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FB Velocities
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Reece Beuter R89
QC Sticks DD Jacob Norris R86
Iowa Select 2021 Rath Owen Puk R86
Iowa Select 2021 Rath Logan Runde R86
Iowa Select 2021 Rath Caden Stoffer R86
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Graysen Drezek R85
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Andrue Henry R84
STIKS 17/18 Grant Ross R84
Bandits Baseball Austin Young R84
Iowa Select 2022 Gutwiler Mason Behn R83
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Tyler Tscherter R83
Runnin Reds 2020 Johnathan Blake R82
Pro Player Canes 2020 Tommy Giese R82
Runnin Reds 2020 Luke Kuennen R82
Iowa Select 2021 Rath Zach Neese R82
Iowa Select 2021 Rath Jackson Nove L82
Team Wooten Hit Dawg Gregory Ryun R82
Runnin Reds 2020 Aaron Savary R82
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Logan Schmitt R82
Prospect Training Academy 17U Cardinal Jacob Tyczkowski L82
Iowa Select 2020 Kaleb Wagler L82
Iowa Select 2021 Brown Alex Clemons R81
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Nile Foss L81
QC Sticks Blake Gaskey R81
Team Wooten Hit Dawg Sam Hunt R81
MN Blizzard Red Benjamin Irsfeld R81
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Zach Jacobson R81
QC Sticks Jared Rasmussen R81
Iowa Select 2021 Brown Connor Woods R81
Prospect Training Academy 17U Cardinal Isaac Engelbrecht R80
MN Blizzard Red Evan Esch L80
STIKS 17/18 Joey Giricz R80
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Joseph Harris R80
STIKS 17/18 Alex Hubley R80
Line Drive Hitting Alex Neal R80
Iowa Select 2021 Brown Cael Boever R79
Prospect Training Academy 17U Cardinal Adam Dehart R79
Team Wooten Hit Dawg Dylan Hawley R79
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Coy Sarsfield R79
QC Sticks Kaleb Seil R79
Iowa Select 2020 Zac Stallman R79
Bandits Baseball Lucas Wehde L79
Iowa Select 2022 Gutwiler Caleb Wulf R79
Iowa Select 2021 Brown Connor Yawn R79
Pro Player Canes 2020 Cord Babcock L78
MN Blizzard Red Sam Baker R78
Iowa Select 2022 Gutwiler Kade Boeckmann R78
Pro Player Canes 2020 Tyler Fees R78
Iowa Select 2020 Nordgren/Brune Nolan Frey L78
Prospect Training Academy 17U Cardinal Nolan Hodgins R78
QC Sticks DD Jonah Warren R78
Iowa Select 2022 Gutwiler Ashton Westphall R78
Iowa Select 2022 Norris Jaxon Brooks R77
MN Blizzard Red Joey Bucsko L77
Iowa Select 20/21 Combo Brenden Groth L77
Team Wooten Hit Dawg Jack Olson R77
Prospect Training Academy 17U Cardinal Aidan Sample R77
QC Sticks DD Cody Schroeder R77
QC Sticks DD Eli Slaymaker R77
Team Wooten Hit Dawg Daniel Buendorf R76
QC Sticks DD Ben Cooper R76
Iowa Select 2022 Braylon Havel R76
Line Drive Hitting Bronx Lewis L76
QC Sticks DD Alex Oppel R76
MN Blizzard Red Luke Ostien L76
STIKS 17/18 Preston Piranio R76
Iowa Select 2022 Boede Rahe R76
Bandits Baseball Jack Reynolds R76
Runnin Reds 2020 Mitchell Roeder R76
MN Blizzard Red David Salz R76
Iowa Select 2022 Norris Sam Skarich R76
Iowa Select 2022 Max Steinlage L76
Line Drive Hitting Kaden Haller R75
Iowa Select 20/21 Combo Braden Hoyer L75
Runnin Reds 2020 Payton Mangler R75
Bandits Baseball Ian Odonnell R75
Team Wooten Hit Dawg Carter Olek R75
Iowa Select 2022 Gutwiler Manning Weiss R75
Iowa Select 2020 Ryan Boyd L74
Iowa Select 2022 Norris Dylan Davis R74
Iowa Select 2022 Clayton Elbert R74
QC Sticks DD Peter Espensen R74
Pro Player Canes 2020 Justin Kerestes R74
Iowa Select 2022 Norris Sammy Renning R74
Line Drive Hitting Andrew Robinson R74
Iowa Select 20/21 Combo Drew Schaefer R74
Runnin Reds 2020 Brady Schiesl R74
Iowa Select 2020 Jackson Schreckengast R74
Iowa Select 2021 Brown Drew Turner R74
Iowa Select 2021 Brown Chase Garvin R73
Bandits Baseball Derek Kuhlmann R73
Bandits Baseball Tyler Parsley R73
Iowa Select 2020 Brendan Sullivan R73
Iowa Select 20/21 Combo Jayden Williams R73
STIKS 17/18 Vince Zipperer L73
Iowa Select 2022 Jaden Kramer R72
Runnin Reds 2020 Aiden Sparkman R72
Iowa Select 20/21 Combo Traejan Ellenz R70
Iowa Select 2022 Josh Garvin R70
Bandits Baseball Brennan Theisman R70
Iowa Select 2022 Norris Gabe Svatek R69
Team Wooten Hit Dawg Luke Wolterstorff R69
QC Sticks DD Egan Smith L68
Iowa Select 2022 Norris Ashr Harris R67
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