2020 14U Fall Gulf Coast Showcase
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Player Check-in will officially begin at 1:00 PM.

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13-Green vs 14-Navy Game Highlights


Camron Laffitte (2024 SS, Saraland, AL) Laffitte brings a physical frame with some present strength to the table. He got his day started with a double to dead center field. He does a nice job getting his lower half involved in the swing and create leverage through the hitting zone. 


Cole McKinley (2025 RHP, Hot Springs, AR) McKinley followed right behind Laffitte with a double to deep centerfield of his own. McKinley did a nice job staying through the ball with the ability to create back spin on the ball and easy carry that projects to all fields. 


Trevor Waters (2025 LHP, Summerfield, NC) Waters did a nice job staying on a fastball and driving it to the opposite field gap for a triple. His lefthanded swing shows loose wrist with some whip in the barrel that allows him to drive the ball to all fields. 


Presley Courville (2025 C, Lake Charles, LA) Courville showed well in all facets of his game. behind the plate he is quick twitched and flexible with good receiving skills and a quick catch and release. At the plate he showcased an accurate barrel all day and an aggressive approach on the bases. 


Charlie Cassingham (2025 SS, Huntsville, AL) Cassingham was impressive in his one inning running his fastball up to 81 mph with great effectiveness. He works from the stretch and does a nice job repeating his delivery and getting his fastball to both sides of the plate. 


Emmanuel "Manny" Lantigua (2025 SS, Boca Raton, FL) Lantigua filled up the zone with his fastball in the 77-78 mph range. His one inning of relief was quick and clean as he paired the fastball with a solid breaking ball that he lands for strikes consistently. His arm action and build project well moving forward for more velocity to come. 


Brady Marshall (2026 OF, Mocksville, NC) Marshall turned on an up and in FB for a double to left field. He did a nice job pulling his hands in and showed some strength in the hands keeping it fair down the left field line. He is able to create some leverage with his lower half working well through contact. 

Top Exit Velos


NameExit VeloGradSchoolHometown
Jeremiah Blair782024Choctawhatchee SeniorFort Walton Beach, FL
Aaron Rowell782025Choctawhatchee SeniorShalimar, FL
Tyler Johnson762025WetumpkaWetumpka, AL
Camron Laffitte762024SaralandSaraland, AL
JohnDavid Hidalgo752025Catholic High of New IberiaBroussard, LA
Daniel Stringfellow752025Bibb CoCentreville, AL
Porter Berryman732025ParkviewLilburn, GA
Presley Courville732025Alfred M. BarbeLake Charles, LA
Juan Fernandez722026Miami ChristianMiami, FL
Brady Marshall722026Davie CountyMocksville, NC
Trevor Waters722025Northern GuilfordSummerfield, NC
Chase Webster722025TallasseeTallassee, AL


Top 60 YD Dash Times


Presley Courville7.252025Alfred M. BarbeLake Charles, LA
Jeremiah Blair7.272024Choctawhatchee SeniorFort Walton Beach, FL
Trevor Waters7.392025Northern GuilfordSummerfield, NC
Charlie Cassingham7.532025GrissomHuntsville, AL
Chase Webster7.562025TallasseeTallassee, AL
Camron Laffitte7.652024SaralandSaraland, AL


Top 10 YD Splits


Presley Courville1.622025Alfred M. BarbeLake Charles, LA
Jeremiah Blair1.702024Choctawhatchee SeniorFort Walton Beach, FL
Charlie Cassingham1.762025GrissomHuntsville, AL
Hutson Hargrove1.812025FairviewNashville, TN
Trevor Waters1.812025Northern GuilfordSummerfield, NC
Landon Lacy1.822024Bessemer AcademyHoover, AL
Tyler Johnson1.852025WetumpkaWetumpka, AL
John Phillip (JP) Abt1.862025BrandonBrandon, MS
Will Carmichael1.872026BentonvilleBentonville, AR
Camron Laffitte1.872024SaralandSaraland, AL
Aaron Rowell1.882025Choctawhatchee SeniorShalimar, FL
Chase Webster1.882025TallasseeTallassee, AL
Jacarius Wilson1.882026Forest HillJackson, MS
Thomas Woolf1.882025NorthridgeTuscaloosa, AL
Porter Berryman1.892025ParkviewLilburn, GA
Bryce Masters1.892025Prattville Christian AcademyPrattville, AL


Top C Pops


Charlie Cassingham2.002025GrissomHuntsville, AL
Presley Courville2.012025Alfred M. BarbeLake Charles, LA
Jeremiah Blair2.092024Choctawhatchee SeniorFort Walton Beach, FL


Top C Velos


Presley Courville712025Alfred M. BarbeLake Charles, LA
Charlie Cassingham692025GrissomHuntsville, AL
Jeremiah Blair682024Choctawhatchee SeniorFort Walton Beach, FL
Hutson Hargrove652025FairviewNashville, TN
Tyler Johnson622025WetumpkaWetumpka, AL


Top 1B Velos


Trevor Waters752025Northern GuilfordSummerfield, NC
Bryce Masters692025Prattville Christian AcademyPrattville, AL
Henry Abt672026BrandonBrandon, MS
Cole McKinley672025Lake HamiltonHot Springs, AR


Top INF Velos


Presley Courville782025Alfred M. BarbeLake Charles, LA
Emmanuel "Manny" Lantigua782025UndecidedBoca Raton, FL
Jeremiah Blair762024Choctawhatchee SeniorFort Walton Beach, FL
Brady Marshall762026Davie CountyMocksville, NC
Charlie Cassingham752025GrissomHuntsville, AL
Camron Laffitte742024SaralandSaraland, AL
Landon Lacy722024Bessemer AcademyHoover, AL
Tyler Johnson702025WetumpkaWetumpka, AL
Aaron Rowell702025Choctawhatchee SeniorShalimar, FL


Top OF Velos


Jeremiah Blair802024Choctawhatchee SeniorFort Walton Beach, FL
Brady Marshall772026Davie CountyMocksville, NC
Porter Berryman762025ParkviewLilburn, GA
Daniel Stringfellow762025Bibb CoCentreville, AL
Trevor Waters752025Northern GuilfordSummerfield, NC
John Phillip (JP) Abt732025BrandonBrandon, MS
Landon Lacy732024Bessemer AcademyHoover, AL


Batting Practice Highlights


Brady Marshall (2026 OF, Mocksville, NC) has impressive size for a 2026 at 5-10/160 and shows some present strength in right-handed swing.  He worked the ball gap to gap consistently during his round with good carry.

Jayden Richesin (2025 SS, Sweetwater, TN) has good quickness in his hands and was on time almost every pitch, getting the barrel out early and turning it well for lots of pull side line drives.  He has enough bat speed already to top spin the ball.

Charlie Cassingham (2025 SS, Huntsville, AL) is a left-handed hitting middle infielder with a young 5-5/120 build.  He showed nice bat speed for his size, especially when he got the barrel out and drove the ball to the middle of the field with surprising carry on a few.

Tyler Johnson (2025 C, Wetumpka, AL) is a solid 5-11/160 and showed perhaps the best bat speed of the 14U group when hitting right-handed, which appears to be his natural side.  He's a switch-hitter at present who will continue to improve on that side with repetitions and better separation in his swing.

Presley Courville's (2025 C, Lake Charles, LA) swing was a bit to scripted at times but the important thing was that he showed plenty of present bat speed and attacked the ball hard, with consistent hard mid-field contact.

13- Green Vs. 14- Navy Game Highlights


John Phillip (JP) Abt (2025 SS, Brandon, MS) singled in his first and last at bat of the day today. Abt showed a quick swing at the plate with a smooth swing and made hard consistent contact at the plate. 

Henry Abt (2026 1B, Brandon, MS) singled in his first two at bats of the day today. Abt showed a confident approach at the plate with a level swing and made solid contact at the plate. 

Tyler Johnson (2025 C, Wetumpka, AL) singled and doubled in his first two at bats. Johnson showed bat speed at the plate with pop and the ability to square the ball up at the plate.

Presley Courville (2025 C, Lake Charles, LA) tripled in his first at bat and singled in his last at bat of the day today. Courville showed a good swing at the plate with the ability to hit the ball where it's pitched and showed good instincts on the bases. 

Emmanuel "Manny" Lantigua (2025 SS, Boca Raton, FL) doubled and singled in his first two at bats of the day. Lantigua hit the ball hard his first two times he came up to the plate showing bat speed and an aggressive approach at the plate. 

Cole McKinley (2025 RHP, Hot Springs, AR) doubled in his last at bat of the day today. McKinley has a solid build with pop and has a sound approach at the plate. 

Daniel Stringfellow (2025 RHP, Centreville, AL) has his fastball top out at 78mph this afternoon mixing in a curveball at 62mph, changeup at 63mph, and a slider at 65mph. Stringfellow did a good job of attacking hitters with his fastball and has 12-6 break on his curveball.

JohnDavid Hidalgo (2025 RHP, Broussard, LA) topped out at 76mph with his fastball today mixing in his curveball at 66mph. Hidalgo did a good job of mixing in both of his pitches for strikes and worked both sides of the plate. 

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