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2021 Top Prospects

Connor Pawlowski  C - 2021 - San Jose, CA

Pawlowski was fundamentally sound behind the dish during workouts as he sits in his stance athletically and bounces out on throw downs. Recorded a 1.88 second pop time with throws on the money. Also shows some upside in the box as he throws hands at the baseball and looks to spray it up the middle. Some work left to do but shows the tools necessary to succeed in the box.

Joseph Iglesias  RHP - 2021 - San Diego, CA

Iglesias was very well-rounded in all that he showcased. On the mound, he filled up the zone with a low-80's fastball and proved to have some feel for the secondaries. On defense, he was very solid behind the dish as he recorded a 1.92 second pop time and was flexible in the stance. He also proved to have some feel for the outfield as he moved well while throwing it 86 mph with accuracy.

Ethan Lam  OF - 2021 - Long Beach, CA

Lam had a solid showing this weekend as he took a good round of batting practice and proved to have some next level type tools. In the outfield, he was fundamental with his footwork and confident in the glove while showing off the arm, throwing it 88 mph with carry to the bag. In the box, he shows a slightly uphill path at times and impacts the baseball out front. He has some things to clean up but he shows big upside in the box. He recorded an exit velocity of 83 mph and ran a 6.84 second sixty yard dash, further proving he has tools to grow on.

Brenden Evans  RHP - 2021 - Los Angeles, CA

Evans had a solid showing on the bump as he projects as a power arm type pitcher. He was full-intent on the delivery and ran the radar gun up to 89 mph. He also mixed in a short depth, sharp 11-to-5 breaking ball that has potential to be an out pitch. Evans also flashed a changeup that was good when down. He has some things to clean up mechanically, but he proved his point this weekend with a solid bullpen while recording the highest fastball of the event.

Jacob Billings  OF - 2021 - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Billings was loud in his actions as he was a stand out early during workouts with his outfield play and arm. He's not the fastest guy but took great routes to the baseball and moves well for a big guy, running a 7.00 second sixty yard dash. His arm was very strong as he threw it 90 mph from the outfield during drills. He also took a good round of batting practice as he found barrels and proved to have some juice to the pull-side.

Reagan Rivera  SS - 2021 - San Diego, CA

Rivera shows as a solid two-way type guy and he was more than serviceable in multiple positions defense. His defensive performance behind the dish stood out as he blocked up baseballs and had feel for framing, even with upper-80's velocity. He also recorded an event best 1.86 second pop time. He hopped on the mound and impressed here too with a upper-80's fastball and multiple secondaries. Including multiple breaking balls, a changeup,

Kyle Wilsie  RHP - 2021 - San Diego, CA

The uncommitted right-hander has a true four pitch mix and his physical frame suggests that his 85 mph fastball will continue to improve. Wilsie mixes in a fork ball as on of his secondary pitches, and it does flash some out pitch ability as it tumbles away from left-handed bats. His high 10-to-4 shaped slider already has enough late break to miss bats.

2022 Top Prospects

Noah Rodriguez  SS - 2022 - La Habra, CA

Rodriguez showcased as one of the top hitting catchers in the event. Behind the dish, he flashed great hands and had feel for framing the baseball on the edges. He also recorded a 1.92 second pop time during drills. In the box, he found barrels consistently while squaring it up to all fields. He had an exit velocity of 84 mph and projects some power down the road.

Scotty Pieper  OF - 2022 - Valencia, CA

Pieper excelled this weekend both in the box and during defensive workouts. In the outfield, was very aggressive to the baseball and took efficient routes as he scooped it up with confidence. Arm strength showing and was accurate as he threw it 80 mph. Showed a great glove at first as he scooped it up with ease. Also found plenty of barrels during batting practice while spraying it to all fields.

Toussaint Bythewood  OF - 2022 - Encino, CA

Bythewood utilized a long, lean 6-foot-2 frame and proved to be projectable as he still has room to fill out. He ran a 6.78 second sixty yard dash and that speed carried over nicely into his defensive workouts. He was clean in the gather and proved to have arm strength as well while throwing it 83 mph. He also has some thump in the bat and will start to show more power down the road when he fills out that frame. He recorded an exit velocity of 87 mph.

Lucas Gabay  3B - 2022 - Sherman Oaks, CA

Gabay showcased himself well this weekend while taking a solid round of infield and took some big cuts during BP. The thirdbaseman moved fluidly side to side and worked with some feel around the baseball. Great hands and gathered with rhythm as he threw it 80 mph across the diamond. In the box, the swing was balanced throughout as he looked to drive the baseball back up the middle. Proved he could backspin the baseball and drive it for some power as well.

Adam Baggetta  OF - 2022 - Huntington Beach, CA

Baggetta showcased his quick twitch type play well this weekend as he started his workouts off with a quick 6.81 second sixty yard dash. That speed translated into the outfield as he covered a good bit of ground taking efficient routes to the baseball. The arm strength is starting to show too as he threw it 83 mph.

