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2019 Top Prospects

Wade Canaday  3B - 2019 - Marshalltown, IA   Morningside College

Canaday was another righthanded pitcher who was able to touch 86 miles per hour with the fastball. He complimented the velocity well with a slow two-plane breaking ball with feel for both on the edges of the plate. He also creates hard jump off the barrel of the bat when in the box. He keeps his mechanics simple and his hands are quick to contact.

Jace Notbohm  C - 2019 - Miles City, MT   Uncommitted

The 6-foot, 175-pound catcher popped a 1.95 during workouts, second best at the event, gaining ground toward the bag with a short arm action and stronger carry in throws. He Notbohm generated solid jump off the barrel when meeting the ball out front, staying to the middle of the field. The righty also pitched and ran his fastball up to 84 miles per hour with a tight spinning slider as well.

Reece Anderson  OF - 2019 - Johnston, IA   Uncommitted

Anderson displayed one of the better all-around skills at the event as he performed well in the outfield, attacking the ball and showing hard carry to the infield topping out at 88 miles per hour. His strong arm translated nicely on the mound with a heavy fastball sitting in the low 80's. Offensively, Anderson displayed a solid contact oriented approach getting good results throughout the round.

Nicholas Black  3B - 2019 - Geneva, IL   Uncommitted

Black, an Illinois native, really impressed during his defensive workouts from the infield. He moves well in all directions and showed the ability to throw the ball from multiple slots while on the run, remaining accurate to the bag. He creates a high amount of line drive contact at the plate with a compact path to the ball. He displayed a heavy fastball at 83 miles per hour while mixing in a two-plane curveball and good feel for the changeup.

Ghavin James  1B - 2019 - Crystal Lake, IL   Uncommitted

Ghavin James led the way among first baseman in velocity topping out at 85 miles per hour. He has a lot of arm strength as well as a high amount of confidence in his glove. He also put together one of the better rounds of batting practice at the event with a middle of the field to pull side approach with hard line drive contact coming when getting to the ball in front of the plate.

Logan Burg  SS - 2019 - Ely, IA   Uncommitted

Burg is an Ely, IA native that performed well during batting practice. He featured a line drive path while swinging with intent to drive the ball to the gaps. He kept his mechanics simple and repeatable at the plate. Burg also moves well, with an event best 6.52 second 60-yard dash. This speed helped him defensively as he was able to stay light on his feet and show of his solid range in both directions.

Luke Schafer  RHP - 2019 - Leawood, KS   Uncommitted

The primary righthanded pitcher featured a fastball that sat in the mid 80's, topping out at 85 miles per hour, getting solid jump out of the hand. He also mixed in an 11-to-5 curveball, as well as a nice changeup with downward action. Schafer was also able to read the ball off the bat well while playing the infield. He maintains his momentum well through a quick transfer.

2020 Top Prospects

Michael Boeve  3B - 2020 - Hastings, NE   Uncommitted

The Hastings, NE native put together a solid round of defensive work on the infield. Putting on a show with his glove work and quick arm action, as well as showing some carry across the diamond. At the plate Boeve displayed a mixture of high contact, as well as gap-to-gap power in his bat.

Reece Beuter  RHP - 2020 - Cedar Falls, IA   Uncommitted

Beuter was the sole owner of the top infield velocity at the event, throwing with a high amount of strength in his arm. He was topping out at 88 miles per hour from the shortstop position. The primary pitcher also impressed on the mound with a full action and quickness in his arm. Sitting at 81 miles per hour with his fastball, Beuter mixed pitches well and showed off a four-pitch arsenal.

Joseph Harris  1B - 2020 - Marshalltown, IA   Uncommitted

Harris, a 6-foot-3, 215-pound first baseman, displayed the biggest power bat in the event. He utilizes a lot of present strength in his build well in his swing. He stays to the pull side driving the ball to the fence in right field with consistency. He also has the ability to stick at first base as he moves well around the bag with sharp glove work.

