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2020 PG Midwest Select Championship (Underclass)
- ABSOLUTELY NO METAL SPIKES AT PROSPECT MEADOWS.  Tennis shoes, turf shoes and rubber mold cleats are allowed.
- No food or beverage allowed at Prospect Meadows, as we have concession stands available. (Exceptions are water and coffee)
- No large team coolers (Covid). Small individual coolers with WATER ONLY
- No pets(service animals only)
- No bleacher seating (Covid) Fans are encouraged to bring lawn chairs
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FB Velocities
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Jaqson Tejada R88
ISA Stars Royal Caden Capomaccio R87
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Jay Kennedy L87
CGB Noah Harbin R86
ISA Stars Royal Ryan Roehl R86
St. Louis Pirates 2022 Landon Geragosian R84
MN Blizzard 2022 Black Kale Hopke L84
Midwest Halos 2022 Red Mason Krznarich R84
St. Louis Pirates 2022 Corey Quintal R84
STiKS Academy 2022 Braydon Cooper R83
MN Blizzard 2022 Black Alex Grygar R83
CBT Wolfpack Benjamin Lee R83
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Cade Obermueller L83
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Jake Trca R83
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Caleb Wulf R83
Illinois Dynasty Black Brody Arseneau R82
Nebraska Prospects Blue 2022 Emerson Dolph R82
St. Louis SLABA Elite Kyle Johnson R82
GRB Rays Yellow Garrett Kadolph R82
3Ts Dawson Roberts R82
MN Blizzard 2022 Black Caleb Vanderplas R82
Midwest Halos 2022 Red Presley Wachowiak R82
Nebraska Prospects 2022 White Nick Boring R81
Rhino Wisconsin 16/17U Tj Hauser R81
Elite Baseball Training 17U Varon Daniel Jirgal R81
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Kolton Lyman R81
GRB Rays Yellow Braedon Malkow R81
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Brayden Sawyer R81
3Ts Parker Stewart R81
3Ts Ben Amador R80
Nebraska Prospects Blue 2022 Ryan Bauer R80
ISA Stars Royal Brandon Black R80
Nebraska Prospects Blue 2022 Braden Cannon R80
3Ts Sam Eaton R80
Iowa Select Dubuque 2022 Ethan Hefel R80
Elite Baseball Training 17U Varon Anthony Huerta R80
GRB Rays Yellow Gabe Kennedy R80
Iowa Select Dubuque 2022 Solen Munson R80
3Ts Coal Myers R80
St. Louis Pirates 2022 Nicolas Neal L80
Illinois Dynasty Black Ryan Norman R80
Iowa Select Dubuque 2022 Ethan Patterson R80
Midwest Halos 2022 Red Willard Peterson L80
29ers Baseball 2022 Black Ethan Plym R80
Nebraska Prospects Blue 2022 Carter Sintek R80
Nebraska Prospects Blue 2022 Chase Smith L80
3Ts Martin Smith R80
ISA Stars Royal Braedon Sonnabend R80
Iowa Select Dubuque 2022 Cal Sullivan R80
MN Blizzard 2022 Black Josh Wallace R80
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Ashton Westphall R80
Nebraska Prospects 2022 White Garrett White L80
Midwest Halos 2022 Red Tyler Clark R79
3Ts Hunter Cook R79
Illinois Dynasty Black Charlie Diiulio R79
MN Blizzard 2022 Black Brayden Hellum L79
Elite Baseball Training 17U Varon Haydn Mahoney R79
Elite Baseball Training 17U Varon Jack Spinks R79
Nebraska Prospects 2022 White Trevor Storer R79
Iowa Select Dubuque 2022 Luke Bohonek R78
3Ts Jack Clevidence R78
St. Louis SLABA Elite Connor Detering R78
St. Louis SLABA Elite Abraham Fischer R78
St. Louis Pirates 2022 Bailey Heidbreder R78
Illinois Dynasty Black Frankie Hummel L78
Midwest Halos 2022 Red Jarien Jones R78
Nebraska Prospects 2022 White Karsten Mathsen R78
Illinois Dynasty Black Jack Otis R78
Illinois Dynasty Black Cole Parish R78
GRB Rays Yellow Ethan Petsch R78
MN Blizzard 16U Red Michael Prosch B78
MN Blizzard 2022 Black Justin Roitman R78
MN Blizzard 2022 Black Boden Strafelda R78
St. Louis SLABA Elite Mason Taylor R78
CBT Wolfpack Bryson Webb R78
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Jaxon Brooks R77
Midwest Halos 2022 Red Vidal Colon R77
St. Louis Pirates 2022 Jackson Corcoran R77
Nebraska Prospects Blue 2022 Adam DeBoer R77
GRB Rays White Carson Dupuis L77
Iowa Select Dubuque 2022 Maddux Frese R77
GRB Rays Yellow James Heller R77
CGB Ben Kasparie R77
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Nate Koester R77
Midwest Halos 2022 Red Ryan Mikoda R77
ISA Stars Royal Kylyn Mueller L77
CBT Wolfpack Ethan Peters R77
MN Blizzard 16U Red Jack Setterlund R77
STiKS Academy 2022 Alex Soto R77
ISA Stars Royal Ethan Susa R77
CBT Wolfpack Brayden Deering R76
29ers Baseball 2022 Black Drew Dykstra L76
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Zane Frese L76
MN Blizzard 16U Red Nolan Klocke R76
STiKS Academy 2022 Logan Neuroth R76
CGB Jake Schisler R76
GRB Rays Yellow Jenkin Alexander R75
3Ts Braydon Beelner R75
Nebraska Prospects 2022 White Kyle Capece L75
CGB Grayson Cook R75
Iowa Select Dubuque 2022 Blake Daubenmier R75
St. Louis SLABA Elite Lucas Eigenman R75
29ers Baseball 2022 Black Zach Holton R75
CGB Jack Linenfelser R75
St. Louis SLABA Elite Cade Seabaugh R75
Nebraska Prospects Blue 2022 Drew Styskal R75
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Noah Thein R75
GRB Rays White Mac Vesperman R75
St. Louis Pirates 2022 Grant Campbell R74
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Clayton Elbert R74
MN Blizzard 16U Red Tyler Fox R74
MN Blizzard 16U Red Caleb Hautajarvi R74
St. Louis SLABA Elite Aidan Karsten R74
Rhino Wisconsin 16/17U Isaac Milhaupt R74
MN Blizzard 16U Red Eddie Peine R74
Iowa Select Dubuque 2022 Henry Read R74
Nebraska Prospects 2022 White Keaton Smith R74
CGB Aaris Stolte R74
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Gabe Svatek R74
Midwest Halos 2022 White Ryan Walczak R74
29ers Baseball 2022 Black George Weems R74
CGB Caden Casto R73
Rhino Wisconsin 16/17U Jack Kese L73
Iowa Select Obermueller 2022 Jack Purdy L73
STiKS Academy 2022 Ty Sherman R73
St. Louis Pirates 2022 Jakob Weiler B73
Midwest Halos 2022 White Tyler Bell R72
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Jaxon Daniels L72
GRB Rays White Ethan Kriecha R72
St. Louis SLABA Elite Nathaniel Leung R72
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Jack Rogers R72
29ers Baseball 2022 Black Braden Alfano L71
CGB Tyler Dance R71
CBT Wolfpack Jalen Gellings R71
CBT Wolfpack Jeramiah Housworth Jr. R71
MN Blizzard 16U Red Aaron Smith R71
Midwest Halos 2022 White Jackson Weber L71
GRB Rays White Nolan Feasel L70
STiKS Academy 2022 Michael Kleinhans R70
ISA Stars Royal Trevor Nell R70
Illinois Dynasty Black Alex Allen R69
Midwest Halos 2022 White Ethan Docter R69
Iowa Select Frese 2022 Josh Garvin R69
Midwest Halos 2022 White Ronan Lang R69
MN Blizzard 16U Red Bryce Rog R69
GRB Rays White Kaleb Pagel R68