FB Velocities
MLB Breakthrough Series DJ Jefferson R94
Team Elite 18U Alex McFarlane R93
MLB Breakthrough Series Aaron Roberts R93
Team Elite 18U Alex Edmondson R92
MLB Breakthrough Series Michael Harris II L92
Canes National Will Smith R92
Home Plate Chilidogs 18U Searcy Jackson Arnold R91
Team Georgia 18U National Jake Eddington R91
MLB Breakthrough Series Trey Faltine R91
Canes National Cy Nielson L91
Canes National Thomas Schultz R91
East Cobb Baseball Brandon Smith R91
Team Elite 18U Zack Smith R91
Team Elite 18U Carson Swilling R91
Team Georgia 18U National Logan Tanner R91
Team Elite 18U Bradley Blalock R90
Canes National Nolan Crisp R90
Home Plate Chilidogs 18U Searcy Coleman Crow R90
MLB Breakthrough Series Andre Duplantier R90
MVP Donye Evans R90
Upstate Mavericks Reid Fagerstrom R90
On Deck O's Ethan Haislip R90
MVP Antoine Harris R90
East Coast Sox Select Carson Knight L90
South Charlotte Panthers Carson Lowder R90
Team Elite 18U Jackson Phipps L90
5 Star National Aaron Wainwright R90
Team Georgia 18U National Blake Wehunt R90
East Coast Sox Select Cole Baker R89
MLB Breakthrough Series Spencer Bauer R89
MVP Marc Church R89
Kentucky Baseball Club 2019 Blayne Deaton R89
Canes National Jason Diaz R89
East Coast Sox Select Sean Goodwin R89
MLB Breakthrough Series Marquis Grissom Jr R89
MLB Breakthrough Series Campbell Holt L89
East Coast Sox Select Mitch Murrell R89
East Cobb Yankees Aaron Osada R89
Home Plate Chilidogs 18U Searcy Jack Richards R89
Upstate Mavericks Dylan Ross R89
On Deck O's Mikey Tepper R89
North East Baseball National Cade Austin R88
Team Elite 18U Brady Barnes R88
North East Baseball National Evan Boyle L88
5 Star National Chandler Dawson R88
East Cobb Baseball Nick Ferrara R88
East Coast Sox Select Carter Gannaway R88
East Cobb Yankees Ryan Getz R88
Team Georgia 18U National Charlie Goldstein L88
Canes National Nick Hoffmann R88
Upstate Mavericks Connor Housley R88
East Coast Sox Select Jackson Kimbrell L88
East Cobb Yankees Ben King R88
On Deck O's Jacob Knapp R88
Canes National Cade Kuehler R88
5 Star National Duncan Lutz R88
South Charlotte Panthers Cj Neese Jr R88
East Cobb Baseball Thomas Ross R88
East Coast Sox Select Jacob Scherer R88
Chicago Scouts Association Dylan Szajkovics R88
East Coast Sox Select Blake Bennett L87
Dulin Dodgers Kyle Booker R87
South Charlotte Panthers JD Brock L87
Home Plate Chilidogs 18U Searcy Ty Butler L87
East Coast Sox Select Garrison Cherry R87
East Cobb Baseball Mason Curtis L87
South Charlotte Panthers Trey Donathan R87
Canes National Cade Doughty R87
Ontario Blue Jays Caden Griffin L87
Team Elite 18U Wesley Hancock L87
South Charlotte Panthers Sam Highfill R87
Home Plate Chilidogs 18U Searcy Jaxon O'Neal L87
Team Georgia 18U National Dalton Skinner R87
5 Star National Dalton Smith L87
North East Baseball National Riley Stanford R87
MVP Ga'Von Wray R87
Canes National Griffin Agee L86
Team Elite 18U Riley Bishop L86
South Charlotte Panthers Caleb Cozart R86
East Cobb Baseball Chad Davis R86
Dulin Dodgers Lane Forsythe R86
Chicago Scouts Association Cole Johnston R86
North East Baseball National Devin Keen R86
On Deck O's Nathan Ledford R86
MVP Narada Monge L86
