FB Velocities
Minnesota Starz 18U Mitchell Brown R91
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Logan Shore R91
Top Tier 18U Mark Ash R89
Ann Arbor Travelers Matt Constance R89
Reds Midwest Scout Team Adam Dressler R89
Reds Midwest Scout Team Kevin Elder R89
Reds Midwest Scout Team Andy Honiotes R89
Minnesota Blizzard Black Max Knutson L89
Minnesota Blizzard Black Alex Trierweiler R89
Longshots Baseball 2012 Nick Blackburn R88
Iowa Select Navy Derek Burkamper R88
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Michael Hadden R88
Top Tier 18U Jack Landwehr R88
Chicago land 12's Daniel Lietz L88
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Jake Matthys R88
Ann Arbor Travelers Matthew Ruppenthal R88
Reds Midwest Scout Team TJ Schrader R88
Cangelosi Baseball Silver Paul Schuster R88
Reds Midwest Scout Team Brent Stong L88
Pro Player Academy Matt Frawley R87
Reds Midwest Scout Team Will Headean L87
Cangelosi Baseball Silver Zak Kutsulis L87
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Dakota Miller R87
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Dalton Sawyer L87
Reds Midwest Scout Team Christian Bokich R86
Longshots Baseball 2012 Christian Bokich R86
Longshots Baseball 2012 Zack Burdi R86
Hard Knox Baseball Alex Doty R86
PG Iowa Steel Alex Hayden R86
St. Louis Pirates National 2013 Dan Herrmann R86
Cangelosi Baseball Black Zach Lewis R86
Reds Midwest Scout Team Mike Lutz R86
Cangelosi Baseball Silver Danny Mayer R86
Ann Arbor Travelers Daniel McKinney R86
PG Iowa Green Benjamin Miller L86
Bo Jackson Elite Ed Norris R86
Iowa Select Red Tyler Peyton R86
Minnesota Starz 18U John Pryor L86
Minnesota Blizzard Black Dominic Reed R86
Top Tier 18U Peter Resnick R86
Upper Deck Cougars Drake Robison R86
Longshots Baseball 2012 Jake Roehn R86
Iowa Select Red Brian Schmiedt R86
Hitters Baseball Marcellus Sneed L86
DTA Wildcats Trevor Swaney R86
Iowa Select Navy Nick Biancalana R85
Cangelosi Baseball Silver Kevin Duchene L85
Minnesota Starz 18U Beau Fandel R85
Minnesota Blizzard Black Matt Fiedler R85
Ann Arbor Travelers Nathan Hunt R85
PG Wisconsin Cedar Nick Kanavas R85
Iowa Select Red Craig Larkin L85
Longshots Baseball 2012 Ian Lewandowski R85
Iowa Select Red JD Nielsen L85
Bo Jackson Elite Underclass Yianni Pavlopoulos R85
KC Express Brian Read R85
St. Louis Pirates National 2012 Jake Truilzi L85
Cangelosi Baseball Silver Patrick Walsh R85
Minnesota Blizzard Blue Tyler Wolfe R85
Chicago land 12's Shane Brown R84
Hard Knox Baseball Alex Cain R84
PG Iowa Steel CJ Eldred R84
Iowa Select Red Joe Erickson R84
Longshots Baseball 2012 Brian Glowicki R84
Iowa Select Navy Matthew Johnson R84
Cangelosi Baseball Black Mark Kornacker R84
Hitters Baseball Evan Kruczynski L84
Chicago land 12's Bobby Kutzendorf L84
Iowa Select Navy Michael Letkewicz R84
Iowa Select Red Bobby LeWarne R84
KC Express Jeremy Mansur L84
Chicago land 12's Parker Meek R84
Top Tier 18U Chris Myjak R84
Longshots Baseball 2012 Jimmy Nickell R84
DTA Wildcats Colin Nowak R84
Chicago land 12's Robert Nunn R84
Chicago land 12's Christian Ochoa R84
PG Wisconsin Gold Alex Pronschinske R84
Central Illinois Outlaws Tim Rossell R84
Chicago Elite Kevin Smith R84
Ann Arbor Travelers James Strickland R84
Top Tier 18U Michael Yacko R84
KC Express Andy Cheray L83
PG Iowa Green Cole Crawford R83
Reds Midwest Scout Team Michael Ernstmeyer R83
Iowa Select Red Connor Grant R83
Top Tier 18U Seth Huxford R83
Central Illinois Outlaws Matthew James L83
Chicago Elite Brent Jurceka R83
Hitters Baseball Kyle Kutzler R83
St. Louis Gamers 17u Danny Mannion R83
PG Iowa Steel Mitchell Moser R83
PG Wisconsin Cedar CJ Putterman R83
Minnesota Starz 18U Brady Schroeder R83
Hitters Baseball Jacob Sparger R83
