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All-Time HS Dream Teams

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Photo: Bobby Witt Jr (Perfect Game)
Each year as Perfect Game looks toward the high school baseball season, it puts together a preview for each of the nine regions in the United States: Florida, Pacific, Texahoma, Southeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Great Plains, Northeast, and Northwest. You can find the 2020 High School Preview Index here.

As part of these previews, Perfect Game has put together a regional “dream team” each year since 2012, made up of the top players in the region as constructed into a roster of eight position players, five pitchers, and one utility player.

Traditionally, as one could imagine, the Florida and Southeast regions tend to produce the most talent. Texahoma and the Pacific also claim a lot of talent.

The following is a list of 10 of the best “dream teams” of the past nine years, across all nine regions. There is hesitation in saying this is a list of *the* best 10, because there is a strong amount of opinion that was used. This 10 may not be someone else’s 10.

There is a small amount of bias that inherently sneaks into these teams. The groups dating back to 2012 have the advantage of having MLB debuts next to their name. However, a first round draft pick from 2012 or 2013 who hasn’t panned out yet may hurt the group.

Conversely, a pair of 2020 dream teams make this list. They have the disadvantage of not having MLB careers yet, but the advantage of having everything in front of them and just their class rankings to go off of.

The plan was to strike a balance between all of those factors. Prospect rankings, position rankings, draft position, success after the draft.

It was really difficult to narrow this down to 10 teams. In the process, dream teams from the Southwest that included Matthew Liberatore and Nolan Gorman were left off, for example.

For the most part, depth won out over one or two studs on a dream team. A region with four or five first round picks with 10 or so top-100 prospects won out over a region with a pair of top-10 talents who have made an impact in the MLB. Again, this is an exercise that looked to balance who the players are now on top of how they were looked at when the original dream team preview was published when they were in high school.

Here are the 10 dream teams, in order from most recent to oldest. Click on the name of each dream team to look at the original preview of the region:

2020 Southeast Dream Team

Pos. Player Class Overall Rk Position Rk ST
C Alek Boychuk SR No. 76 No. 9 GA
1B Blaze Jordan SR No. 2 No. 2 MS
MIF Brady House JR No. 1 No. 1 GA
MIF Cayden Wallace SR No. 23 No. 4 AR
3B Jordan Walker SR No. 1 No. 1 GA
OF Robert Hassell III SR No. 14 No. 7 TN
OF Braylon Bishop JR No. 5 No. 2 AR
OF Slade Wilks SR No. 35 No. 10 MS
SP Ty Floyd SR No. 34 No. 11 GA
SP Ryan Hagenow SR No. 25 No. 9 TN
SP Markevian Hence SR No. 60 No. 17 AR
SP Dylan Lesko SO No. 1 No. 1 GA
SP Will Sanders SR No. 49 No. 14 GA
UT Kemp Alderman SR No. 45 No. 2 (1B) MS

The depth of high-end talent in the 2020 Southeast group is impossible to keep off this list. Hence being the lowest-ranked prospect on the team is absurd. There are seven Perfect Game All-Americans in the group, with three more on the way in coming years with House, Bishop, and Lesko. Walker, House, and Lesko give this group No. 1 overall prospects in three consecutive classes.

2020 Florida Dream Team

Pos. Player Class Overall Rk Position Rk ST
C Mac Guscette SR No. 52 No. 5 FL
1B CJ Kayfus SR No. 67 No. 14 FL
MIF Yohandy Morales SR No. 27 No. 3 FL
MIF Michael Brooks SR No. 86 No. 19 FL
3B Coby Mayo SR No. 17 No. 3 FL
OF Dylan Crews SR No. 9 No. 3 FL
OF Zac Veen SR No. 13 No. 6 FL
OF Brandon Fields SR No. 26 No. 8 FL
SP Ryan Bruno SR No. 30 No. 2 FL
SP Victor Mederos SR No. 22 No. 7 FL
SP Mason Miller SR No. 94 No. 8 FL
SP Carson Montgomery SR No. 15 No. 5 FL
SP Alejandro Rosario SR No. 21 No. 6 FL
UT Grayson Moore SR No. 89 No. 17 (OF) FL

11 Perfect Game All-Americans scatter this roster, which yes, only spans the state of Florida. The state is an embarrassment of riches. Like the 2020 Southeast Dream Team, there isn't a single prospect that lands outside of the top-100.

2019 Texahoma Dream Team

Pos. Player Overall Rk Position Rk Draft School
C Drew Romo No. 19 No. 1 2020 LSU
1B Brett Baty No. 9 No. 1 12th overall, Mets Signed
MIF Masyn Winn No. 18 No. 2 2020 Arkansas
MIF Bobby Witt Jr No. 1 No. 1 2nd overall, Royals Signed
3B Trey Faltine No. 52 No. 14 None Texas
OF Jace Bohrofen No. 38 No. 11 2020 Oklahoma
OF Sam Thompson No. 134 No. 25 None TCU
OF Logan Britt No. 73 No. 15 Rd 35, White Sox Texas A&M
SP Matthew Thompson No. 22 No. 8 Rd 2, White Sox Signed
SP JJ Goss No. 13 No. 5 36th overall, Rays Signed
SP William Rigney No. 55 No. 20 Rd 38, Giants Baylor
SP Jared Kelley No. 4 No. 1 2020 Texas
SP Kale Davis No. 82 No. 27 None Ok State
UT Bryce Osmond No. 30 No. 10 (RHP) Rd 35, Nationals Ok State

The 2019 Texahoma Dream Team produced three first round picks in last year's draft, including the No. 2 overall pick in Witt. Winn and Kelley give this group another two potential first round picks in this year's draft. There are also 10 Perfect Game All-Americans on the roster, including four of the five pitchers.

2018 Florida Dream Team

Pos. Player Overall Rk Position Rk Draft School
C Adrian Del Castillo No. 136 No. 12 Rd 36, White Sox Miami
1B Triston Casas No. 14 No. 1 26th overall, Red Sox Signed
MIF Nander De Sedas No. 6 No. 2 Rd 29, Brewers Florida State
MIF Xavier Edwards No. 19 No. 6 38th overall, Padres Signed
3B Rece Hinds No. 11 No. 3 Rd 2, Reds Signed
OF Jud Fabian No. 13 No. 4 None Florida
OF Riley Greene No. 3 No. 1 5th overall, Tigers Signed
OF Connor Scott No. 15 No. 2 13th overall, Miami Signed
SP Slade Cecconi No. 39 No. 14 Rd 38, Orioles Miami
SP Joseph Charles No. 35 No. 12 Rd 25, Mets UNC
SP Mason Denaburg No. 11 No. 4 27th overall, Nationals Signed
SP Jonathan Gates No. 54 No. 5 None Miami
SP Carter Stewart No. 3 No. 2 8th overall, Braves Signed
UT Hunter Barco No. 14 No. 1 (LHP) Rd 24, Mets Miami

The 2019 Florida Dream Team could possibly be the most loaded team on this list, top to bottom. There are 13 Perfect Game All-Americans among 14 team members. The one member not named to the All-American Game, Del Castillo, was a Freshman All-American at Miami last year after hitting .331 and starting every game behind the plate. Seven players signed out of this group, including six first rounders.

2018 Southeast Dream Team

Pos. Player Overall Rk Position Rk Draft School
C Will Banfield No. 10 No. 1 Rd 2, Miami Signed
1B Blaze Jordan No. 2 No. 1 2020 Mississippi State
MIF CJ Abrams No. 2 No. 2 6th overall, Padres Signed
MIF Jeremiah Jackson No. 16 No. 5 Rd 2, Angels Signed
3B Kendall Logan Simmons No. 30 No. 7 Rd 6, Phillies Signed
OF Ryder Green No. 53 No. 12 Rd 3, Yankees Signed
OF Parker Meadows No. 25 No. 5 Rd 2, Detroit Signed
OF Joe Gray Jr No. 20 No. 3 Rd 2, Brewers Signed
SP JT Ginn No. 24 No. 8 30th overall, Dodgers Mississippi State
SP Ethan Hankins No. 2 No. 1 35th overall, Indians Signed
SP Kumar Rocker No. 8 No. 3 Rd 38, Rockies Vanderbilt
SP Ryan Weathers No. 7 No. 2 7th overall, Padres Signed
SP Cole Wilcox No. 18 No. 6 None Georgia
UT Anthony Seigler No. 17 No. 2 (C) 23rd overall, Yankees Signed

