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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
14U Cruz Baseball (18-14-1 in 2023) 14AA Houston, TX Jose Enrique Cruz
Banditos Silver (14-33-0 in 2023) 14AA Tomball , TX Shaun Reynolds
Bombers-Murry (0-0-0 in 2023) 14AA Shelbyville, TX Mick Murry
Building Champions - Wasinger (19-14-1 in 2023) 14AAA Overland Park, KS Randy Wasinger
Chicago Elite-Johnson (0-0-0 in 2023) 14Major FRANKFORT, IL Paul Johnson
Cincinnati Force Baseball Club (0-0-0 in 2023) 14AAA Cincinnati , OH Clayton Reynolds
Dallas Tiger Waco - Lopez (18-7-1 in 2023) 14Major McGregor, TX Alberto Lopez
Designated Hitters (8-2-0 in 2023) 14Major LaGrange, GA Charles Mosley
Dunwoody Diablos 14U Bass (9-4-1 in 2023) 14Major Dunwoody, GA Tom Bass
Dunwoody Diablos 14U Wisner (2-4-1 in 2023) 14AA Dunwoody, GA Kevin Wisner
Franklin Force (1-2-0 in 2023) 14AA College Grove, TN Kevin Heath
Kentucky Platinum (0-0-0 in 2023) 14AAA Hebron, KY Lou Brunkel
Klutch (0-0-0 in 2023) 14AA Clarksville, TN Chris Snodgrass
Louisiana Crushers (0-0-0 in 2023) 14AA Zachary, LA Frankie Aguillard
Maximum Elite Grays (1-2-0 in 2023) 14AA Montgomery, AL Cory Wooten
McHenry Cobras (0-0-0 in 2023) 14AAA McHenry, IL Bryan Riley
Meta Baseball (0-0-0 in 2023) 14AAA Central Arkansas, AR Kirk Anderton
Southeast Sliders (0-0-0 in 2023) 14AA Greensburg, IN Jackie Bishop
State Line Stars 14u Sedlar (1-1-1 in 2023) 14AAA TEMPERANCE, MI Todd Sedlar
Titans Baseball (8-5-0 in 2023) 14AAA Leavenworth, KS Kevin Boden
West Ga. Bombers 14u Elite (23-11-0 in 2023) 14AAA Carrollton, GA Lee Allen
West Ga. Bombers 14u Prospect (6-7-0 in 2023) 14AAA Carrollton, GA Sean Yeomans

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend