2012 WWBA South Qualifier
South Qualifier Schedule has been updated as of 7:45 PM Friday. Please double check your games.

Please check website in the morning for any updates and possible changes due to weather

THERE WILL BE NO GATE FEES FOR THIS TOURNAMENT. THE GATE FEES ARE INCLUDED IN THE TEAM ENTRY FEE. There will be programs available at every field. Winner only will receive an automatic paid invitation to the 2012 WWBA World Championships in Jupiter, FL. Water is not guaranteed to be provided in the dugouts. Please plan accordingly to bring your own water to your games.

Sep 15 - 17 |  Baseball USA | Houston, TX
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FB Velocities
Houston Banditos Black Bryce Welborn R93
Action Baseball Club 18U Cre Finfrock R92
Columbia Angels Red Blake Goins R91
Houston Banditos Black J.R. Holloway R91
Houston Banditos Black Casey Shane R91
Texas Sun Devils Jesse Stallings R91
Houston Heat Brandon Miles R90
Houston Banditos Houston Braeden Holub R89
CenTex Prospects 2013 Quintin Pile R89
Action Baseball Club 18U Ty Boland L88
Texas Sun Devils Sloan Dieter R88
Action Baseball Club 18U Chad Donato R88
Dallas Patriots Holden Grounds R88
GTB Grays Baseball Jacob Howell R88
Houston Heat Andrew Lantrip R88
South Texas Sliders 2014 Matt Myers R88
NW Knights Glenn Otto R88
Houston Banditos Black Andre Shewcraft R88
Houston Thunder Baseball Riley Smith R88
Houston Banditos Black Landon Tilley R88
LO Lookouts Jacob DeVries L87
Action Baseball Club 18U Chris Falwell L87
Columbia Angels Red Will Foreman R87
Houston Banditos Black Thaddius Lowry R87
Action Baseball Club 17U Sean Mason R87
CenTex Prospects 2014 Ryan Cole McKay R87
Action Baseball Club 18U Sebastian Palacios R87
Texas Sun Devils Coby Roddy R87
LO Lookouts Michael Agis R86
Bayou City Gators Justin Barker R86
Team Mizuno Houston Chase Boydston R86
Houston Elite Clayton Buckner R86
Team Citius Brett Bushnell L86
Houston Heat Trevor Conn R86
Houston Heat Tyler Davenport L86
Houston Banditos Black Robert Dugger R86
GTB Grays Baseball Kameron Esthay L86
Texas Sun Devils Zach Flanagan R86
CenTex Prospects 2014 Tyler Giovanoni R86
Texas Sun Devils Hayden Guidry R86
NW Knights Ke'Bryan Hayes R86
Houston Banditos Houston Logan Howell R86
Columbia Angels Red Cade Killingsworth R86
South Texas Outlaws Connor Lowrie R86
South Texas Outlaws Eddie Marroquin R86
Ontario Blue Jays White Nathaniel Morris R86
Houston Heat Josh Pettitte R86
South Texas Sliders 2013 Josh Sawyer L86
Houston Thunder Baseball Devin Skapura R86
South Texas Outlaws Jacob Sosa L86
Columbia Angels Red Nick Thomson R86
Action Baseball Club 18U Cameron Williams R86
CenTex Prospects 2013 EJ Alejandre L85
Dallas Patriots Dustin Angiel R85
Columbia Angels White Jake Bedvian R85
GTB Grays Baseball Ethan Franklin R85
Team Mizuno Black Cory Matise R85
Houston Banditos White Derek May R85
Dallas Titans Davis Oliver R85
NW Knights Adam Oller R85
South Texas Outlaws Eric Perez R85
Fort Bend Texans - Hill Will Preston R85
Houston Banditos White Ryan Rios R85
Mizuno Houston Select Black Trenton Rousseau R85
Action Baseball Club 17U Grant Schneider R85
Team Mizuno Houston Mark Simon R85
HC Reds Baseball Academy Drew Van Winkle R85
CenTex Prospects 2013 Jeff Walburn R85
Houston Heat Gabe Wise R85
Legends Black - Attack Cooper Bailey R84
Action Baseball Club 17U Jacob Barfield R84
Hardball Elite Mark Baughman L84
Action Baseball Club 18U Brandon Boone R84
Action Baseball Club 18U Karl Craigie L84
Fort Bend Texans - Carter Jake Dame R84
Houston Banditos Houston Eric Dunbar R84
Texas Magic Blue Micah Edwards R84
HC Reds Baseball Academy Austin Farrow R84
South Texas Sliders 2013 Jorge Alonso Flores L84
Texas Tigers Nick Garcia R84
South Texas Outlaws Joey Garza R84
Columbia Angels Red Aaron Gonzales R84
NB Baseball Tim Greuter L84
CenTex Prospects 2014 Trey Jeans L84
Fort Bend Texans - Hill Clay Joseck R84
Legends Black - Attack Gabriel Klobosits R84
LO Lookouts Joe-Eric Lopez R84
South Texas Outlaws Jorge Marroquin R84
Hardball Elite Brian Martin R84
NB Baseball Maximilian McElligott L84
Dallas Patriots Connor McMann R84
Houston Heat Dakota B Mills R84
Fort Bend Texans - Hill Grant Page R84
Houston Banditos White Walker Reese L84
Houston Heat Blake Richards R84
LO Lookouts Cody Richey R84
Action Baseball Club 18U William Skalaban R84
Legends Black - Attack Casey Smith R84
South Texas Sliders 2014 Jack Thompson R84
South Texas Sliders 2014 Dillon Turney L84
Mizuno Houston Select White Blayne White R84
Houston Heat Seth Ballew L83
South Texas Sliders 2014 Ben Brookover R83
Team Citius Reece Calvert R83
South Texas Outlaws J.C. Carrillo R83
Dallas Patriots Dominick DiBella R83
Columbia Angels White Lucas Duval R83
Texas Magic Gold Chance Evans R83
Houston Banditos Houston Bill Ferderer R83
Team Citius Raul Flores R83
Action Baseball Club 17U Tyler Flores L83
NW Knights Hunter Grimsley R83
CenTex Prospects 2013 Garrett Johnston R83
Hammond Knights Kolton Kendrick R83
Columbia Angels Red Grant Khan R83
Texas Sun Devils Austin Marshall L83
South Texas Sliders 2013 Sean Mathews R83
Team Mizuno Black Micheal Maul L83
Dallas Patriots Lane Norwood R83
Ontario Blue Jays White Owen Stubberfield R83
HC Reds Baseball Academy Trey Taylor R83
Team Citius Aaron Varden L83
Hardball Elite Cameron Vige R83
HC Reds Baseball Academy Hayden Walker R83
Fort Bend Texans - Hill travarus ansley L82
Action Baseball Club 17U Bryce Barr R82
South Texas Outlaws Ariel Armando Barrera R82
Houston Banditos White Will Boozer L82
Houston Elite Michael Box L82
Columbia Angels Red Tim Burr L82
Mizuno Houston Select Black Bailey Darden R82
South Texas Sliders 2013 Jake Davis L82
Mizuno Houston Select White Victor Dominguez R82
Columbia Angels Red Dylan Dusek L82
Dallas Titans Jacob Foitek L82
Texas Sun Devils Jordan Foreman R82
Houston Elite Zach Gonzalez R82
South Texas Sliders 2014 Cameron Hayes R82
South Texas Sliders 2013 Cole Hybner L82
Team Mizuno Black Matthew Jacquinot R82
South Texas Sliders 2013 John Jakubik R82
Texas Magic Gold Mitchell Johnson R82
Bayou City Gators Ryan Liggett R82
Bayou City Gators Andrew Lord R82
Bayou City Gators Austin Lord L82
Action Baseball Club 17U Roe Melia R82
South Texas Sliders 2014 Troy Montemayor R82
Team Citius Nicholas Padilla R82
South Texas Sliders 2014 Jason Peltier R82
Fort Bend Texans - Carter Will Peters R82
Columbia Angels White Josh Richers R82
Mizuno Houston Select Black Kelby Schimming R82
CenTex Prospects 2014 Haden Schoen L82
Ontario Blue Jays White Wes Siekris R82
Houston Banditos White Lance Smith R82
NB Baseball Travis Smith R82
HC Reds Baseball Academy Alec Swofford R82
CenTex Prospects 2014 Blake Brunnemann R81
NB Baseball Christopher Clark L81
NW Knights Ty Clark R81
CenTex Prospects 2014 Will Clark R81
CenTex Prospects 2013 Jordan Clayton R81
Hardball Elite Daniel Cooley L81
Fort Bend Texans - Carter Cristian Cooper R81
Columbia Angels Red Riley Cooper R81
Dallas Patriots John Cravey L81
HC Reds Baseball Academy Casey Frazier R81
Houston Banditos Black Zane Gurwitz R81
HC Reds Baseball Academy Cole Haag R81
Dallas Titans Austin Hagy R81
NB Baseball Travis Jefferson R81
Fort Bend Texans - Carter Eric Johnson R81
Texas Drillers Quincy McAfee R81
Action Baseball Club 17U Brendan McGuigan R81
Texas Magic Gold Anthony Pagano L81
Houston Banditos Black Walker Pennington R81
GTB Grays Baseball Kelsey Richard R81
Legends Black - Attack Joseph Spinks R81
Columbia Angels White Joe Taylor R81
Action Baseball Club 17U AJ Wolin L81
Houston Banditos White Raymond Berrones R80
Texas Magic Blue Jordan Connell R80
Mizuno Houston Select Black Tyler Fisher R80
Houston Banditos Houston Austin Gryder L80
NW Knights Trey Jimmerson L80
Team Mizuno Black Austin Justus R80
Houston Thunder Baseball Dallas Margritz R80
Texas Magic Gold Henry Martin R80
Fort Bend Texans - Carter Dylan McGee R80
Mizuno Houston Select White Brendan Owens R80
Action Baseball Club 18U Alex Smith R80
Team Mizuno Houston Austin Smith R80
Bayou City Gators David "Logan" Thrailkill R80
Dallas Titans Walker Wharton L80
South Texas Outlaws TJ Arredondo R79
Texas Drillers Matthew Ashbaugh L79
Texas Tigers Chase Bosley R79
Texas Magic Gold Nicholas Campos L79
Texas Drillers Kyle Donaho R79
LO Lookouts Nathan Guerra R79
Texas Tigers CJ Heiligmann R79
Mizuno Houston Select White Ty Hoecker L79
Houston Thunder Baseball Tyler Janota L79
LO Lookouts Daniel Kent R79
Texas Tigers Jacob Longoria L79
Fort Bend Texans - Hill Ryan Manz L79
Dallas Titans Jordan McQuerry R79
Hammond Knights Cade Newsom R79
Team Mizuno Black Ty Nixon R79
South Texas Sliders 2014 Ryne Pottorf L79
South Texas Outlaws Rogelio Salinas R79
Fort Bend Texans - Carter Chase Sitzmann R79
Texas Sun Devils Johnathon Smith R79
Texas Tigers Darian Theil R79
South Texas Outlaws Jesse Tovar R79
Hammond Knights Dillan Vining R79
Houston Banditos Houston Nicholas Zarosky R79
Team Mizuno Houston Clayton Aiuppa R78
Hardball Elite Eric Berno R78
Hardball Elite Jack Blythe R78
Ontario Blue Jays White Brandon Catena R78
Mizuno Houston Select Black Ashton Cleveland R78
South Texas Sliders 2014 Reid Garrett R78
Ontario Blue Jays White Connor Gibson L78
Fort Bend Texans - Hill Jorge Gutierrez R78
Action Baseball Club 18U Ryan Johnson L78
Team Mizuno Black Cole Koeppen R78
GTB Grays Baseball Tyler Ling R78
Houston Thunder Baseball Austin Mclemore R78
Mizuno Houston Select White Seth Mikeska R78
Texas Magic Blue Justin Reid L78
Ontario Blue Jays White Joseph Rositano R78
Legends Black - Attack Keaton Sebesta L78
LO Lookouts Chris Serrato R78
GTB Grays Baseball Matt White L78
Legends Black - Attack Colton Williams L78
Columbia Angels White Dalton Bennett R77
Hammond Knights Brennan Breaud R77
NW Knights Colin Durrett R77
Texas Magic Blue Kirk Fontenot R77
Hardball Elite Jonathan May R77
Ontario Blue Jays White Tyler Middleton R77
HC Reds Baseball Academy Andrew Paiz L77
Texas Tigers Lee Rodgers R77
South Texas Sliders 2014 Tanner Wall R77
Houston Elite Tyler Cockrell R76
Texas Magic Blue Nathan Ling L76
Hammond Knights Noah Nicaud R76
Mizuno Houston Select White Ryan Shetter R76
Mizuno Houston Select White Raul Martinez R75
Fort Bend Texans - Carter Matthew Russell R75
Dallas Titans Zac Seale L75
Hammond Knights Brad Shafer R75
NW Knights Alec Bridges L74
Houston Elite Nickolas Chittenden L74
Texas Tigers Will Fowler L74
Houston Heat Tanner Fritsch R74
Hammond Knights Michael Latino R74
Columbia Angels White Tyler McKay R74
LO Lookouts Dalton Paris R74
Houston Thunder Baseball Steven Pizano R74
Texas Drillers Bryan Taylor L74
Ontario Blue Jays White Ryan Pittman L73
Mizuno Houston Select White Eric Garza L72
Texas Magic Blue Tyler Hebert R72
CenTex Prospects 2014 Mathew Requenez R72
Texas Magic Gold Alec Salinas R72
Texas Magic Blue Jeffrey Bryce Armstrong L71
CenTex Prospects 2014 Brady Eaton L70
Mizuno Houston Select Black Tom Parker R67
Hammond Knights Brant Balado L66
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