Showcase National Underclass South Showcase
Nov 5 - 6, 2016 Premier Baseball of Texas - Tomball, TX  

2018 Top Prospects

Brett Hammit  - SS - 2018 - Nixa, MO - USA
Hammit was the star of the showcase, hitting two balls completely onto another field in batting practice and hitting game home runs both games along with picking up a couple of other hard hits. The Nebraska commit projects as a third baseman at the next level.

Robert Charles Trevino  - SS - 2018 - Cypress, TX - USA
Trevino showed some of the best bat speed of the event, with a loose swing that really projects power as he fills out. He's also very athlete, running a 6.93 sixty and showing next level arm strength from both the infield and outfield.

Wallace (Tre`) Jones III  - OF - 2018 - Houston, TX - USA
Jones is a very interesting two way prospect. He was up to 84 mph on the mound with lots of physical projection but also is a 6.9 runner with a loose and strong left handed swing. It will be interesting to watch as he fills out his high waisted 6-0/160 frame.

Tannor Fischer  - OF - 2018 - Belton, TX - USA
Fischer showed outstanding speed, running the sixty in 6.49, and his best future position may be in centerfield, not behind the plate. He showed a strong bat with nice present bat speed.

Treet Williams  - C - 2018 - Tomball, TX - USA
Williams is quick twitch athleticism behind the plate and looks like he's going to be a high level defensive player. He's also a switch-hitter with good bat speed from both sides of the plate.

James Kirkpatrick  - RHP - 2018 - Houston, TX - USA
Kirkpatrick has a very sound low effort delivery that uses his lower half well and should throw harder as he gets stronger. He topped out at 88 mph and his 72 mph curveball was a good second pitch for him.

Justin Ruble  - RHP - 2018 - Tomball, TX - USA
Ruble stands out on the mound for his broad shouldered 6-5/225 build. He gets big downhill angle from a high 3/4's slot and was up to 87 mph on his fastball with a mid-70's curveball that had good depth and spin.

Andrew Stanley  - C - 2018 - Searcy, AR - USA
Stanley already has a commitment to Arkansas and is a polished player for his age on both sides of the ball but especially in his receiving and actions on defense. He has plenty of bat speed to develop as a hitter at the next level.

Julian Rojas  - C - 2018 - Humble, TX - USA
Rojas has the ability to create lots of bat speed and hit for power without using lots of effort. He's a solid athlete who runs a 7.1 and showed good arm strength from both the outfield and behind the plate.

Holden Lane  - RHP - 2018 - Groves, TX - USA
Lane is a big and strong young man at 6-2/220 and did lots well on both sides of the ball. He worked steadily in the mid-80's off the mound and showed lots of pop in his right handed bat both in BP and in the games.

Cristian Gonzalez  - 1B - 2018 - Brownsville, TX - USA
Gonzalez is a first base only player but the right handed hitter looks like he has the strength and bat speed to play that position at the next level. He has a simple and well timed approach and the ball comes off his bat hard.

Brock Burling  - RHP - 2018 - Omaha, NE - USA
Burling gets one's attention right away with his slender 6-8/205 frame. He throws from an extended 3/4's arm slot that is loose and easy and was up to 85 mph with plenty more in there as he gets stronger.

Nicholas Meineke  - 3B - 2018 - Spring, TX - USA
Meinke is a big and strong young athlete at 6-0/195 but he's light on his feet defensively and runs a 6.97 sixty. He has a sound right handed swing with a line drive pull approach and he impacts the ball hard consistently.

Dawson Woods  - C - 2018 - Corsicana, TX - USA
Every coach appreciates having a left handed hitting catcher and Woods is one worth noting. His swing is loose and easy with plenty of bat speed and his catching tools and skills are plenty good enough for the next level.

Corey McMann  - OF - 2018 - Flower Mound, TX - USA
McMann's best tool was his bat. The 6-0/185 right handed hitter has a very polished swing with good bat speed that produced lots of hard contact up both gaps.

John Dominguez  - RHP - 2018 - Leander, TX - USA
Dominguez has lots of room to fill out his slender 6-0/150 frame but his arm is very loose and his delivery simple and low effort. His present 82-84 mph fastball should go up proportionately to how much stronger he gets.

Ryan Vadasy  - RHP - 2018 - Corsicana, TX - USA
Vadasy has a young 6-1/175 body that hasn't begun to get strong yet. He's been up to 88 mph at PG events in the past and topped out at 84 mph here, with both a curveball and a slider as secondary pitches.

Christian Sanders  - SS - 2018 - Willis, TX - USA
Sanders has a very strong and fundamental hitting approach and projects well with the bat as he gets stronger from his present 155 pound build. He also has middle of the field speed with a 6.84 sixty.

Benjamin Content  - RHP - 2018 - Spring, TX - USA
Content has a loose arm that is projectable and threw up to 84 mph. Most impressive was that both his breaking balls were quality pitches, with his 72 mph 12/6 curveball and his late 77 mph slider both picking up lots of swing and miss from hitters.

2019 Top Prospects

Damon Fountain  - OF - 2019 - Lake Charles, LA - USA
Fountain is an impressive young athlete with a projectable 6-2 frame and tools in every aspect of the game. Especially impressive was his easy right handed swing, which produced big bat speed and power potential. He also ran a 6.86 sixty and threw 89 from the outfield.

Cade Sitka  - C - 2019 - Richmond, TX - USA
Sitka has a strong catcher's type build and used that strong core and lower half very well in his delivery, His fastball topped out at 87 mph with good downhill plane and he spun a 72 mph curveball well.

William (Chaz) Poppy  - C - 2019 - Sherwood, AR - USA
Poppy has a strong build for a sophomore at 6-0/180 that should fill out well for a catcher. He has present right handed bat speed and an aggressive pull approach at the plate and plenty of arm strength behind it.

Calvin Marks  - LHP - 2019 - San Antonio, TX - USA
Marks has a broad shouldered 6-3/195 build but is young looking in the face and projects well. He was up to 85 mph on his fastball with a upper 60's curveball that showed good depth at times and a nice cutter that right handed hitters had trouble with.

Dylan Savino  - RHP - 2019 - Westlake Hills, TX - USA
Savino has a bunch of interesting tools to develop on both sides of the ball for a sophomore. He's a primary pitcher who threw 83 off the mound but he also hit a home run in BP, ran a 7.04 and showed nice arm strength from both the infield and outfield.

Erick Rey  - SS - 2019 - Oklahoma City, OK - USA
Rey has a loose and lively middle infielder's build and projects well physically. His best present tool is his right handed bat, as he has a whippy right handed swing with good bat speed and an aggressive approach at the plate.

2020 Top Prospects

Orlando Salinas  - SS - 2020 - Corpus Christi, TX - USA
Salinas stood out on both sides of the ball but especially on offense, where he has present left handed bat speed and even just missed hitting a game home run Sunday by a few feet. He is plenty athletic enough to stay in the middle infield for a long time.

Beckett Vine  - C - 2020 - Houston, TX - USA
Vine looked solid in all aspects of the game, including defensively behind the plate, with an aggressive right handed swing that produced some pop and bat speed and even off the mound, where he was up to 81 mph with some ability to pitch.

Davis Meche  - SS - 2020 - Lake Charles, LA - USA
Meche still has lots of growing to do but he has advanced baseball actions on both sides of the ball. He's a switch-hitter with a nice swing from both sides and the ball came off his barrel especially well from the left side.

Gus Milligan  - OF - 2020 - Lake Charles, LA - USA
Milligan stands out as a freshman with his very projectable 6-1/175 build. He has sound hitting mechanics for a freshman and already has the ability to time the ball and drive it hard. Milligan also runs well, with a 7.01 sixty time.

Mike (MJ) Rodriguez  - C - 2020 - Corpus Christi, TX - USA
Rodriguez has huge raw bat speed and power for a freshman and made the ballpark look small in batting practice while also hitting a home run in the Saturday game.

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