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2015 Top Prospects

Luke Shilling  RHP - 2015 - Clarkston, MI

Shilling was the event's main attraction and he didn't disappoint, unleashing a consistent 92-94 mph fastball to go with a nasty curveball and a very credible change up. The 6-4/250 converted catcher/first baseman didn't hit live pitching but showed extreme power in batting practice and Zepp testing, too.

Bryant Jordan  RHP - 2015 - Fredericksburg, TX
Abilene Christian/Howard College

Jordan is in a somewhat unique situation in that he lives about an hour north of Milwaukee and his home schooled; thus he's looking forward to pitching in the PG Spring League starting next month. Scout will enjoy that as he's a legit draft prospect, with a 90-91 mph fastball from an easy delivery to go with a very nice change up and developing curveball.

Luke Farley  OF - 2015 - Denver, IA

Farley looked strong and ready for a big spring and summer season with the bat. He consistently jumped on fastballs and drove them hard to the middle of the field. Farley was also up to 84 mph on the mound.

Christopher Comito Jr  RHP - 2015 - Norwalk, IA

Comito threw comfortably in the 86-88 mph range from a low effort delivery and release. His best pitch was his mid to upper 70's power curveball, which had very nice bite and tight spin in addition to its power.

Drew Denkinger  RHP - 2015 - Johnston, IA
St. Louis

Denkinger touched 90 mph early and sat at 88 from his customary quick and deceptive arm action. He mixed his pitches well, using a 72-74 mph curveball and low 80's change up, and and pounded the strike zone.

Nicholas Blomgren  C - 2015 - Milton, WI
High Point

Blomgren was solid in every aspect at the showcase. He graded out well defensively with big arm strength and a 1.95 pop time and showed power and bat speed at the plate.

Jonah Peralta  RHP - 2015 - Kamuela, HI
Eastern Arizona College

Peralta came all the way from Hawaii to show his tools and skills and we're glad he did. The square shouldered 6-1/190 righthander topped out at 86 mph with a nice sinking change up and 11/5 curveball.

2016 Top Prospects

Cooper Johnson  C - 2016 - Mundelein, IL

Johnson has to be on the very short list of the best defensive catchers in the country regardless of class. Just as impressively, he looks like he's taken some very positive steps forward with his swing and was one of the top hitters this weekend as well.

Cal Coughlin  RHP - 2016 - Lake Forest, IL

Coughlin is a primary third baseman with very good strength from both sides of the plate as a hitter. But he was one of the pleasant surprises of the event on the mound and really raised his profile nationally by throwing 90-92 consistently with a slider that flashed lots of quality.

Erik Miller  LHP - 2016 - St. Louis, MO

Miller looks the part with a very strong yet projectable 6-5/200 build. He has very polished pitching mechanics and a low effort release that produces a fastball up to 89 mph. His curveball is a very good second pitch with good power and tight spin. Miller is an easy pitcher to dream on as a scout and should keep getting better.

Spencer Van Scoyoc  LHP - 2016 - Cedar Rapids, IA
Arizona State

Van Scoyoc didn't throw at the showcase but hit the ball very well and showed his power and bat speed. It's looks like he's continuing to fill out and get stronger and is ready to take the next step as a prospect.

Isaac Olson  RHP - 2016 - Glendale, MO
University of Cincinnati

Olson has a very nice young pitcher's build at 6-6/197 and throws from a tall delivery as well. He gets big sinking and running action on a fastball up to 86 mph and really generates hard spin on his curveball.

Zac Fascia  C - 2016 - Brampton, ON CAN
Purdue/Indian Hills CC

Fascia showed two-way potential, with a well balanced set of defensive and offensive tools as a catcher and a a fastball up to 88 mph on the mound. The young Canadian plays the game with energy and enthusiasm.

Brett Vosik  OF - 2016 - Omaha, NE

Vosik is a big and strong young man at 6-4/210 and has potential as a two-way prospect. He was up to 88 mph on the mound with a good change up and the makings of a big breaking curveball and showed lots of power from the left side of the plate when hitting.

Jake Dunham  C - 2016 - Plainfield, IL
Northern Illinois

Dunham had a very good event and showed well on both sides of the ball. He has very sound receiving and throwing fundamentals behind the plate and a quick and short right handed swing at the plate.

Johnny Hawk  C - 2016 - McClelland, IA
Alabama/Iowa Western CC

Hawk is a bit on the smaller side for a catcher at 5-9/180 but makes up for it with very good athletic quickness and some present strength. He especially stood out on defense but also showed a short and effective right handed swing.

Jack Kinzer  C - 2016 - Grafton, WI

Kinzer has lots of bounce and body life behind the plate, especially for a 6-1/195 athlete. He has an aggressive right handed swing and showed good power and consistent hard contact at the plate.

Jonah Ulane  RHP - 2016 - Omaha, NE

Ulane showed very good raw arm strength, consistently hitting 86-87 mph and flashing a power slider to go with it. He has a full four-pitch arsenal to go after hitters with.

Casey Kempner  LHP - 2016 - Northbrook, IL
Penn State/Parkland College

Kempner's 6-3/175 build is loose and projectable and his present 85 mph fastball is going to keep improving as he gets stronger. His best present pitch is a 77 mph change up that gets nice fade with very good arm speed.

Carter Brown  RHP - 2016 - Bentonville, AR
University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Brown is a polished right hander with three solid pitches in his 84-86 mph fastball, a 76 mph slider and a change up he shows lots of confidence in on any count.

Ryan Schmitt  RHP - 2016 - Hartland, WI

Schmitt only stands 5-10 but he generates lots of energy and torque from a fast paced delivery, resulting in an 85-87 mph fastball and power curveball. He has lots of deception and looks like a very uncomfortable at bat, especially for a right handed hitter.

2017 Top Prospects

Jarred Wood  RHP - 2017 - Cedar Rapids, IA
Northwest Missouri State

Wood has a big and strong build for a sophomore and a long and loose arm action that produces a fastball up to 87 mph. His second best pitch is a very good split finger change that he has an ideal arm action and release to throw effectively.

Nathan Burns  RHP - 2017 - West Bend, WI
Oregon State

Burns already has three solid pitches in an 83 mph fastball, a nice 75 mph slider with depth and consistency and change up with big sinking action. He's loose and very projectable and already knows how to pitch.

Michael Hojnacki  RHP - 2017 - Saint Louis, MO

Hojnacki is very projectable with a full loose and whippy arm action and a present 83 mph fastball that is going to keep ticking upwards as he gets stronger. He did a very good job of powering his fastball down in the zone from an over the top release slot.

2018 Top Prospects

Caleb Larson  RHP - 2018 - Wheaton, IL

Larson has a nice and projectable 6-3/165 build and a loose and clean arm circle that produced a steady 81-83 mph fastball. He's going to keep getting better as he gets stronger.

Tate Meade  RHP - 2018 - Williamsport, KY
Kentucky Wesleyan

Meade was up to 83 mph, solid velocity for a freshman, and more importantly pounded the strike zone with his fastball and located the pitch with intent to both sides of the plate. He creates hard biting spin on his curveball but is still learning to locate it.