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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Houston Pickups (5-0-1 in 2024) 10AAA Tomball, TX Chris Pope
Champion Houston Warriors-Blue (20-13-0 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Andy Baize
Runner-Up Banditos 11U Lasseter (6-3-1 in 2024) 11AA Magnolia, TX Zach Lasseter
Runner-Up Clutch City Baseball (10-15-0 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Gabriel Maldonado
  Ad Baseball Black (22-17-1 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Alex Diaz
  Black Gold (1-14-0 in 2024) 11AA Friendswood , TX Jason Parrish
  Channelview crushers-Red (21-16-1 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Mike Cardoza
  Cutters Baseball (7-18-2 in 2024) 11AA Pearland, TX Eddie Valenzuela
  Gladiators - HTX 11u (1-10-1 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Trenton Cummings
  M2 Baseball 11U Black (6-20-1 in 2024) 11AA Waller, TX Cody Morgan
  Sabers Baseball (12-13-1 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Sam Jefferson
  Sandlot Kingz (13-11-0 in 2024) 11AAA Freeport, TX Juan Isais
  Team Nation (24-14-1 in 2024) 11AA Missouri City, TX Calvin Medlock
  Texas Bluechips 11u Navy (5-15-1 in 2024) 11AA Houston, TX Josh Jones
  TEXAS BLUES NAVY (10-15-0 in 2024) 11AA Spring, TX Anthony Smith
  Victory Baseball Association (8-11-3 in 2024) 11AA Montgomery, TX Jacob Kettner
  Wow Factor Southwest - 2033 (12-11-1 in 2024) 10AAA Southwest, TX Rico Villareal

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend