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Softball  | Softball Tournament  | 6/15/2022

OKC Challenge Scout Notes

Brianna Brooks      Molly Reyes     
Photo: Perfect Game
Macy Bryant (2026, Sioux Falls, S.D.) led her team to victory with an incredible offensive performance at the plate. This incoming freshman packs a ton of power behind her swing, having smashed three homers. Bryant has a fantastic feel for the barrel, with a clean cut, ending in a slight lift that makes her a power hitter. Bryant finished the weekend with a .763 average, connecting on eight singles, three doubles, three home runs. She crossed the pay station 12 times, assisting in 14 additional RBI. Keep an eye out on this up-and-coming all-star.

SD Nationals is a powerhouse of a team, stacked with elite hitters. Alongside Bryant helping in the cause was Hailey Boer (2024, Sioux Falls, S.D.), who demolished the ball with massive pull-side power. Boer had a solid time in the box, with a .467 average. This the summer before her junior year, Boer is in a great position to be college-ready with a sound swing that produces hard hits. She finished the weekend with seven hits, two singles, three doubles, and two home runs. She has high zone awareness, having walked three times, and knows which pitch to jump on. Jade Lund (2024, Watertown, S.D.) is another elite hitter for SD Nationals who can find the meat of the barrel, making square contact in every at-bat. This strong hitter earned seven hits, including three singles and four doubles.

The Louisville Lady Sluggers Arnold brought big competition in from Missouri, taking home runner-up honors against the SD Nationals. These Lady Sluggers went 4-0 in pool play, outscoring their opponents 33-11. Shutting down the competition defensively was Alayna White (2024, Wentzville, Mo.), OKC Challenge 16A’s MV-Pitcher. This incoming uncommitted junior worked through 21 innings, striking out 17 batters with 56-58 mph velocity. This RHP does a great job of working both sides of the zone, capitalizing primarily on her curveball.

Offensively for Louisville Lady Sluggers Arnold, Claire Shoemake (2026, Old Monroe, Mo.) stood out among her peers for her exceptional swing. Shoemake is a force at the plate due to her combination of speed and her ability to make strong connection. Shoemake has a short, simple cut that remains level all the way through contact, producing line drives. This incoming freshman scored five runs, knocking in two more, with a .500 average. Shoemake had eight hits, including seven singles, one double, and stole three bases.

Cyclones 16U Red is full of fierce competitors, finishing a hard fight in third place. On the roster, Kylee Fiddelke (2024, Colton, S.D.) led her team offensively. Shown in each of her 12 hits for the weekend, Fiddelke can put the ball to all areas of the field, with seven singles, four doubles, and one home run. Fiddelke earned a .632 average, scoring nine times for the Cyclones, and collecting five RBI. Teammate Tenley Rude (2023, Brandon S.D.) muscled up to the ball, driving it deep in the gaps. Often, Rude is keeping the rally going by sending a hard line to the fence. Rude smashed nine hits, several to the opposite field, including six singles, two doubles, and one triple. Rude has plus pop for power, with a solid lower half, and a smooth cut.

Cailtyn Hoff (2024, Hartford, S.D.) is an elite two-way player for Cyclones 16U Red. This RHP dominated the circle, sitting down 24 eager opponents in 18 innings, earning a 1.39 ERA. Hoff spins 54-56 mph velocity, but what makes her successful is a deceptive changeup that drops to 41 mph, leaving batters lunging. At the plate, Hoff helped herself out by scoring six times and knocking in an additional 11 runs. Hoff has a strong lower half and an above-average feel for the barrel as proven in her nine hits. Hoff will absolutely be college-ready come 2026. Another showstopper in the circle for the Cyclones is Jacey Hayen (2023, Sioux Falls, S.D.), who worked through 16 innings, striking out 16 batters.

Another two-way player is Natalie Klenda (2024, Wichita, Kan.), a pitcher for 316 Elite 16a Derrico. Klenda struck 10 batters out in 11 innings of work, only giving up five walks, earning a 1.55 ERA. At the plate, Klenda produced 10 hits, with a .714 average, including eight singles, one double, and one triple. She has an above-average zone IQ, walking five times. She helped her cause with five runs and five RBI. Alongside her was Carly Lee (2023, Rose Hill, Kan.) of 316 Elite 16a Derrico. This incoming senior smashed out 11 hits: seven singles and four doubles. Lee crossed the pay station five times and added six RBI.

Addison Burdorf (2026, Bennington, Neb.), a RHP for Nebraska Thunder 14U – Pechar/Lutmer, brings the heat in the circle with a 58-60 mph velocity, capitalizing on a jumpy rise that keeps batters chasing. This incoming freshman has massive potential and will absolutely hold her own at the collegiate level in the circle. In 16 innings, Burdorf struck out 19 batters with her elite rise. Huge future for this prospect.

Jaelynn Tunley (2025, Blue Springs, Mo.) of KS Ambush 05 is a RHP who is well on her way to greatness. Tunley struck out 12 batters in 16 innings, earning a 1.5 ERA. Just finishing her freshman year, Tunley has enough time to strengthen her lower half and increase her spin and movement in the circle. At the plate, Tunley has just as much potential, having earned a .563 average with nine hits. Most impressive is her running IQ, as Tunley stole eight bases this weekend with top speed and an OBP of .632.

-Brianna Brooks

Right-handed pitcher Danicah Tobin (2026, Mount Vernon, Ill.) with Missouri Bombers 08 keeps her mix of six pitches between 58-60 mph range. She shows a strong poker face as she closes out her surroundings and closes in on the batter. She keeps it consistent and every pitch complements the next. Tobin showed great strength with her outcome of the weekend having pitched 20 innings, striking out 16, and only walking 5.

Shortstop for St. Louis Chaos ’08 Backsmeyer, Kensington Arringdale (2026, Ankeny, Iowa) has such a flow about her movement on the field. She has a low stance to keep her plays quick, but keeps her feet quick and covers a wide range. She has soft hands to keep her slap coverage swift and steady.

Kate Reid (2025, Collinsville, Okla.) with Epic Premier X07 is another dependable shortstop out showcasing her talents. She shows brisk footwork to covering second on a stolen base attempt. She covers an extensive amount of ground at the position and does so confidently. Reid keeps her slap cover smooth and even all around.

Parker Kittrell (2025, Corsicana, Texas) is a sound hitter. She shows confidence walking into the batter’s box, and backs it up with a solid, level barrel. Kittrell does the job by adjusting her stance and hands to drive the ball no matter the placement in the zone. Overall, she was a reliable spot in the Texas Glory 2526 lineup, capping out the weekend hitting .300+ with 5 singles, 1 double, and 2 home runs, while tallying 7 RBI in the books.

Addison Cole (2026, Kansas City, Mo.) has height and she knows how to use it at first base. Cole has a strong and steady stretch, paired with a big glove, making her a well-rounded defender. She keeps that strength going with a dynamic and controlled swing in the batter's box. Cole is a danger to any opponent facing the KC Bombers 14u.

Pryme 25/26-National’s very own Ellie Terrel (2025, Perkins, Okla.) shows a solid awareness in the batter's box. She does a great job of reading the pitch and making the adjustment in her swing to guarantee contact. Terrel makes herself a tough out and not a lot of strikes go by her barrel.

Grecia Bazaldua (2024, Killeen, Texas) is an all-around aggressive defender. She has a quick first step to give herself an advantage on tracking down the ball in center field. Bazaldua shows strong coverage of the green, and is fearless of the fence. Bazaldua was spotted robbing a home run over the dead center fence and making a shallow diving catch in the same inning.

Addie Gendill (2022, Arvada, Colo.) with Batbusters Sandoval was a dominant five-spot batter, batting .300+ over the weekend with 2 home runs and 5 RBI. Gendill showed strong and solid connection with her bat. Whether the ball was hit for a base hit or an out, it was hit hard every time.

Emma Chavez (2022, Odessa, Texas) shows plus speed and smart baserunning for Next Level TX. Chavez’s speed paired with her ability to place a slap in 5/6 hole makes her a fearsome batter for any defense. If given the chance, Chavez will always take advantage of the extra base. Now from the right side of the box, Chavez has a sound barrel that recorded 2 home runs over weekend, one being a grand slam to assure her team the win Saturday night.

Rylee Anglen (2022, Skiatook, Okla.) was a force to be reckoned with in the batter’s box for Tulsa Elite 18u- Wood. She had a sharp read of her defense and made the necessary adjustments to guarantee a spot on base. Over the weekend, Anglen batted .600+ with a .700+ on-base percentage. Her plus speed and ability to power slap to the green or drop a bunt when needed proved she is an all-around batter.

Brooklyn Ellis (2023, Muskogee, Okla.) with the Oklahoma Intimidators Green/Rogers was the full package, batting .500+ with 3 singles, 4 doubles, 1 triple and 7 RBI for the weekend. Ellis showed great discipline in the batter's box and raked when she got the chance. Defensively as a first baseman, Ellis showed great athleticism with her ability to pick it and stretch. In the circle, she dominated with her unexpected movement and speed. In just 17 innings pitched she had 21 strikeouts and only 2 walks.

Catcher Monica Franklin (2023, Broken Arrow, Okla.) with SPI 18u Elite has a strong wrist with quick framework. She has a lively pop and an alert arm to any base. Franklin had a lightning drop to the knees to block any and all balls in the dirt. It was a rare occasion that a ball got past her.

-Molly Reyes