One player outside of the top-50 overall class rankings on this list. Yes, one. That's Green, who was a third round draft pick of the Yankees. Ginn spurned the Dodgers to instead go to MSU, and looks to be an All-American this year. Baseball fans know Rocker, who truly announced himself last year in postseason play at Vanderbilt. Jordan also appears on this list as a freshman, after also being listed on the 2020 Southeast Dream Team.

2017 Pacific Dream Team

Pos. Player Overall Rk Position Rk Draft School
C Kameron Guangorena No. 67 No. 6 Rd 36, Blue Jays Cal State Fullerton
1B Nicholas Pratto No. 24 No. 2 14th overall, Royals Signed
MIF Royce Lewis No. 3 No. 2 1st overall, Twins Signed
MIF Nick Allen No. 12 No. 3 Rd 3, A's Signed
3B Brice Turang No. 13 No. 4 21st overall, Brewers Signed
OF Calvin Mitchell No. 10 No. 3 Rd 2, Pirates Signed
OF Garrett Mitchell No. 32 No. 10 Rd 14, A's UCLA
OF Je'Von Carrier-Ward No. 71 No. 17 Rd 12, Brewers Signed
SP Hans Crouse No. 9 No. 2 Rd 2, Rangers Signed
SP Hagen Danner No. 30 No. 8 Rd 2, Blue Jays Signed
SP Jeremiah Estrada No. 46 No. 14 Rd 6, Cubs Signed
SP Kyle Hurt No. 27 No. 6 Rd 34, Phillies USC
SP Daniel Ritcheson No. 85 No. 29 Rd 23, Blue Jays San Diego State
UT Hunter Greene No. 1 No. 1 (SS) 2nd overall, Reds Signed

It's impossible to leave off a team that had four of the top-21 draft picks in the 2017 MLB Draft, including the first two picks in Lewis and Greene. There are 10 Perfect Game All-Americans in the group, as well.

2016 Midwest Dream Team

Pos. Player Overall Rk Position Rk Draft School
C Ben Rortvedt No. 29 No. 2 Rd 2, Twins Signed
1B TJ Collett No. 73 No. 5 Rd 40, Twins Kentucky
MIF Gavin Lux No. 11 No. 2 20th overall, Dodgers Signed
MIF Tyler Fitzgerald No. 42 No. 11 Rd 4, Giants Louisville
3B Cal Coughlin No. 118 No. 41 None TCU
OF Jaren Shelby No. 52 No. 8 None Kentucky
OF Jarred Kelenic No. 4 No. 1 6th overall, Mets Signed
OF Jordan McFarland No. 99 No. 11 Rd 36, Nationals Arkansas
SP Karl Kauffmann No. 72 No. 26 Rd 2, Rockies Michigan
SP Skylar Szynski No. 66 No. 23 Rd 4, A's Signed
SP Easton McGee No. 54 No. 16 Rd 4, Rays Signed
SP Drake Fellows No. 70 No. 25 Rd 6, Padres Vanderbilt
SP Nate Brown No. 116 No. 39 Rd 40, Yankees Arizona
UT Jordon "Jo" Adell No. 2 No. 1 (OF) 10th overall, Angels Signed

While this team may not have the overall depth of some of the Florida or Southeast squads, it is impossible to keep the 2016 Midwest Dream Team off this list when it includes Lux, who has already made his MLB debut, Kelenic, who is a top-10 prospect heading into this year, and Adell, who is a top-5 prospect. Fitzgerald and Kauffmann both attended school and have since been drafted out of Louisville and Michigan, respectively.

2013 Pacific Dream Team

Pos. Player Overall Rk Position Rk Draft MLB Debut
C Alex Jackson No. 4 No. 1 6th overall, Mariners 2019
1B Dominic Smith No. 4 No. 1 11th overall, Mets 2017
MIF John Paul Crawford No. 6 No. 1 16th overall, Phillies 2017
MIF Trae Arbet No. 72 No. 3 Rd 5, Pirates None
3B Ryan McMahon No. 25 No. 2 Rd 2, Rockies 2017
OF Jordan Paroubeck No. 53 No. 11 Rd 2, Padres None
OF Dane McFarland No. 74 No. 16 Rd 12, DBacks None
OF Scott Hurst No. 62 No. 15 Rd 3, Cardinals None
SP Carlos Salazar No. 34 No. 8 Rd 3, Braves None
SP Ian Clarkin No. 12 No. 3 33rd overall, Yankees None
SP Jonah Wesely No. 41 No. 8 Rd 11, Angels None
SP Matt Krook No. 16 No. 4 Rd 4, Giants None
SP Trevin Haseltine No. 76 No. 19 None None
UT Christopher Rivera No. 42 No. 6 (SS) Rd 7, Cardinals None

Much like the 2016 Midwest Dream Team, the top-end talent in the 2013 Pacific group is too good to ignore. There are four MLB players in the group, while team-wide every prospect was listed as a top-100 player in his graduating class.

2012 Florida Dream Team

Pos. Player Overall Rk Position Rk Draft MLB Debut
C Zack Collins No. 31 No. 5 10th overall, White Sox 2019
1B Keon Barnum No. 40 No. 1 48th overall, White Sox None
MIF Spencer Trayner No. 163 No. 24 Rd 25, Cardinals None
MIF Addison Russell No. 20 No. 3 11th overall, A's 2015
3B Eric Neitzel No. 98 No. 6 None None
OF Jesse Winker No. 15 No. 5 49th overall, Reds 2017
OF Albert Almora No. 9 No. 4 6th overall, Cubs 2016
OF Lewis Brinson No. 16 No. 6 29th overall, Rangers 2017
SP Walker Weickel No. 10 No. 3 55th overall, Padres None
SP Carson Fulmer No. 57 No. 22 8th overall, White Sox 2016
SP Zach Eflin No. 19 No. 7 33rd overall, Padres 2016
SP Nick Travieso No. 34 No. 11 14th overall, Reds None
SP Robert Whalen No. 134 No. 46 Rd 12, Mets 2016
UT Lance McCullers No. 4 No. 2 41st overall, Astros 2015

There are nine Big Leaguers on this team, including three (Russell, Almora, McCullers) who have World Series rings already. The amount of MLB players this group has produced is impressive, but the group looked just as loaded before they were pros. 11 of the 14 from the 2012 Florida Dream Team ended up being first round picks.

2012 Southeast Dream Team

Pos. Player Overall Rk Position Rk Draft MLB Debut
C Stryker Trahan No. 35 No. 2 26th overall, DBacks None
1B Matt Olson No. 100 No. 3 47th overall, A's 2016
MIF Jordan Ebert No. 138 No. 9 None None
MIF Gavin Cecchini No. 21 No. 1 12th overall, Mets 2016
3B J.T. Phillips No. 190 No. 68 Rd 18, Rangers None
OF Byron Buxton No. 3 No. 1 2nd overall, Twins 2015
OF David Dahl No. 8 No. 3 10th overall, Rockies 2016
OF Jameis Winston No. 48 No. 10 Rd 15, Rangers None
SP Duane Underwood No. 14 No. 4 Rd 2, Cubs 2018
SP Lucas Sims No. 17 No. 5 21st overall, Braves 2017
SP Clate Schmidt No. 31 No. 10 Rd 20, Tigers None
SP Tucker Simpson No. 104 No. 38 Rd 39, Orioles None
SP Matthew Crownover No. 62 No. 7 Rd 6, Nationals None
UT Kyle Carter No. 92 No. 20 None None

There are a number of big names in this group, maybe none bigger than Winston, who was the No. 1 overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. Beyond him, Olson earned an MVP vote last year and already has a pair of Gold Gloves. Buxton has a Wilson Overall Defensive Player of the Year award on his shelf, and Dahl hit .302 for the Rockies last year. This turned out to be an extremely talented group on the top.

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