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FB Velocities

East Cobb Astros (Navy) 13U Antonio Anderson R77
Bill Bond Raptors Zachary Beaver R76
Team Solo William Edwards L76
East Cobb Astros (Navy) 13U Michael Mullinax R76
East Cobb Braves 14U Aaron Bock R75
PPD Rockies Jonathan Dilts R75
Bill Bond Raptors Drew Reaves R75
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U DeShaun Strane R75
Bill Bond Raptors Landon Humphreys L74
Bill Bond Raptors William Krehely R74
PPD Rockies Xander Kyzar L74
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U Miles Owen R74
Team Solo Davis Smith R74
East Cobb Braves 14U Jason Gentry R73
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U Bradley Miller R73
Bill Bond Raptors Jonah Cook R72
East Cobb Astros (Navy) 13U Tyler Glasgow R72
SmarTense Angels 14U Rednour Josh Gonzalez L72
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U Chase McCravy R72
East Cobb Astros (Navy) 13U Cole Scott R72
Roswell Hornets - Green Harry Tear R72
PPD Rockies Christian Baker R71
Team Solo Andrew Canterbury R71
Team Solo Connor Griffin R71
Bill Bond Raptors Alphonsa Henderson R71
PPD Rockies Brock Lucas R71
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U Zac Miller L71
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U Tate Strickland R71
PPD Rockies Drew Coker R70
East Cobb Astros (Navy) 13U Andrew Nelms R70
SmarTense Angels 14U Rednour Christopher Phillips R70
SmarTense Angels 14U Rednour Sean Totten R70
East Cobb Braves 14U Colby West R70
Bill Bond Raptors Javin Floyd R69
East Cobb Astros (Navy) 13U Taft Middleton L69
SmarTense Angels 14U Rednour Niko Nevarez R69
Bill Bond Raptors Tyler Shaw L69
Roswell Hornets - Green Brady O' Connell R68
East Cobb Braves 14U Anthony Rutherfoord R68
Bill Bond Raptors Michael Smith R68
Team Solo Jacob Taylor R68
SmarTense Angels 14U Rednour Cole Urman R68
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U Tyler Bradford R67
Roswell Hornets - Green Charlie Chandler R67
Roswell Hornets - Green Gavin Ruegger L67
East Cobb Astros (Navy) 13U Blake Gartner R66
Roswell Hornets - Green Luke Hughes R65
PPD Rockies Trey McIntosh R65
Team Solo Gavin West R65
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U Derek Peoples R64
East Cobb Braves 14U Alex Perry R64
East Cobb Astros (Orange) 13U Craig Kalkbrenner R63
Team Solo Kendric Jernigan R62
PPD Rockies Jayden Mathis L61
East Cobb Astros (Navy) 13U Austin Robinson R61
PPD Rockies Corea Ward L61
PPD Rockies Camden Lailer R60
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