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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
10U Kerrville Indians - C. Russ (8-8-1 in 2023) 10AAA Kerrville, TX Chris Russ
Atlanta Diamondbacks 10U (15-4-1 in 2023) 10AAA Loganville, GA Ollin Dunford
Border City Backs (0-0-0 in 2023) 10AA Ashdown , AR Tyler Sheppard
Buckhead Bucks (1-2-0 in 2023) 10AA Atlanta, GA Bobby Kittle
Chosen Few 10U (0-0-0 in 2023) 10AAA Oklahoma , OK Travis Earnhart
Clubhouse Baseball 10u Blue (0-2-1 in 2023) 10AA Pace, FL Josh Pahlad
Gold Culture (11-12-0 in 2023) 10AAA Shreveport , LA Alex Naiser
Gps Legends 10u Slocum (26-25-3 in 2023) 10Major Round Rock, TX Robert Slocum
Home Plate Chili Dogs 10U Weeks/Thompson (10-10-0 in 2023) 10AAA Fayetteville, GA Brandon Weeks
Houston Rampage (28-16-2 in 2023) 10AA Houston, TX Aj Santa Rita
Pelicans Baseball Club 10u Brown (8-5-0 in 2023) 10AA CENTRAL, LA Trey McClure
Team Bullpen (6-2-0 in 2023) 10AA Monroe, GA Garrett Lussi
Texas Force 10U Gray (16-11-0 in 2023) 10AA Friendswood, TX Chris Scarcella
Texas Force 10U White (0-13-2 in 2023) 10AA Friendswood, TX Chris Scarcella
Walkoff Baseball - Moye (0-0-0 in 2023) 10A Broken Arrow, OK Cody Garrison

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend