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High School  | Rankings  | 6/19/2024

2024 High School National Champions

Tyler Russo      Cameron McElwaney     
It’s really no surprise that the decision for who should be crowned the High School National Champions was a difficult one as there’s over 10,000 high schools across the country, and hundreds of teams deserving of recognition, but only one team at the end of the year can take it home, and this year’s team is arguably one of the best rosters you’ll ever find at the high school level. Corona High School is a well-known program out of Southern California that has an abundance of talent top-to-bottom on their roster, headlined by some stars. In their lineup, they’ve got Division 1 caliber hitters littered throughout with guys like Anthony Murphy (#16 in ’26), Billy Carlson (#6 in ’25), Josh Springer (#164 in ’24), Brady Ebel (#8 in ’25) and so many others that contribute significantly, while their rotation is the best in the country with All-American Ethan Schiefelbein (#38 in ’24), dynamic junior Seth Hernandez (#2 in ’25) and Sam Burgess (#326 in ’24) leading the way, and Billy Carlson also blowing mid-90s in relief when they needed it in big spots throughout their run this spring.

Now on paper, they are absurd to put it simply, but they also produced at a high level on the field working their way through a gauntlet of a schedule and finishing with an impressive 30-3 record, many of those wins coming against nationally ranked opponents. They went to NHSI and won a talented event there, and also won the Southern Section playoffs, arguably the toughest title to win at the high school level in the country. They backed up what was a loaded roster coming into 2024 with winning almost everything with a target on their backs.

Behind them just about all year long and closing at the #2 spot was an impressive Catholic team out of Louisiana that did everything right that was in front of them, including winning at the High School Showdown and continuing that into winning a state title. They were led by PG All-American William Schmidt who was dominant all spring and got contributions from the entirety of the roster to close the year on a 20-game win streak and a 38-2 record.