Upstate Mavericks Zachary Moore R86
MVP Caleb Pittman R86
Team Georgia 18U National Davis Rokose L86
Dulin Dodgers Andrew Romanoli R86
MVP Dayvon Terry R86
East Coast Sox Select Will Tynes R86
MLB Breakthrough Series Austin Atkinson L85
Canes National Andrew Boyd R85
Chicago Scouts Association Tristan Cazel R85
East Coast Sox Select William Collins R85
Upstate Mavericks Christian Davis L85
North East Baseball National Logan Frady R85
Ontario Blue Jays Adam Hill R85
Dulin Dodgers William "Pico" Kohn L85
South Charlotte Panthers Rhett Lowder R85
MLB Breakthrough Series Landon Rascoe R85
South Charlotte Panthers Matthew Siverling L85
Kentucky Baseball Club 2019 Steven Thom L85
Ontario Blue Jays Lukas Touma R85
MVP Brandon Tyler R85
East Cobb Yankees Nicholas Watson-Garcia R85
On Deck O's Nick Wernli R85
East Cobb Yankees Brody Westbrooks R85
Team Elite 18U Samuel Wright R85
On Deck O's Woodson Alexander R84
South Charlotte Panthers Cameron Arnold L84
Home Plate Chilidogs 18U Searcy Austin Bunn R84
On Deck O's Jacob Carter R84
Ontario Blue Jays Nicolas Castonguay R84
Upstate Mavericks Kirby Connell L84
5 Star National Wyatt England R84
MLB Breakthrough Series Adam Love R84
Upstate Mavericks Caleb Maloof R84
Canes National Will McGregor L84
Dulin Dodgers Terris Meeks R84
Team Elite 18U AJ Montijo R84
East Cobb Yankees Luke Motter R84
MVP Jaylen Nowlin L84
Ontario Blue Jays Nico Saldias R84
Chicago Scouts Association Mj Stavola L84
East Coast Sox Select Daniel Swatek R84
Team Elite 18U Steven Thompson R84
Team Elite 18U Deion Walker R84
East Cobb Yankees Tyler Watson L84
Kentucky Baseball Club 2019 Seth Wright R84
Ontario Blue Jays Jason Zhang R84
North East Baseball National Dawson Barnes R83
Kentucky Baseball Club 2019 Devin Ecklar R83
Chicago Scouts Association Robert Farrell L83
Kentucky Baseball Club 2019 Jordan Fox L83
MVP Leo Harris R83
Team Georgia 18U National Griffin Holcombe R83
Kentucky Baseball Club 2019 Ryan Johnson R83
Upstate Mavericks Story Kimura R83
Ontario Blue Jays Ryan Kush R83
On Deck O's Tyler Rigot L83
North East Baseball National Parker Ball L82
On Deck O's Jackson Benjamin R82
On Deck O's Max Castro R82
Chicago Scouts Association Kyle Coates R82
Kentucky Baseball Club 2019 Micah Duncan R82
Chicago Scouts Association Alex Redman L82
Team Georgia 18U National Sam Stratton L82
MVP Rahmir Vaughn L82
East Cobb Baseball Jonathan Young R82
Ontario Blue Jays Jacob Corby R81
Team Georgia 18U National Chase Honeycutt R81
Chicago Scouts Association Ryan Leland R81
MVP Michael Mims L81
5 Star National Logan Velez R81
Ontario Blue Jays Justin Bradt L80
Ontario Blue Jays Dalton Brownlee R80
Team Georgia 18U National Mitchell Fleming R80
MVP Dylan McKinnis L80
East Cobb Yankees Gage Morris R80
Ontario Blue Jays Julian Parson R80
Dulin Dodgers Taylor Sipes L80
Ontario Blue Jays Grayden Stauffer R80
East Cobb Yankees Joey Gill L79
Team Elite 18U Jake Hill R79
MVP Clayton Brody R78
Kentucky Baseball Club 2019 Bradley Fetherston R78
Home Plate Chilidogs 18U Searcy Dylan Morris R78
East Cobb Baseball Brady Simpson L78
Home Plate Chilidogs 18U Searcy Calin "Cal" Smith L77
5 Star National Lorne Barineau R70
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