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Top 5-10-5 Shuttle


Devin Simon4.832023CascadeCascade, IA
Alexis Voss4.862024Earlham SeniorDexter, IA
Gianna Fucaloro4.942025Dowling CatholicDes Moines, IA
Macy Gregor5.022024The BlakeBloomington, MN
Amber Dougherty5.052024CarlisleCarlisle, IA
Ashlyn Steen5.092022Mount VernonCedar Rapids, IA
Ella Sand5.102024West Central ValleyRedfield, IA
Erika Brokovich5.132023PrairieWalford, IA
Brynn Ortlund5.132023IndianolaIndianola, IA


Top 20 Yard


Devin Simon3.072023CascadeCascade, IA
Ella Sand3.132024West Central ValleyRedfield, IA
Macy Gregor3.142024The BlakeBloomington, MN
Ashlyn Steen3.162022Mount VernonCedar Rapids, IA
Addi Downe3.172024NorwalkNorwalk, IA
Amber Dougherty3.182024CarlisleCarlisle, IA
Addison Gookin3.182024Mount VernonMount Vernon, IA
Jazmyn Brown3.212026HoldenHolden, MO
Megan Fultz3.212023CatoosaTulsa, OK
Brynn Ortlund3.212023IndianolaIndianola, IA
Lauren Durst3.222022Davenport NorthBlue Grass, IA


Top 5 Yard Split


Name5 SplitGradSchoolHometown
Devin Simon1.032023CascadeCascade, IA
Addi Downe1.052024NorwalkNorwalk, IA
Ella Sand1.052024West Central ValleyRedfield, IA
Megan Fultz1.062023CatoosaTulsa, OK
Jazmyn Brown1.072026HoldenHolden, MO
Alexis Voss1.082024Earlham SeniorDexter, IA
Kaylyn Yamnitz1.082025HerculaneumPevely, MO
Sydney Bears1.092025Martensdale-St MarysProle, IA
Lauren Durst1.092022Davenport NorthBlue Grass, IA
Macy Gregor1.092024The BlakeBloomington, MN
Gianna Fucaloro1.102025Dowling CatholicDes Moines, IA
Hannah Gralund1.102022Linn-MarMarion, IA
Jayden Hanna1.102024TurnerKansas City, KS
Alyvia Jensen1.102023JohnstonUrbandale, IA
Jadeyn Stahr1.102023Ankeny CentennialAnkeny, IA


Grey, Navy, and Red Batting Practice Highlights


Brooke Cunningham (2023, Colona, IL) is a strong athlete who can power the softball. She has a whippy swing action and shows easy pull power. She exhibits a classic righthanded power swing path that allows her to get a to a consistent contact point. This solid prospect will look good in the middle of a college line-up.

Addi Downe (2024, Norwalk, IA) has some quick hands and a flatter swing path that allows her to drive the ball especially well from gap to gap. On occasion, she can also muscle up and drive the ball out of the park. This young and upcoming standout will certainly attract a lot of attention from collegiate coaching staffs as her career continues!

Lydia Ettema (2023, Peosta, IA) has a veteran’s approach at the dish. She is a natural hitter. Easy and smooth to contact, she shows strength in her hands and advanced lower half torque that is generally reserved for players much her senior. This outstanding prospect is a certain collegiate standout!

Ashlyn Steen (2022, Cedar Rapids, IA) is at ease at the plate. This gifted and athletic lefthanded hitter can spray the ball to all parts of the yard. She has a consistent feel for the barrel and the ball jumps from her bat. She generates plus bat speed and sound strength through her core that she incorporates into every swing. She can drive the ball from gap-to-gap and shows the power to hit it out to all parts of the field.

Ryann Sanders (2024, Bella Vista, AR) is an old school “grip it and rip it” slugger. She never gets cheated and when she lets her hands work and utilizes her obvious strength and bat speed, the ball travels and travels far, in a hurry. She shows loud pop and easy power to all fields.

Teelie Super (2023, Bonner Springs, KS) is a can’t miss future slugger and college coaches should be calling soon and often. This powerfully built righthanded hitter shows incredible strength in and with each pass and her ability to drive the ball is natural and easy. She has mature actions and is obviously ready for the next level!

Bri Tigges (2024, Urbandale, IA) is a young and upcoming standout who will certainly draw attention from collegiate coaches as her career continues. This obviously strong lefthanded hitter attacks the ball with confidence and doesn’t miss the barrel.  She is short to and long through contact and shows a special ability to drive the ball to the pull side. Big upside potential.

Lexi Whaley (2024, Fort Madison, IA) can crush the softball. She shows easy barrel power that is consistent and loud. She doesn’t miss. She incorporates a strong lower half into each pass and can drive the ball out of any part of the park. She is certain to draw a lot of attention from the college level as her career continues.

Aubrey Lensmeyer (2025, Ankeny, IA) shows advanced mechanics at the dish and is especially impressive considering she is only a HS freshman. This young and upcoming standout shows consistent plus feel for the barrel. She can drive the ball to all parts of the diamond but has impressive pop power to the gaps. A big future lies ahead for the talented young player.

Grace McCarty (2023, Marion, IA) cuts it loose. This talented lefthanded swinger gets into her legs and produces plus torque that she uses to generate advanced bat speed. She doesn’t get cheated. She has obvious feel for the barrel and the ball jumps from her bat. She can power the ball and shows plus pull side pop.

Maddy McDermott (2023, Walcott, IA) is a gifted two-way softball player. In addition to her impressive ability in the circle as a power throwing RHP, she is also an advanced hitter with projectable college level ability. She has easy and consistent actions at the dish. She shows plus bat quickness and a routine ability to go gap-to-gap with authority. Big upside, projectable ability that will draw attention from a number of college programs.

Ali Russler (2023, New Hampton, IA) just lets it go! She never gets cheated and rarely misses her barrel. Her strength is noticeable and the ball jumps from her bat. Her raw power is obvious as more than one of her well-struck hits left the ballpark. She could easily fit into the middle of a college batting order.

Rae Salyer (2024, Overland Park, KS) certainly doesn’t swing the bat like a HS freshman. She shows a rare strength generally reserved for only the very top prep players. She has a flatter bat path that shows a sluggers lift at contact. She can power the ball especially well to the off field gap. She also shows  a unique ability to drive the ball out of the park with impressive authority. A high ceiling and bright future for this very talented young player.

Sydney Potter (2023, Runnells, IA) starts with a wide base and incorporates plus torque into a swing operation that is consistently sound. When the ball leaves her barrel it is loud. She shows easy power to all parts of the field. This slugger has a big future in the game!

Caedence Risius (2024, Des Moines, IA) is a solid two-way prospect in the circle and at the dish. She is especially impressive swinging the bat. She is a natural power hitter with plus ability to drive the ball out of any part of the park. Her operation is clean and mechanically sound. A plus feel for the barrel will allow this young slugger to only get better. Bright future ahead!

Top 1B


Emma Gipple582022Dowling CatholicUrbandale, IA
Ali Russler552023New HamptonNew Hampton, IA
Jaidan Abel542024UrbandaleUrbandale, IA
Lana Carlton542026BentonvilleBentonville, AR
Jordyn Marsh532024New PragueNew Prague, MN
Maddy McDermott532023North ScottWalcott, IA


Top Exit Velos


NameExit VeloGradSchoolHometown
Adyson Evans772024Mason CityMason City, IA
Addison Brunner762023Southeast PolkDes Moines, IA
Chloe Barber752023White Bear South Campus SeniorLino Lakes, MN
Macy Gregor742024The BlakeBloomington, MN
Lydia Ettema732023HempsteadPeosta, IA
Grace McCarty732023Linn-MarMarion, IA
Ava Smith732023Northwest Waukee High SchoolWaukee, IA
Brooke Cunningham712023AllemanColona, IL
Addyson Hobza712024Millard NorthOmaha, NE
Alyvia Jensen712023JohnstonUrbandale, IA
Kyra Kain712024UrbandaleUrbandale, IA
Sydney Potter712023Southeast PolkRunnells, IA
Faith Sheets712022RooseveltDes Moines, IA
Devin Simon712023CascadeCascade, IA
Natalee Watts712023Waukee NorthwestClive, IA
Lexi Whaley712024Fort MadisonFort Madison, IA
Ava Adamson702025CrestonCreston, IA
Mya January702024Spring HillSpring Hill, KS
Alysa Lowe702023AnkenyAnkeny, IA


Top C Pops


Sydney Potter1.832023Southeast PolkRunnells, IA
Amber Dougherty1.842024CarlisleCarlisle, IA
Rae Salyer1.882024Shawnee Mission SouthOverland Park, KS
Teelie Super1.932023Bonner SpringsBonner Springs, KS
Delaney Krogman1.972023MuscatineMuscatine, IA
Lauren Durst2.002022Davenport NorthBlue Grass, IA
Emma Gipple2.002022Dowling CatholicUrbandale, IA


Top C Velos


Sydney Potter582023Southeast PolkRunnells, IA
Teelie Super572023Bonner SpringsBonner Springs, KS
Emma Gipple552022Dowling CatholicUrbandale, IA
Rae Salyer552024Shawnee Mission SouthOverland Park, KS
Abbey Dusterhoft532023AnokaRamsey, MN
Lexi Whaley532024Fort MadisonFort Madison, IA


Top INF Velos


Jadyn Streigle632022KnoxvilleKnoxville, IA
Taylor Adamson612023Southeast PolkPleasant Hill, IA
Rae Salyer612024Shawnee Mission SouthOverland Park, KS
Adyson Evans602024Mason CityMason City, IA
Bri Tigges602024UrbandaleUrbandale, IA
Lydia Ettema592023HempsteadPeosta, IA
Alexa Richmond592024UrbandaleUrbandale, IA
Devin Simon592023CascadeCascade, IA
Jerzey Hanna582025TurnerKansas City, KS
Teelie Super582023Bonner SpringsBonner Springs, KS


Top OF Velos


Megan Fultz642023CatoosaTulsa, OK
Natalee Watts632023Waukee NorthwestClive, IA
Bri Tigges622024UrbandaleUrbandale, IA
Ella Sand612024West Central ValleyRedfield, IA
Ava Smith612023Northwest Waukee High SchoolWaukee, IA
Darby Burnett602026Pea RidgeRogers, AR
Lexi Whaley602024Fort MadisonFort Madison, IA
Amber Dougherty592024CarlisleCarlisle, IA
Taylor Adamson582023Southeast PolkPleasant Hill, IA
Addison Brunner582023Southeast PolkDes Moines, IA
Gianna Fucaloro582025Dowling CatholicDes Moines, IA
Kendall Woods582023Southeast PolkDes Moines, IA


Royal and Black Batting Practice Highlights


Lana Carlton (20266 Bentonville, AR) showed a really strong point of contact and drove balls to both gaps regularly. Stayed level through the zone and the all fields approach looks advanced.


Arianna Corsbie (2024 Des Moines, IA) keeps a simple process to create pretty easy hand speed. Stronger hands that work through contact very well and when out front has easy carry off the barrel.


Brooklyn Andrew (2024 Winterset, IA) lags the hands well and uses the body efficiently. Gets on plane and works the barrel very well out front. Fires the back leg with intent and has a very confident launch.


Chloe Barber (2023 Lino Lakes, MN) turns the barrel hard on the back picking up early barrel speed. Uses the long levers well to lift balls to all fields, including a couple of homeruns during batting practice.


Sophia Bauman (2025 Grimes, IA) displayed very fast hands to the ball and back spun a number of line drives to all fields. This is a very interesting young hitter given the easy she fires the bat through the zone.


Jaylynn Brandt (2024 Norwalk, IA) works the barrel inside and has very good bat to ball skills. The was some jump off the bat to the opposite field and the swing was simple and easy to repeat.


Addison Brunner (2023 Des Moines, IA) has a loose bottom hand allowing her to whip the barrel through contact. There is projectable power in the swing, but the ball is already coming off hard when se is on time.


Shania Burkhalter (2023 Taft, OK) uses the strong core and excellent swing plane to over power the ball to the pull side. The path is geared to produce hard line drives and she did that regularly during workouts.


Hannah Gralund (2022 Marion, IA) has a relaxed set up and keeps the barrel flat as she extends through contact. There is a quick fire with the wrists really helping to accelerate the barrel creating loud contact.


Jerzey Hanna (2025 Kansas City, KS) fires the hips hard creating good separation allowing the bat to whip through the hitting zone. The intent based approach allows to drive the ball with good carry to all fields.


Jaydan Hanna (2024 Kansas City, KS) has an advanced approach, using the whole field with the ability to split the gaps regularly. She had no problem getting off her “A” swing with each launch of the bat.


Macy Gregor (2024 Bloomington, MN) has a sweet left-handed swing that produced multiple homers during batting practice. There is real upside given the ingredients to the loose swing and ability to space the bat out front.


Kylie Hamers (2023 North Liberty, IA) consistently found the center of the barrel. The knack for finding the barrel stood out, but don’t underestimate the power as she drove the ball deep to the middle of the field regularly.


Mya January (2024 Springhill, KS) with a very powerful stroke and good sequence working from the ground up. She uses her back leg well and stays grounded allowing the barrel to work aggressively through contact producing natural lift.  


Kyra Kain (2024 Urbandale, IA) naturally separates allowing her to get on plane early and pick up the barrel speed deep in the zone. There are bad intentions with the approach as she smoked liner after liner to the pull side with a lot behind the swing.


Savannah Booker (2023 Leavenworth, KS) really simple process with an explosive base that helps with easy pull pop. The barrel is heavy and can put a charge into the ball to all fields at any time.

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