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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
13u Kerrville Indians - F. Russ (8-15-1 in 2023) 13AAA Kerrville, TX Freddy Russ
5 Star TGBA Elite (17-28-1 in 2023) 13AAA McDonough, GA Keith Wilson
Cavalry Baseball (9-20-0 in 2023) 13AA Cleburne, TX Sheldon Paramore
Dallas Tigers Waco - Lopez (18-8-0 in 2023) 13Major McGregor, TX Alberto Lopez
DiamondJAX (19-14-2 in 2023) 13Major Central, MS Jordan King
Dunwoody Diablos 13U Adams-England (2-8-0 in 2023) 13AA Dunwoody , GA Demarcus Adams-England
Dunwoody Diablos 13U Smith (15-12-0 in 2023) 13AAA Dunwoody, GA Kyle Smith
Kennesaw Generals (31-15-2 in 2023) 13AAA Kennesaw, GA Shawn Adams
Kentucky Storm (5-2-0 in 2023) 13AA Richmond, KY Jeff Carter
Louisiana Generals (2-5-0 in 2023) 13AA Covington, LA Scott Bastion
Missouri Angels (5-6-0 in 2023) 13AA Carl Junction, MO Zachary Bronson
NAYB Eagles (3-5-1 in 2023) 13AA Niceville, FL Juan Bonilla
Rawlings Arkansas Prospects Premier (8-0-0 in 2023) 13Major Sherwood, AR Drew Menard
Rawlings Tigers- Porter (1-6-0 in 2023) 13AA Tulsa, OK Chris Porter
Revs' Select (3-7-0 in 2023) 13AA Mandeville, LA Lance Lecorgne
SBG SOX 13u Dobson (5-3-1 in 2023) 13AA Hattiesburg, MS Tyler Dobson
Sharon Springs Academy Spartans - Soliday (6-6-0 in 2023) 13AAA Cumming, GA David Soliday
Team Elite 13U Prospects (22-15-3 in 2023) 13AAA Atlanta, GA Brad Bouras
Team Louisiana 5 Star Navy (5-3-0 in 2023) 13AAA Erath, LA Jeremy Picard
Texas Swag Baseball (17-16-1 in 2023) 13AAA Houston, TX Rafael Pantoja
Texas Twelve Katy Black 13u (24-18-0 in 2023) 13AAA Katy, TX Jacob Sarabia
The Hood 13U (44-23-1 in 2023) 13AAA Smyrna, GA Levi Crowdis
Twin City Wood Goats (9-8-0 in 2023) 13AAA Soddy Daisy, TN Jim Higgins
Urban South Brewers (3-10-0 in 2023) 13AAA New Orleans, LA Eric Stephens
West Ga. Bombers 13u Prospects (28-9-0 in 2023) 13AAA Carrollton, GA Steven Dunham
West Ga. Bombers Elite (12-23-0 in 2023) 13AA Carrollton , GA Preston James
WFBA 13U (25-8-0 in 2023) 13AAA Pensacola, FL Philip Hiatt

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend