FB Velocities

Indiana Prospects Jarrett Montgomery R91
Dulins Dodgers Cody Reed L90
Diamond Devils Carson Gregory R88
Team Northwest Brendan Illies R88
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Seth Beer R87
Tri-State Arsenal Billy Bendig R87
Marucci Elite Zane Gill R87
Tifton Mavericks Deviner McCray R87
Team California Jordan Pearce R87
Marucci Elite Coby Roddy R87
Tri-State Arsenal John Aiello R86
Dulins Dodgers Trysten Barlow L86
Dulins Dodgers Gray Fenter R86
Dulins Dodgers Connor Green R86
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Charles Hecht R86
Houston Banditos Black Jared Huber R86
NorCal Baseball Tom Leonardini R86
Tifton Mavericks Taylor Walls R86
Gravel Baseball Colin Coates R85
Houston Banditos Black Joe Davis R85
NorCal Baseball Dustin Dibble R85
Gravel Baseball Charlie Donovan R85
Dulins Dodgers Noah Hughes R85
NorCal Baseball Jack Labosky R85
Marucci Elite O'Neal Lochridge R85
Team Northwest Matthew Mercer R85
Houston Banditos Black Jackson Parthasarathy R85
Gravel Baseball Brenden Spillane R85
Diamond Devils Daniel Wilcutt R85
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Addison Albright L84
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Wesley Bucher R84
Dulins Dodgers Bryan Cruse R84
Houston Banditos Black Jordan Foreman R84
Marucci Elite Carlo Graffeo R84
Dulins Dodgers Jacob Greer R84
Marucci Elite Lenni Kunert R84
Indiana Prospects Jordan Poore L84
Indiana Prospects Tyler Ward R84
Gravel Baseball Jamarius Williams R84
So Cal NTT Blake Benefield R83
Gravel Baseball Stephen Bonnain R83
NorCal Baseball Noah Bremer R83
Diamond Devils David Dunlavey R83
Dallas Patriots Valdez Gaby Martinez R83
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Tarez Miller R83
Dallas Patriots Valdez Brandon Provence R83
Dulins Dodgers Sam Simmons R83
Gravel Baseball Chris Botsoe R82
Tri-State Arsenal Tyler Clark R82
Tifton Mavericks Hunter Cranford R82
So Cal NTT Ross Dodds R82
Dallas Patriots Valdez Jonathan Heasley R82
Diamond Devils Luke Higgs R82
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Ryan Kirk R82
Team Northwest Logan Knowles R82
So Cal NTT Carson Lester R82
NorCal Baseball Matthew McGarry R82
Indiana Prospects R.J. Moore R82
NorCal Baseball Steve Nice R82
Houston Banditos Black Daniel Priwin R82
Marucci Elite Zachary Rider R82
Diamond Devils Harrison Smith R82
NorCal Baseball James Vaccaro R82
Florida Surge Select Hunter Whitman L82
Tifton Mavericks Briggs Benson R81
Dulins Dodgers Boyd Blanton R81
Dallas Patriots Valdez Jake Deaton R81
Tri-State Arsenal Zachary Gakeler L81
Houston Banditos Black Gabriel Guzman R81
Florida Surge Select Lorenzo Hampton R81
Team Northwest Matthew Henckel L81
NorCal Baseball Chase Henley R81
Gravel Baseball Andre Hogan R81
Indiana Prospects Austin Krzeminski R81
Marucci Elite Wyatt Martin R81
Florida Surge Select Wesley Moulden L81
Houston Banditos Black Walker Reese L81
Marucci Elite Chris Reid R81
Tri-State Arsenal Monny Strickland R81
Chain Baseball Gavin Bedsole L80
Tifton Mavericks Pate Betts R80
Diamond Devils Bradley Brown R80
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Connor Burns L80
Dallas Patriots Valdez Zach Dominguez R80
Tri-State Arsenal Kevin Kordik R80
Team Northwest Joey Morgan R80
Diamond Devils Dalton Pate R80
Georgia Roadrunners 15U DJ Pearson L80
Dallas Patriots Valdez Zach Rothert R80
Houston Banditos Black James Todd R80
Houston Banditos Black AJ Wolin L80
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Justin Dutka R79
So Cal NTT Michael Fisher R79
Team Northwest Andrew Hecker L79
Gravel Baseball Nelson Munoz R79
Dallas Patriots Valdez Trevor Nolen R79
Diamond Devils Caleb Nunez R79
Tifton Mavericks Cory Pope L79
Diamond Devils Alex Raines R79
Dulins Dodgers Cameron Richman R79
Gravel Baseball Terrance Robertson L79
Gravel Baseball Justin Rodriguez R79
Dallas Patriots Valdez Robert Salazar R79
Gravel Baseball Ako Thomas R79
So Cal NTT Graham True R79
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Zach Bitzer L78
Team California Brian Blatnick R78
Florida Surge Select CJ Carter R78
Chain Baseball Russell Forthofer R78
Tifton Mavericks Dallas Greene R78
NorCal Baseball Will Johnston L78
Team California Connor Kleis R78
Team Northwest William Mansfield L78
Indiana Prospects Will Plumer L78
Indiana Prospects Jack Schmidt R78
Georgia Roadrunners 15U Brandon Sewell R78
Diamond Devils Michael Smoak R78
Gravel Baseball Matt Barajas R77
Diamond Devils Kep Brown R77
Tri-State Arsenal Jake Bufo L77
Florida Surge Select Jesse Getford R77
Tifton Mavericks Cody Harwell L77
Houston Banditos Black Johnny Rizer L77
Chain Baseball Coleson Taylor R77
So Cal NTT Corey Treyes R77
Florida Surge Select Nick Fernandez R76
Dulins Dodgers Hill Garbo L76
So Cal NTT Alex Hoffman L76
Diamond Devils Lucas Ray R76
Dallas Patriots Valdez Brant Taylor R76
Gravel Baseball Sergio Villalobos R76
Florida Surge Select Alec Bowman R75
Team Northwest Owen Breithaupt L75
Florida Surge Select Anthony Cirillo L74
Chain Baseball Tristian Daugherty R74
Chain Baseball Kyle Lott R74
Tifton Mavericks Sam Goberdhan L73
Indiana Prospects Gary Schorr L73
Chain Baseball CJ Tatum L73
Florida Surge Select Cody Cannon R72
Chain Baseball Tyler Bunn L71
Gravel Baseball Buck Domabyl R70
So Cal NTT Jake Mulholland L70
Florida Surge Select Zack Retzler R70
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