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Attention coaches: Visit your team page to enter probable pitcher(s) for each game.
Participating Teams
Arkansas Chosen Few 11U (4-3-0 in 2023) 11AAA Fort Smith, AR Blayne Irvin
Ascension Select (12-6-0 in 2023) 11AAA St. Amant, LA Reid Bouchereau
Bambinos (5-18-0 in 2023) 11AA Angleton, TX Mackenzie Hammack
Black Warrior Brewers (10-2-0 in 2023) 11AA Coker, AL Chris Mason
Cavalry Baseball (4-8-0 in 2023) 11AA Cleburne, TX Drew Cagle
Cullman Baseball Academy (3-4-1 in 2023) 11AA Cullman, AL Matt Dellinger
Dirty South Jacks (15-15-0 in 2023) 11AA Williamson, GA Chad Brown
East Cobb Astros 11U Grey (21-15-1 in 2023) 11AAA MARIETTA, GA Dennis Yancey
Fusion Baseball (11-13-0 in 2023) 11AA Bremen, GA Jacob Sauls
GPS Legends 11U (18-17-2 in 2023) 11Major Round Rock, TX Jason Seaton
Houston Wildcatters - 11U - Schlosser (25-17-0 in 2023) 11AAA Houston, TX Alexander Schlosser
Jackhammer Baseball (4-5-0 in 2023) 11AAA Central , LA Jason Kinchen
Klutch 11u- Spielberg (7-13-2 in 2023) 11AA Chesterfield, MO Tony Spielberg
Knights Knation 11U - Akins (7-10-0 in 2023) 11AAA Madison, MS Tyler Akins
KSA Bombers - Red (1-6-0 in 2023) 11A Mount Washington, KY Daniel Tronzo
NTL - Rehberg 11U (4-5-1 in 2023) 11AA Gunter, TX Chad Rehberg
Prattville Predators (7-5-0 in 2023) 11AA Prattville, AL David Baxley
Sandbaggers 11U (8-6-0 in 2023) 11AAA Evans, GA Dean Carrigan
Shiner Stars (21-17-2 in 2023) 11AAA Shiner, TX Blue Hybner
Spring Hill Aces (2-5-0 in 2023) 11AA SPRING HILL, TN Pete Martin
Tennessee Drip (14-11-1 in 2023) 11AA Brentwood, TN Jay Dalton
Texas Brigade Baseball (15-23-0 in 2023) 11AAA Tomball, TX Adam Vetter
Tri Star Legends (11-2-3 in 2023) 11AA Murfreesboro, TN Steven Whittimore
West Ga. Bombers (14-28-3 in 2023) 11AA Carrollton, GA Mason Lord

Accepted Teams
*requested an invite and are approved to attend