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Frequently Asked Questions

Softball General FAQ
What is the difference between a Perfect Game Showcase and Perfect Game Combine?
A perfect game combine will serve as an event to collect player data, drills, agility, and provide a mentoring session. There will not be any games played.
What is a Perfect Game Scout?
A perfect game scout is a trained talent evaluator, that not only breaks down the athlete’s talent on a physical side, but on a mental side as well. Our scouting department will be a valuable resource for collegiate coaches in helping identify talent and being the liaison between college coach and athlete. Our scouts will also be a valuable resource for the student athlete in their maturity and mental training as they grow off the field. Our scouting department is a program for former collegiate coaches and athletes that our now utilizing their knowledge to help grow the game at the youth level.
Does Perfect Game have an umpire program?
Yes – Please contact Austin Mezzacasa at for any questions.
Softball Combine FAQ
How will student Athletes be graded?
A student Athletes Perfect game Score with be a combination of data analytics that each athlete will be ran through at a Perfect game combine and Scout evaluation during on field drill work. We will then take the two metrics to give each Athlete a Perfect Game Grade for their Player profile.
What is a Perfect Game Locker?
A Perfect Game Locker is a centralized platform where student athletes can house all of their data, metrics, Skillshow videos, Diamond Kast stats, awards, and contact information in one place for college coaches to easily access.
What is an organizational combine?
This combine will be specific to your organization. If you have 100+ athletes that plan to participate, perfect game will bring a private combine to your organization only.
Softball Tournament FAQ
Will Perfect Game have any tournaments?
Please visit the Tournament schedule to see a list of available tournaments for 2022. More to come in 2023!
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