2012 WWBA 2012 Grads or 18u National Championship
Tournament Format:
18u WWBA(Pools of 8) 

June 29-July4  – Each team will play 7 pool games infirst 6 days. No consolation games. Doubleheader one of first 4 days.
July 4 – Playoffs (Pool winners) will be played later in day after last poolplay game.
(Last night of hotels through Grouphousing is July 4)
July 5 – Rounds of 16 and 8 will be played starting at 9AM.
(If teams would like to stay through the 6th and do not make the final 4,they’ll need to get a room down by airport for the 5th.)
July 6 – Semifinals & Championship games (11:30AM Championships start)
The official schedule will be released approximately 4-5 days prior to thestart date.

·      For teams making the Semifinals and Championship games, PG hashotel rooms reserved for those teams. They will be paid for by teams, but PG has them currently held.

There will NOT be water provided in all dugouts. The ONLY coolers allowed in the gate at each field will be team/player coolers that are taken into the dugouts. No spectator coolers will be allowed.

Due to the number of games played on these fields over the 6 straight weeks of tournaments, all players need to be prepared to wear tennis shoes/turfs when warming up for games on field if asked.
Jun 29 - Jul 6 |  East Cobb Complex | Marietta, GA
Schedule/Scores Event Info   Pool Standings 20 Event Articles
FB Velocities
Knights Baseball 17u National Jordan Sheffield R95
Team Elite 18U Clate Schmidt R94
Marlins Scout Team/Storm Tanner Kiest R93
Cape Coral Cannons Corbin Olmstead R93
OTC Baseball 18U Dawson Brown R92
South Florida Bandits Pros Alex Polanco R92
Ohio Warhawks Chase Baster R91
A. Green Baseball Gabe Berman R91
Windward MACS 17U Dylan Cease R91
East Cobb Braves 17U Travis Demeritte R91
Danville Hoots Zoots Joe DeMers R91
NVTBL Stars 17U Alec Grosser R91
Texas Sun Devils Chad Hollingsworth R91
Atlanta Blue Jays Trey Holmes R91
Chain 18u Grey Jordan Howard R91
Chattanooga Cyclones 18u Dakota Hudson R91
Diamond Devils 18u Black Skylar Hunter R91
East Cobb Yankees 18U Jared Jillson R91
East Cobb Yankees 18U Connor Jones L91
Marlins Scout Team/Storm Seth Martinez R91
Huntington Hounds Matt Pope R91
Dulin Dodgers John Marc Shelly R91
Marlins Scout Team/Storm Niklas Stephenson R91
Texas Sun Devils Zachary Sullivan R91
Chain 18u Grey Mikel Belcher R90
Dulin Dodgers