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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Champion Lynx 12u Alan (5-16-1 in 2024) 12AA Spring, TX Alan Dick
Champion Texas Bluechips 12u (18-9-4 in 2024) 12AAA Houston, TX Josh Jones
Runner-Up Advantage Baseball_ Rocha (8-11-0 in 2024) 12AA Cypress, TX Juan Rocha
Runner-Up TSB (7-19-0 in 2024) 12AA Houston, TX Chris Gonzales
  All Americans-Medina (1-11-0 in 2024) 12AA Katy, TX Gabriel Medina
  AP Express Ward (5-14-1 in 2024) 12AA Montgomery, TX Tommy Ward
  Coyotes (0-3-0 in 2024) 12AA Klein, TX John Foudy
  Eagles - Valdez (9-21-0 in 2024) 12AA Cypress, TX Adam Valdez
  Eil Spartans 12u gold (0-8-1 in 2024) 12AA Montgomery , TX Justin Graham Gerald
  Houston Mustangs 12u (4-19-0 in 2024) 12AA HOUSTON, TX Rudy Rodriguez
  Houston Thunder 12u (18-12-0 in 2024) 12AA Cypress, TX, TX Eric Pizano
  Houston Warriors-Red (14-9-0 in 2024) 12AA Houston, TX Andy Baize
  Humble Titans (9-6-2 in 2024) 12AA Humble, TX Angel Hernandez
  Nation Elite (11-12-0 in 2024) 12AA Missouri City, TX Calvin Medlock
  OPA JAYS - Cullivan (14-16-1 in 2024) 12AA Cypress, TX Waskyla Cullivan
  OPA JAYS - Martinez (12-20-0 in 2024) 12AA Cypress, TX Raul Martinez
  Rivalry 12u Roliard (12-11-0 in 2024) 12AA Tomball, TX Kevin Roliard
  South Central Grays (6-7-0 in 2024) 12AA Houston , TX Kendall Curry
  Texas Elite Lobos (2-13-0 in 2024) 12AA Spring, TX Ryan Hayes
  USA Prime Expos - Alpha Red (5-11-1 in 2024) 12AA Pearland, TX Shane Timmons
  WBA 12u Eddie (12-9-0 in 2024) 12AA Spring, TX Angel Romero

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend