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Scout Blogs
Green vs Maroon Highlights


Green vs Maroon Highlights 


Connor Manning(2021 Coral Springs, FL) has a methodical approach to pitching.  He wears hitters down with his mid to upper-80s fastball with natural cut, that is hard to square. The righthanded pitcher throws a slider that was up to 78 that is a go to offering. 


Shawn Perez(2020 Cutler Bay, FL) uses turbo sink that gets tons of weak groundballs.  He sits in the 85-88 range, and lives at the bottom of the zone. He uses a low-70s slider that shows promise to keep hitters off balance. He added a hard line drive 


Jeremy Weaver(2022 Winter Haven, FL) has a lively body that has lots of projection to it. He peaked at 84 and showed very good feel to spin a mid-70s slider. Excellent upside for the young righthanded pitcher. 


Jake Clemente(2022 Coral Springs, FL) has long arms and uses them well to get good extension on his 84-mph fastball.  The pitch shows some jump out of his hand while backing it up with a developing breaking ball in the 67-69 range.  He will have natural velocity jumps as he adds strength. 


Dylan Vega(2020 Pembroke Pines, FL) is a lanky righthanded pitcher who had easy innings showcasing a fastball up to 85 and a solid changeup with matching arm speeds. The uncommitted prospect showed some competitiveness and should be followed this fall. 


Steven Orduna(2021 Miami, FL) exhibited nice 2-way ability on Sunday.  He sat in the low-80s, throwing a 11/5 shaped curveball and a fading changeup.  The lefthanded pitcher had two of the quickest innings during the event.  He later added a hard, line drive single to the opposite field offensively.  


Gabriel Cruz(2020 Orlando, FL) and Ariel Rosario(2022 Miami, FL) continued to build on a strong weekend, both showing good barrel skills with opposite field singles. There games are similar with the ability to run and create offensive. 


Jakoby Stanley(2020 Coral Springs, FL) and Justin Quintana(2021 Miramar, FL) are both uncommitted and hit back to back in the order today.  They caused disruption and seemed to be in the middle of all the scoring.  They found hard barrels and created a lot of havoc on the base paths. 


Sebastian “Bazz” Jimenez (2020 Miami, FL) and Gunnett Carlson(2022 Tampa, FL) are both committed to Florida State and both hammered doubles during game play. Jimenez, a righthanded hitter, screamed a line drive past the third baseman down the leftfield line for an easy stand up double.  Carlson, a lefthanded hitter, put a charge into a ball that carried to the rightfield wall in a hurry.  



Aaron Saltsman(2021 Rockledge, FL) and Xavier Cintron(2021 Orlando, FL) both nailed base hits on Sunday. Saltsman is strongly built and uses balanced intent to explode on balls in the hitting zone.  Cintron has an excellent all fields approach that plays to his skill set extremely well. 


Alex Ulloa(2021 Cutler Bay, FL) continues to prove that he has some of the best defensive upside in the class. The shortstop made three separate plays that were noteable: a backhand deep in the hole that he seems to make on the routine, a catch-tag on a ground ball up the middle to start a would be double play, and he quickly cut a throw from the outfield that he turned into a back throw out to end an inning. His IQ is elite. 


Bryan Loriga(2021 Hialeah, FL) and McGwire Holbrook(2020 Orlando, FL) may battle for the best raw power at the event.  Both are exceptionally strong and can turn the barrel with authority. Loriga had a couple hits on the day and continues to show the ability to take his BP swing to games.  Holbrook showed a very creative adjustment in his base allowing him to hammer a line drive to the pull side.  He also threw out a would-be base stealer from his catcher’s position.  

Gold vs Navy Highlights


Gold vs Navy Game Highlights 


Grant Siegel(2021 Plantation, FL) is an uber athletic 2-way prospect who jumped on the mound today working between 83-87 with a fastball, showing good extension and creating tilt.  He mixed a big breaking curveball in the mid-70s that shows big promise. 


Nolan Schanuel(2020 Boynton Beach, FL) continues to impress with the bat. He has another two knocks that elite ability to make hand adjustments.  He was He added four stolen bases for good measure.  The lefthanded hitter continues to ring the bell. 


Jayden Melendez(2021 Palmetto Bay, FL) and Alex Freeland(2020 Cape Coral, FL) are both ranked in the top 50 prospects in the country by Perfect Game in their respective classes.  Melendez hit a line drive to the leftfield wall that came off the bat extremely well. He just missed a homerun that was caught at the wall and lined out as well.  Freeland hit a double, hitting from the right side, to the opposite field gap. He has done nothing but hit on the showcase circuit this summer. 


Marcus Franco(2021 Miramar, FL) and Aaron Deegan(2021 Largo, FL) both hammered extra base hits on Sunday.  Franco hit a mammoth double to the centerfield wall showing his elite hand strength, and the power is showing up consistently in games.  Deegan hit a towering, no doubt, homerun over the left field wall. He also jumped on the mound and threw two clean innings running his fastball up to 82. 


Sean Ambrose(2021 Miami, FL) and Dylan Brazil(2020 Lake Mary, FL) both get a lot out of their frames.  Ambrose uses a very direct path to center line drives, as he did today on an rbi hit to leftfield.  Brazil is tightly wound and unloads on pitches, especially middle in.  He hammered a line drive to right field and used his excellent speed to take two extra bases on the play.  


Edwin Arroyo-Agosto(2021 Arecibo, PR) and Cole Russo(2021 Tampa, FL) both put greats swings on balls during game play on Sunday.  Arroyo pounded a line drive to the pull side showing excellent bat speed that easily plays in games. Russo lifted a ball to the pull side gap that showed good carry off the bat.  


Kian Knutson(2020 Tampa, FL) continues to show why he is one of the top uncommitted prospects in the state.  He is a very good runner and shows great instincts in the outfield.  The righthanded hitter has a powerful swing that produced one of the loudest barrels of the day on a line drive that was 94 mph off the bat. 


Kohl Robertson(2021 Land O’ Lakes, FL) notched his third hit of the weekend, making a great hand adjustment on well located pitch down in the zone.  He is a versatile player that has a knack for barreling the baseball 


Austin Grause(2021 Tampa, FL) has elite arm speed and seems to get better every outing. There is easy projection as he gets stronger and stays in his legs consistently, but there is no question about his ability to “pitch” or spin a baseball.  Living in the upper-80s, he had two lightning quick innings on the bump. 


Tracy Mitchem(2021 Windermere, FL) already showed the ability to drive the baseball with his sturdy left handed swing early in the event.  On Sunday, he used a solid 3-pitch mix to keep hitters off balance. His fastball sat in the low-80s and varied his pitches with consistency between a changeup with sink and a breaker that showed good shape.  


Dillon Walters (2020 Key Largo, FL) has a great frame that will fill out nicely.  He has good arm speed and topped at 84 with his fastball with more in the tank.  He seems very competitive and the athleticism plays well for the 2-way prospect. 


John Dominguez Jr(2020 Punta Gorda, FL) is an interesting 2-way player who worked out well yesterday during drills and it carried over big on Sunday.  He took great at bats and bashed a ball today off the bat.  He later moved to the mound and fired fastballs that peaked at 85.  He looks the part and his versatility will carry.  

Batting Practice Highlights


PG Florida Top Prospect Games Batting Practice Highlights 


Giovanny Cueto(2021 Miami, FL) showed very easy movements to create plenty of bat speed.  He consistently impacted the ball well to both gaps showing very good bat to ball skills. 


Jayden Melendez(2021 Palmetto Bay, FL) uses very good rhythm that helps him maintain excellent hand speed through contact.  He does a good job of getting out front which helps him drive balls deep to all fields. 


Caleb Pendleton(2020 Jensen Beach, FL) has a direct path to the ball and uses his long levers to easily elevate to the pull side.  He has excellent barrel accuracy and easily covered both sides of the plate with great intent.  


Sean Ambrose(2021 Miami, FL) is a model of consistency when it comes to his process. He has small, subtle movements, and continues to show very good eye-hand coordination.  


Edwin Arroyo-Agosto(2021 Arecibo, PR) is a twitchy switch hitter that shows big promise from both sides.  His right handed swing is flat and short, and produced easy hard contact from line to line. He turned around lefthanded and showed elite movement patterns, well above average bat speed, and hit a few balls well over the right field wall. 


Alex Freeland(2020 Cape Coral, FL) a recent participant in the Perfect Game All American Classic, Freeland just continues to barrel balls from both sides of the plate. He shows the ability to contort his body and get off his “A” swing with regularity.  He has elite feel for the barrel. 


Billy “BJ” Graham(2021 Thonotosassa, FL) is a strongly build lefthanded hitter with very good whip in his bottom hand.  When he stays connected the ball absolutely flies off his bat.  He already shows the ability to drive the ball hard to the opposite field. 


Kian Knutson(2020 Tampa, FL) had a big splash workout today!  He showed good body awareness, flick to his bat, and the ability to turn extremely tight to influence a powerful swing.  The righthanded hitter is super athletic and has as much upside as any uncommitted 2020 prospect in the state. 


Marcus Franco(2021 Miramar, FL) is quickly becoming one of the biggest power threats in the state. He lofted balls deep to centerfield on seemingly every swing.  He did not waver from his approach to sell out for power, it comes naturally with his mighty barrel speed.  


Cole Russo(2021 Tampa, FL) is a model of controlled intent.  He stays balanced throughout his process while managing to get some of the best bat speed of any prospect at the event.  The ball comes off exceptionally hard and he is starting to tap into the huge raw power he processes. 


Nolan Schanuel(2020 Boynton Beach, FL) is one of the biggest risers in the state.  He is known for an elite hit tool, which he continued to show in BP and during game play.  He has a long torso that creates serious torque that helped him to hit balls a long way to the pull side during workouts, with a few easily clearing the right field wall.  


Airon Reyes(2020 FA, DOM) displayed elite hand speed during his workout today.  He attacks the ball with force and keeps the momentum through contact. His swing creates natural lift that will only play up as he physically develops. 


Gunnett Carlson(2022 Tampa, FL) the barrel-chested slugger showcases exciting bat speed.  He looks to do damage anytime he steps into the lefthanded batters-box and does just that more times than not.  


Xavier Cintron(2021 Orlando, FL) uses very live wrist to generate good bat speed from both sides of the plate.  His left handed swing has especially good upside as he drove balls to both gaps with ease.  


Alex Ulloa(2021 Cutler Bay, FL) has showed very well from coast to coast in the last 10 days. Showing the same powerful swing here in Miami that he did in California recently.  His hip quickness is special, and he stays connected well to pummel baseballs all over the yard.


Jonathan Vastine(2021 Bartow, FL) will rival anyone in the country with his pure hit tool.  No matter if it is the game or BP, he has a unique ability to flick balls to all parts of the field on tough pitches and then demolish balls that are left over the plate. He can flat hit. 


Jakoby Stanley(2020 Coral Springs, FL) exhibits a loose and athletic swing that gets good carry off the barrel.  Still developing physically, he shows a lot of promise with his ability to consistently square up line drives to the middle of the field. 


Justin Quintana(2021 Miramar, FL) has heavy hands that allow him to whip his barrel through the zone without decelerating at all.  His swing produces back spin that help the ball carry well to the pull side gap. 


Tugg Hollandsworth(2023 Parkland, FL) is one of the youngest prospects at the event, but it didn’t stop him from showing exciting tools.  He has a quick swing and shows good athleticism to repeat his projectable lefthanded swing. He will be a fun follow for years.


Ty Hollandsworth(2021 Parkland, FL) looks more confident every time we see him.  He creates good whip and shows the ability to make hand adjustments that allow him to find the barrel repeatedly.  


Renzo Gonzalez(2021 Tampa, FL) uses a smooth swing to and elite timing, showing a professional approach to his workout.  He stayed to the middle and hit multiple line drive back up the box.  The swing show lots of repeatability. 


McGwire Holbrook(2020 Orlando, FL) was easily the strongest player at the event.  His core speed is elite, and he maintains a looseness with his hands to thrash the barrel through the point of contact.  The righthanded batter hit a few mesmerizing homeruns well beyond the power alley in left centerfield.  Big time power with a legit hit tool. 


Sebastian “Bazz” Jimenez(2020 Miami, FL) has huge projection in his 6-foot-4 frame.  He showed excellent barrel accuracy with the ball making loud noises when he squared it up.  He is confident hitting line drives now, but when he learns to consistently create space, he will have some of the most useful power of anyone at the event. 


Bryan Loriga(2021 Hialeah, FL) he knows how to hit, and does it a ton.  Extra strong for his age. But more importantly, extra confident for his age.  He throws his heavy barrel, with intent, at every pitch he believes he can handle. The ball flies off his bat. 


Tommy Ramos(2021 Hialeah, FL) he utilizes his long levers to show tremendous raw power that is starting to show up more regularly.  The young righthanded hitter creates natural lift and has bad intentions with a bat in his hands. 


Johua Steidl(2021 Delray Beach, FL) the strong lefthanded hitter pulled balls deep to right field with regularity.  He uses his base well and maintains ground control throughout his swing allowing him to have a high impact rate. 


Gabriel Cruz(2020 Orlando, FL) showed very quick hands and the ability to keep his bat in the zone a long time.  He was satisfied hitting low liners to all parts of the outfield.  This approach plays up as he is a good athlete and runs very well.


Jalen Debose(2020 Sanford, FL) has elite twitch and continues to make enormous strides as we watch the outfielder develop.  He hit balls on the screws to the pull gap and even lifted a homerun that hit the top of the protective screen beyond the leftfield wall.  This is an exciting bat to follow this spring. 


Mikel Cuvet(2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL) has lots of projection in his wiry-athletic frame that already produces above average bat speed.  Using mostly a pull approach, he hit multiple line drives that exploded off his barrel. 


Elian Garcia(FA, DOM) showed real flick in his round today.  His bat speed ticked up as the round went on and he showed confidence unleashing his bat with directed intent to the pull side. 


Armando Cruz(FA, DOM) has a compact swing and direct path to the baseball.  He seemed to hit every pitch on a line and one can easily dream on his future power potential. 


Joaan De Jesus(FA, DOM) the youngest player at the event will play in the 13U Perfect Game Festival next weekend.  He is an excellent young athlete with quick hands and a feel for the barrel.  He projects big as he continues to get reps. 


Jaden Sheffield(2021 Tampa, FL) continues to show his good bat speed and improving approach. He is starting to recognize pitches and drive the baseball to all parts of the field. 


Tracy Mitchem(2021 Windermere, FL) has very little movement in his process to create good barrel speed. He showed the ability to drive balls to all parts on the field and looks comfortable against velocity. 


Anthony Peguero(FA, DOM) is graceful in everything he does on a baseball field.  The length he got through the zone was spectacular, giving him a huge margin for error.  He is an exceptional athlete and should tap into his raw power sooner rather than later. 


John Schroeder(2021 Lakewood Ranch, FL) the switch hitter is functional form both sides with a bit more power potential with his lefthanded swing.  Though his hit tool seemed fairly similar from both sides. 


Robin Fernandez(2020 Miami, FL) has big power potential from the left side as he continues to fill out.  He seems to be finding his groove, as he barreled balls more consistently today. 


Dillon Walters(2020 Key Largo, FL) stays in the one a long time, using a repeatable load and easy barrel turn.  He is comfortable hitting balls to the middle of the field and showed some carry at times. 


John Dominguez Jr(2020 Punta Gorda, FL) keeps his hands tight to his body and lets them release with acceleration to the ball.  He was very accurate with his barrel and has tons of room to fill out his body and impact the ball with regularity.     

Navy vs Maroon Highlights


Navy vs Maroon 


Tripp Russo (2020 Tampa, FL) looked great tunneling three pitches during his outing. He has a low 3/4 slot and a consistent release point that gave fits to opposing hitters. The right-handed pitcher matcher was fearless in his pitch calling and used a changeup and curveball to go with legit fastball command.


Fernando Cruz (FA, DOM) has a whippy wing and some barrel accuracy to go with it. He turned on an upper-80s fastball and drove a hard, line drive into left field. As he continues to fill out, it’s easy to project power long term.   


Alberto McCarthy (2020 Melbourne, FL) is a workhorse lefty who has made very nice strides this summer, especially repeating his lower half. The lefthander sat 86-88/89 during his outing with late life, and typically pounded the zone. He mixed a mid-70s curveball that got some empty swings from opposing hitters.


Robin Fernandez (2020 Hialeah, FL) has a body that projects very well with loose levers and some flick in his wrists. He got out front on fastball and drove it deep to right center field for a stand-up double.


Juan Gonzalez (2020 Doral, FL) After working out well in drills, he sat back on a fastball on the outer half and drove it hard to right field. He has a nice power bat-power arm combination for a young catching prospect. 


Anthione Daniel Gonzalez (2021 Kissimmee, FL) shows a very good sum of the parts to his overall game. He is versatile, plays hard, and has a very good approach. Using the middle of the field, he got off an “A” swing against an upper-80s fastball and drove centered it for an RBI hit. 


Anthony Nelson (2021 Pembroke Pines, FL) has a compact delivery. He repeats well, and he showed the ability to throw his fast ball, up to 85, to both sides of the plate. The lefthander went to his breaking ball often and got lots of swings and misses. His arm is quick, and his body still has some projection as he fills out.   


Justin Webster (2021 Pembroke Pines, FL) High projection from this righthanded pitcher who ran his fastball up to 88. He flashes some life when he gets fully extended and his breaker in the low-70s shows promise. There should be a natural velocity jump as he continues to fill out. 


Jack Cebert (2021 Tampa, FL) is a long-limbed right handed pitcher that has a live arm. Ran his fastball up to 86. His breaking ball shows good shape and will continue to develop. The young hurler flashed a changeup in the upper-70s that looks like a future go-to pitch.   


Tracy Mitchem (2021 Windermere, FL) showed a very accurate barrel in batting practice using a short swing and also displaying some hand strength.  It carried over to the game as he barreled a line drive that carried well in to the left centerfield gap for a stand-up double.  


Logan Piedra (2021 Pembroke Pines, FL) found a loud barrel to the pull side in the last inning of game play. He has present strength and keeps his intent-based swing during games well. 


Diego Prieto (2021 Doral, FL) was very good behind the plate today. He displayed strong wrists and the ability to make a minor move to put the pitch in the middle of his chest for strikes. He also threw out a would-be base stealer, using quick feet and plenty of arm with carry. The righthanded hitter also barreled a ball deep to the left field wall in his last at bat.

Green vs Gold Highlights


Green vs Gold 


Ryan Skelly (2021 Tampa, FL) came out 85-88/89 with life to his fastball. His arm is quick, and he has lots of room to add weight. The right-handed pitcher showed feel for a change up and got swing and miss. His developing curveball has good shape.


Dominic Castellano (2021 Tampa, FL) has an easy compact delivery that produced consistent mid-80s (85) velocity. He worked 3 pitches for strikes and repeated his release point. The lefthander mixed a changeup in the mid-70s that got swings and misses, and he landed his curveball with ease. 


Caleb Pendleton (2020 Jensen Beach, FL) turned on an inner half fastball and drove it down the leftfield line for a hard single. He creates easy bat speed, and it plays well during games. The athletic backstop is one of the best catch-and-throw guys in the entire class.


Frank Elissalt (2020 Miami, FL) uses an extremely tight delivery to produce 87-90/91 fastballs that show life when down in the zone. The right-handed pitcher got empty swings on his changeup around 78 that showed some late sink. He flashed a curveball in the low 70s and a slider that shows promise at 76.


Nick Fraginals (2021 Miramar, FL) sat in the mid-80s and bumped 86. He has shown feel to spin the ball with authority and a slider up to 75. His body projects big, and the ball comes out clean and exhibits good tilt.


Sebastian Jimenez (2020 Miami, FL) has a loose swing and feel for the barrel. He drove a ball deep to left field for a hit on an upper-80s fastball. There is big projection in his body, and the power is coming as he continues to fill out.  


Bobby Fasulo (2021 Jupiter, FL) stays balanced and lets his whippy swing play in games. He took an outer half fastball and didn’t try to do too much, hitting a firm line drive to center field for a hit. He is a smooth athlete and looks like he has a very good development path.  


Cole Russo (2021 Tampa, FL) continues to rake, as he has all summer. He shows plus bat speed and a very good feel for the barrel as he took a well-located fastball and hammered it into right centerfield for a hit.  


Nolan Schanuel (2020 Boynton Beach, FL) hit two of the hardest balls of the day, lining out to right field and then pounding a hit to left centerfield in his second at bat. He continues to show one of the best lefthanded hit tools in the country.  


Jonathan Vastine (2021 Bartow, FL) racks up quality at bats in bunches.  He handles velocity well, and he never wavers from his approach and shows the ability to drive balls to all fields. He belted an outer half fastball deep to left centerfield during game action.  


Christian Hamilton (2021 Tampa, FL) has a twitchy arm action that gets good acceleration with an 85 mph fastball that jumps. His curveball shows some promise in the low-70s and his body projects as he gains strength.  


Kohl Robertson (2021 Land O’ Lakes, FL) had a nice two hit day that was capped off by 3-rbi, bases clearing double off the top of the left field wall.  He has good wrist strength and looks very comfortable facing good velocity.  

Top 1B Velos


Name 1B Grad School Hometown
Christian Orduna 85 2021 G. Holmes Braddock Miami, FL
Tracy Mitchem 83 2021 West Orange Windermere, FL
Otis McDuffie 75 2020 St. Thomas Aquinas Plantation, FL
Marcus Franco 70 2021 Doral Academy Charter Miramar, FL

Top Exit Velos


Name Exit Velo Grad School Hometown
Tommy Ramos 96 2021 City Of Hialeah Education Academy Hialeah, FL
Sebastian "Bazz" Jimenez 95 2020 Coral Reef Senior Miami, FL
McGwire Holbrook 93 2020 Bishop Moore Orlando, FL
Alex Ulloa 93 2021 ESB Academy Cutler Bay, FL
Mikel Cuvet 92 2020 St. Thomas Aquinas Fort Lauderdale, FL
Bryan Loriga 92 2021 ESB Academy Hialeah, FL
Marcus Franco 91 2021 Doral Academy Charter Miramar, FL
Juan Gonzalez 91 2020 Champagnat Cath Sch Of Miami Doral, FL
Jayden Melendez 91 2021 Westminster Christian Palmetto Bay, FL
Aaron Deegan 90 2021 Osceola Largo, FL
Airon Reyes 90 2021 Home School Port St Lucie (DOM)
Nolan Schanuel 90 2020 Park Vista Community Boynton Beach, FL

Top Catcher Velos and Pop Times


Name C Grad School Hometown
Juan Gonzalez 78 2020 Champagnat Cath Sch Of Miami Doral, FL
John Schroeder 78 2021 Lakewood Ranch Lakewood Ranch, FL
McGwire Holbrook 77 2020 Bishop Moore Orlando, FL
Jayden Melendez 77 2021 Westminster Christian Palmetto Bay, FL
Sebastian "Bazz" Jimenez 76 2020 Coral Reef Senior Miami, FL
Giovanny Cueto 75 2021 Belen Jesuit Prep Miami, FL
Diego Prieto 75 2021 Christopher Columbus Doral, FL
Isaac Ferrer 73 2020 Calvary Christian Academy Parkland, FL
Logan Piedra 72 2021 St. Thomas Aquinas Pembroke Pines, FL
Gunnett Carlson 70 2022 Berkeley Preparatory Tampa, FL
Joshua Steidl 70 2021 St. Thomas Aquinas Delray Beach, FL

Giovanny Cueto 1.87 2021 Belen Jesuit Prep Miami, FL
Diego Prieto 1.87 2021 Christopher Columbus Doral, FL
McGwire Holbrook 1.88 2020 Bishop Moore Orlando, FL
Juan Gonzalez 1.89 2020 Champagnat Cath Sch Of Miami Doral, FL
Jayden Melendez 1.90 2021 Westminster Christian Palmetto Bay, FL
John Schroeder 1.92 2021 Lakewood Ranch Lakewood Ranch, FL
Isaac Ferrer 1.95 2020 Calvary Christian Academy Parkland, FL
Sebastian "Bazz" Jimenez 1.97 2020 Coral Reef Senior Miami, FL
Logan Piedra 1.99 2021 St. Thomas Aquinas Pembroke Pines, FL
Gunnett Carlson 2.05 2022 Berkeley Preparatory Tampa, FL
Joshua Steidl 2.08 2021 St. Thomas Aquinas Delray Beach, FL

Top IF Velos


Name IF Grad School Hometown
Armando Cruz 92 2023 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo (DOM)
Bryan Loriga 91 2021 ESB Academy Hialeah, FL
Edwin Arroyo-Agosto 90 2021 Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy Arecibo, PR
Alex Ulloa 90 2021 ESB Academy Cutler Bay, FL
Robin Fernandez 88 2020 Westland Hialeah Senior Miami, FL
Airon Reyes 87 2021 Home School Port St Lucie (DOM)
Ivan Sosa 87 2023 Dominican Republic Managuayabo (DOM)
Alex Freeland 86 2020 Mariner Cape Coral, FL
Austin Grause 86 2021 Gaither Tampa, FL
Grant Siegel 86 2021 University School Of Nova Southeastern University Plantation, FL
Dillon Walters 86 2020 Coral Shores Key Largo, FL

Top OF Velos


Name OF Grad School Hometown
Anthony Peguero 92 2022 Cenapec Santo Domingo (DOM)
Ty Hollandsworth 91 2021 Calvary Christian Academy Parkland, FL
Aaron Saltsman 90 2021 Rockledge Senior Rockledge, FL
Mikel Cuvet 89 2020 St. Thomas Aquinas Fort Lauderdale, FL
John Dominguez Jr 89 2020 Charlotte Punta Gorda, FL
Nolan Schanuel 89 2020 Park Vista Community Boynton Beach, FL
Moises Moreno 87 2023 Cenapec Santo Domingo (DOM)
Christian Orduna 87 2021 G. Holmes Braddock Miami, FL
Jaden Sheffield 87 2021 Tampa Preparatory Tampa, FL
Bobby Fasulo 86 2022 Jupiter Jupiter, FL
Ariel Rosario 86 2022 Keys Gate Charter Miami, FL

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