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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion D-town (2-2-0 in 2024) 8AA Diboll, TX David Espino
Champion New Age (13-5-1 in 2024) 8AAA Spring, TX Vance Fields
Runner-Up Angleton Assassins 8U (11-17-0 in 2024) 8AA Angleton, TX Rick Garcia
Runner-Up Apex Vipers 8u (3-18-0 in 2024) 8AA Fulshear, TX Luis Pollorena
  Crosby Owlz Pogue (7-5-0 in 2024) 8AA Crosby, TX Chase Pogue
  Gladiators - HTX 8u (2-7-0 in 2024) 8AA Houston, TX Trenton Cummings
  Houston Angels 8u (16-19-0 in 2024) 8AA Houston, TX David Barajas
  Houston C2 8u (23-8-1 in 2024) 8AA Deer Park, TX Ruben Olguin
  Houston Rebels (6-10-0 in 2024) 8AA Houston, TX Rudy Reyes
  Katy Bombers 8U (11-22-1 in 2024) 8AA Katy, TX Kristian Trompiz
  OutKasts Baseball (1-2-0 in 2024) 8AA Richmond, TX Jerett Delahoussaye
  Renegades Red (12-13-0 in 2024) 8AA Spring, TX Carlos Acosta
  Texas Bluechips 8u (0-8-0 in 2024) 8AA Missouri City, TX Josh Jones
  Texas Dynasty Arellano (10-6-1 in 2024) 8AA Lufkin, TX Joey Arellano
  Thunder 8U Callihan (17-17-2 in 2024) 8AA Houston, TX Michael Callihan
  USA Prime Expos - Echo Red (3-12-1 in 2024) 8AA Pearland, TX Shane Timmons
  ZT Gold Rush 8u (11-17-0 in 2024) 8AA Houston, TX Maira Bernal

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend