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2023 15U PG WWBA New England Championship
We have updated the schedule for the remainder of the event, please check the website for updated game times and locations. 
Any game that made it through 4 1/2 innings with the home team winning or 5 full innings with the away team winning has been considered a complete game and has been finalized.
All continuation games will start exactly from where the game was called. Coaches must start with the same lineup, if you would like to make any substitutions please report it to the scorekeeper.

The new playoff format will consist of 16 teams.
Pool Winners from the pools of 5
Top 2 from the Pools of 6 (Both Considered Pool Winners and will be reseeded accordingly)
3 Wildcards (Considered as the next 3 best teams at the conclusion of pool play)

We appreciate everyone's time and patience throughout the difficult weather, we thank you all for understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank You!

Tournament Director:
Isaiah Ishmail - iishmail@perfectgame.org

Perfect Game Merchandise will be sold at New England Baseball Complex

Coaches, will will be using "Pitch Smart" rules. Please click on "Event Info" tab then click on "Pitching Report"
Schedule/Scores Brackets Event Info   Pool Standings 1 Event Article
FB Velocities
Neb Pirates Matty Blanusa R89
MWS Devils 15U Showcase Ian Carter R88
Canes Tri-State 15u Christopher Marano R88
Canes Tri-State 15u Justin Munoz R88
Body Armor Titans Vigeant 2026 Luke Coats R87
New England Ruffnecks 2026's Jett Little R86
Rip City James Rabuse R86
Neb Pirates Ben Sabatini R86
Northeast Gators 15u Showcase Mike St. Martin R86
Nor'Easters 15u Runbird National Chris Jaillet L85
B1 Seminoles (Mf) Luke Lang R85
Northeast Lions 15u National Brody Noonan R85
Canes Tri-State 15u JC Pacheco R85
NH Prospects 15U Hunter Brasier R84
Gbg Northeast 15u Brody Bumila L84
Taconic Rangers Vince Cannizzaro R84
Neb Pirates Mason Marchessault R84
KR Express Elite Jairo Martinez R84
Canes Tri-State 15u Jack Nestler R84
Neb Pirates Drew Vincequere R84
Body Armor Titans Vigeant 2026 Cj Alfano L83
Gbg Northeast 15u Black Abe Anderson R83
Canes Tri-State 15u Angelo Bellizzi R83
Kings Elite National Team Michael Connolly R83
Taconic Rangers Keith Haecker R83
Boston Prime 15U Navy Braden Place R83
Nor'Easters 15u Runbird National Andrew Raymond R83
Boston Prime 15U Navy Ben Samuels R83
Neb Pirates Max Berberian R82
Avengers 15-U Jaden Betz R82
Neb Pirates Brady Chenevert L82
Prodigy Hitmen Davyn Ciriaco R82
Canes Tri-State 15u Christopher Cundari R82
Northeast Lions 15u National Cole Hendrickson R82
KR Express Elite Ryan Landry L82
Seacoast Pirates Showcase nathan locke R82
Avengers 15-U Cole Moreau L82
Lab Ballers Jack Tarbox R82
Rcbc Ghost 15u Americans Kenneth Vazquez R82
Neb Pirates Gavin Wainwright R82
NH Prospects 15U Jonas Weed L82
Wildcats Romeo Akin R81
East Coast Lumberjacks 2026s Michael Clare L81
B1 Seminoles (Black) Joseph Leftwich R81
Lab Ballers Brian Mancinelli R81
Rip City Simon Mele R81
Bay Sox 2026 American Alexander Milano R81
Taconic Rangers Sam Muller R81
Kings Elite National Team Logan Our L81
Boomer Baseball 15u Andrew Reid R81
Lab Ballers Tyler Ross R81
Gbg Northeast 15u Tyler Ross R81
Ct Mets 15u Andrew Scarlett L81
Gbg Northeast 15u Andrew Shute R81
Nor'Easters 15u Runbird National Brian Silvester R81
Taconic Rangers Carter Wrobel R81
Bay Sox 2026 American Mason Broomfield R80
Wildcats Edward Charity R80
Grizzlies Showcase Shay Collins R80
Nokona Braves 15u Arun Dhebar R80
Taconic Rangers Johnny Gally R80
East Coast Eagles White Ryan Johnson R80
Avengers 15-U Bryan Kain R80
B1 Seminoles (Black) Spencer Kemler R80
Prodigy Hitmen Chris Kozak R80
Bay Sox 2026 National William LaBrie R80
Seacoast Pirates Showcase Peyton Larrabee R80
Nor’Easters 15U Inferno Dylan Morelli L80
Taconic Rangers Logan Provost R80
Taconic Rangers Dean Repaci R80
Nor'Easters 15u Runbird National Zachary Russo L80
Grizzlies Showcase Drew Smith R80
NH Prospects 14U Nolan Sullivan R80
Northeast Gators 15u Showcase Brandon West R80
B1 Seminoles (Black) Thomas Apollo R79
Avengers 15-U Robbie Barnes R79
Kings Elite National Team Matt Cairns R79
Nokona Chiefs 15u Michael Chagnon L79
Nokona Braves 15u Jack Cincotta L79
Bay Sox 2026 American Mason Crain R79
Nor'Easters 15u Runbird National Jack Daggett L79
Rcbc Ghost 15u Americans Sal Deprima R79
Neb Pirates Chase Edgar R79
KR Express Elite Joseph Gould R79
J&M Baseball Academy Ryder Holmes R79
Gbg Northeast 15u Black Jack Lawson R79
KR Express Elite Jake Lonardo R79
East Coast Lumberjacks 2026s Finn O'Rourke R79
Runbirds Baseball Walter Rogers R79
KR Express Elite Jaiden Rosario R79
East Coast Lumberjacks 2026s Bryce Smith R79
Bay Sox 2026 National Mark Tiffany R79
Body Armor Titans Vigeant 2026 Legend Acosta R78
Northeast Lions 15u National Nick Antoniewicz R78
MWS Devils 15U Showcase Tyler Ballard R78
Middlesex Reds 15U Jared Barreto R78
Bay Sox 2026 National Brady Beauparland R78
Middlesex Reds 15U Brady Bekkenhuis R78
Nor’Easters 15U Regional Jason Bilo R78
B1 Seminoles (Mf) Sawyer Bogaty R78
Wildcats Joe Coviello R78
Seacoast Pirates Showcase Camden Crombie R78
Neb Pirates Daniel Crossman R78
East Coast Eagles Blue Thomas Crowley L78
Nor'Easters 15u Runbird National Luke Disilvio R78
Runbirds Baseball Zack Floyd R78
Lab Ballers Sladen Johnson L78
Taconic Rangers Jackson Koslow R78
B1 Seminoles (Mf) Jacob Kouba R78
Canes Tri-State 15u Ryan McCabe R78
New England Ruffnecks 14U Angus McKenna R78
Northeast Gators 15u Showcase Aidan Murphy R78
Kings Elite National Team Brady Petto R78
B1 Seminoles (Mf) Phil Pirozzi R78
NH Prospects 15U Jaylen Stott R78
NH Prospects 14U Alexander Turant R78
Nokona Chiefs 15u Graham Wallrapp R78
Grizzlies Showcase Kaelen Willliams R78
Gbg Northeast 15u Cole Arundale R77
Kings Elite National Team Emmett Carroll R77
New England Ruffnecks 2026's M. Jon Condlin R77
Wildcats Nicholas Dale R77
NH Prospects 14U Mason Devall R77
New England Ruffnecks 2026's Garrett Falahee R77
Bay Sox 2026 American Thomas Fiore R77
Gbg Northeast 15u Andrew Flaherty R77
Bay Sox 2026 American Jack Gasse R77
Taconic Rangers Mitchell Hammer L77
Avengers 15-U Connor Horwath L77
Northeast Gators 15u Showcase Tyler Korchin R77
MWS Devils 15U Showcase Oliver Lareau L77
Boston Prime 15U Navy Jayden Lopez R77
Northeast Longhorns Prospects Ben Maiorano R77
Ct Mets 15u Jacob Mondo L77
New England Ruffnecks 2026's Dylan Muccini R77
Nor'Easters 15u Runbird National Sean Napolitano L77
Northeast Lions 15u National Quinn Ognibene L77
Prodigy Hitmen Max Payne L77
J&M Baseball Academy Liam Pearson R77
Boomer Baseball 15u Kelvin Perez L77
NH Prospects 14U Jack Read R77
Scorpions New England Charlie Roth R77
New England Ruffnecks 2026's Ryan Ruggiero L77
Gap2gap 15u Koi Samples R77
Boston Prime 15U Navy Jasen Thomas R77
Seacoast Pirates Showcase Owen Thornton R77
Taconic Rangers Asher Toll L77
Gbg Northeast 15u Black Cam Tomaszycki L77
Body Armor Titans Vigeant 2026 Bobby Wescott L77
Canes Tri-State 15u Michael Bakr L76
Northeast Longhorns Prospects Chris Bratica L76
Rip City Matt Egan R76
Taconic Rangers Jack Garneau R76
Scorpions New England Henry Kearns R76
Wildcats Brody Labbe R76
Body Armor Titans Vigeant 2026 Mateo Lopez R76
KR Express Elite Ethan Palmer L76
Nor’Easters 15U Inferno Michael Shufrin L76
Seacoast Pirates Showcase Hunter Spencer L76
Nor’Easters 15U Inferno Bennett Spotts R76
Neb Pirates Lance Toland R76
Nor’Easters 15U Regional Eytan Watnick R76
Nor’Easters 15U Inferno Jared Welsh R76
Bay Sox 2026 American Alex Anderson R75
Canes CT 2026s Gabriel Beale R75
East Coast Eagles Blue Shea Cote R75
Scorpions New England Nate Coutant R75
Nokona Chiefs 15u James Cropp R75
Gap2gap 15u Trevor Cser L75
Gbg Northeast 15u Nick Depalma L75
Show NE 15U Showcase Drew Gustafson R75
Bandits Baseball Club Jayden Healey R75
Rcbc Ghost 15u Americans Robert Imparato R75
J&M Baseball Academy Danny Kenney L75
Northeast Lions 15u National Mikey Kostek R75
Nor’Easters 15U Regional Leo Koutsoukos R75
Nor’Easters 15U Regional Patrick Lavanga R75
Northeast Gators 15u Showcase Vincent Menendez R75
Canes CT 2026s Dominick Napoletano R75
Rcbc Ghost 15u Americans John Nitti R75
East Coast Eagles Blue Jack O'Connor L75
New England Ruffnecks 14U Nick O'Neil L75
Middlesex Reds 15U Ronan Obedzinski R75
Runbirds Baseball Noah Orloff R75
NH Prospects 14U Collin Philcrantz L75
Gbg Northeast 15u Black Luke Schell R75
B1 Seminoles (Black) Jackson Seifert R75
NH Prospects 14U Brady Sirois R75
Grizzlies Showcase Evan Sousa R75
East Coast Lumberjacks 2026s Nicholas Vignola R75
Nokona Braves 15u Dustin Whitaker R75
Kings Elite National Team Sam Abair R74
Gap2gap 15u Yohnelix Arroyo R74
Northeast Gators 15u Showcase Caleb Baker R74
East Coast Eagles White Devon Blair L74
Bandits Baseball Club Tyler Boudreau R74
Canes CT 2026s Trevor Clarke R74
KR Express Elite Antonio Defusco R74
Nokona Braves 15u Cameron Gobeille R74
Seacoast Pirates Showcase Jeffrey Luchsinger L74
Northeast Longhorns Prospects Ryan McAuliffe L74
B1 Seminoles (Black) Jack Murphy L74
Neb Pirates Avery Powers L74
B1 Seminoles (Black) James Quilty R74
Northeast Longhorns Prospects Neil Rhodes R74
Nokona Chiefs 15u Bryce Todd R74
Boomer Baseball 15u Jovani Ubri R74
Show NE 15U Showcase Beckett Wodarski R74
Nor’Easters 15U Inferno Brendan Barth R73
Nor’Easters 15U Regional Parker Bean R73
Nor'Easters 15u Runbird National Will Colucci R73
New England Ruffnecks 2026's Cole Defina R73
Runbirds Baseball Alex Donovan R73
Runbirds Baseball Nolan Donovan R73
Runbirds Baseball Storm Ellison R73
Nh Cannons Solomon Flores L73
Nokona Braves 15u Ryan Gallagher L73
Bandits Baseball Club Jacob Harris R73
Avengers 15-U Logan Kessler L73
Scorpions New England Joseph Lezon R73
Gbg Northeast 15u Black Camron Munsinger R73
Bay Sox 2026 National Austin Robinson R73
Avengers 15-U Andras Sarkozy R73
Bay Sox 2026 National Braden Sellers R73
New England Ruffnecks 2026's Ronan Sullivan L73
Runbirds Baseball Cameron Swank R73
Prodigy Hitmen Evan Villoresi L73
Nh Cannons Ethan Vonasek R73
Scorpions New England Garrett West R73
Nor’Easters 15U Regional Matt Botto R72
Gap2gap 15u Colby Bryant R72
Nokona Braves 15u Chris Connolly R72
Boomer Baseball 15u Keegan Hunt L72
NH Prospects 15U Zachary Papik R72
Nor’Easters 15U Regional Ian Taylor L72
Nokona Chiefs 15u Beckett Delleo R71
East Coast Eagles Blue Gabe Garcia R71
Canes CT 2026s Connor Lentini R71
Show NE 15U Prospects Cadel McKeown R71
Northeast Gators 15u Showcase Jordan Munsey R71
Grizzlies Showcase Mason Savard R71
Nh Cannons Daniel Shedd R71
East Coast Lumberjacks 2026s Michael Catalano R70
East Coast Eagles White Nate Chaffee R70
Ct Mets 15u Liam Christopher R70
New England Ruffnecks 14U Alistair Cooper R70
Wildcats Michael Grace R70
Runbirds Baseball Brayden Lizewski R70
Middlesex Reds 15U Jack O'Brien L70
Show NE 15U Showcase Jake Powers R70
Canes CT 2026s Coby Dagata R69
East Coast Eagles White Luke Martineau R69
New England Ruffnecks 14U Kaden McNeice L69
Wildcats Owen Stewart R69
Bandits Baseball Club Jariel Echevarria R68
Nh Cannons Owen Masten R68
Northeast Longhorns Prospects Thomas McCarthy R68
Canes CT 2026s Daniel Akier R67
Kings Elite National Team Lucas Evans L67
Show NE 15U Prospects Andrew Martin R67
Show NE 15U Prospects James Solopoulos L67
Nh Cannons Alden Weld R67
Boston Prime 15U Navy Evan Feldman R66
Prodigy Hitmen James Matula L66
Prodigy Hitmen Lucas Grob R65
Middlesex Reds 15U Luke Hughes L64