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2019 Top Prospects

Gabriel Esquivel  3B - 2019 - Davie, FL   Chipola College

Esquivel is a physically mature 6-3/215 athlete with a wide range of baseball tools. He runs a very surprising 6.7 sixty and showed plus arm strength from both third base and first base. A right handed hitter, Esquivel has a short and very repeatable swing that lets his natural strength really show at contact.

Oscar Santos  C - 2019 - Carolina, PR   Florida Southwestern State College

Santos has tools across the board, including 6.7 speed, outstanding defensive ability at both catcher and in the middle infield to go along with a very quick and simple right handed swing. He's going to be an interesting player to see develop over the next year and beyond.

Adonis Javier  SS - 2019 - Kissimme, FL   Hillsborough CC

Javier is a projectable 6-2/175 athlete with 6.7 speed in the sixty and outstanding infield arm strength with plus carry. Just as importantly, he showed some of the best raw bat speed at the event and the ability to square up the ball consistently.

Tyler Nesbitt  RHP - 2019 - Labelle, FL   Florida

Nesbitt has two outstanding pitches in a steady upper 80's fastball that he spots well with good life and a 78 mph slider that was a potential plus pitch with very good tightness and sharpness. Nesbitt also showed lots of intangibles on the mound and looked and acted like a future high level pitcher.

Pablo Ruiz  SS - 2019 - West Palm Beach, FL   UCF

Ruiz is a quick twitch athlete with some strength on his 6-0/180 frame as well. He ran a 6.6. sixty and shows bit arm strength and the ability to throw on the move defensively. A right handed hitter, Ruiz shows the ability to turn on the ball with bat speed and the ability to drive the ball.

Javier Rojas  C - 2019 - Coamo, PR   Chipola College

Rojas graded out as the top catcher in drills, with good footwork, a strong and fast arm and a best pop time of 1.86. He's a strong 6-0/200 right handed hitter with lots of power in his swing.

Justin Tejeda  OF - 2019 - Kissimmee, FL   Hillsborough CC

The 6-2/190 Tejada has outstanding run and throw tools, including 6.5 speed and 94 mph outfield arm strength. He has the strength to hit but how much he improves his mechanics and approach will determine his eventual ceiling.

Alexander Aguila  SS - 2019 - Hialeah, FL   VCU

Aguila showed elite level defensive skills at shortstop with all the physical tools and actions to play the position at a high level. He's also a 6.6 runner and a switch-hitter with a quick and short swing, especially from the left side.

Cooper Weiss  3B - 2019 - Fort Myers, FL   Coastal Carolina

Weiss and a strong bodied middle infielder and pretty mature physically. He ran a 6.8 sixty and showed outstanding arm strength in drills at 93 mph across the infield. His right handed swing is quick with good jump off the barrel.

Daniel Maldonado  OF - 2019 - Camuy, PR   Florida Southwestern State College

Maldonado is a 6-4/185 athlete with astounding 6.21 speed in the sixty. He has lots of work to do getting his right handed swing up to next level standards but that type of elite speed will buy him time to get stronger and make approach adjustments.

Isaac Marte  2B - 2019 - Carolina, PR   New Mexico/Palm Beach State

Marte's 5-6/165 build won't handicap him at all on defense, as he has plus quickness and 6.5 speed to go with 90 mph arm strength and the ability to throw from all arm angles. His right handed swing is simple and short.

Sebastian Nunez  C - 2019 - Manati, PR   Chicago State

Nunez is a 5-8 catcher with outstanding athleticism and elite level arm strength and that alone would be enough to warrant plenty of next level attention. But he's also a switch hitter with bat speed from both sides of the plate.

Caleb Stallings  RHP - 2019 - Apopka, FL   Santa Fe College

Stallings has an unusual mid 3/4's crossfire delivery with very good extension out front that really makes it tough for right handed hitters. He topped out at 85 mph and has been up to 88 at PG events before but his best pitch was his sweeping slider when he landed it in the zone.

Luis Alexie Marrero  OF - 2019 - Dorado, PR   Uncommitted

Marrero takes a very aggressive right handed swing and he's a few adjustments away from really being able to tap into his power consistently. His athletic tools with play, with 6.6 speed and a strong outfield throwing arm.

Jaasiel Casul  2B - 2019 - Gurabo, PR   Clarendon College

Casul lacks size at 5-6 but does everything well on the baseball field and plays with outstanding energy. He ran a 6.8 sixty, has the athleticism and arm strength to play a solid second base and showed the bat speed to turn on the ball at the plate.

