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FB Velocities
Choice Baseball Club Trent Jamison R90
PPA/Shockwave Upper Ryan Lutz R90
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Zack Hunsicker R89
East Cobb Athletics 17U Griffin Brown R88
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Jarrett Embry R88
Georgia Bombers 17U Ryan Gray L88
East Cobb Athletics 17U Gabriel Kurtzhals R88
Georgia Bombers 17U Cade Owens R88
East Cobb Athletics 17U Zack Smith R88
Panhandle Athletics 18U Brandon Sproat R88
Ninth Inning Royals Edwards Tate Stone-Frisina R88
Georgia Jackets National Joshua Germany R87
East Cobb Athletics 17U Ben Ferrer R86
East Marietta Mets 18U Trey Horton R86
Panhandle Athletics 18U Ty Kirchharr R86
Georgia Jackets National Patrick O'Rourke R86
Ninth Inning Royals Edwards Adam Sitzmann R86
Ninth Inning Royals Edwards Cole Tillotson L86
Panhandle Athletics 18U Hunter Viets R86
Ninth Inning Royals Edwards Mason Bernard R85
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Gavin Bloodworth R85
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Jake Chandler R85
East Cobb Athletics 17U Walker Cleveland L85
East Cobb Athletics 17U Trent Collins R85
Georgia Bombers 17U Dylan Huffman R85
Astros TECB 17U Zilleox Jackson Kelley R85
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Chandler Kendall R85
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Luke Matthews R85
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Tyler Tolve R85
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Jack White L85
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Cameron Bloodworth R84
Coyotes Andrew Cline R84
East Marietta Mets 18U Noah Cole R84
PPA/Shockwave Upper Payton Dross R84
Ninth Inning Royals Edwards Michael Hannah R84
East Cobb Athletics 17U Hunter Harp R84
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Austin Hunter R84
Baseball's Elite Caleb Irwin R84
Georgia Jackets National Caleb Irwin R84
Ozone Warriors Thomas Ross R84
Ozone Warriors Collier Scott R84
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Maxwell Smith R84
Ozone Warriors Matt Snider R84
East Cobb Patriots 17U Will Ahrens R83
Baseball's Elite Robert Alfonso R83
CSB Spikes Ahmad Ali R83
Regis Jesuit Matthew Boyd R83
P Squared Athletics Thomas Burns R83
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Timmy Conway R83
Ozone Warriors Tucker Daniel R83
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Will David R83
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Cooper Davidson R83
Georgia Bombers 17U Cole Donaldson L83
Ozone Warriors Trey Felt R83
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Aaron Frye R83
Georgia Bombers 17U Jacob Hawkins R83
Velocity Baseball Gomez Andrew Hernandez R83
East Cobb Athletics 17U Matthew Martin L83
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Colton McDaniel R83
Astros TECB 17U Zilleox Judson Moore R83
P Squared Athletics Carl Rahming R83
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Patrick Taylor R83
Astros TECB 17U Zilleox Destine Udombon L83
Georgia Jackets National Cameron Wilson R83
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Austyn Wright L83
Ozone Warriors Kyle York R83
Coyotes Patrick Baggett R82
East Marietta Mets 18U Chandler Barkley R82
Panhandle Athletics 18U Blake Cordova R82
Georgia Jackets National Camden Estes R82
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Max Everett L82
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Beau Foster L82
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Joseph Freitas L82
Baseball's Elite Matthew Hager L82
Astros TECB 17U Zilleox Michael Hostetler R82
Coyotes Kenny Jinks L82
East Cobb Patriots 17U Ben Keever R82
L.E.A.D. Ambassadors Vernard Kennedy R82
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Scott Lesieur L82
East Cobb Patriots 17U Justice Mace R82
Ninth Inning Royals Edwards Greg Martin R82
Fierce Baseball Harrison Osborn R82
Southfield Cardinals 18U Grant Pytel R82
PPA/Shockwave Upper Shawn Runey R82
Georgia Jackets National Milan Sutaria L82
Ozone Warriors Joe Sutton R82
Baseball's Elite Grant Baker R81
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Caleb Bartolero R81
Choice Baseball Club Damain Benefield R81
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Benjamin Bernstein R81
Frozen Ropes Georgia Nathan Boyce R81
East Cobb Patriots 17U Zac Bright R81
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Jakob Brown R81
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Carter Buchanan R81
643 DP Athletics Shelby Evan Condon R81
Choice Baseball Club Donye Evans R81
643 DP Athletics Shelby Dylan Freeman R81
Panhandle Athletics 18U Chandler Jackson L81
Frozen Ropes Georgia Rylan Laird R81
CSB Spikes Mason Lyda R81
East Cobb Patriots 17U Ryan McCrorie L81
PPA/Shockwave Upper Matthew McManus R81
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Luke Persons R81
643 DP Athletics Shelby Brandon Raiden L81
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Davis Sharpe R81
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Connor Allen R80
Panhandle Athletics 18U Caleb Beaver R80
East Cobb Athletics 17U Gregory Boland R80
Astros TECB 17U Zilleox Alex Brown R80
Astros TECB 17U Zilleox Ezra Brown L80
Frozen Ropes Georgia Hunter Christian R80
East Cobb Athletics 17U Chase Clark R80
643 DP Athletics Shelby Jack Coyle R80
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Baker Fullerton L80
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Garrett Hartley L80
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals James Hermes R80
Georgia Bombers 17U Simon Herrick R80
Georgia Jackets National Jay Hinshaw R80
Fierce Baseball Tate Johnson R80
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Jaeger Keeline R80
Baseball's Elite Chandler Koerner R80
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Noah Ledford R80
PPA/Shockwave Upper Chase Litchfield R80
Team RBI Bruins Hayden Martin L80
L.E.A.D. Ambassadors Deangelo Nowell R80
East Cobb Patriots 17U Edward Shores L80
CSB Spikes Neil Taylor R80
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Nick Whitener R80
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Carson Wilkinson R80
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Jack Alexander R79
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Jordan Butler R79
Baseball's Elite Will De Vries R79
Fierce Baseball AJ Diaz L79
Georgia Jackets National Lucas Dougherty R79
Choice Baseball Club Justin Hollis R79
Fierce Baseball Blake Ingram R79
Coyotes Story Kimura R79
Fierce Baseball Walker Merritt R79
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Zach Morochnik R79
Astros TECB 17U Zilleox Savon Richardson R79
Blue Chips Ryan Rudrow R79
Georgia Jackets National Matthew Sahlin R79
Team RBI Bruins Gavin Scaggs L79
East Cobb Patriots 17U Noah Schroyer L79
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Matthew Shirah R79
Georgia Bombers 17U Harrison Spates R79
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Stephen Szucs R79
Choice Baseball Club Rahmir Vaughn L79
Georgia Jackets National Greg Wozniak R79
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Chase Abshier R78
East Cobb Patriots 17U David Albuquerque R78
Ozone Warriors Adam Benefield L78
East Cobb Colt 45s 17U Nick Blubaugh L78
L.E.A.D. Ambassadors Byron Brinkley R78