Cangelosi Baseball Black Jordan Touro R83
Hitters Baseball Evan Trapino L83
PG Iowa Green Austin Vaske R83
Iowa Select Navy Justin Wyant R83
Minnesota Blizzard Black Alek Anderson R82
Iowa Select Navy Nick Belzer R82
DTA Wildcats Jake Cousins R82
Bo Jackson Elite Underclass Erik Duzan R82
Longshots Baseball 2012 Tanner Giesel R82
DTA Wildcats Cori Herbert R82
Pro Player Academy Nick Huskisson L82
PG Wisconsin Gold Cale Klink R82
St. Louis Gamers 17u Kyle McGuire R82
Cangelosi Baseball Black Joshua Mitchell L82
KC Express Matt Olsen R82
Bo Jackson Elite Drew Peters L82
Bo Jackson Elite Underclass Jeff Schank L82
PG Wisconsin Gold John Sprtel L82
Iowa Select Navy Collin Thomas R82
Central Illinois Outlaws Jeff Thompson R82
Iowa Select Navy Colby Bragdon R81
Hitters Baseball Nathan Disch R81
St. Louis Gamers 17u Brogan Fischer R81
Pro Player Academy Brandon Gibis R81
Upper Deck Cougars Matt Godinsky R81
PG Iowa Green Tyler Hines R81
DTA Wildcats John Hondlik R81
Pro Player Academy Ian Maxeiner R81
Chicago Elite Jake McCabe R81
Bo Jackson Elite Declan McCarron L81
Minnesota Blizzard Black Erik Monson L81
PG Wisconsin Cedar Pat O'Brien R81
Bo Jackson Elite Trent Overzet R81
Ann Arbor Travelers Michael Ruppenthal R81
St. Louis Gamers 17u Daniel Schnicker R81
Cangelosi Baseball Black Matt Testa L81
Hitters Baseball Kevin Tibor R81
Iowa Select Red Kellen Yoder R81
Hard Knox Baseball Cody Bennett R80
Chicago land 12's Brandon Bollman R80
Hard Knox Baseball Dane Burman R80
PG Iowa Green Jake Cassady L80
Ann Arbor Travelers Matt Clendenin L80
PG Wisconsin Cedar Alex Fish R80
Longshots Baseball 2012 Anthony Gomez L80
Chicago Elite Ian Gustafson L80
PG Iowa Green Nick Jennings R80
Hitters Baseball Joe Kadela R80
Minnesota Starz 18U Mark Kosmalski R80
Central Illinois Outlaws Samuel Reuter R80
PG Wisconsin Gold Matthew Schubert R80
St. Louis Pirates National 2013 Ethan Wild R80
DTA Wildcats Mike Zajac R80
Sioux Empire Post 15 Damon Baruth R79
Top Tier 18U Mark Chemello R79
Bo Jackson Elite Underclass Chad DeGroot R79
PG Wisconsin Cedar Mike Eberle R79
Upper Deck Cougars Alex Galik R79
PG Wisconsin Gold David Henke R79
Pro Player Academy Ryan Hoff R79
Upper Deck Cougars Ricky Johnson R79
Pro Player Academy Ryan Kaveney L79
PG Iowa Green Spencer Lockwood L79
DTA Wildcats Kyle Manske L79
KC Express Tanner Swisher L79
DTA Wildcats Alex Vannucci L79
St. Louis Pirates National 2013 DJ Hickey L78
Minnesota Starz 18U Mathew Hopfner L78
Upper Deck Cougars Hayden Krimmer R78
Hard Knox Baseball Ryan Lane L78
Bo Jackson Elite Underclass Nick Medlicott L78
Longshots Baseball 2012 Alex Moss R78
Chicago Elite Alec Nelson R78
Iowa Select Navy Todd Oberthien R78
PG Iowa Steel Mitch Peters R78
St. Louis Pirates National 2012 Brian Quasebarth R78
St. Louis Gamers 17u Zack Sparks R78
PG Wisconsin Cedar Austin Paisar R77
Sioux Empire Post 15 Jared Shatto R77
Hard Knox Baseball Andy Swanson R77
PG Iowa Green Luke Tasler L77
Hitters Baseball Zach Wade R77
Sioux Empire Post 15 Cody Havermann R76
PG Wisconsin Gold Tanner Hunsucker R76
PG Wisconsin Cedar Cory Ott R76
Upper Deck Cougars Ryan Trokey R76
Bo Jackson Elite Underclass Jeffrey Woods R76
Sioux Empire Post 15 Matthew Bork R75
Minnesota Blizzard Black Jacob Frederick L75
Upper Deck Cougars Brandon Orsini R75
Chicago Elite Brett Assell L74
PG Iowa Steel Calvin Kragenbrink R74
Sioux Empire Post 15 Connor Grove R73
PG Wisconsin Cedar Sam Lemke R73
KC Express Jake Kern R72
Hard Knox Baseball Patrick Whalen R72
Sioux Empire Post 15 Kenny Dobberpuhl R69
Sioux Empire Post 15 Christian Rasmusson R69
Central Illinois Outlaws Kyle Rothrock L69
Sioux Empire Post 15 Jack Lund R68
Sioux Empire Post 15 Matt Koch L66
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