13U BCS Finals
Jul 7 - 13, 2012 Terry Park Sports Complex - Fort Myers, FL
Alcohol is not permitted at any ballparks
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All games scheduled for Jet Blue Field 4 have been moved to Jet Blue Field 2. The schedule will be updated. 

Water will be available in every dugout. NO COOLERS will be allowed at any field. Champions will receive a team trophy as well as individual rings. Runner Up and 3rd place teams will receive a team trophy. MVP and MVPitcher will receive individual award.

FB Velocities

Banditos Black Tucker Bradley L85
Hardcore Baseball Altoon Coleman R84
Banditos Black Dylan Bohnert R83
Team Florida Weston Bizzle R82
MBA Pride Elite Jose Ciccarello R82
East Cobb Astros Jake Fromm R82
Banditos Black Samuel (Tyler) Hix R82
Team Elite White 13U Will Lumpkin R82
Banditos Black Zach Autin L81
Academy Select Sun Devils Zachary DeLoach R81
East Cobb Astros Nick Laster R81
Banditos Black Landon Miner R81
East Cobb Astros Davis Schwartz R81
Banditos Black Daniel Cabrera L80
Team Florida Andrew Cash R80
Academy Select Sun Devils Brock Figueroa R80
Banditos Black Hayden Evans R79
Team Florida Brendan Fox R79
Hardcore Baseball Bryson Hutchinson R79
Delaware Warriors Danny Klepchick R79
Team Elite Black 13U Tyler Koch L79
Mizuno Tampa Boltz Ryan Mejia R79
South Florida Bandits John Merrill R79
Banditos Black Matthew Mitchell R79
Hardcore Baseball Adam Reis R79
Hardcore Baseball Brandon Reiter R79
MBA Pride Elite Javier Valdes R79
Indiana Prospects 13U Logan Young R79
East Cobb Astros Will Benson L78
Mizuno Tampa Boltz Ryan Boyd R78
South Troy Dodgers Nick Bruno R78
Banditos Black Shane Daughety R78
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Daniel Federman R78
Team Florida Donnie Gleneski R78
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Kristopher Gonzalez Robles R78
Indiana Prospects 13U Brady Horine R78
Academy Select Sun Devils Jacob Martinez R78
Indiana Prospects 13U Parker Massman R78
Team Elite White 13U Peyton Millirons R78
Team Florida Jordan Murray L78
North Texas Longhorns Michael Rodriguez R78
Team Elite White 13U Jason Rooks R78
Academy Select Sun Devils Ronald Taylor R78
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Alejandro Toral L78
Team Florida Cade Tucker R78
Team Florida Jeffrey Cox R77
South Troy Dodgers Jim Griffin R77
South Troy Dodgers Chris Hamilton L77
South Florida Orphans Reynolds Sheltra R77
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Alek Sierra R77
South Florida Orphans Eddy Arteaga R76
Indiana Prospects 13U Cole Barr R76
Academy Select Sun Devils Trey Becerra R76
North Texas Longhorns Austin Buley R76
MBA Pride Elite Brayan Carrelo R76
Mizuno Tampa Boltz Nathan Chevalier R76
South Florida Orphans Johntyler "Tyler" Clark-Chiapparelli R76
North Texas Longhorns Luke Collis R76
East Cobb Astros Xzavion Curry R76
East Cobb Astros Jalan Daniels R76
Team Florida Jonathan Greene R76
Hardcore Baseball Silas Grinstead R76
Hardcore Baseball Zach Jackson R76
South Troy Dodgers Brooks Knapek L76
Indiana Prospects 13U Brodee Lipinski R76
North Texas Longhorns Julien Ly L76
Hardcore Baseball Jimmy Nealy R76
Team Elite White 13U Chaney Rogers L76
Bullet Baseball Nicholas L. Smith R76
Team Elite Black 13U Christopher Broadwater R75
South Florida Orphans Trevor Cramer R75
MBA Pride Elite Nelson Diaz R75
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Jacob A Garcia Almodobar R75
South Florida Bandits Nate Gillen L75
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Avondre Hendricks L75
Team Elite White 13U Lee Kay L75
South Florida Bandits Sam Keating R75
MBA Pride Elite Kobe Lopez R75
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Joseph Perez R75
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Milton Jose Reyes L75
North Texas Longhorns Christopher Rodgers R75
Team Elite Black 13U Bradley Whicher R75
Team Florida Juan Agosto R74
South Florida Orphans Dillon Arnold R74
Bullet Baseball Adam Goree L74
South Troy Dodgers Carter Knapek R74
Delaware Warriors Evan Longino L74
MBA Pride Elite Alec Sanchez R74
MBA Pride Elite Chase Sanguinetti L74