Cooper Whitton  OF - 2022 - San Diego, CA

Whitton proved have plenty of fast twitch type muscle as he ran a smooth 6.67 second sixty yard dash and carried that speed into defensive workouts. Flashed great first step instincts in his outfield workout and worked confidently around the baseball. He also proved to have some arm strength as he threw it 80 mph during drills. Took a solid round of BP as he found multiple barrels and proved to have some pull-side power. He also had the highest exit velocity of the event at 94 mph.

Jonathan Peric  RHP - 2022 - Valley Village, CA

Peric impressed in his bullpen session with plus command for his 82-85 mph fastball. He shows good command for both his 11-to-5 shaped curveball and straight change. He's a very polished looking hurler who can get guys out in a number of different ways.

Maxwell Paterson  OF - 2022 - Bothell, WA

Paterson flashed some serious pop to his pull side with a long fly ball to left that carried out of the yard. His hands work well down through the zone and he has the ability to do some serious damage when on time with the baseball. His strong arm plays well in the outfield, and his fielding mechanics are crisp and repeatable.

2023 Top Prospects

Garren Rizzo  SS - 2023 - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Rizzo was extremely solid this weekend as he showed well in both the middle infield and on the mound. He showed instincts during his workout session in the infield as he bounced around and scooped it up with confidence. Arm strength starting to show as he threw it 84 mph across the diamond. He flashed big upside during his bullpen as he pounded the zone with feel for a three-pitch mix. The fastball was up to 84 mph and he mixed in a slurvy breaking ball as well. He showed great feel for a changeup that has swing and miss type potential. Pounded the zone and projects well as a two-way guy.

Derek Gonzales  C - 2023 - Costa Mesa, CA

Gonzales had one of the best showings behind the dish as he was far advanced in his actions. He had great hands and blocked the baseball up with ease. He was quick with transfers on throw downs as he recorded a 1.86 second pop time during drills. The arm strength was also present during outfield drills where he threw it 87 mph. In the box, he knew how to leverage the baseball while generating backspin. He went on to hammer some long fly balls, proving he is a power threat going forward.

Andrew Miehe  RHP - 2023 - Corona Del Mar, CA

Miehe threw a great bullpen this weekend as he worked in four pitches and landed them all for strikes. He shows a whippy arm action and still has some growing to do, making him very projectable. The fastball was up to 85 mph and he mixed in a good tumbling changeup off of the heater. He also had a very sharp curveball and a sweeping slider. The pitchability stood out as well.

Ian Duarte  OF - 2023 - Santa Clarita, CA

Duarte was a very well-rounded prospect as he played a rangy outfield with a cannon of an arm while showing smooth swings in the box. His outfield play stood out as he was fundamental with the footwork and carried weight well into throws. The arm was great too as he threw it 90 mph during drills. The speed was on display too as he ran a 6.77 second sixty yard dash. Swung it well at the dish showing a linear swing path with feel for squaring it up out front.

Jayden Sanchez  OF - 2023 - San Bernardino, CA

Sanchez showed as the ultimate utility guy as he proved to be able to play multiple positions on defense and did so well. He was athletic in his actions, which was further proved by his 6.80 second sixty yard dash, and he flashed instincts in the outfield and infield. The arm was starting to show too as he threw it 82 mph during outfield drills with accuracy. He also took a solid round of BP while proving he could leverage the baseball and drive it to all parts of the park. He projects some power down the road too with the natural lift in the swing.

Cody Nitowitz  OF - 2023 - Carlsbad, CA

showcased plus bat speed from both sides of the plate as a switch hitter. It's a skill that cannot be understated, especially at his age. His raw athleticism will give him a chance to play both in the outfield as well as in the infield, and his strong arm could be another carrying tool to his resume.

2024 Top Prospects

Samuel Valenti  OF - 2024 - Santa Rosa, CA
Southern California

Valenti was physically advanced for his age standing at a broad shouldered 6-foot-1. His bat is what is his strongest tool as he took a pretty loud round of batting practice. He looks to do damage with every swing and when he finds the barrel, he punished baseballs. He also proved to have some pull-side power and will grow into that power type hitter down the road. He also had one of the top exit velocities, which was 93 mph.

Brody Connors  SS - 2024 - Newport Beach, CA

Connors stood out this weekend as one of the top two-way guys in the event. On the mound, he was operationally clean and did a nice job of landing direct to the dish while staying behind the baseball. He ran the fastball up to 81 mph and mixed in a slider, changeup combo that had some swing and miss type potential. He also moved well during infield work and the arm strength was showing too as he threw it 81 mph across the diamond.

Nathan Aceves  RHP - 2024 - Huntington Beach, CA

Aceves was a young stand out from the event who was solid at multiple positions. In the outfield, he was fundamentally sound with his footwork and gather before showing off the arm strength, throwing it 88 mph. That correlated on the mound as he filled up the zone with a good three pitch mix. Fastball was up to 82 mph and mixed in a tumbling changeup and slurvy breaking ball. The swing is still work in progress but he found some barrels and proved to have some pop when he got extended to the pull-side.

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