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2023 Top Prospects

Dyron Solomon ( SOLO ) Davis  OF - 2023 - Houston, TX

It didn't take long to pick up on the obvious speed threat Davis poses, posting a 6.81 sixty yard dash time and carrying that tool over to create some chaos on the basepaths. He uses a middle of the field approach at the plate with compact hand speed in a developing 6-foot 170 pound frame.

Austin Linhart  RHP - 2023 - Sugar Land, TX

Linhart impressed at multiple spots over the course of the event, running his FB up to 82 mph as a primary RHP showcasing an uptempo delivery and solid downhill extension. He was able to maintain velocity and provide value in the OF as well as across the diamond with bat speed present on the offensive end posting an exit velo of 80 mph.

2024 Top Prospects

Parker Asturi  C - 2024 - Lewisville, TX

Asturi made himself known as a staple behind the dish, posting a 1.96 pop time with a quick compact arm action and transfers that remained in line down to 2B. He gained ground effectively in the footwork with arm strength topping out at 77 mph. Offensively, the big 5-foot-11 200 pound righty displayed some hover in the lower half with the ability to consistently create carry to the pull side.

Mekhi Brewer  OF - 2024 - Hobbs, NM

Athleticism is the first thing that stands out when looking at Brewer, as the primary OF flashed natural ability regardless of where he was on the field. He topped out at 84 mph on the bump, displaying a clean arm action with swing and miss stuff present in the arsenal. The 6-foot-2 190 pound righty generated juice to the middle pull side of the field on the offensive end, posting an exit velo of 84 mph.

2025 Top Prospects

Tate Elliott  C - 2025 - Midlothian, TX

Elliott is an interesting '25 name with young tools to project on, as the 6-foot-2 180 pound righty flashed quick clean exchanges behind the dish with a repeatable compact arm action, posting a 1.97 pop time. Though not usually a pitcher, Elliott ran his FB up to 83 mph with a loose free arm stroke for swing and miss. Offensively, the switch hitter showed line drive tendencies from both sides with feel for the barrel, posting an exit velo of 84 mph.

Xorian Robinson  SS - 2025 - El Dorado, AR

Robinson looked smooth and effortless from his primary IF spot, as the medium framed 6-foot 165 pound prospect remained on top of throws and displayed soft hands ultimately topping out at 80 mph across the diamond. From a wider stance at the dish, he flashed bat speed through the zone and generated impact to the middle of the field, posting an exit velo of 77 mph.

Braxton Robertson  SS - 2025 - Texarkana, AR

Robertson is another young name to watch, as the still projecting 5-foot-10 175 pound IF prospect displayed range and clean footwork both in workouts and in game over the course of his event. Topping out at 80 mph across the diamond and 82 mph on the mound, Robertson has developing arm strength with a simple middle of the field line drive approach at the dish.

Reginald Samuel II  3B - 2025 - Cedar Hill, TX

Samuel ll displayed active feet as a primary corner IF, flashing athletic actions with the ability to change arm slots when needed, topping out at 78 mph across the diamond. On the mound, the strong framed 5-foot-10 195 pound righty ran it up to 84 mph and worked downhill well, mixing an 11-5 breaker with late bite to it. He generated hard contact at the plate when timed up and posted an exit velo of 81 mph.

Peyton Dryman  C - 2025 - Saginaw, TX

Talk about a defensive asset, Dryman seemed to provide value all over the place starting from his primary spot behind the plate where the righty repeated the footwork well and released efficiently to post a 2.02 pop time. He also topped out at 80 mph from the OF and 79 mph on the mound, displaying a consistent clean arm action with present arm speed. He showcased a line drive bat path offensively with a contact oriented approach.

2026 Top Prospects

Jarvis Buchanan Jr  OF - 2026 - Fort Worth, TX

Buchanan Jr fits the definition of a true gamer, as the young framed 5-foot-9 137 pound prospect made numerous diving plays in LF to keep runs from scoring. He creates direct routes and covers ground well in the OF with developing arm strength to come. He flashed a contact oriented consistent approach at the dish and posted an exit velo of 83 mph.