Ethan Weichers Premium Content
Black Magic12Michael Weiss Premium Content
Grey Wolves63Jordan Wendel Premium Content
Aquasox11Griffin Wilder Premium Content
Aquasox60Luke Wilder Premium Content
Aquasox61Nathan Wilkinson Premium Content
Aquasox12Jack Wilson Premium Content
Grey Wolves13Josh Wilson Premium Content
Blue Crew13Ryan Wohlers Premium Content
Aquasox13Jack Young Premium Content
Whitecaps36Mitch Young Premium Content
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