FB Velocities

Dig In Baseball Blaise Grove L85
Georgia Bombers Riley Stanford R84
East Cobb Astros Dylan Lesko R83
GoWags Jays Brady Betts R82
US Elite Baseball 13U Christian Laneve R81
Motor City Hit Dogs John Locker R81
Columbus Cobras Jacob Miller R81
East Cobb Astros Treylen White R81
Georgia Bombers Connor Gay R80
VA Vipers Mike Joyce R80
Georgia Bombers Trent Reddick R80
VA Vipers Jalen Strattman L80
Dirtbags 13u Camo Freddy Wooten R80
Dirtbags 13u Camo Carter Boyd R79
VA Vipers Zachary Carl R79
Keystone Baseball Club Marshall Mott L79
East Cobb Astros Trey Sanders R79
US Elite Baseball 13U Colin Ahr L78
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Brandon Barriera L78
GoWags Jays Ben Chase R78
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Evan Dobias R78
US Elite Baseball 13U Jeremiah Jenkins L78
US Elite Baseball 13U Mason Morris R78
Georgia Bombers Cole Munhall R78
US Elite Baseball 13U Sabien Rivera R78
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Trey Way R78
Dig In Baseball Sam Batis R77
Dirtbags 13u Camo Jimmy Britt R77
Dirtbags 13u Camo Ryder Douglas R77
East Cobb Astros Thaddeus Ector R77
Dirtbags 13u Camo Connor Fuhrman R77
VA Vipers Luke Hanson R77
VA Vipers Dylan Jones R77
Legends Prospects Colin Lemieux R77
Dig In Baseball Brock Rose R77
Legends Prospects Ashton St. Pierre L77
Dirtbags 13u Camo Shane Thorson L77
Motor City Hit Dogs Sam Bassett-Kennedy L76
Columbus Cobras Korbyn Dickerson R76
Keystone Baseball Club Josh Heath R76
Columbus Cobras Gavin Henry R76
GoWags Jays Braedon Karpathios L76
Motor City Hit Dogs Ezekiel King R76
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Rolando "Roli" Lujo R76
Dig In Baseball Evan Marcinko L76
Dig In Baseball Cian Sahler L76
US Elite Baseball 13U Mason Abromitis R75
VA Vipers Mikey Alvarez R75
Keystone Baseball Club Nick Barone R75
South Troy Dodgers Roberto Barron R75
Georgia Bombers De'yon Cannon R75
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Aiden Evans R75
Georgia Bombers Lawson Gailey R75
East Cobb Astros Benjamin Hamacher R75
Legends Prospects Ryan Hutchinson R75
Motor City Hit Dogs Luke Janack R75
East Cobb Astros Jared Jones R75
South Troy Dodgers Nick Mahar R75
Legends Prospects Luke McClintock R75
Motor City Hit Dogs Connor McKee R75
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Santiago Ordonez R75
Motor City Hit Dogs Nathan Riffe R75
US Elite Baseball 13U Sal Stewart R75
Legends Prospects Eric Wing R75
Columbus Cobras Matthew Wolfe R75
Columbus Cobras Chate Amick R74
Motor City Hit Dogs Brady Birchmeier R74
Motor City Hit Dogs Donavan Canterberry R74
Columbus Cobras Jacob Denney R74
Legends Prospects Roman Ercoli R74
GoWags Jays Chris Grant L74
East Cobb Astros Lleyton Lackey L74
VA Vipers Bode Lindauer R74
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Michael Maroney R74
Dig In Baseball Trey Mason R74
East Cobb Astros William Mosley R74
Keystone Baseball Club Ryan Ness R74
Keystone Baseball Club Luke Zeisloft R74
Arsenal Baseball Angel Alverio R73
Georgia Bombers Parker Brosius L73
Legends Prospects James Carmilia R73
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Alex Christmas R73
Dig In Baseball Everett Cooper R73
Keystone Baseball Club Tj Khela R73
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Owen Lally R73
Dig In Baseball Josh Lantz R73
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Garrett Michel R73
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Brendan Pouliot R73
Keystone Baseball Club Noah Riegel L73
Georgia Bombers Cade Thompson R73
East Cobb Astros Brynen Wilkins L73
East Cobb Astros Brynen Wilkins L73
Keystone Baseball Club Brandon Wingenroth R73
Columbus Cobras Jackson Brown R72
Georgia Bombers Brian Garmon II R72
Keystone Baseball Club Dylan Hellam R72
Dirtbags 13u Camo Ethan Ketron L72
US Elite Baseball 13U Alex Knapp R72
South Troy Dodgers Carl Kuentzel L72
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Drew Lanzo L72
Legends Prospects Peter Martin R72
Columbus Cobras Peyton Weiss R72
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Eric Blair L71
Columbus Cobras Daniel Burchett R71
East Cobb Astros Kain Collins L71
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Jacob Gorman R71
Keystone Baseball Club Jagger Gray R71
East Cobb Astros Mason Hicks R71
Arsenal Baseball Bristol Mollega L71
East Cobb Astros Caleb Nix R71
Dig In Baseball Jordan Peguese R71
Keystone Baseball Club Matthew Seibert L71
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Mason Smith R71
Keystone Baseball Club Patrick Yost R71
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Samuel Brochetti R70
Arsenal Baseball Gavin Dodds L70
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Whilmer Flores R70
GoWags Jays Marc Garcia R70
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Aidan Hernandez R70
Arsenal Baseball Will Marcantonio R70
Georgia Bombers Cody McGill L70
GoWags Jays Cohl Mercado L70
Arsenal Baseball Zach Bale R69
Keystone Baseball Club Nick Kirkessner R69
South Troy Dodgers Joseph Mirabile L69
South Troy Dodgers Timothy Strevell R69
VA Vipers Wil Moore L68
Motor City Hit Dogs Michael Perazza L68
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Deven Schlagter R68
Legends Prospects JR Bozek R67
GoWags Jays Matt Dowger R67
Georgia Bombers Dee Oliver R67
Dirtbags 13u Camo Reid Withers R67
South Troy Dodgers Aviv Drucker L66
US Elite Baseball 13U Zachary Lamb R66
Arsenal Baseball Cooper Richards L66
VA Vipers Andrew Schmeer R66
Arsenal Baseball Ryan Bailey L65
Dig In Baseball Damion Kenealy R65
Columbus Cobras Tyler Lumbard R65
GoWags Jays William Poole R65
Arsenal Baseball Chase Waters R65
South Troy Dodgers Michael Griffin R64
South Troy Dodgers Nathan Kolodziejski R64
GBG Copperheads - Gorman Jared Smith L64
Arsenal Baseball Trent Cooper R63
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Brandon Delapenha R63
VA Vipers Elias Brooks R62
Arsenal Baseball Daniel Theriot R61
Cannons Baseball Academy 13u Omaha Mason Caccamise R60
Arsenal Baseball Jaxson Flores R60
Columbus Cobras Jackson Ware L60
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