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2018 Top Prospects

Chandler Davis  C - 2018 - Eastman, GA   Uncommitted

The Georgia native showed an impressive mix of polished actions both at and behind the plate. Davis utilized quick footwork with a clean arm action while throwing to the bag generating a best pop time of 1.83. At the plate, The 6-foot, 170-pound catcher displayed a naturally leveraged swing plane with present bat speed that created loud contact to the gaps.

Garret Mishoe  OF - 2018 - Rydal, GA   LaGrange College

Mishoe showed off his two way potential throughout the weekend showing good arm strength in the outfield and on the mound topping at 89 miles per hour from each. At the plate, the 6-4, 190-pound prospect aggressively turned the barrel to contact generating solid barrel whip with projectable raw power.

Jack Metzger  RHP - 2018 - Fredericksburg, TX   Troy

The righthanded prospect produced good deception in his delivery due to his high energy actions through release. Metzger generated solid downward plane with his fastball that topped at 85 miles per hour and consistently induced weak, groundball contact while effectively missing barrel with a sharp 11/5 breaking ball.

Griffin Reddeck  C - 2018 - Fort Mill, SC   U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

The Fort Mill, South Carolina catcher displayed fundamentally sound game actions behind the plate with the ability to catch and release with consistency, 1.93 best pop time. Offensively, Reddeck employed a loose, smooth swing plane that produced good strength at contact. When squared, the baseball jumped off the barrel generating very good carry to pull side.

Will Brassil  LHP - 2018 - Broomfield, CO   New Mexico

The 6-foot4 lefthanded pitcher showed a quick arm action from a compact, high three-quarters arm slot that produced good life through the zone with a fastball that topped at 85 miles per hour. Brassil was able to match arm slot and pitch plane with a 12/6 breaking ball that proved to be very deceptive to opposing hitters.

Justin Parish  RHP - 2018 - Dacula, GA   Lawson State CC

The 6-foot-3, 170-pound righthanded pitcher utilized a smooth, easy arm action that produced sinking action with run to arm side at 84 miles per hour. The 2018 grad primarily used his breaking ball as an out pitch generating tight spin with late depth to the bottom of the zone.

2019 Top Prospects

Dylan Matela  RHP - 2019 - Alpharetta, GA   Furman

The 6-foot-2, 175-pound righthanded pitcher utilized a fluid, high three-quarts arm slot that generate heavy life through the zone in the upper 80's, topped at 89 miles per hour. Consistently attacked the bottom of the strike zone and effectively kept hitters with an 11/5 breaking ball that flashed late downward depth.

Jose Fulgencio  SS - 2019 - Orlando, FL   Hillsborough CC

The 2019 shortstop displayed all around athleticism throughout the weekend posting a 6.89 sixty yard dash and topping at 88 miles per hour across the infield. The Apoka, Florida produced showed a simple, direct swing plane at the plate with the barrel control to work to all fields with ease.

Michael Ozymy  RHP - 2019 - Coppell, TX   Columbia

The 6-foot-4, 190-pound righthanded pitcher utilized a simple leg lift while working exclusively from the stretch. Ozymy flashed very good arm speed through extension while featuring a running fastball that topped at 89 miles per hour. The Coppell, Texas native changed speeds with a 9/4 slider that flashed very sharp tilt when maintaining arm speed through extension.

Ethan Wright  OF - 2019 - Marietta, GA   Flagler College

Wright flashed his ability to track the baseball in the outfield running down balls in the gap with ease. The 5-foot-9, 160-pound outfielder utilized in speed as well posting a 6.95 sixty-yard dash. At the plate, the Georgia native utilized a simple, repeatable swing plane and showed the knack to find the barrel while consistently driving the baseball with authority.

Ethan Vecrumba  OF - 2019 - Bloomington, IN   Indiana

Vercrumba is another prospect who flashed solid two way potential. The primary outfielder showed fluid footwork and solid arm strength topping at 88 miles per hour during defensive workouts. At the plate, the 2019 grad flashed raw bat speed that produced loud, hard contact. On the mound, the Bloomington, IN native generated good downhill tilt through the hitting zone topping at 85 miles per hour.

2020 Top Prospects

Will Tynes  RHP - 2020 - Bossier City, LA   Mississippi

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound righthanded pitcher utilized a smooth, fluid arm action while on the mound producing a running fastball that topped at 86 miles per hour. The Bossier City, LA native worked quickly and effectively attacked each side of the plate. Offensively, Tynes displayed raw strength at the plate with the ability to drive the ball through the gaps with ease on a naturally lifted barrel plane through extension.

Brent Burford  C - 2020 - Jackson, GA   Uncommitted

The 5-foot-8 catcher of Jackson, GA showed explosive actions while releasing from behind the plate producing a best pop time of 1.87. Offensively, Burford consistently worked to each gap showing a smooth, balanced swing. Stays fluid throughout and flashed the barrel control and bat speed to work to all fields with good jump off the barrel.

Kyle Ponzo  RHP - 2020 - Chandler, AZ   Uncommitted

Ponzo shows a very projectable 6-foot-5 frame while on the mound. The Chandler, AZ product utilized his lower half well while working to the plate and released from a high three-quarters arm slot. Ponzo's fastball generated steep downhill tilt through the zone topping at 84 miles per hour. The righthanded pitcher also flashed two quality off speed pitches utilizing an 11/5 breaking ball and sinking changeup.

Josh Halterman  1B - 2020 - Lexington, KY   Uncommitted

Halterman, a primary righthanded pitcher, utilized a high three-quarters arm slot that produced good downhill tilt with run to arm side. The Lexington native consistently located to each edge of the plate and continuously changed speeds with a breaking ball that showed 11/5 shape.

Daniel Elliott  3B - 2020 - Clarksville, MD   Uncommitted

Elliott, listed as a primary shortstop, impressed while on the mound. The 6-foot, 178-pound produced of Maryland showed good feel for a fastball that had sinking action topping at 84 miles per hour. Breaking ball had big 12/6 shape that proved to be difficult for hitters to square.

Dalton Cook  C - 2020 - Long Beach, MS   Uncommitted

The Long Beach, MS native utilized quick, compact footwork from behind the plate generating a best pop time of 1.83. Offensively, Cook swung with intent to drive the baseball through the gaps with a naturally lifted swing plane that flashed raw bat speed and strength.

Eddie Eisert  SS - 2020 - Fairfax Station, VA   North Carolina State

The primary shortstop of Fairfax Station, VA utilized a simple, direct barrel plane through extension with natural leverage. Baseball came of Eisert's barrel with authority and flashed the ability to work to all fields. On the mound, the 2020 grad topped at 84 miles per hour while consistently repeating his pitching mechanics.

Preston Hall  3B - 2020 - Gastonia, NC   College of Charleston

The third base prospect created good linear shift into contact that produced present bat speed through the zone. The North Carolina native consistently utilized a leveraged barrel plane that produced solid backspin off the barrel with carry to the gaps.

Daemon Woodruff  RHP - 2020 - Titusville, FL   Uncommitted

Consistently pitched to each edge of the plate utilized a fastball that flashed good running life in the upper 70's to low 80's, topped at 84 miles per hour. Woodruff's breaking ball tends to breaking early at times but created solid depth that effectively changed hitters eye levels.

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