Showcase California Underclass
Jan 28 - 29, 2006 Arrowhead Credit Union Park - San Bernardino, CA  

Event Rosters

TeamNo.Players PG Rank
8-White17Rico Adams Premium Content
6-Red13Eric Alcantar Premium Content
5-Orange9Tyler Andersen Premium Content
4-Navy12Karlan Andrews Premium Content
6-Red20Aaron Ayon Premium Content
3-Maroon18Justin Baca Premium Content
8-White16Derrick Baines Premium Content
4-Navy10Julian Barzilli Premium Content
1-Gold1Tyler Bighames Premium Content
3-Maroon14Michael Bradvica Premium Content
3-Maroon5Nick Bradvica Premium Content
4-Navy15Brent Bray Premium Content
7-Royal14Tyler Brubaker Premium Content
5-Orange16Sean Buford Premium Content
1-Gold5Jeffrey Bunch Premium Content
8-White3Matt Burrows Premium Content
2-Green13Joseph Busalacchi Premium Content
1-Gold3Tony Calhoun Premium Content
5-Orange7George Cardenas Premium Content
8-White2Brad Carter Premium Content
4-Navy17Jon Cavender Premium Content
3-Maroon1Louis Cazares Premium Content
6-Red4Roland Chandler Premium Content
7-Royal6Tyler Chapman Premium Content
5-Orange14Damien Chavez Premium Content
8-White10Cameron Christian Premium Content
4-Navy16Chad Claus Premium Content
5-Orange13Austin Coleman Premium Content
7-Royal16Cole Cook Premium Content
2-Green2Ryan Cunningham Premium Content
2-Green18Bryce Darling Premium Content
6-Red2Joseph DePinto Premium Content
7-Royal5Michael Dickman Premium Content
8-White11Beau Didier Premium Content
8-White13Anthony Drobnick Premium Content
3-Maroon8Calvin Drummond Premium Content
1-Gold18Daniel Duran Premium Content
2-Green21Dorsey Ek Premium Content
6-Red14Cody Elliott Premium Content
3-Maroon21Matt Ellis Premium Content
4-Navy13Freddie Freeman Premium Content
6-Red1Cody (Colton) Gabrielson Premium Content
4-Navy21Tommy Gale Premium Content
8-White14Brock Gates Premium Content
2-Green15Taylor Gelbrich Premium Content
1-Gold8Larry Gibson Premium Content
1-Gold9Christian Griffiths Premium Content
8-White7Harlyn Griffiths Premium Content
7-Royal22Jeff Grijalva Premium Content
7-Royal19Billy Hamilton Premium Content
6-Red17Nick Hammons Premium Content
6-Red7Jason Hanson Premium Content
5-Orange4Sean Harris Premium Content
7-Royal2Matthew Harrison Premium Content
6-Red15Jack Helfrich Premium Content
1-Gold4Lucas Herbst Premium Content
2-Green17Eric Hillenbrand Premium Content
2-Green16Deryk Hooker Premium Content
7-Royal3Allen Jardin Premium Content
3-Maroon15Andrew Jarvi Premium Content
3-Maroon16Stephen Johnson Premium Content
8-White6Joshua Keeney Premium Content
2-Green14Evan Kehoe Premium Content
1-Gold6Will King Premium Content
7-Royal21Corey Kohnke Premium Content
6-Red3Chase Koissian Premium Content
2-Green20Michael Kordich Premium Content
7-Royal17Jeff Kremer Premium Content
6-Red18Brett Krill Premium Content
1-Gold10Shane Kroker Premium Content
7-Royal24Ryan Laing Premium Content
4-Navy14Robby LeClair Premium Content
4-Navy20Kenneth Lin Premium Content
1-Gold14Brian Loard Premium Content
5-Orange10Greg Madsen Premium Content
4-Navy11Max Mayeri Premium Content
3-Maroon4Cornelius McCloskey Premium Content
1-Gold15Eric McKnight Premium Content
8-White1Guy Mecham Premium Content
4-Navy22Marty Medina Premium Content
7-Royal4Michael Mendoza Premium Content
5-Orange11Sam Meyer Premium Content
5-Orange8Richard Michelin Premium Content
8-White8Jeremy Miller Premium Content
4-Navy1Jonathon Moon Premium Content
1-Gold7Austin Moore Premium Content
1-Gold11Jesse Moore Premium Content
3-Maroon2Courtney Morgan Premium Content
4-Navy4Mason Morioka Premium Content
5-Orange6Mike Mudron Premium Content
7-Royal13Ty Muller Premium Content
2-Green6Nick Noonan Premium Content
1-Gold13Clarke Palmer Premium Content
5-Orange1Michael Pasek Premium Content
5-Orange12Kevin Peters Premium Content
3-Maroon17Adam Pittman Premium Content
7-Royal20Austin Potter Premium Content
2-Green3Chris Rabichaud Premium Content
4-Navy8Anthony Ragos Premium Content
3-Maroon19Addison Reed Premium Content
2-Green4Anthony Renda Premium Content
3-Maroon6Marcos Reyna Premium Content
7-Royal15Michael Rhodes Premium Content
2-Green19Dominick Robusto Premium Content
7-Royal1Caolan Ronan Premium Content
8-White9Garrett Roualdes Premium Content
8-White12Ian Sanders Premium Content
6-Red5Alex Sandoval Premium Content
6-Red19Michael Schwartz Premium Content
8-White15Troy Scott Premium Content
4-Navy19Nicholas Sica Premium Content
5-Orange3Troy Sommo Premium Content
5-Orange15Joe Spizzirri Premium Content
8-White5Jake Staton Premium Content
2-Green1John Stefanski Premium Content
1-Gold2John Stein Premium Content
2-Green8Robert Stock Premium Content
1-Gold12Lane Stone Premium Content
3-Maroon20Sequoyah Stonecipher Premium Content
2-Green5Michael Tevlin Premium Content
3-Maroon13Josh Vitters Premium Content
1-Gold17Paul Wagner Premium Content
3-Maroon3Matt Watson Premium Content
6-Red16Scott Webster Premium Content
5-Orange2Dan Welch Premium Content
8-White4Kirk Wetmore Premium Content
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