2020 PG 17U West World Series
Effective Immediately Statement from the City of Surprise:
For the purpose of mitigating the spread of COVID-19, beginning June 20, 2020 at 12:00 AM Arizona time, all persons shall wear a Face Covering while in all public settings within the city limits of the City of Surprise where it is impracticable or difficult to maintain a minimum physical distance of six (6) feet from all other persons present, unless exempted herein. Public settings where it is impracticable or difficult to maintain physical distancing shall include, but by no means be limited to, grocery stores, retail stores, pharmacies, restaurants and bars, recreation facilities, libraries, public transportation, any place of public accommodation where lines or crowds form, and special events.
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FB Velocities
Team California Black Tanner McDougal R94
PFA Matadors Finnegan Wall R93
Dykstra Baseball Hunter Hargett R92
TB SOCAL EASTON William "Dub" Gleed R91
CBA Summit Jaden Harris R91
Saddleback Cowboys Matthew Porchas R91
TB SoCal Baseball Matthew Porchas R91
CBA Summit Traton Staheli R91
MountainWest Colton Sundloff R91
OC Ducks Xavier Cardenas III B90
GBG Arizona 2021 Cayden Collins R90
Dykstra Baseball Kadin Muckley R90
AZ T-Rex Easton 2021 Justin Still L90
TB SOCAL EASTON Carson Williams R90
TB SOCAL EASTON Aidan Aguilar R89
AGGIES BASEBALL Eldridge Armstrong R89
Valor Baseball USA Harry Boyce R89
Saddleback Cowboys Jack Bunnell R89
GBG Arizona 2021 Colton Graham R89
NW Futures Elite Ryan Orr R89
TB SOCAL EASTON Luke Pfeiffer R89
TB SOCAL EASTON Cody Schrier R89
MountainWest Shay Timmer R89
Dykstra Baseball Sean Jessee R88
City Green Casey Sabiers R88
GBG Arizona 2021 Kaden Schiefelbein R88
Team Las Vegas Leo Uelmen R88
MountainWest Micah Ashman L87
TB SOCAL EASTON Matthew Dalquist R87
AZ T-Rex Easton 2021 Matthew Fike L87
NW Futures Elite Zach Hauser R87
Team California Black Ian Hoslett R87
NW Futures Elite Harrison Howell R87
City Green Blake Leaverton R87
TB SOCAL EASTON Caleb Lomavita R87
TB SoCal Baseball Finn McIlroy R87
Saddleback Cowboys Brenden Morris R87
Saddleback Cowboys Will O'Neil L87
Dykstra Baseball Carson Olsen R87
NW Futures Elite Sawyer Parkin R87
GBG Arizona 2021 Tyler Bribiescas L86
Saddleback Cowboys Chris Canada L86
PFA Matadors Isaias Castaneda L86
Team Las Vegas Raffael Chiarella L86
AGGIES BASEBALL Alonso Contreras R86
PFA Matadors Matthew Decrona R86
AZ T-Rex Easton 2021 Connor Dougal R86
OC Ducks Ethan Hale R86
MountainWest Carston Herman L86
Sticks Southwest 2021 Connor Hill L86
Dykstra Baseball Austin Moreno R86
Saddleback Cowboys AJ Newcomb R86
NW Futures Elite Ian Umlandt L86
PFA Matadors Steven Vasquez L86
OC Ducks Oscar Villarreal R86
NW Futures Elite Caden Vire L86
AZ T-Rex Easton 2021 Broc Williams R86
TB SOCAL EASTON Ryan Anderson R85
GBG Arizona 2021 Jackson Brenna L85
MountainWest Cayden Clark R85
MountainWest Landon Frei R85
TB SoCal Baseball Ben Gneiser L85
AZ T-Rex Easton 2021 Levi Graham R85
Bulldogs Baseball 2021 Damian Hernandez R85
Valor Baseball USA Damian Hernandez R85
USA Prime Halicky 17U Zach Horwith R85
Dykstra Baseball Carter Hunt R85
PfaHD Jonathan Kozasky R85
PfaHD Kaleb Lore R85
USA Prime Halicky 17U Hunter McWilliams R85
AGGIES BASEBALL Martin Miranda R85
Next Level Baseball Cade O’Hara R85
TB SOCAL EASTON Isaac Ontiveros L85
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Daniel Osborn R85
CBA Summit Jordan Pace R85
PFA Matadors Aaron Petersen L85
Team Las Vegas Karl Ralamb R85
Saddleback Cowboys Billy Rice R85
Next Level Baseball Skye Selinsky R85
Sticks Southwest 2021 Caleb Smith R85
Sticks Southwest 2021 Jacob Tobias R85
TB SoCal Baseball Zachary Brown R84
OC Ducks Carson Case R84
Team California Black Austin Cates R84
PFA Matadors Nicolo DiFerdinanado R84
Sticks Southwest 2021 Trey Falk R84
USA Prime Halicky 17U Lucas Hart R84
PfaHD Christian Johnson R84
Saddleback Cowboys Spencer Johnson R84
TB SoCal Baseball Luke Kovaleski R84
GBG Arizona 2021 Carter Mattox R84
PFA Matadors Donald Orona R84
TB SoCal Baseball Tanner Warady R84
GBG Arizona 2021 Andrew Biddle R83
Pro Diamond Performance Troy Borman R83
Saddleback Cowboys Wilson Cunningham L83
Valor Baseball USA Carter Elliott R83
Team California Travis Farrell R83
CBA Summit River Gatten R83
AGGIES BASEBALL Ernesto Heguertty L83
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Tyler Herges R83
Southwest Nationals Garrett Hicks R83
Next Level Baseball Justin Johnson R83
AZ T-Rex Easton 2021 Michael Kasik L83
Next Level Baseball Riley Kelly R83
Team California Black Izzy Martinez R83
Next Level Baseball Andy Mike L83
City Green Maple Moody R83
Team California Aiden Nett R83
Sticks Southwest 2021 Eric Perez L83
Pro Diamond Performance Joseph Perez R83
PFA Matadors Dylan Plutner R83
AZ T-Rex Easton 2021 Alex Rosenberg L83
Next Level Baseball Tyler Sandhu R83
Team Las Vegas Vance Serrano R83
TB SoCal Baseball Jack Svinth R83
GBG Arizona 2021 Quade Swearingen R83
Southwest Nationals Timothy Traver R83
GBG Arizona 2021 Scott Wheeler R83
TB SOCAL EASTON Blake Wittman R83
Sticks Southwest 2021 Nalijah Alexander R82
NorCal Prospects 17U Logan Cindric R82
Team California Jet Crews R82
Team Las Vegas Christian Dijkman R82
OC Ducks Garrett Doughty R82
City Green Alex Galvin R82
AGGIES BASEBALL Trent Harrington R82
PFA Matadors Logan Hunt L82
OC Ducks Cameron Langseth R82
Dykstra Baseball Blake Ledbetter L82
GBG Arizona 2021 Aaron Limon R82
CBA Summit Reggie Newby R82
Next Level Baseball Lucas Old R82
City Green Charlie Puetz R82
PfaHD Tylar Scott R82
PFA Matadors Keller Strauss L82
Valor Baseball USA Joshua Torres R82
Pro Diamond Performance Ashtin Webb R82
Saddleback Cowboys Ryan White R82
CBA Summit Hayden Yates R82
Sticks Southwest 2021 Max Baker R81
City Green Reeve Boyd R81
Pro Diamond Performance Dominick Cassell R81
CBA Summit Jackson Ence R81
USA Prime Halicky 17U Zach Haines R81
Bulldogs Baseball 2021 Christopher Hernandez L81
Valor Baseball USA Christopher Hernandez L81
TB SoCal Baseball Jack Johnston R81
Pro Diamond Performance Shaun Perez Jr. R81
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Joey Polito R81
Team California Black Kai Purdy-Burton L81
Dykstra Baseball Chris Ramos R81
OC Ducks Gavin Rossi R81
City Green Nate St. Clair R81
Team California Black Ryan Towers L81
Southwest Nationals Brandon Enders R80
Sticks Southwest 2021 Jacob Hitchcock R80
NorCal Prospects 17U Cal Johnson R80
Team California Corbin Jones L80
TB SoCal Baseball Ari Kligman R80
GBG Arizona 2021 Zachary Kress R80
USA Prime Halicky 17U Liam Mateo-Daly R80
Team California Tim Trenkle R80
Team Las Vegas Seth Barden R79
Pro Diamond Performance Tommy Chiappetti R79
Pro Diamond Performance Mason Fischer R79
OC Ducks Nathan Krstich R79
TB SoCal Baseball Corey Nunez R79
Team California Black Ethan Sanders R79
Team Las Vegas Will Case R78
Southwest Nationals Nicholas Franz R78
Pro Diamond Performance Andrew Hogg R78
NW Futures Elite Nicholas Holm R78
NorCal Prospects 17U Aidan Pelley R78
NorCal Prospects 17U Patrick Ramsower R78
Team California Black Collin Taylor R78
Team California Collin Taylor R78
NorCal Prospects 17U Deon Tu L78
Bulldogs Baseball 2021 Javier Zarabia R78
USA Prime Halicky 17U Zack Brown R77
Southwest Nationals Lucas Franz R77
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Logan Kobashi R77
Southwest Nationals Christian Ramirez R77
Valor Baseball USA Saulito Reynoso B77
AGGIES BASEBALL Roberto Romero L77
PfaHD Andrew Salcido R77
Next Level Baseball Ethan Schmidt R77
Team California Gavin Taylor R77
Team California Black Gavin Taylor R77
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Jacob Vick R77
TB SoCal Baseball Zachary Brown R76
City Green Joshua Jordan R76
NorCal Prospects 17U Simon Keswani R76
Valor Baseball USA Jesse Magdaleno R76
Valor Baseball USA Carter Rugg R76
PfaHD Zachary Taggart L76
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Cooper Weeks R76
Southwest Nationals Sterling Albrand R75
Next Level Baseball Declan Carcelero L75
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Ryan Fair R75
PfaHD Zabian Nila R75
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Carter Richards R75
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Sean Strittmatter R75
AGGIES BASEBALL Ryan Lancaster L74
Southwest Nationals Nick Rodriguez R74
Pro Diamond Performance Caden Hill L73
NorCal Prospects 17U Matthew Longstreet R73
Dirtbags 2022 Chavez Brooks Ott R73
Team Las Vegas Caden Richards R73
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