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2024 Prep Class Rankings Risers Part 3

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Photo: Niko Benestad (Perfect Game)
2024 Prep Class Rankings Risers: Hitters  | Pitchers

Elijah Selga (2024 Chula Vista, CA) already has some strength to his 5-foot-10 frame with a smooth and quick transfer and some arm strength, with solid feel for receiving behind the plate. He also has plenty of upside with his left-handed bat as he hit .550 with a 1.729 ops. There is already some present bat speed and accuracy with the barrel.

Luke Oblen (2024 Chicago, IL) is a high waisted 5-foot-11 with a big growth spurt coming. The operation is pretty clean, and the arm works quickly. He has the foundation and athletic traits to make big jumps as he physically matures.

Maurice Days Jr (2024 Tampa, FL) is an extremely athletic middle infielder with huge upside and a great 6-foot-2 frame. He is a switch hitter with solid potential to be an above average hitter from both sides, with pump.

Jake Hanley (2024 Mason, OH) sports a mid-80s fastball and spins a tight low-70s breaker. His long limbs are tough to synch up at times, but when he fills out his 6-foot-4 frame he will add shoulder quickness and have lots of plane to the heater. He already generates swing and miss.

Ira Jeffries Harris (2024 Marietta, GA) is a switch hitter that had a monster 2020 season. He hit .356 with seven doubles and produced a good amount of runs. He has a wiry 6-foot frame and the build will hold easy weight. Jeffries Harris can play all infield spots and seems to get better at every look.

Maclelland Stiffler (2024 Hagerstown, MD) already sporting an uber-projectable 6-foot-5 frame, is more coordinated than you would think for such a young body. He is on time with his arm and has a pretty consistent release on his mid-80s fastball. He throws his breaking ball with intent, and the tough angles are tough to hit at this age.

Niko Benestad (2024 Coconut Creek, FL) is a strong young prospect and it shows up in a big way offensively. He has good plate discipline for his age and produces at a big rate. His .481 average and 15 extra base hits made him one of the more dominating offensive forces during 2020. He has some quickness in his release behind the plate too.

Cole Crafton (2024 Manhattan, IL) looks the part with a high waisted and athletic 6-foot-2 frame. He has a smooth left-handed stroke and some length and future lift to it. The fluidity and upside are already standing out at a young age. He also has some ability on the mound.

Luke Keefer (2024 North East, MD) starred on both sides of the ball. He has good arm strength and struck out 49 in 36 innings during the summer circuit, though still learning to command. He also hit .407 with an 1.105 ops, with fast hands at the plate. He has some upside on the dirt too, defensively.

Samuel Valenti (2024 Santa Rosa, CA) has a muscular 6-foot-1 frame and sports a power arm/power bat profile. The future right-handed power stands out as he shows huge raw bat speed, but he could develop on the mound as well. He will be a fun follow as he adds repetitions.

Kamden Scobey (2024 Lakeland, FL) is loose and athletic with a very lean 6-foot frame and has some whip to the barrel on both sides of his switch hitting swings. He has the athleticism to stay in the middle and also could grow into a middle of the line up threat.

Charles Craft (2024 Umatilla, FL) has super mobile hips that help him easily shift behind that plate that should help him develop into a very good receiver. He also possesses a swing that has big loft potential and intent in the approach. His 6-foot-2 athletic frame also helps to dream on the athletic backstop.

Cameron Aycock (2024 Pikeville, NC) has not even started to fill out yet but runs a 6.77 already and shows nice athletic actions. He can also hit! The .478 average he put up during Perfect Game events is impressive, then add in his 17 extra base hits. There is some thunder in the left-handed swing.

Wade Walton (2024 Lithia, FL) has a physical 6-foot-3 frame and looks like he has potential on both sides of the ball. He threw 21 innings and struck out  28 hitters. He also shows plenty of power potential with the right-handed stick.

Brevin Bezick (2024 Red Bank, NJ) has some ability from the left side on the mound, but this is about the bat. He has a powerful left-handed swing with lots of pop on impact and seems to be timing things up better at each event. He also is patient and draws a lot of free passes.

Noah Sheffield (2024 Tampa, FL) pretty much made a huge final statement this fall after having a really good 2020 season. His last event he threw a complete game while striking out seven, with a good feel for the breaking ball. He also hit .462 with a couple of loud extra base hits. It seems the young Sheffield is ready to break out.
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