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2019 Top Prospects

Jalen Greer  SS - 2019 - Chicago, IL   Missouri

Greer, committed to Missouri, has an extremely projectable frame to go along with good athleticism and infield actions with an 85 mph IF arm. He also has very loud hitting tools, with real bat speed and a clean stroke, projecting very well for power as he matures.

Ryan Curran  OF - 2019 - Albuquerque, NM   Coastal Carolina

Curran was excellent in every facet over the weekend, running a 6.80 seconds 60 yard dash, showing athleticism in the OF as well as a 86 mph arm. He also got on the mound and worked up to 83 mph with a sharp slider, and took very good swings all weekend with advanced barrel control and the beginnings of power as well.

Kyle Conway  RHP - 2019 - Gilbert, AZ   Phoenix College

A primary pitcher, Conway shows an athletic and up-tempo delivery with a fast arm, working his fastball up to 85 mph with good life when down, and showing a big time curveball, throwing in the low 70's but extremely sharp with late break. He also threw 87 mph from the OF and took good swings during game play.

Mason Kokodynski  1B - 2019 - Scottsdale, AZ   Uncommitted

An extremely physical prospect, Kokodynski is a good follow both as a position player and as a pitcher (though he didn't pitch in this event). He showed a quick, strong stroke when hitting with consistently hard liners to all fields, and showed solid athleticism defensively with an 86 mph arm from the outfield.

Ommar Jackson  SS - 2019 - Mansfield, TX   North Central Texas College

Jackson showed off some impressive tools and athleticism in this event, including running a 6.69 seconds 60 yard dash and throwing 89 mph from the outfield (along with 84 mph across the infield). A switch-hitter, he showed better from the right side with legitimate bat speed and leverage to the stroke.

Braxton Bruschke  LHP - 2019 - Las Vegas, NV   Uncommitted

Bruschke worked up to 82 mph on the mound and was in complete control, consistently creating excellent angle to the plate and working his fastball to both sides of the plate with no issue. He also lands his CB for strikes and shows feel for his changeup to go along with a very projectable frame.

Ryon Padayao  C - 2019 - Anaheim, CA   Uncommitted

Padayao showed some of the better offensive upside of the event, consistently getting the barrel out front with strength and leverage and showing the ability to drive it into the air with impressive power, showing no doubt HR pop to the pull side.

Michael Bathauer  C - 2019 - Kingman, AZ   Adams State University

Bathauer showed good athleticism and arm strength behind the plate to go along with his obvious physicality, popping a 1.87 down to 2nd base and moving pretty well for the most part. He also has lots of strength in his swing, showing pop to all fields when hitting.

Braden Gluth  RHP - 2019 - Anthony, NM   Uncommitted

Gluth worked 80-84 mph with a clean delivery on the mound, creating good angle downhill as well as some life to the pitch. He mixed in a slider with good depth and sharp break, getting swings and misses with it. He also showed off an 85 mph arm from the outfield.

Brian Kalmer  3B - 2019 - Chandler, AZ   Arizona State

Kalmer showed well with a very solid all-around collection of tools, including an 82 mph IF arm and a 7.01 60 yard dash time. He showed very well with the bat, with very good bat speed and strength, generating impressive jump off the barrel with good power.

Matthew Bathauer  LHP - 2019 - Kingman, AZ   Adams State University

With very good physicality, Bathauer worked up to 81 mph off the bump from the left side with a loose arm and solid arm speed. He showed both a slider and curveball with feel for both, and has good upside on the mound as he continues to strengthen his arm.

Brenden Blakeman  SS - 2019 - Queen Creek, AZ   South Mountain CC

A primary infielder, Blakeman really stood out on the mound in this event, working with excellent tempo on the mound and pounding the zone downhill with a two pitch mix, highlighted by a fastball that reached 83 mph and a curveball with good, sharp spin.

Garrett Broussard  SS - 2019 - San Juan Capistrano, CA   Utah Valley University

Broussard had a solid event as a position player but then got on the mound late in day 2 and really impressed, showing a fast arm with a fastball up to 84 mph with good life, and mixing in a solid curveball for strikes and a slider with serious teeth biting out of the zone.

Matthew Giles  OF - 2019 - El Paso, TX   St. Edward’s

Giles showed one of the louder single tools of the weekend with an 87 mph OF arm, and also worked up to 82 mph off the bump with good life and a solid curveball. He further showed a quick, compact stroke at the plate with the ability to work to both gaps on a line.

Kade Hancock  OF - 2019 - Salem, UT   Uncommitted

Hancock showed well from both sides of the plate when hitting, generating quality bat speed with some loft to the stroke, projecting well in terms of power. He took good reps in the OF and was clocked up to 82, and also got on the mound and showed a solid 3 pitch mix with good overall projection.

Cobe Lehman  C - 2019 - Caldwell, ID   Uncommitted

Lehman led the event with a 1.76 workout pop time, and working in conjunction with an 80 mph catcher's arm, has lots of tools behind the plate. He also shows solid power at the plate, driving the ball into the air when squared up and using the whole field along the way.

Cade Malone  1B - 2019 - Albuquerque, NM   Uncommitted

Malone took a very loud round of batting practice, showing a middle-field approach with lots of bat speed and present strength capable of creating lots of jump off the barrel. He projects for good power as he continues to add strength, and was very adept at consistently finding the barrel.

2020 Top Prospects

Ross Dunn  LHP - 2020 - Salt Lake City, UT   Kentucky

Dunn was sensational in his time on the mound, peaking as high as 87 mph from the left side with a clean delivery and arm stroke to go along with lots of angle to the plate. He worked in a short, sharp slider and a very advanced changeup, throwing strikes with all three pitches and making it look easy.

Jorge Figueroa  SS - 2020 - Southlake, TX   Wichita State

Figueroa continued to show his loud offensive tools in this event, with legitimate bat speed and lots of strength that produces hard contact seemingly in every at bat, also showing solid infield actions and a solid arm to go along with a 6.93 seconds 60 yard dash time.

Rocco Peppi  SS - 2020 - Huntington Beach, CA   Uncommitted

Peppi really stood out in several ways, including taking one of the best infields of the event, showing good range and twitch to both sides with easy actions and sure hands to go along with an 81 mph arm, then showed a very loose, projectable swing when hitting that consistently found the barrel and projects well for power.

Chris Conniff  SS - 2020 - Norco, CA   St. John's

Conniff showed very well in every phase over the weekend, taking a very impressive infield round with smooth actions and easy hands along with a quick, 83 mph arm across the diamond. He also was very good with the bat, shifting well into contact and creating good bat speed, spraying hard liners to all fields.

Brayden Sites  SS - 2020 - Sheridan, AR   Louisiana-Lafayette

Sites was one of the more consistently good hitters over the weekend, seemingly finding the barrel with every swing in both batting practice and in game. He generates good extension through the zone and his hands work well, and he also took a solid round of infield with a 79 mph arm across the diamond.

Shane Anderson  C - 2020 - Chandler, AZ   Uncommitted

Anderson's athleticism stood out in this event, running a 6.95 second 60 yard dash and then showing some of the easier, smoother infield actions of the weekend along with a solid arm across the diamond. He then showed good bat speed with clean hands at the plate, working to all fields on a line with consistency.

Eric Sims  SS - 2020 - Litchfield Park, AZ   Uncommitted

Sims showed very well defensively in the infield, moving to both sides with good range and balance, fielding cleanly with smooth hands and showing a quick release with an 81 mph arm. A switch-hitter, he shows good bat speed from both sides with some leverage as well, with the ability to drive the ball.

Colby Shade  OF - 2020 - Wellington, CO   Virginia

Shade got off to a blazing start in this event by running a 6.61 second 60 yard dash time, speed that plays well for him both in the outfield and on the bases. He's very athletic in the outfield with good routes, and showed an 83 mph arm to go along with projectable hitting tools.

Mason Ashcraft  RHP - 2020 - Albuquerque, NM   New Mexico

Ashcraft looks like he might be a legitimate two-way prospect, showing a fastball up to 83 mph with good plane and angle on the mound to go along with a curveball that flashed sharpness and depth. He also shows good bat speed and pull side power when hitting.

Daniel Davila  SS - 2020 - Tucson, AZ   New Mexico

Davila took a very interesting round of infield, showing smoothness and range to go along with very good, easy hands and a quick transfer, throwing 82 mph across the diamond. He also worked up to 82 mph when he got on the mound and further showed solid bat speed when hitting.

Griffin Henry  SS - 2020 - Lees Summit, MO   Uncommitted

Henry has a very projectable frame and long limbs, which help him create good leverage out front when hitting, something he did consistently well. The bat speed is very solid and he showed the ability to barrel the ball up to the pull and middle fields, as well as show an 80 mph infield arm.

Jacob Police  SS - 2020 - Prescott, AZ   Uncommitted

Police showed off his athleticism right away by turning in a plus 60 yard dash time at 6.73 seconds, then continued to show interesting hitting tools all weekend. He gets the barrel out on time consistently and his hands work well, spraying liners to all fields with projectable power.

Joel Rubin  RHP - 2020 - Scottsdale, AZ   Army

Rubin showed off legitimate arm strength in several ways over the weekend. He showed solid actions in the infield and threw 84 mph across, attacks the ball well in the outfield with good athleticism and threw 85 mph from out there, then got on the mound and touched 84 mph with his fastball.

Pete Werth  1B - 2020 - Long Beacj, CA   Uncommitted

Werth showed off very good hitting tools over the course of the weekend, showing off good strength and bat speed in batting practice, consistently getting the barrel out front with leverage and capable of driving the ball into the air with good carry and jump when squared up.

2021 Top Prospects

Boone Shevey  C - 2021 - Springfield, MO   Uncommitted

Shevey was extremely impressive behind the plate, showing good balance and athleticism to his actions, exploding out from his crouch and showing advanced arm strength for his age, throwing 77 mph and popping as low as 1.93. He's a switch-hitter as well with solid feel to hit from both sides, making him a very interesting follow in the class of 2021.

Julian Molto-Herrera  SS - 2021 - Las Vegas, NV   Uncommitted

Molto-Herrera showed off very impressive offensive skills for his age, including legitimate HR power to the pull side to go along with advanced hand speed and big time intent in the swing. He shows power to all fields, and also has solid arm strength, throwing 80 mph across the diamond.

Max Zdimal  LHP - 2021 - Scottsdale, AZ   Uncommitted

Zdimal showed off a powerful left arm in this event, working on the mound with a loose and easy arm stroke that produced a fastball up to 83 mph that flashed solid life as well. He also mixed in a big curveball that he threw for strikes and demonstrated some feel for a changeup as well.

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