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Press Release  | Press Release  | 5/30/2024

Participants Release & Rights FAQ

Participant Release & Rights
Frequently Asked Questions

To help keep players and families informed, please check out our Q&A about our event releases and NIL rights and opportunities. Perfect Game encourages players to use our growing platform to enhance their brand and pursue NIL deals consistent with state law and athletic eligibility regulations. Stay tuned to Perfect Game’s wide social media platform for more information to help navigate your athlete’s journey to success!

Q: Does Perfect Game require participants to sign releases?

A: Yes. Like virtually all sporting events (and events in general), releases are necessary to address liability in case of injury or accident and to govern other legal rights and obligations related to appearing and/or playing in an event. These are standard terms that apply at all levels of all sports and even non-sporting events.

Q: Does the Perfect Game release include use of the participants’ names and images?

A: Yes. Like any sporting event that is broadcasted or displayed through photos or videos, Perfect Game participants grant permission for their names and images to be used in media connected to the event, including promotions related to the event and Perfect Game itself. This allows Perfect Game to broadcast the games, highlight the athletes, and attract the attention and funding that allow us to host premier events while providing first-class experiences to our players and families. 

Q: Does Perfect Game use athletes’ photos and autographs on trading cards?

A: No, not without the athlete’s consent. If trading cards or other opportunities are available, athletes can choose to pursue them as they wish. While many athletes may want to be featured on autographed trading cards, it is not a Perfect Game requirement.

Q: Does that include collectibles, memorabilia and trading card companies?

A: Yes. Perfect Game will not feature athletes on any collectibles or memorabilia  company’s trading cards or other products without their consent. Trading card and merchandise deals are covered by separate agreements and athletes are free to pursue those opportunities however they see fit.

Q: If an athlete wants to be featured on a trading card or sign autographs, does that exclude them from other opportunities?

A: No, absolutely not. None of the trading card or autograph opportunities with Perfect Game require “exclusivity” and players are free to pursue trading card deals and autograph opportunities with anyone they choose.

Q: Can athletes pursue NIL deals while participating with Perfect Game?

A: Yes. So long as athletes follow state laws and athletic regulations, they can pursue any NIL opportunities as they see fit. Perfect Game does not restrict NIL opportunities or rights and encourages players to utilize the exposure gained from Perfect Game to build their own personal brand.

Q: Does Perfect Game represent athletes on NIL deals?

A: No. Perfect Game is not a player agency or marketing service. Perfect Game is a premiere scouting service and event operator that hosts tournaments and showcases for many thousands of athletes every year. Perfect Game provides athletes with unparalleled exposure to college recruiters, scouts, followers, and brands alike, but we are not agents or advisors. We encourage players to utilize the exposure gained from Perfect Game to build their own personal brand and pursue NIL opportunities as they see fit.

Q: Can an athlete share their Perfect Game highlights and photos on their social media accounts (Tik Tok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, YouTube)?

A: Yes. Perfect Game encourages athletes to share their Perfect Game highlights and photos on social media. Be sure to tag us at @PerfectGameUSA on Instagram and X or @PerfectGame_USA on TikTok.

Q: What opportunities does Perfect Game provide athletes?

A: Perfect Game provides athletes (1) premiere events with competition against the top teams across all age levels, (2) unparalleled exposure for players to showcase their talents in front of the top college recruiters and professional scouts, and (3) personal brand development through Perfect Game’s nation-wide platform sponsored by some of the most well-known brands and sponsors in the sports industry. Perfect Game is all about creating new opportunities–in baseball and beyond.

-- Premiere Events: As the country’s premier provider of amateur baseball events, we create first-class tournaments, showcases, and competition with teams and players across the country, where the best play against the best and hone their skills for the next level.

-- Unparalleled Exposure: With the largest scouting department in all of baseball, Perfect Game offers our players unparalleled visibility among every major college program and professional scout in the country, which creates valuable recruiting and scholarship opportunities and potential professional career prospects.

-- Personal Brand Development: Perfect Game events, media coverage, and educational sessions help players attract followers and build their personal brands while learning about NIL opportunities and pursuing brand deals.
For any other questions, please contact Perfect Game at FAQ@perfectgame.org
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