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Nathan Cohen L78
Panhandle Athletics 18U Jace Dunsford R78
Velocity Baseball Gomez DJ Garcia R78
Georgia Bombers 17U Anthony Gauthier R78
Blue Chips John 'Jack' Kinney R78
Velocity Baseball Gomez Christopher Dylan Malone R78
CSB Spikes Laython McLean L78
Panhandle Athletics 18U Jaxson Messer R78
643 DP Cougars Pralgo Wyatt Nelson R78
Georgia Jackets National Andrew Phanmanee R78
Fierce Baseball Brady Phillips R78
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Caden Ramsey R78
Akadema Hitmen Ben Roche R78
CSB Spikes Nathan Sanders R78
East Cobb Patriots 17U Braden Sebesta R78
CSB Spikes Cody Strain R78
Coyotes Bailey Ward R78
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Jeremiah Ball R77
Velocity Baseball Gomez Ra Barrientes R77
Frozen Ropes Georgia Paul Foley R77
Rawlings Southeast 17U National Trevor Iannone R77
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Britt Kelly L77
Southfield Cardinals 18U Charles Lyons R77
Panhandle Athletics 18U Zach McKnight R77
Regis Jesuit Joe Petty L77
Team RBI Bruins Garrett Pope R77
Regis Jesuit Aeden Price R77
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Eric Rigsby R77
Velocity Baseball Gomez Benito Sanchez R77
East Cobb Patriots 17U Joe Schendl R77
Regis Jesuit Kyle Schwulst R77
Southfield Cardinals 18U Khalil Smith R77
Frozen Ropes Georgia Logan Stockton R77
Frozen Ropes Georgia Peyton Tillery R77
Akadema Hitmen Daniel Bordwin R76
Team RBI Bruins Alex Darling L76
Akadema Hitmen Jack Dempsey L76
Ninth Inning Royals Edwards Hudson Fletcher R76
PPA/Shockwave Upper Dylan Gansrow R76
Choice Baseball Club Josh Johnson R76
Blue Chips Thomas Kragh R76
Velocity Baseball Gomez Ryan Lopez R76
643 DP Athletics Shelby Johnny Luegering L76
Baseball's Elite Kurt "Mojo" Mueller R76
East Cobb Patriots 17U Shungo Najima R76
Ninth Inning Royals Edwards Gus Phelts R76
East Cobb Patriots 17U Mitchell Vom Scheidt R76
Frozen Ropes Georgia Jaelyn Brooks R75
Coyotes Mason Carrier R75
Baseball's Elite Braden Cobb R75
643 DP Athletics Shelby Baley Coleman R75
Regis Jesuit Collin Hayes R75
Blue Chips Grayson Lawrence L75
East Marietta Mets 18U Kyle Maxwell R75
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Joseph McDermond L75
Blue Chips Robert McHugh R75
Velocity Baseball Gomez Victor Moreno Jr. R75
Regis Jesuit Peter Oakes R75
East Cobb Patriots 17U Alex Pollard R75
Choice Baseball Club Deandre Rhodes R75
Coyotes Hunter Davis L74
Velocity Baseball Gomez Isaak Ryan De La Paz R74
Frozen Ropes Georgia Caleb Adair R73
Southfield Cardinals 18U Duane Henderson R73
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Andrew Herrmann L73
Akadema Hitmen Jared Macleod R73
Akadema Hitmen Andrew Pimentel R73
Team RBI Bruins Noah Takac R73
RBI Tri-Cities 18U Royals Tanner Doran L72
East Cobb Patriots 17U Luke Forrester B72
L.E.A.D. Ambassadors Tyreke Lawrence R72
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Preston Munns R72
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Ethan Underwood R72
Akadema Hitmen Aaron Cloutier R71
L.E.A.D. Ambassadors Khalil Gilstrap R71
L.E.A.D. Ambassadors Sam Katz L71
Regis Jesuit Bradshaw Willis R71
Velocity Baseball Gomez Jordan Adame R70
643 DP Athletics Shelby Zach Feldman L70
Akadema Hitmen Joey Green R70
Akadema Hitmen Christopher Parkin R70
Coyotes Justin Wells R70
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Harrison Hall L69
L.E.A.D. Ambassadors Antonio Catchings R68
L.E.A.D. Ambassadors Antonio Pierce R68
Astros TECB 17U Zilleox Nick Baus R67
643 DP Jaguars Hightower Luke DePiero L66
Akadema Hitmen Thomas Smedberg L65
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