Alec Nigut  OF - 2020 - Des Moines, IA   Iowa

Nigut put together a very solid round of batting practice during the showcase. Batting from the left side, Nigut makes consistent contact with high end bat speed through the zone. He generates natural leverage out front and when squared displayed some solid jump off the barrel. Nigut also displayed some versatility, performing well defensively from both the outfield and first base.

Andrue Henry  1B - 2020 - Dubuque, IA   Kirkwood CC

Henry continues to prove himself on the showcase circuit and didn't disappoint at this event. He is a quality defender at both first base, which is primary position, as well as from the infield. Henry handles the bat well with an up the middle approach. His strong build and big frame allows him to generate the occasional jump off the barrel.

Tyler Tscherter  SS - 2020 - Reinbeck, IA   Uncommitted

Tscherter showed off advanced ability in the box during batting practice. He has a fluid swing with a heavy pull side approach. He has some pop off the barrel while getting some natural leverage in swing. Defensively, he displayed athletic movements around the ball on the infield with a full arm action. He gets on top of throws well, topping out at 85 miles per hour across the diamond. Tscherter also threw well on the mound with a fastball up to 85 miles per hour.

Nick Banowetz  C - 2020 - Robins, IA   Uncommitted

Banowetz had a workout best pop time of 1.90 among all catchers. He gains quick ground out of his stance with accurate throws down to second topping out at 77 miles per hour. At the plate he's quick through the zone and can hit the ball to all fields with a line drive approach. However, his best contact came when staying in the middle of the field.

Sabastian Kloss  RHP - 2020 - Milwaukee, WI   Uncommitted

Kloss was another all-around player that performed well. The primary right-handed pitcher was up to 86 miles per hour with his fastball. He mixed in a sharp curveball with heavy depth, as well as a deceptive changeup that showed arm side run. He also performed well from the outfield, with athleticism in closing to the ball and a strong arm on throws at 86 miles per hour.

2021 Top Prospects

Drew Christo  RHP - 2021 - Elkhorn, NE   Uncommitted

Christo really showed out throughout the event as he found himself among the top in outfield velocities at 86 miles per hour. He kept his throws low with hard carry to the infield. He was able to maintain strong momentum through his quick transfer. He also shined on the mound sitting in the low to mid-80's with his fastball and topping at 86 miles per hour, tied for tops at the event. Christo was also one of the better power hitters to showcase his skills.

Brady Christensen  OF - 2021 - Elkhorn, NE   Uncommitted

The 6-foot-3, 175-pound outfielder/righthanded pitcher showed a solid potential to be a two-way player down the road. He threw well on the mound with a fastball sitting 79-83 miles per hour while creating plane to the plate. He also performed well in the outfield with a clean transfer into his throws. He creates hard carry into the infield on throws that topped out at 85 miles per hour, which was among the top at the event.

Sawyer Nauman  3B - 2021 - Peosta, IA   Uncommitted

Nauman is an athletic 6-foot, 195-pound infielder whose profile fits well at third base. He fields the ball out front with clean hands with some developing arm strength behind him. He has good accuracy across the diamond and can manipulate his arm slot while maintaining that accuracy well. He's also quiet at the plate, keeping his approach simple. He is able to make consistent contact with solid jump to all fields.

Andrew Brockwell  RHP - 2021 - Brodhead, WI   Uncommitted

Brockwell, a primary righthanded pitcher, stands at 6-foot-1, 160-pounds with a projectable frame on the mound. He was able to generate some late run on the fastball that topped out at 82 miles per hour, working the outer half of the plate with relative ease. He mixed in a sharp 12-to-6 curveball with some tightness to spin. He was able to get weak contact in bunches as well as some occasional swing and miss.

2022 Top Prospects

Jack DuMont  LHP - 2022 - Wildwood, MO   

Dumont showed a lot of tools to build upon in the showcase as one of the few 2022 graduates at the event. He was among the top in velocity working out from first base at 78 miles per hour. He fields with soft hands and moves well around the bag. He also impressed during batting practice with a simple linear shift into contact and some hand speed to the ball with a middle of the field approach.

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