South Florida Bandits Tyler Shuck R74
Hardcore Baseball William Walter R74
Hardcore Baseball Austin Wood R74
Team Elite Black 13U Bryce Bowen L73
Indiana Prospects 13U Owen Callaghan L73
Team Elite Black 13U Austin Campbell R73
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Andrew Fernandez R73
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Roger Garcia R73
Bullet Baseball Hunter Hebert R73
Team Elite White 13U Lawson Hill R73
Academy Select Sun Devils Reed Hoelscher R73
Team Elite Black 13U Trent McKinney R73
Hardcore Baseball Nathan Peterson R73
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Wesley Reyes R73
Team Elite White 13U Gavin Roberson R73
MBA Pride Elite William Rosado R73
North Texas Longhorns Roy Smith R73
Team Elite Black 13U Ryan Vigue R73
Indiana Prospects 13U Garrett Welch R73
Team Elite White 13U Kooper Briley R72
East Cobb Astros Colin Hall R72
South Florida Orphans Bryce Hulett L72
South Florida Bandits Zachary Lang R72
South Florida Bandits Matt LePoint R72
Bullet Baseball Brogan McNease R72
South Florida Orphans Christian Menendez R72
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Luis A Suren Torres R72
Team Elite Black 13U Connor Tate R72
South Florida Bandits Daniel Varner R72
East Cobb Astros Chareef Allen R71
Academy Select Sun Devils Dawson Barr R71
Mizuno Tampa Boltz Jared Desantolo R71
East Cobb Astros Carrington Evans R71
South Florida Orphans Morgan Harrison R71
Bullet Baseball Alexander High R71
MBA Pride Elite Jordan Ibarra R71
North Texas Longhorns Payton Jones R71
Delaware Warriors Jack Stewart R71
South Florida Bandits Cooper Swanson R71
Indiana Prospects 13U Tyler Burthay R70
Team Elite Black 13U Michael Cherwenka R70
North Texas Longhorns Anthony Dominguez L70
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Jean A Flores Soler R70
East Cobb Astros Brant Hurter L70
Academy Select Sun Devils Syler Shepherd R70
Mizuno Tampa Boltz Myers Spencer R70
South Florida Orphans Nash Stegemann R70
Academy Select Sun Devils Carlos Tavera R70
Bullet Baseball Chris Arsenault R69
North Texas Longhorns David Bedgood R69
Delaware Warriors Vincent Capone R69
Indiana Prospects 13U Corbin Cox R69
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Fran G Diaz Ayala R69
Delaware Warriors Nick Gregson R69
Bullet Baseball PJ Hardy R69
South Florida Orphans Nate Hinkley R69
Mizuno Tampa Boltz Graham Hoffman R69
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Kendrick L Larregui Vizcarrondo L69
Team Elite Black 13U Spencer Lewis R69
Delaware Warriors Colin Lynch R69
Delaware Warriors Brett Nordmeyer R69
Action Baseball Club Green Bo Stewart R69
Bullet Baseball Ryon Stubblefield R69
Indiana Prospects 13U Rhett Wintner R69
Delaware Warriors Casey Baker R68
South Florida Bandits Anglebert Estevez L68
North Texas Longhorns Seth Hunt L68
South Troy Dodgers Sam Kmack R68
South Florida Orphans Koa MacDougall R68
Delaware Warriors Jeff Manto R68
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Jonathan Pacheco Cabrera R68
North Texas Longhorns Collin Reiter R68
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Chris Rodriguez R68
South Troy Dodgers Evan Ryan R68
Mizuno Tampa Boltz Price Sartor R68
Team Elite Black 13U Cole Tate R68
Action Baseball Club Green Corbin Truslow R68
Delaware Warriors Aaron Weber R68
Team Elite Black 13U Champ Bell R67
South Florida Bandits Corey Brightman L67
Bullet Baseball Cameron Fontenot R67
Action Baseball Club Green Bryce Hardway R67
Mizuno Tampa Boltz Patrick Morris L67
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Luis A Rivera Falcon L67
Bullet Baseball J. Peyton Doumite R66
Pembroke Lakes Bulldogs Turner Grass R66
South Florida Bandits Alier Martinez L66
Team Mizuno of PR 13U Jonathan D Bonilla Hernandez R65
Action Baseball Club Green Tanner Siegert L65
South Troy Dodgers Andrew Sischo R65
Action Baseball Club Green Jack Meads L64
Action Baseball Club Green Chandler Grant R63
South Florida Orphans Alexander Clyde R60
Action Baseball Club Green Nick LaMour R60
Action Baseball Club Green Mason McLenna R60
Action Baseball Club Green Dalton Watts R55
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