Dawerlyn Rodriguez  OF - 2019 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Rodriguez is a very toolsy and projectable outfielder with an outstanding 6-3/190 build. He ran a 6.9 sixty and showed very good carry and 92 mph arm strength at the plate. He has plenty of right handed bat speed at the plate.

Matthew DeVarona  RHP - 2019 - Windermere, FL   Uncommitted

DaVarona is a projectable 6-4/195 athlete with a solid delivery he controls well and a live running fastball that topped out at 86 mph. His best pitch was a mid-70's slider that had quality bit and depth.

Gustavo Rivera  C - 2019 - Bayamon, PR   Uncommitted

Rivera has lots of defensive tools, including very good flexibility for setting up low and shifting and a strong and accurate arm. He also showed power in his right handed bat, especially in the games.

Sebastian Colon  SS - 2019 - Juana Diaz, PR   Uncommitted

Colon is a fast twitch athlete with lots of athleticism and that gives him a high level set of tools and skills in the middle infield on defense. He will continue to improve at the plate as he continues to add strength to his young and slender frame.

Dale Thomas  SS - 2019 - De Leon Springs, FL   Coastal Carolina

Thomas is a strong athlete with a well rounded set of baseball tools. He's a solid defensive infielder who can probably play any of the infield positions and a right handed hitter who consistently makes square line drive contact with some gap power.

Jairon Rivera  RHP - 2019 - Carolina, PR   Uncommitted

Rivera has very good raw arm strength and topped out at 89 mph on his fastball with heavy sinking and running action. He will have to continue to develop his secondary pitches as he moves forward.

Edwin J Sanchez  RHP - 2019 - Gurabo, PR   Uncommitted

Sanchez is a slender 5-10 athlete with a whippy arm that produced a fastball in the 84-87 mph range to go with a solid curveball up to 74 mph from a loose 3/4's arm slot.

Sebastian Feliciano  SS - 2019 - Sanjuan, PR   Louisiana State University, Shreveport

Felician has the speed (6.5) and overall defensive actions and tools at shortstop to be a high level player if he's able to gain more strength to drive his fundamentally sound right handed swing.

Robert Cedeno  RHP - 2019 - San Juan, PR   Ranger College

Cedeno is a strong bodied 6-0/195 right hander who worked consistently at 84-85 mph down in the zone once he made a quick adjustment to slow down his delivery. His low 70's curveball was a very good pitch that he threw for strikes.

Ryan Fischer  OF - 2019 - Longwood, FL   Indiana

Fischer looks the part of the prospect as a 6.4/195 athlete with 6.7 speed in the sixty. His best potential tool is his right handed power potential at the plate and he made very loud contact when he squared up the ball.

Kenneth Castillo  C - 2019 - Miami, FL   Miami-Dade College

Castillo has a well rounded tool set, with 7.0 speed, a strong arm that produces a 1.91 pop time behind the plate and the athleticism to play other positions. He has a strong right handed bat that should enable him to hit for both power and average.

Josearmando Diaz  C - 2019 - San Juan, PR   St. Peter's

Diaz is a well rounded athlete with good present strength and the ability to play both infield and catcher well. A left handed hitter, Diaz has present bat speed with quick hands and the ability to hit the ball hard to all fields.

Kaito Hara  2B - 2019 - Houston, TX   Akron

Hara lacks size at 5-5 but is a quick twitch athlete with lots of baseball skills. He showed very good awareness and adjustability at the plate to with surprising bat speed and plenty of barrel to ball skills.

Kevin Melendez  RHP - 2019 - Kissimmee, FL   Bethune-Cookman

Melendez is a slender athlete at 5-11/145 but has a very quick right arm and an advanced ability to create movement and mix his pitches. He topped out at 85 mph on his fastball with lots of sink and run and his low 70's curveball was sharp and well spotted.

2020 Top Prospects

Alan Espinal  C - 2020 - Viera, FL   Uncommitted

Espinal is a very athletic young catcher with the physical ability to become a high level defender with further development. Along with his speed, quickness and arm strength, Espinal also had some of the best bat speed of any sophomore at the event with some real LCF pop.

Garrett Boeckle  RHP - 2020 - Tampa, FL   Uncommitted

Boeckle has a strong and stocky 5-11/190 build and a deceptive delivery that makes his upper 80's fastball hard to pick up for the hitters. His power curveball is a solid second pitch with plus velocity and occasional hard 11/5 biting action.

Fernando Gonzalez  C - 2020 - Acworth, GA   Uncommitted

Gonzalez has some big tools for a sophomore with impressive 6.7 speed for a catcher to go with a strong arm and quick release that produced a 1.94 pop time at 80 mph. His right handed swing is loose and fast with lots of power potential.

Tommy Ricketts  3B - 2020 - Babson Park, FL   Uncommitted

Ricketts is very strong for his age and has a strength based set of tools. He does a nice job of keeping his swing short and direct at the plate and the ball comes off his barrel hard. Rickett's also threw 85 mph off the mound with very good command of his curveball.

Sabin Ceballos  SS - 2020 - Rio Grande, PR   Bethune-Cookman/San Jacinto CC

Ceballos is a very long and lean 6-1/140 primary middle infielder whose future could very well be on the mound. His arm is fast and loose from a high 3/4's from both the infield and outfield and he topped out at 88 mph on the mound, although he has limited experience pitching yet.

Jonathan Ramallo  OF - 2020 - Miami, FL   Uncommitted

Ramalla has elite arm strength for a sophomore and his 93 mph throw really stood out during outfield drills. He has a solid right handed swing approach and the present strength to drive the ball.

Trace Burchard  C - 2020 - Labelle, FL   Jacksonville

Burchard is a very athletic sophomore with a good balance of physical tools and project for his age. He's a 6.8 runner with quickness behind the plate defensively and a strong arm and has the same type of hand quickness in his swing at the plate.

Ryan McCauley  RHP - 2020 - Trinity, FL   Uncommitted

McCauley is a big young sophomore at 6-5/215 and has an easy, low effort delivery that he controls well. His fastball topped out at 85 mph with heavy sinking life at the plate. He's a primary fastball pitcher who threw strikes but also throws an interesting soft change up that acts like a knuckleball at times.

Camden Minacci  RHP - 2020 - Tampa, FL   Wake Forest

Minacci has a slender square shouldered build and a mid-80's fastball that he really pounds the strike zone with. He threw both a 77 slider and 81 mph cutter that had consistent off the barrel life to them and has plenty of projection in all his pitches moving forward.

Fernando Amaro  OF - 2020 - Cidra, PR   Uncommitted

Amaro is a polished young Puerto Rican player with a nice combination of tools and skills. He's a 6.8 runner with middle infield type athleticism and size but plays the outfield well with a strong 90 mph arm. He has a short line drive stroke at the plate that produced consistent line drive contact.

Joseph Salvo  C - 2020 - Seabrook Island, SC   Uncommitted

Salvo is a sophomore with a young and very projectable build and lots of young tools that will develop well behind the plate, including a quick release that enabled him to pop a 1.87 in drills. His right handed swing is aggressive with good bat speed for his age.

Daniel Figueroa  OF - 2020 - Toa Alta, PR   Uncommitted

Figueroa can absolutely fly and his 6.35 sixty time really stands out, even though it was surprisingly not the fastest at the showcase. He's a switch-hitter at the plate with some bat speed from both sides of the plate but a better, more polished approach from the right side.

2021 Top Prospects

Ben Petri  SS - 2021 - Lighthouse Point, FL   Uncommitted

Petri has a very nice 6-1/180 build for a freshman and plenty of present strength to build on. Just as impressive are his run and throw tools, as he ran a 6.6 sixty and threw 87 across the infield

Sergio Ortiz  SS - 2021 - Yabucoa, PR   Uncommitted

Ortiz is only a freshman but he already runs a 6.7 sixty, has lots of infield actions and a strong arm and also throws 87 mph off the mound. He's a switch-hitter at the plate with plenty of time to get stronger and refine his swing.

2022 Top Prospects

Kade Frew  SS - 2022 - Green Cove Springs, FL   

Frew is a young eighth grader but he has good strength and athleticism for his age and should keep improving. He ran a 6.8 sixty and was solid both in the field and in the right handed batter's box.

Scott Edwards  OF - 2022 - Ft Myers, FL   

Edwards has good size and athleticism for his age along with some present tools, including 7.1 speed in the sixty and strong 85 mph outfield arm strength.

Free Agents Top Prospects

Sebastian Bautista  OF - Free Agents - Haina, CR DOM   Uncommitted

Bautista is a 15-year old Dominican outfielder with an outstanding 6-3/185 build and the whole collection of projectable high level tools. Along with throwing 90 mph from the outfield and running a 6.8 sixty, Bautista graded out as one of the top hitters at the event.

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