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2019 Top Prospects

Peyton Jula  RHP - 2019 - Sarasota, FL
Austin Peay

Jula is an uncommitted 2019 right hander with three solid pitches right now in a mid-80's fastball, a hard and tight mid-70's curveball that is his best pitch and a very workable change up he could use more often. He has a strong 6-2/205 build and plenty of present skills.

2020 Top Prospects

Matthew Ruiz  OF - 2020 - Hialeah, FL
South Florida

Ruiz looks the part with a very projectable and athletic 6-2/180 build and he has the tools to match, including 6.99 speed in the sixty and 89 mph arm strength in the outfield. His best tool, though, was his right handed bat, where he showed plus present bat speed from a tall and confident set up and lots of power potential.

John Martin  OF - 2020 - Port Saint Lucie, FL

The 6-2/166 Martin is a primary outfielder with some next level talent at that position, including 6.79 speed, but his future may be on the mound after his performance in Fort Myers. He worked up to 90 mph on his fastball with an advanced feel for spotting the ball and showed solid potential with both his slider and his change up.

Jonathan Ramallo  OF - 2020 - Miami, FL

Ramallo's big tool is his arm strength, as he threw 95 mph from the outfield with nice overall athleticism and then followed up by topping out at 89 mph from the mound. That tool is sure to get him plenty of attention as he continues to advance with his bat.

Nicholas Del Prado  RHP - 2020 - Miami, FL
Florida Atlantic

Del Prado has a big and strong 6-2/225 build that needs no projection. He worked in the 87-90 mph range using sound mechanics that take advantage of his strong lower half and pounded the strike zone with that fastball and a knee buckling 75 mph breaking ball.

Alex (Tito) Garcia  3B - 2020 - Fort Myers, FL
Hillsborough CC

Garcia stands out for his highly athletic 6-3/205 build and has plenty of room to fill out and get stronger. His best present tool is his right handed bat, where he has a clean and simple swing with big bat speed and even bigger power potential. He has solid defensive tools for third base, including a mid-80's throwing arm.

Nathan Cmeyla  C - 2020 - Ashburn, VA

The 5-11/180 Cmeyla is an excellent overall athlete with 6.84 speed, big arm strength and a quick release behind the plate along with throwing 86 mph off the mound. He has a power approach at the plate and can put a charge into the ball when he's on time.

Ryne Guida  1B - 2020 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Guida is strictly a first baseman at the next level but it would surprise no one if he didn't end up hitting in the middle of the Stetson lineup early in his college career. The 6-1/220 right handed hitter has outstanding raw bat speed and power and can really make the ball jump.

Juan Montero  C - 2020 - Ponce, PR

Montero has a 5-10/173 middle infielder's build but the raw bat speed and power of a bigger player. He also stands out for his athleticism and arm strength behind the plate and is a 6.94 runner.

Juan Gonzalez  C - 2020 - Doral, FL
Miami-Dade College

Gonzalez is a very strong 5-11/190 athlete who showed some of the best power of the showcase with a short and simple swing that let the power come naturally. He has very good athletic quickness behind the plate, especially in his exchange and release.

Tilden Agee  C - 2020 - Tampa, FL
Florida Southern

Agee has a nice combination of athleticism, catching skills and right handed hitting ability. He ran a 7.06, very fast for a catcher and showed that type of quickness in his shifting and release behind the plate. His right handed swing is notably short and direct and he drove the ball hard with a line drive swing plane.

Corbin Grantham  OF - 2020 - Gainesville, FL
Mississippi State

Grantham has a strong and compact 5-10/180 body and explosive running speed, including running the sixty in 6.45. He has the present strength to create solid bat speed with a gap to gap line drive swing approach.

Daniel Lavoy  C - 2020 - Homestead, FL

Lavoy showed outstanding arm strength behind the plate, throwing 82 mph and popping 1.86 to go with good receiving skills and footwork. He has the strength in his 5-11/175 build to create bat speed and some line drive jump from the right side.

Wilfredo Maldonado  OF - 2020 - Bayamon, PR

Maldonado was one of the best defensive outfielders at the showcase, showing 6.89 speed and plus arm strength up to 92 mph during drills to go with easy smooth actions through the ball. He has a good right handed swing that will continue to grow as he fills out and matures.

Jordan Miller  3B - 2020 - Atlanta, GA
Georgia State

Miller looks the part of the classic third base prospect with a long 6-4/200 frame to go with solid arm strength across the diamond. He creates big right handed bat speed and power at the plate from an aggressive rotational swing.

Henry Nunez Rijo  RHP - 2020 - Guaynabo, PR

Nunez has a big and strong 6-3/200 build that has plenty more room to fill out. He was up to 88 mph from a slow paced delivery and a high 3/4's to over the top release point that created lots of angle to the plate. He also mixed in some 70 mph downer curveballs that caught batters by surprise.

Melvin Reyes  RHP - 2020 - Coamo, PR

Reyes has a very smooth and easy right arm and produced a mid-80's fastball that topped out at 87 mph and was consistently spotted at the corners at the knees. His 80 mph change up was a potential plus pitch and he also threw a short and hard late breaking slider.

Jeremy Ambert  OF - 2020 - Bayamon, PR

Ambert is a physically mature prospect with some mature tools to match up with it. He ran the sixty in 6.87 and showed big arm strength, throwing 92 from the outfield and 90 mph from the infield with plenty of carry. He has big right handed power he can tap into with some adjustments.

Peyton Carr  3B - 2020 - Fort Myers, FL

Carr has a strong 6-1/190 build and a loose and fast swing from the right side that promises plenty of power moving forward. He has the arm strength and athletic agility to be solid at third base but it's going to be his offense that enables him to perform at the next level

Christian Carratala  SS - 2020 - Hialeah, FL

Carratala has a mature build for a junior, with good present strength, and a nice wide ranging set of tools and skills. He ran the sixty in 6.78 and showed good arm strength in the middle infield and off the mound. Offensively, he's a switch hitter with bat speed from both sides but a much stronger approach from the right side.

Jorge Pereira  2B - 2020 - Rio Grande, PR

Pereira's skills and tools really stood out in the games both offensively and defensively. He showed much more power against live pitching than in batting practice and looked more like a future shortstop than a second baseman with his athleticism and quickness.

Sean Bencosme  SS - 2020 - Pembroke Pines, FL

Bencosme has a very nice 6-2/175 build and smooth athletic actions to go with his projection. He looked very comfortable and professional in all his middle infield actions defense, with very clean hands at the ball. He created plenty of carry to the middle of the field at the plate with a loose and well leveraged swing.

Quinn Blackman  OF - 2020 - Moorestown, NJ

Blackman is a well skilled player with strong fundamentals on both sides of the ball and enough athleticism to stand out. He was especially good as a hitter, with a very consistent middle of the field approach and the ability to get the ball to jump.

Darrell Charles Vega  OF - 2020 - Bayamón, PR

Charles has a very long and young 6-3/170 build and plenty of high level athleticism. He ran the sixty in 6.59 and threw 91 mph during drills from the outfield. How much he's able to get stronger and use more of his lower half in his swing to help generate bat speed will be the key to his development.

Shadai Colon  LHP - 2020 - Río Grande, PR
El Paso CC

Colon is a craft left hander who was up to 85 mph with his fastball but is equally reliant on a very good change up and a sharp downer curveball to challenge hitters and mess with their timing. Colon will also occasionally drop his arm slot with intent to give hitters another look.

Joseph Cruz  C - 2020 - Villalba, PR

Cruz was one of many young catchers at the showcase who had the speed and athleticism to play all over the field, something that gives that type of an athlete an added advantage defensively behind the plate. Cruz's right handed bat, and his especially his advanced hitting mechanics, also stood out.

Hayden Kimball  SS - 2020 - Ocala, FL
Florida Tech

Kimball had strong middle infield actions, with quick hands and very smooth transfers and the ability to throw on the move from multiple arm angles comfortably and accurately. H's a 7.09 runner with some bat speed and he's going to keep improving as he fills out his 6-1/170 frame.

Miguel Torres  C - 2020 - Villalba, PR

Torres looks taller than his listed size and uses a strong lower half to his advantage in all aspects of the game. He's a 6.94 runner with good quickness behind the plate defensively and really uses his lower half well to generate bat speed and power at the plate.

Carlos Vicente  OF - 2020 - Caguas, PR

Vicente is an easy plus runner, with 6.51 speed in the sixty, and with a strong outfield arm has a chance to be an impact player in centerfield defensively. Offensively, the 5-7/167 switch-hitter has barrel skills from both sides and moves the ball around the field well as a profile leadoff type hitter.

Joshua Carter  SS - 2020 - Carolina, PR

Carter's big tool is his running speed, as the slender 5-10/140 athlete motored the sixty in 6.44. He profiles as a second baseman defensively in the future and is a switch-hitter with a contact approach from both sides until he gets stronger.

Fabian E. Dumey  C - 2020 - Isabela, PR

Dumay has the athleticism to play all over the field defensively, with 7.04 speed and good arm strength, and showed his tools very well behind the plate defensively in particular. He plays comfortably and within himself both in games and in drills.

2021 Top Prospects

Connor Manning  RHP - 2021 - Coral Springs, FL
South Florida

Manning is a big and physical 6-3/205 athlete with a very strong and whippy arm. He topped out at 89 mph on his fastball with good sinking and cutting action at times. His upper 70's slider mimic'd his fastball well and had tight spin. Manning is very projectable, especially when he learns to get on top of his pitches consistently.

Trey Rucker  OF - 2021 - Boerne, TX

Rucker is a very strong young athlete with 6.81 speed and the arm strength to play all over the field. A right handed hitter, Rucker has lightning in his hands and had much raw bat speed as any hitter at the event, although he has adjustments to make to his load and trigger before he can fully take advantage of his hitting tools.

Ryan Oniel Cepero Roman  SS - 2021 - Arecibo, PR

Roman is a very live bodied young athlete with 6.62 speed and all the quickness and balance one would want to see in a middle infielder. He has some strength in his projectable 5-11/165 frame and creates good bat speed with some carry to the gaps.

Kyle Marti  SS - 2021 - Cutler Bay, FL

Marti is a live bodied, quick twitch athlete with nice physical tools. He ran the sixty in 6.66 and threw 90 mph from the outfield and 86 mph from the infield and showed easy natural actions at both positions. His right handed swing had good looseness and he squared the ball up from gap to gap.

Connor Wilt  1B - 2021 - Lake Worth, FL

Wilt has a solid athletic build and good arm strength for a sophomore, with a corner middle infield future, but his best tool is his left handed bat speed and power potential. He has a swing built for power and he does a good job of seeing the ball and squaring it up consistently.

Jordan Laing  RHP - 2021 - Brooksville, FL

Laing has a projectable 6-3/170 build and a loose arm with a very low effort set of mechanics. He worked up to 85 mph with his fastball with lots of life at the plate and showed both a curveball and a slider, with the slider being the better present pitch.

Steven Michael Medina  SS - 2021 - Miami, FL

Medina has a broad shouldered 6-0/175 build that is a sure thing to get bigger and stronger. He's a switch hitter with bat speed from both sides of the plate but a stronger approach from the right side at present. Medina is also a 6.80 runner, although he profiles more at second base than shortstop in the future.

Rafael Flores  OF - 2021 - Palmetto Bay, FL

Flores has a short but athletic 5-9/175 build that has good compact strength that he uses very well to create left handed bat speed. It's a "calm, then explode" swing approach that can make the ball jump and his consistently squared the ball up hard to the pull side.

Jakobi Davis  OF - 2021 - Sarasota, FL

Davis has an excellent young 6-3/185 build and is a graceful and athletic runner with 6.51 speed in the sixty to go with very good arm strength and overall actions defensively. How much the left hander improves with the bat will determine his ceiling as a prospect.

Cody Carwile  LHP - 2021 - Fleming Island, FL

Carwile is an interesting young athlete with a very projectable 6-3/180 build. He worked up to 83 mph on his fastball with very good run and sink and had similar life and feel for his change up. He also showed plus raw power at the plate from the left side and could really develop this tool as he gets stronger.

Garrett Browning  OF - 2021 - Sarasota, FL

Browning has plenty of room to grow with a young 5-10/145 build and is a 7.15 runner. He has quick hands both in the field defensively and from the right side of the plate offensively and projects in all areas of the game.

Keaton Kenworthy  1B - 2021 - Fort Myers, FL

It's hard to evaluate young hitters who are clearly bigger and stronger than their peers but Kenworthy has a chance to become a middle of the lineup bruiser at the next level. His right handed swing is very loose and tension free with present bat speed and an aggressive present approach, all things that equal bit power.

Clayton Boroski  RHP - 2021 - Saint Cloud, FL

Boroski has got stronger since we last saw him and he was up to 84 mph in his outing in Fort Myers. More impressively, he is very polished on the mound with a promising slider/change up combination, the ability to create different types of life to his fastball and then to use all his pitches together to attack hitters.

Diego Rodriguez Trujillo  C - 2021 - Carolina, PR

The 5-9/160 Trujillo has some growing to do but he has the tools to become a solid defensive catcher at the next level. He has plenty of athletic quickness, especially in his throwing release, and plenty of arm strength.

2022 Top Prospects

Zachary Showalter  RHP - 2022 - Wesley Chapel, FL

Showalter was one of the stars of the showcase, throwing 83-86 mph over four dominant innings on the mound, slamming a home run during the same game and running a 6.68 sixty as a freshman to highlight his athleticism. He's going to be a fun one to watch improve over the next few years.

Jared Davis  SS - 2022 - Orlando, FL

Davis is a fast twitch athlete who ran the 60 in 6.75 and who has nice projectable actions in the middle infield defensively. He drove the ball nicely to the left centerfield gap with a loose and extended right handed swing at the plate.

Jorge J Cartagena  OF - 2022 - Carolina, PR

Galletti is a nice young athlete with a projectable 6-1/173 build and a solid speed/arm combination for a sophomore. He ran the 60 in 7.03 and threw 88 mph from the outfield, both numbers, although with his right handed bat speed, that will improve as he gets stronger.

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